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New Zealand

early February, 1990

Machiventa on Urantia Book Organizational Disputes

Ruby (Babs Miller) T/R

Question from Chick Montgomery

Pages 15, 16 of the transcript

(Babs rubs her face and becomes fully alert. The group takes refreshment break, then reconvenes.)


Abraham         I have returned.


Uncle              During the break we discussed the idea of producing a tape for Urantia readers or for anyone of interest. Should this be done?


Abraham         Why not, if this is your desire?

                        (Discussion . . . .)


Chick              Abraham, I have a request. I have come a long way, and I may not be this way again for some time, and so I would like, if it would be appropriate, to hear from Machiventa.


Abraham         A reasonable request.


T/R                 (Long pause. Machiventa announces his presence. I did not record and do not remember his words, nor do I remember my initial words of response.)


Chick              . . . It occurred to me during the break, as I was walking in the garden, to ask you about what might be done to assist in the reunification of the Urantia organizations?


Machiventa     Distressful. Yes. The need to withhold information, the need to withhold knowledge, this the motivation. To see something such as the Fifth Epochal Revelation embodied within the Urantia Book as final and complete is immature. It is likened to the early Christians who in their “wisdom” saw fit, and indeed the Roman Catholics still do this, to keep, within their own confines, knowledge for the betterment of humankind.


Allen               But were there not instructions concerning the spread of the book that were not written in the book?


Machiventa     There must be abridgement of this. Yes. Unfortunate it is. Limitations have been set. But as you are experiencing, your planet is taking down walls, between persons, between ideologies, between philosophies, between religious beliefs. It is occurring. Brick by brick. Yes. Yes. You can assist in gentle persuasion. To meet their resistance with resistance does not serve good, does not serve God. So in the manner to which we here operate in God’s name, gentle persuasion always operates well. Even though to your human understanding it may take a long time, in our terms it is no time at all.


Chick              Are you suggesting that there is withholding of information on both sides?


Machiventa     There is always both sides. It is never the responsibility of one only in any dispute, any disagreement, but each seek to put complete responsibility in the other, each denying their own responsibility, yes.


Allen               Were the rules for dissemination exceeded?


Machiventa     As with many, they have been rather over-zealous. I am not offering condemnation but understanding of the human workings. Then due to caring for the subject, I leave you. Blessing, travelers in time and space.


T/R                 (Babs’ arms which have been fixed in a “rain-gathering” posture, relax to her lap, and her voice softens . . . )


Abraham         All understanding is with you. Yes. Do not allow the seeking for perfection to cloud your vision. Yes. Know the joy that you also bring for where I am. We rejoice in your rejoicing. In body you may not meet for some time, space, but know that in spirit you may commune at any time [in any] space.


T/R                 (I am in tears at this point, and did not record the remaining transmissions which continued for a short time longer)