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The Toronto Affair

An Interview By Scott Foerster

[See Editors note following the Foerster remarks.]

Last weekend, July 25, 1994 I interviewed Earnest [Ernie]Moyer about the Toronto channeling experience.

In 1981 or 1982, a Urantia Study group in Toronto began receiving messages through a fellow named Paul Waterman. Another member of the Toronto group was Sandy Garich .. Sandy was his nickname .. and he had cancer .. probably from smoking.

In Connecticut, a fellow named Nick Salsco was publishing a Urantia related newsletter called Agondonters. He heard of this and drove to Toronto. Nick listened to some audio tapes Paul Waterman had made of his channeling. Nick was impressed. Caligastia had been apparently forgiven. The entity being channeled was Caligastia. Nick had a vision looking outside a window of an apartment building in New York city of Christ Michael and Caligastia together .. indicating this reconciliation.

Nick talked to people in a New York group (maybe this was the group he was a member of) named Princess (a woman) and Wiley (a guy). They invited Paul Waterman to New York along with Earnie Moyer to experience this. David Henry went with Earnie to New York by train, traveled through the subway and met in Princess's apartment for 3 or 4 hours around a table.

Earnie (sic) was antagonistic from the beginning. He tried to quote from the Urantia Book and they politely asked him to put it away. Earnie closed the book but left it on the table with his hand on it the whole time. (Earnie tells this like the Urantia Book is protecting him from evil .. and is smiling like it is a half serious joke.) After giving up, Nick walked with Earnie to the subway stop with his hand on Earnie's shoulder the whole way. Earnie said Nick had lots of physic power .. I queried for more detail but could not get a definition from Earnie as to exactly what this meant.

Earnie was under the impression that the Toronto channeling had only just started maybe a few months before. Nick and Paul Waterman eventually interested a woman in Texas (first name like a man's, last name like Clemdening) in this. They tried to set up a conference the next summer (in Texas) but it bombed due to a lack of interest .. and eventually the whole thing was overshadowed by FOG.

Later Wiley (from the New York group) wrote a book about dolphins, eating a pint of morning glory seeds and experiencing some kind of drug related experience or trip. And in this book Wiley credits at the beginning of the book all the players mentioned above. Earnie claims to still have a copy of this book .. I did not catch a title name.

Nick might still have a study group in Connecticut. He is probably the person to go to next to confirm this story and gather more detail. -- scott foerster

[Editor's Note:  Here follows the actual letter that triggered what the writer refers to as the "Toronto Affair", dated 1990, and written to the general readership of the Urantia Book as well as to the Foundation by Paul Michael Waterman. 

In the letter, Waterman relates the 1982 experience of what a Melchizedek told him that will happen to the Urantia Foundation if their attitudes and actions did not change.  Among these Melchizedek comments are that the Urantia Foundation will experience "Schism", and it will eventually fall to never be seen again.  Here is that letter:]


August 1990

An Open Letter to the Community of Urantia Book Readers

Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

My name is Paul Michael Waterman and I am writing this open letter to you all to recount a series of extraordinary events which I shared with a circle of associates in the period between 1981 and 1983.

Since 1983, 1 have stewarded certain aspects of the story that I shall unfold upon the pages. More recent events hi your respective organizations, as well as the counsel of friends close to me, have led me to the decision to dispatch this document for your collective consideration.

As prologue, I should tell you that I have been a student of the Urantia Book since 1975. Since that time, I have had the privilege of meeting many fellow readers from Canada and the United States, and have come to the conclusion that the book is a powerful instrument for a personal spiritual transformation that must precede the planetary spiritual advance so needed in our tune. For me, the book became a catalytic agent, culminating a five year study of cultural history by introducing the master universe context that gave meaning in high relief to humanity's long struggle for maturity. More importantly, it also made real the personal relationship with the Creator that is the birthright of any son or daughter of God.

Having been given a perception of the great plan, one cannot go back, or unknown. Nor would one wish to, however difficult things may become for the knower living on this confused world. How we can ever be certain of what we know has long been a puzzle and I must conclude that the gifts of grace are claimed by faith, and trust in the goodness of the spirit within us. In the hope that the foregoing has established my bona fides in the mind of the reader, let me proceed.

In 1981, my wife and I discovered that we had conceived a child. Initially, we had more concern than joy at this news, for the world seemed a more dangerous place a decade ago. Unclear as to our course, we gave our deep concerns over to prayer and sought guidance. In rather short order, and to our surprise, we received guidance in our meditations from sweet, inner voices that identified themselves as angels. They offered a vision of promise; words of such beauty and goodness that we chose to accept this contact as true and as an answer to our prayers. This gift from the angels helped us to clarify our minds and make the right decision. Seven months later, a beautiful son was born to us and he has remained one of the joys of existence for us since that time.

The contact with the angels was so beautiful, so gracious, that we were intent upon pursuing it, if only to remain in communication with such delightful society. What ensued was a growing document that portrayed for us how the celestials so near us take intimate concern for our lives and are dedicated beyond human understanding to helping us through the maze of mortal experiences.

In the spring of 1982, events took another surprising turn. What had developed as personal guidance and healing advice for troubled friends changed suddenly as the angels, who had come to be like old friends, asked us to consider taking a message from the Melchizedek Brotherhood to an individual who was then a member-at-large hi the Urantia Brotherhood. Up until that time, our experience had been personal, cultivated privately and shared cautiously with only a few dose friends. For reasons outlined within the pages of the book itself, and which you all can appreciate, one would approach communication with the orders of being who sponsored the Urantia Book with some reserve. Nevertheless, the contact persisted and on March 24,1982, an important message was received in the presence of a longstanding member of the Brotherhood. It is my understanding that copies of this message were later circulated, against my advice at the time. It is not my intention to reproduce the whole text within the body of this letter but to relate to you in context the essentials which remain germane to date.

The Melchizedek identified himself as one of the revelatory commission who remains charged with the responsibility of administering the revelation to this world. We were told that the subject of his dissertation was the Urantia Foundation and the changes needed within it that it might function more fully in the service of the planet and the service of Christ Michael He noted 1985 as a significant anniversary in the revelation's history and intimated that changes would begin to accelerate at that time.

The changes required within the Foundation centered around its mindset. Individuals drawn to the revelation initially were selected from a mind and personality pattern that would act as good and faithful conservators of the text. Half a century later, this same mindset has become not an advantage, but rather an obstacle to the further dissemination of the revelation to the planet - not because changes are called for to the text, but rather that the same attitude that would preserve the document also has restrained freedom of expression of the Spirit in response to the revelation. The hand of God, having written, moves on to the greater [good], as should we all.

"It is not our desire to see a schism take place within the burgeoning Urantia movement, as you would understand it. There is nothing in that which would further the development of the planet. And yet, I speak to you because there is a great potential that such a schism might take place."

The indictor went on to assure us that there was a power within us to intervene and bring about further understanding of the task appointed to each and everyone who would come to know the fifth epochal revelation. First and foremost, for anyone who would become a teacher of the Urantia Book, is to learn Christ's lesson of love. He stated that had this lesson of love been more fully lodged in the hearts of the trustees, there would not have been such activities as would result in the squandering of the bestowal. Strong words indeed, followed by stronger still.

The Melchizedek spoke of Christy, noting that the time was at hand when the last member of the contact commission would be taken over to the higher level. He spoke of documents taken into secrecy which needed to be examined by the community. He advised individuals to move forward lovingly and fearlessly in open discussion and publication to express what they knew and felt, not to be concerned "with what would amount to the meaningless human noises such as would be raised by the more conservative members within the Foundation." He did not counsel rebellion but rather that those who felt inspired to do so act lovingly, spiritually portraying the lightness of their actions.

"It would not further to confront or attack . . .  but rather to lovingly portray your desire to serve."

Having outlined the essence of the message the Melchizedek then directed his words specifically to the individual to whom the task of carrying the message was offered. He outlined his reason for the choice and a surprising antidote to attitudinal deadlock. For the purpose of this letter, I will use the name that the Melchizedek used to address this draftee, Alexander, although he is known hi the community by another name.

Alexander was selected because he had established contact with the principle individuals of concern. Then he was advised that he, like they, needed to learn moderation and love. That he should understand that the same "sin" as he would ascribe to members of the Foundation is the self-same "sin" that he would commit; that being the sin of intolerance and arrogance. "Now it has been given to all of you to understand by the words of the Master that we serve that there is no sin, that it is mere error. That guilt be alleviated and all would be liberated from such spiritual bondage is the desire of Christ Michael".

The final significant piece of the picture came into focus when the Melchizedek advised that before the contact could be considered consummated and the true nature of their plans for the correction of intransigent problems in the Foundation could be conveyed, we would be required to demonstrate our good faith by a sincere reading of the Master's Course. This was a reference to "A Course in Miracles", received by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford and published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

In the message, the Melchizedek also offered a grave warning, sufficient to give all of us pause to reflect on present circumstances. This I shall relate at the close of this letter.

After the reception of the Melchizedek contact in 1982, events began to swirl and accelerate. In retrospect, I think it fair to say that passions overran reason, egos trampled personalities and the human elements did not heed sufficiently the wise words of the celestial contacts seeking to gently guide us all to a state of inner peace where we could truly serve their plans.

In 1983, Alexander acted to decry the contact in a letter of personal attack directed toward myself. I sought to understand his actions because in the contact there was surely chaff in the wheat. Yet we were shocked, even devastated, and the Melchizedek contact was brought to a halt, although the celestial ministry continued. The commission was never fully outlined, defeated by human hubris. It is very disappointing to say that since that time within the Urantia network, more of the same has been witnessed.

Following closely to the Melchizedek retirement came the Grimsly affair, the Boulder troubles, the Santa Barbara travesty and finally the forecast schism in 1989.

Surely other examples of the problem occurred that did not cross my desk. Although I retired from the Urantia community in 1984, information continues to find me and I have continued to monitor the ongoing situation.

Thus in the fall of 1989, I was again contacted by several of the human participants of 1982-83. Significantly, .Alexander himself sought my advice on how to re-establish the Melchizedek connection since the forecast schism had become a reality. Brothers and sisters in Christ, why do we insist on sacrificing the messengers if the message is disturbing? Regrettably, at that time, all I could reply to the inquirers was that the Melchizedeks had not offered any contact since 1984, although I felt that any such communication might simply point to an open barn door and empty stalls.

Since these inquiries, I have wrestled with many emotions in an attempt to achieve such clarity of mind necessary to choose the wise course to chart. At last, while many of you were gathered in Colorado, walking with God, I arrived at the decision to release this letter and let the chips fall. I realize that by so doing, I could be opening myself up to further personal attack, given the demonstrated predilections of some. I think it is necessary for all of us to rise above our egos to hear the Spirit of Truth. I hope that it is possible to resolve the dilemmas facing the Urantian community in ways that would speak to history of our maturation in Spirit. At present, I regret that I cannot align with any of your organizations although I hope that in the heart of each of us, we work to the same great plan.

As for the celestial contact, it has continued to develop quietly. Information received has put the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer into a new context. An invitation has been offered for us to prepare our minds for communication with the Daynals as they work on the planet in anticipation of the next dispensation. Insights have been offered that point to a miraculous movement of the Supreme on our world, perhaps the last shall indeed be the first.

This material, while most comprehensible to the Urantian network with the context for it, is, like the Urantia Book itself, meant for all peoples. We all have a great work to follow through with and in our hearts we know of these things. For these reasons, and for the Love of Christ, can we find peace? Let the Universe Conciliators function and let resolution of our misunderstandings begin with true forgiveness and honest humility in the heart of each of us, for all of us.

Earlier in this letter I mentioned a warning from the Melchizedek. While I have taken little pleasure in the realization of the schism they forecast hi 1982,1 should find great remorse in seeing this warning come to pass, it being too high a price to pay for the verification of the contact.

"The warning being that should such attitudes (i.e. arrogance, intolerance, obstinacy) not be changed within the very structure and centre of the Foundation, then that Foundation will fall for we will not support such rigidity. It is based in fear. There is nothing that can be taken away from the truth, in and of itself it is whole. The truth speaks through the Spirit and to the souls of mortals who are on this planet and are ready for the reception of it. There is no need for such rigid safeguarding of the revelation. It is an absurdity to see such rigidity and such fear as the motivations of the responses to requests well taken from members within the organization for a greater release of the information."

And that is the whole point here. That the squabbling, the personal attacks and the posturing so much in evidence over these last years and so well documented and circulated have certainly impaired and may even extinguish the Urantia Movement as we know it.

The Melchizedeks have indicated that without sincere and meaningful change within the structure and administration of the Foundation, they will consider declaring a default, not unknown on this world, and withdraw their support for the enterprise. What I ask each person who reads this story to consider is this: Is this what you truly desire? What have you done to contribute to or to forestall such an action? Please remember that the revelation is written on paper, not stone and thus can become as fragile as it is precious.

Consider also that should the Melchizedeks withdraw their support and that of the planetary government as well, then surely nothing will we or nil we could stop the fall of the Urantia Foundation. Even in the anger and frustration felt by some, none could truly wish for such an event. I certainly do not.

In closing, I include a prayer offered by the Melchizedek on March 24, 1982. In it, he recognizes our weakness as humans but also acknowledges our potential for greatness. I share it in hope that it may help us to know more fully the greatness inherent in each of our sisters and brothers in Christ.

O Father of Light O Spinner of Divine Universes

O Creator of All that Is:

I give thanks that beings such as these have evolved on worlds such as this, that we may join in consciousness and be as one that we may work through Your Plan and through Your Peace. O Divine Father, in our union, are we greatly blessed. And let all be offered up to You in praise and in thanksgiving, for the greater revelations that attend their hour and for the Love and Peace that stands among us. Now Father, I ask that You bless all who have entered into our operation with understanding, with patience and with a tolerance of each others human foibles. That they may come to see reflected in the growth of their brethren their own spiritual unfolding portrayed. Amen

..And so say I, remaining

Yours in the service of the Prince of Peace,

//s//Paul Michael Waterman

P.O.BOX 986

Station Q.

Toronto, Ontario CANADA M4T 2P1