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March 30, 1990

Letter From New Zealand to Thern Blackburn

Letter To Thern Blackburn

The Telepathic Communications

Dear Friends,

We do apologize to those of you who eagerly watch the mail box every day for answers to your letters.

As well as our annual vacation we have had some exciting weekends.

We have had the pleasure of meeting Charles (Chick) Montgomery from L.A. who has twenty years Urantia Book experience. During his visit we had an enjoyable week end get-together with other readers form our area.

Our telepathic communications from Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek through Ruby (Babs) have been described as "raw" so we propose to edit and tidy them up. This will be undertaken with all due respect because we are very aware of the careful use they make of our language, although in Abraham's words *it is very complex*. To this end we will edit and then read back to them for confirmation that no meaning has been lost (the original text will of course will remain untouched).

In some of the letters there were enquiries regarding "Bertha". "Bertha" was our first contact and after a few months introduced us to Abraham - she is Ruby's Guide and Doorkeeper as described by Abraham.

Some have asked for previous material we have received from our Teachers. We cannot easily condense six years of very personal counselling to a few paragraphs, but in our early days Abraham did teach on what we recognized as "The Beatitudes" - we would refer you to pages 1570-1575 "The Ordination Sermon" in the Urantia Book - this will probably best illustrate the kind of teaching received.

Abraham continually teaches of the importance and benefits of what he terms "The Stillness", we have been encouraged to gently reach this calmness of mind "where all answers lie" - see page 1774a - Urantia Book - Abraham has said "this may take only two minutes of your twenty four hours."

Recently we have noticed Abraham is in direct consultation with Machiventa Melchizedek and speaks of "we, us" and "our" in answer to our questions, although we are still able to communicate with Machiventa in "person" when we request.

We here take responsibility for the mis-spelling and indeed, the mis-understanding of the word "Vicegerent" our ignorance of this allowed the word "Vicegerent" our ignorance of this allowed the word Vice Regent to be typed and sent in Machiventa's Statement of Intent.

A decision has been made to produce an audio tape message from Abraham and Machiventa which will be available in the near future.

"Be always clam and know the Love of God resides within you,

Be calm and you shall let Love shine forth,

Be calm and you shall receive Love from others,

Be calm, and you shall - Remember the stillness"

Abraham to Us

Warm Regards Ruby, Charles, Martin & Benjamin,

Please feel free to copy this for anyone else.