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Subject: History of TeaM. (To 1998)

Calvin McKee

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 00:50:47

The "Correcting Time," and the Urantia Melchizedek Teaching Mission by Calvin, assisted by Claireesa and Rebecca, from the original Woods Cross Group.


I have been a student of the Teaching Mission and the Urantia Book since 1 991.

I prepare this outline of the Teaching Mission according to my own personal knowledge and research, and with the assistance of other members of the Woods Cross Group. There are many other aspects of this Teaching Mission I am not as ‘personally’ experienced with--many Teachers and superb words of truth and wisdom. However, in this report, I limit my presentation to those of my experience--Machiventa, Abraham and Ham.

It is our unanimous understanding within the Teaching Mission that Michael has inaugurated the "sweeping changes" as spoken of on page 1259 of the Urantia Book. Among these changes:

Machiventa is personally present on Urantia as our ‘acting' Planetary Prince, the Universe Broadcast Circuits are reopened, and the Lucifer Rebellion is ended--adjudicated.

As the one time fallen Prince had a spokesperson--Daligastia, it is my opinion that Ham is presently ‘spokesperson' for Prince Machiventa. We are told Ham is the ‘staff director' of the 100 initial volunteer ascendant mortals, who have returned to assist this world as ‘Teachers.' Also, we are told that Abraham is ‘overseer' of the Urantia mortal corps of destiny. I would venture to say that Abraham is also the present Governor General. At least, this is as some of us understand from our transmissions in the Woods Cross Group. I find this corroborative narrative most fascinating from our Urantia Book text:

"There is little likelihood that any marked change will be made in the government of Urantia during the present dispensation unless the vicegerent Planetary Prince should arrive to assume his titular responsibilities. It appears to certain of our associates that at some time in the near future the plan of sending one of the twenty-four counselors to Urantia to act as governor general will be superseded by the formal arrival of Machiventa Melchizedek with the vicegerent mandate of the sovereignty of Urantia. As acting Planetary Prince he would undoubtedly continue in charge of the planet until the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion and probably on into the

distant future of planetary settlement in light and life.”

The Urantia Book Page-1251 Line-15 Para-2

*Origin and Brief History.

1. HAMILTON, New Zealand

Though the Teaching Mission is generally believed and remembered to begin with the Ham transcripts of Woods Cross, Utah, beginning in 1991, the real beginning as far as we know in our day though, was in New Zealand. Looking back, what a plan, to implement this most epochal event. If a prophet is without ‘honor' in his own country, then perhaps it is likewise true of a movement. Seeing the Teaching Mission's real beginning in a far away land, and in a non-Urantia Book, but completely harmonious to the Urantia Book setting, gives strength and supportive validity to the reality of this Teaching Mission.

In 1984, a group of 4 truth seekers in Hamilton, New Zealand, (known as Ruby, Charles, Martin, and Benjamin) through meditation, began a communication with n unseen personage called "Bertha" who introduced them to teacher Abraham .

The following are two excerpts from correspondence with these pioneers of the Taching Mission:

  Hamilton, New Zealand

  08 July, 1989

“An open letter to all URANTIA Brotherhood members.

“Dear Friends,

“We wish to introduce ourselves and, as fellow truth seekers, pass on information we know is of importance to you.

“There are four of us, Ruby, Charles, Martin, and Benjamin. Our ages range from early forties to late sixties.

“We meet, usually every week, in the comfort of one of our homes and discuss our thoughts, feelings and actions of the previous week, followed by a period of silent meditation. It was during one of these periods of meditation in 1984 when the Higher Consciousness that is Abraham first spoke to us through Ruby.

“The introduction began, and still does, with the words "I am Abraham. I am your Teacher." At that first meeting, Abraham told us "I shall teach you the Truth."

“After a few years we believe we arrived at a particular level of understanding and acceptance of the truth of these teachings. Abraham then, introduced us to his friend and teacher, Melchizedek.

It must be stressed, we did not consider ourselves as religious in the usual context of the word. Knowledge of the Biblical Abraham was minimal and Melchizedek unknown to us.

“In August 1987, Martin's niece gave him a copy of the URANTIA Book. We were overwhelmed. The URANTIA Book confirmed and helped secure our understanding. As our communications with Abraham and Melchizedek progressed, with references to the URANTIA Book, it became evident that this collective wisdom was of great significance, not only for us, but for the understanding of all.

“Where to start? This question was answered on reading in Vol. 13 No. 2 ;The Urantian - Journal of Urantia Brotherhood' an article by Henry Begemann of The Netherlands. ".. Machiventa 0909Melchizedek, Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia .. For an unnamed reason, he has not yet assumed his office..."

“We know Machiventa Melchizedek has made his presence known to us, and H AS taken up the position of Vicegerent Planetary Prince. This we know as fact. In November 1988, in answer to the question "Are you the Machiventa Melchizedek mentioned in the URANTIA ? Book?" we were given the answer "Correct, I come from the Father .. Am I not here? .. The Correcting Time is NOW."

“On March 16, 1989, Machiventa Melchizedek specifically requested that we relay these facts to you, this being his initial contact to confirm his presence. We will pass on any further communications as and when they are received.

And, the next year, this communique was sent out from our dear friends <nothing> in New



Hamilton, New Zealand

April 22, 1990

This is Babe speaking. I am known to Abraham as Ruby. In 1984 during mediation with my husband, Meg, we were contact by Bertha, who (later) introduced us to Abraham. Since then, with our friends Roy and , we met on a regular basis. Our usual practice is to begin our appointment with the following prayer which allows us to open ourselves to the stillness where we meet with our teacher... THE LIGHT OF GOD SURROUNDS US. THE LOVE OF GOD ENFOLDS US. THE POWER OF GOD PROTECTS US. THE PRESENCE OF GOD WATCHES OV ER US. WHEREVER WE ARE, GOD IS.

From this same transcript of record, it begins with these most familiar words: "I am Abraham. I am your teacher."

Abraham is ask why he us the name ‘Abraham' from the Old Testament:

Abraham: Yes. In my last physical life journey to which you refer, I was the first to perceive the One God. There were, as you can imagine, many gods worship--the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the rain, etc. Persons in their ignorance of the One God, worship many yes. In the beginning my earthly name was Abram. When I had acknowledge, accept and understood the

God within, I became known as Abraham. I still am Abraham. I always shall be Abraham. Why Abraham in your time-space? There is much to impart to humankind. You wish to discuss this?

Benjamin: Abraham, if I may, you have mention of your mission at this time. May I ask you who assign you the task you have taken on?

Abraham: Yes. During my past physical life journey, I had the greatest of pleasure to be assist in my understanding of the idea, thought, feeling, understanding of the One God, by one who you would call the Prince of Sale m,

Melchizedek: During this time-space he help me to understand the On e God. He help me to explain the One God to my family and friends. My friend/teacher, is now, to use your word, on a mission to teach humankind in your time-space of the simplicity which is God. It is my pleasure to have been given the task of assisting in this mission. God has decided that I should return in this manner of communication in your time-space for this particular time-space. Abraham taught the group of the importance of God- connectedness...

Abraham Yes, the stillness is the calm quiet peace within your heart wherein God resides. You may only spend two minutes of your twenty four hours with the stillness. It is of great benefit for humankind. Within the stillness all answers lie. You may not be aware of your answer immediately. It may be a day, a week, a month, a year before you understand your answer. Yes.... Do not look too hard for the stillness. In the searching you may not find it It is reached through quiet and calm peaceful acceptance and understanding. Yes.

Abraham introduced the "Correcting Time" concept and also introduce them to his supervisor/friend "teacher"--Melchizedek. In August 1987, the group became acquainted with the Urantia Book, received by one in the group from his niece.

The group was "over-whelmed" with this new information, which brought new insight and meaning about this Melchizedek and of this "Correcting Time."

Martin Abraham, would you speak to us of your friend/teacher?

Abraham Yes. What would you know of my friend/teacher... Just as I know friend/teacher, as I see, as I hear, as I feel, you cannot do this.

You must learn to see with your inner eyes, hear with your inner ears, to see and hear my friend/teacher. As I have said, my friend/teacher is on a mission. He is overseeing humankind to teach the simplicity which is God. Yes.

Martin Abraham, in previous meetings you have spoken of the Correcting Time. Would tell us more of this subject please?

Abraham Yes. The Correcting Time has begun. It is a time of great change. A time of great learning for humankind. When the majority have accept and understood the One God, then great benefits shall occur, much enlightening, exciting experiences shall be had then. It is not known how long the Correcting Time shall be. It may last ten years, but it may last for a thousand of your years. It cannot be determined even by God. Because of the gift of humankind of free will. Free will gives humankind choices to make. The choice to heed guidance and listen to guidance, therefore, coming to understand the One God, or the choice to disregard guidance, to ignore guidance, and not to understand and accept the One God. Yes. You are understanding?

Marty Yes. Abraham, when the majority are aware in the way you h ave told us, what effect would that have on our physical planet?

Abraham Yes. In mankind's ignorance, great harm has been done to your planet and the universe. When the majority have come to accept and understand the One God, immeasurable help shall come to your planet and the universe. Yes, you see, I have spoken of free will and the choices humankind have.

If the decision is made to disregard guidance, we cannot interfere with this decision. We cannot impose our will on yours. So we vigilantly wait and hope, but through constant nudging, constant whispering, some persons, for example, such as Ruby, may heed guidance and accept the position as a vehicle for communication such as this. Yes.

Marty Abraham, you have mention guidance. Could you tell us mo re of guidance, our guidance?

Abraham Yes. Each and every person has company. This company is your guidance especially chosen for specific reasons to assist in your life journey, knowing the pitfalls that can await you and able to offer advise, even though it may be unhe. You are understanding?

Again, I stress free will. If you decide to disregard guidance, to ignore the existence of such, we can do nothing. Yes. But, should you accept guidance existence, you shall receive all the assistance you require in your life journey. Not to take away your struggles, you understand, not t o take away your achieving, you understand, but to assist you. Yes. You ca n communicate with your guidance in the stillness. Yes.

Abraham then asks the group if they would like to hear from his ‘friend/teacher.' The group of four--Ruby, Charles, Martin and Benjamin acknowledges that they would (Ruby being the transmitter/receiver.). Abraham then responds "One moment".....

Melchizedek Greetings. You are asking much. Yes. I shall tell you of the God within. You have been told of the stillness. Here is where you shall find your God within. Before you accept God within, and when you first heed the advice to seek the God within, it is of a finite nature. Once you have accepted the idea, thought, feeling, and understanding of God within, you then, allow this idea, thought feeling, and understanding of God to flow through you and merge with the God without, which is infinite. In allowing this for yourself, you give for yourself greatness in soul consciousness. I leave you for Abraham and your discussion. (Thank you.)

Abraham You are understanding my friend/teacher? (Yes.) Yes, you h ave more questions?

Martin Yes please, Abraham. The fact that some people spend their whole life studying a religion, where others have no knowledge at all of any religious instruction, will they still have the God within?

Abraham But of course. God within resides within each and everyone living. Yes.

Martin So we do not, as humans, have to go in search for God?

Abraham Yes and No. Even though God within resides within each and everyone living. Each individual must find, accept, and understand God within. Ye s. Some persons believe that you cannot communicate with God within, but it is possible, yes.

Martin Thank you. Early this evening Abraham, I had mention th e Holy Bible, could you tell us more concerning other modes of revelation? I'm thinking of the Koran, perhaps the Book of Mormon, the Urantia Book. (. note This group in New Zealand had just come in contact with the Urantia Book).

Abraham Yes. There are many paths to God. There are many names for God. You might say there are many faces of God. But, there is One God. Yes. Many thousands of years ago in your time counting, indeed in my time-space, it was the practice within each village and community for children, young people, old people, to sit together. There would be, who you would describe as the wise person of the village, who would tell stories, fables, legends, teaching social values, moral values, yes and teachings of God. It was simple. It was of ease to communicate. Dreams would be interpret as visions of God. Persons would bring their dream for interpretation to these groupings. Ye s. And all would share in the interpretation and experience. Yes. So it was in

my time-space. Later the written word became a tool and in many places it took the place of the spoken word. Yes. Many different books was written by differing people. The Bible has been revised and revised and revised into so called modern day English. You would agree that in translation certain words, certain sentences were lost, others were added changing the essence of the book. It is something that is difficult to achieve exact translation language to language. Then, later in your time-space, there is telecommunication. In an instant, information can be transmitted from one corner of your earth t o all parts, in an instant. Yes. Even now, messages are being transported around your planet in the hope that some other civilization shall pick the message up. Yes. But you see in all the communication, God becomes complicated. God

is simplicity. Yes. The communication we have is simplicity. Yes. Two- way communication gives clarity, yes, as in the old days. Yes. You wish to discuss this?

Martin Yes. Thank you Abraham. I believe you mention the two thousand year span of the different communications to this plane. (Yes.) This does tie in with statements we have read through history, and it does make me think of the coming again of Christ, which is prophesied in the Bible. Could you perhaps expand on that subject for me?

Abraham Every one to two thousand years of your time counting it becomes necessary for a differing form of communicating the simplicity of God to humankind. Near two thousand years ago, Jesus walk the Earth. His message was of a simplicity that is God. Unfortunate it is that humankind cannot accept simplicity. Humankind deals in complexity. Yes. The time-space shall

arrive and this is all to do with the Correcting Time when a new method of communicating the simplicity which is God to humankind shall be of necessity. It shall not, as many people believe, be in the person of a man such as Jesus, for indeed--Jesus again. The time for physical appearance is pass. As I have intimated, we are now using persons such as Ruby for two-way communication.

Yes. You see, in my time on earth, the number of persons to communicate with were far less than there are now. Distances were less because the area of the planet was less in the knowledge of mankind. You are understanding ?

(Yes.) As I have intimated, your electrical communication system complicates.

Yes. Your books also in their translation complicates. Yes. Therefore, there are many such as I, teaching. There are many, such as Ruby, receiving, acting as vehicles for this two-way communication. I, as a messenger of God, the soul consciousness that was and is Abraham, am allowed through this vehicle to communicate with groupings of people. Yes. In this manner, we can teach the simplicity which is God. Yes.

Martin Thank you Abraham. Some of what you said does cut across the biblical teachings we are used to, but it does seem to run parallel with t he Urantia Book, although to some of us, the Urantia Book is rather complex.

Abraham Yes. The Bible is thousands of years old as I have said, much has been missed, much has been added, yes, and very little eye witness account written at the time of the event. Yes. The Urantia Book, delivered in a manner similar to this communication has been received and printed within your past fifty year span Yes? (Yes) It is, you might say, a modern version. Yes. It has been term the Fifth Epochal Revelation, has it not? (Yes. ) Perhaps this is so. It ties quite well with the one to two thousand year necessity for new communicating methods. Yes, this method of communicating via Ruby is ancient. Although ancient, it is perhaps the most efficient manner, even though humankind find it of difficulty to accept. Once this stumbling block of not quite certainty whether it is actual has been removed , much shall be impart to humankind. Yes. You are understanding?

Martin Yes, from what you said Abraham, can we expect more communication across our planet?

Abraham But of course. It is for each person to use his or her own wisdom to discern that which is truth and that which is not. Yes.

Martin You are saying we may experience some persons that are not quite skilled in this delivery? (YES) Shall we call them false?

Abraham Your term, but yes. I believe the Bible speaks of false prophets?

(Yes.) You see, prophesy which is speaking of future event is of great difficulty, given as I have already said, the fact of free will. Ye s. I am not in favor of prophesy for prophesy sake. Yes. You see, by even hinting at a future calamity one can put humankind into the thought pattern of this calamity, therefore, bring it to fruition. Yes, the power of thought is much maligned by humankind, but it is all powerful because ‘thought' as I have

said, is part of God. Yes.

Martin There is one thing, not to say whichever book or path that we choose, we must accept the fact that other powers are just as good as some for finding God.?

Abraham But of course. Human beings would do well to accept other descriptions of the One God. Yes. Accepting God, but not accepting a vengeful, fearful God. God is a loving Father, Parent, Teacher, Friend. All hose loving images are God. Yes. Do you have other queries?

Martin Thank you Abraham. I think we have not the time Abraham. Of course, we wold love to carry on, and perhaps people will send us queries.

Abraham Then, I shall leave you with this When in need, find the calm quiet peace of your inner heart in the stillness.

The messages became evident that Abraham and the Melchizedek teaching staff were willing and ready to teach other groups, and that the Urantia Book family were excellent hosts for this Teacher/student group training of mortals involved in this Correcting Time. Much correspondence between New Zealand and Urantia study groups ensued. Most were skeptical and doubtful. Many in t he Urantia Book family had just gone through the "Vern Grimsely" affair which in most participants' minds prov to be disappointing.

2.Woods Cross, Utah--1991 (a town approx. 5 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah).

Of the Urantia Book study groups which responded to the New Zealand invitation, some positively and some negatively, the Woods Cross group did reply with a positive acceptance. They drafted a letter to the New Zealand folks. The following is the response from New Zealand with the Utah letter and Melchizedek's replies combined ("T.B." below was Thern Blackburn of Woods Cross, Utah, who departed this earth in June 1997)


T. B.

Woods Cross, Utah

August 3, 1989

We received your very interesting letter on July 27. We read and discussed your letter that night in our weekly Urantia Book study group. Four of the group including myself were inclined to believe the statements as truth. We were wondering if we might ask you some questions that were raised by the group?

1.Does Abraham have anything to do with the Mortal Reserve Corps of Destiny?

Melchizedek answers But of course! He has special orders, yes.

2.Are the Reserve Corps to play a role in the upcoming events?

Melchizedek answers But of course!

3.Will the Urantia Book be attacked by the religions of authority, if so, when?

Melchizedek answers It is doubtful, but of course, I cannot answer for humankind free will, but it is doubtful.

4.If Melchizedek has assumed his office, has the Lucifer Rebellion been adjudicated?.

Melchizedek answers I refer to my previous answer.

5.Did Melchizedek bring with him a Magisterial Son or will one be coming to Urantia in the near future?

Melchizedek answers Magisterial Son is not yet present.

6.Will either Abraham or Melchizedek be contacting any mortals other than yourselves?

Melchizedek answers We already do. I am not at liberty to give their names.

7.We desire to be of service to God and Man in any way we can, do you have any instructions for us? Please contact us if we can help.

Melchizedek answers Your desire to serve is noted, continue in your understanding, continue in your acceptance.

[Note In my Internet research recently in October 1998, I have found a web site wherein I discovered that Abraham and/or a 'group of Teachers' was (possibly still is) with a group in Texas who have been involved in transmissions since approximately 1985, known as the Abraham--Hicks Publications.] (Calvin Mckee)

3.Early Beginnings of the Teaching Mission in the United States.

Sometime in 1990 as I understand, the Woods Cross group received word that the ‘teachers' would like to begin teaching their group. Jan Messinger (later referred to by the teachers as ‘Rebecca') began receiving messages in her mind which she heard as ‘Ham,' thinking this name was short for ‘Abraham.'

The Woods Cross group agreed to comply and agreed upon a night to begin these transmissions with Abraham. To their surprise, when the appointed time came, the personage did identify his self... "I am Ham. I am your Teacher."

Ham stated he was under the immediate direction of Abraham who was under the supervision of Machiventa Melchizedek, the newly inaugurated "Acting Planetary Prince." Below is an excerpt from a historical account written by Ida Young (known later to us as ‘Rachel') as she recounted in January 1998. Rachel is still with the Woods Cross Group as of this date November 22, 19 98.

She is now 81 years old, I believe, and is the sister to Thern Blackburn, the Woods Cross Study Group leader--the initiator and a devoted instigator of- -the beginning of the Correcting Time Teaching Mission in the U.S.

(From Ida Young "Rachel")

"I have the honor and privilege of being a part of this Transmitting an d Correcting Time Mission which, for us, began in the evening of February 28 , 1991, at the home of Jan Messinger, located at 4088 Mars Way, Salt Lake Ci ty, Utah. Our new and first Spiritual Teacher introduced himself as "Ham." J an was and is the T/R. The mortals in attendance that evening were Jan Messinger (Rebecca), Thern Blackburn (Joshua), Sheila Beckstead (Melissa), Douglas Burdette (Jason) and myself--Ida Young (Rachel). I would love to know how many Spiritual Beings were there with Father Ham on that very first meeting.

I would like to continue by relating the activities of Thern Blackburn (Joshua). I hope I can come close to doing him justice in this short summary as his contributions were numerous.

To begin with, the Urantia Book Study Group began meeting at the home o f Joshua at 2075 South 800 West, Woods Cross, Utah. They met weekly beginni ng in March, 1977. The meetings really continued on for a period of twenty y ears or, until June 10, 1997.

Joshua was told by Father Ham that he was a "Healer"(via the laying on of hands and the energies of the Life Carriers) and he did devote a great dea l of his time as such, as he went wherever he felt needed or it was necessary t o perform these healings. This took him on many missions to Los Angeles and vicinity, Pocatello, Idaho, etc., along with performing healings for our group. Our group was now known as the "Woods Cross Group."

Beginning March 7, 1991, the T/R meetings were held weekly at Joshua's home. He recorded the meetings and then made duplicate cassette tapes for anyone who wanted one. As our group grew and the "word" spread, he would be making t apes from one week to the next. He was mailing them out to California, Florida , Idaho, Wisconsin, Lawrence, Kansas, etc. He was also responsible for the first publications of the 1991 and 1992 Woods Cross Transcripts.

Joshua was and represented a large factor in getting this Mission off the ground level with a growth that surpassed the expectations of our Spiritual Teachers, as they expressed on several occasions. Joshua continued with the tapes until Father Ham left us on November 9, 1992. Joshua completed his life's mission as a mortal on June 17, 1997.

So little to say for so much accomplished! His faith was steady and unique. His will to do the Father's will left little to be desired. He was indeed a faithful and dedicated son and servant to our Father.

I must give a deserving thankful and appreciative tribute to Ellen (Faye Barnson) for transcribing each and every one of Father Ham's lessons and storing them on computer. As of this date (January 30, 1998) she is still transcribing and storing Father Abraham's lessons. We were without a weekly teacher from November 9, 1992, until January 30, 1995, when Father Abraham began his beautiful and inspiring lessons and messages transmitted by and through Nina Newman (Eleanor), transmitting them in such a capable manner--willingly and accurately! Way to go Eleanor! Thank you!


4.The Spread of the Teaching Mission.

Ham and Abraham noted to the Woods Cross group that with them, in the initial stages of the Teaching Mission, were 50 male and 50 female staff member ‘Teachers' from various parts of our Universe--ascending mortal volunteers, having been commissioned by Michael--to assist Urantia in this Correcting Time... Ham being ‘director/coordinator' of this teaching staff. These Teachers were soon to be of service as groups were ready and willing to receive them. This became reality, for by the turn of 1991 and 1992 there were other Teaching Mission groups ‘on-line.'

The first, as I remember, was the Pocatello, Idaho, group with Teacher Daniel. As Ham's recorded lessons were disseminated, with every week's meeting through 1992, came a few new requests for a group Teacher. About mid 1992, a new development arose. We were made aware that these groups would not only have their own group Teacher, but in addition, we were told the universe flood gates were opening wherein personal teacher/guides were available for each individual who chose to enroll and be of service in these "Melchizedek Teaching Schools." Soon, this Teaching Mission became commonly known as simply the TeaM, I believe coined from someone in Hawaii.

5.Ham's Introductory Announcement at Los Angeles in February 1992.

In late 1991, it was requested by Ham that he be permitted to address t he Urantia Fellowship at their annual conference to be held in Los Angeles, California. The trustee's and leadership of the Urantia Foundation and Fellowship did not accept the validity of the Teaching Mission, and therefore, Ham's request was denied. The Woods Cross Group, with the assistance of one of the California groups, were advised by Ham to proceed anyway. They did so at the appointed time and date, February 1, 1992, at a location adjacent to the Fellowship conference. Any and all were invited to attend. Below is a partial transcript of that historical meeting which be came

known as the "Announcement to Urantia." There were skeptics and outspoken critics in attendance. It was announced the following week in our regular Woods Cross meeting, that this "Announcement" was a great success


February 1, 1992

Meeting in Los Angeles, CA

(Transmitted through Rebecca)

The Light of God surrounds us.

The Love of God enfolds us.

The Power of God protects us.

The Presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, He is.

My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham, I have

been commissioned to bring the light of our Father to Urantia. I am one o f

many Teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and

we are desirous of placing many Teachers among you. One moment. Great is our

mission. Understand this in your hearts. One moment. The time has arrived

for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves,

no, indeed. Rather, are we in service of Michael.

This day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchi zedek

has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as ‘acting Planetary Prince of Urantia' - an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous

is this day. Blessed in the sight of our Lord. Gracious listeners, I bid you WELCOME TO CHANGE. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed, I am happy to serve you.

Bob Ham, I am Bob. Would you please comment on the purpose and the scope, and if possible--some time table information on your mission - activity - program? Which of these three terms would be best?

Ham Mission is best. Yes, plans at present are as follows

1)Initiation and expansion of the Teaching Corps. Many of you will desire to receive personal instruction. At present we are preparing a group of Teachers who are in the First phase of our Teaching Mission. The mortals brought under their teaching and guidance are in our corps of elite, who in the future will become teachers themselves, as themselves, not in an intermediary position as is Rebecca tonight. Spiritual enlightenment and individual, group, national, and planetary progress is anticipated.

2)Also, along with the spiritual uplifting, we are anticipating and desiring cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well. Chiefly... economic, political, social, environmental and technical changes. Of course we are anticipating many years duration of this initial phase of our


3)I am commissioned to announce also the third aspect of our Teaching Ministry Mission; and that is... as preparatory for an even greater Teacher. Michael has prepared the way. We are expanding the way. A Teacher Son will complete the way toward Light and Life on Urantia. Time? I cannot adequately and accurately foresee an increment upon.

[There were several questions and responses not included in this report .]

Duane Ham, my human name is Duane. You asked me to provide you with an opportunity to address the members of the General Council. I wonder if you have any particular message that you would like to make to the General Council per se? I will stop with that question.

Ham No Andrew, there is nothing further or special, for it is only by their reception of this announcement in which one is counted on for this particular event. All of our proceedings have been monitored and watched. It is of a greater and more far reaching importance than you now realize. Thank you all for coming. I am pleased with the results. I hope to be in your presence again in the future and am so very happy to be chosen to make this announcement to you. My greetings, my love, my hope--all go with you this evening. Thank you Rebecca for this service. You are well loved also. I am preparing now for leaving . Farewell.

6.TeaM Conferences.

The first TeaM conference was held in Cheney, Washington--just outside Spokane in 1993. In the following years the international Teaching Mission conferences were held in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado and Tennessee. It was agreed for 1999, to hold our Teaching Mission in conjunction with the Urantia Fellowship and Foundation in Vancouver, British Columbia. Again, for this event, Teacher Ham has asked for time to address the body of Urantia family.

Also are there each year, regional conferences such as ‘Spiritfest' in California, along with other regional gatherings in Hawaii, Florida, and an annual gathering of the Northwest Teaching Mission. The TeaM has no organized leaders. Rather, for each occasion which arises, conference or otherwise, someone (usually different on each occasion) does step forward in leadership

and service.

7.Bringing the Urantia Book to Life Through Daily Living.

Mission participants are told that this mission is to incorporate those teachings of the Urantia Book, particularly the teachings of Jesus, into our every day living. In an answer to a question by a group member who was so on to interface with the Urantia Foundation folks at Chicago, Abraham said in October, 1997

Roland Vincent and I have been invited to attend the trustee's Foundation gathering in Chicago on November 14. We have both been struggling with the issue of how best to prepare ourselves to convey what might be given by the Teaching Mission to these people who are rather opposed to it. Is there anything that you could give us as far as a way to prepare ourselves best, attitude, readings, anything?

Abraham My information is that you could explain your position, and at that immediate time, it will appear to have been futile, and yet, I can assure you that seeds are being planted to relay to the Foundation that this Mission is in full force. This Mission goes with or without their help. This Mission does indeed use the Urantia Book as a tool, and that is not even under their control. It matters not whether they endorse our Mission or not. We will put the Urantia Book into action, and with the help from the material existence, and the spiritual, we will see Urantia be brought into Light and Life. We hide not our Light under a bushel, no. Our Mission is living and active. The Urantia Book is being lived, and not hidden for an elite few to enjoy, no. I would ask you each to maintain a calm heart and clear head for receiving those beneficial words Father might have to say to them. Your humorous countenance may help them to accept that this Mission is fully functioning, and it stands for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Is this answering?

(Yes. Thank you. I n reality we just need to show up and keep a clear mind to allow us to speak the words that are Father's.) Yes, yes. This Mission has almost come about in the same way the Urantia Book had, and I am certain that there were those back then against such a liberal book. (Woods Cross Transcripts 1997)

Testimonies of TeaM members can verify this weekly transformation of more God-likeness, Father-connectedness examples. The teachers have been always positive, kind, patient and live examples of love. Never coercing, compelling or even expecting anything of us. Truth taught and free-will choosing, has been the profound examples of each group's experience.

8.Our Mission Statement.

June 10, 1996

Woods Cross Group

A visit from HAM

The light of God enfolds us. The love of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The presence of God watches over us. Where ever we are, He is.

Greetings. I am HAM. I am so delighted to be here this evening. I mi ss our obvious material communications together, but I am gratified by our private moments that I am allowed to spend with you each. I am also allowed to work with Abraham on lesson planning and coordination. We, the teaching staff, prepare to begin more in-depth studies of the mansion world teachings. We endeavor to bring these teachings to those who are spiritually prepared. Those that are ready will absorb much spiritual learning. Those that need more time to develop spiritually may not find these lessons particularly interesting or helpful. I come tonight so that I may repeat and reaffirm our mission statement

By the mandate of our Creator/Brother/Father, Michael, do we, the teachers stationed here on His birthplace world, commit to the upgrading of spiritual understanding. We the teachers, have been assigned so that we may assist in teaching the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. It is our miss ion to assist each individual in locating their own Fragment of God within. I t is

not in our orders to coax or manipulate mortals into finding God, but perhaps shedding a little light on the benefits of a God-knowing world.

I speak on behalf of my fellow co-workers when I say, we are deeply honored to serve on such an assignment. We shall strive to reduce the expectations in the area of mysticism, and strengthen the area of individual confidence, in the search of knowing and finding the Father within. This is a time for all things spiritual to become a reality. This is a time for all things that are not a reality to fade away. This spiritual education will be filled with significant proof that God IS. We need not rely upon mystical promises and spiritual rewards. You my friends, are beyond the dreamer state, and are moving into spiritual substance. This is a time for spirituality to become an actuality.

9.Mission Success--No Turning Back.

August.26, 1996

Woods Cross Group

"I am ABRAHAM. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your morontial education....Our Mission continues slowly, but with unknown strength. This Mission, Michael's Mission, could not now at this point ever be halted or even slowed in any way. Your exhibition of courage to speak forthrightly about your inner personal feelings shows that indeed your hour has come. Spirituality is not a sideline hobby or for entertainment. Spirituality is real, eternal and now necessary. Do you see this transformation, from purely material self-seeking fulfillment to the eternal and sincere care for the whole of the seen as well as the unseen? These spiritual realities are no t to

be thrown about verbally, but lived in honest effort and devotion to those that created you."

10.Statement From Prince Machiventa.

July 16, 1996

Woods Cross Group

"I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, your friend. I am a worker in the field of flowers. My position holds me responsible for the upkeep of the field. I am to see that all of our Father's greenery receives an adequate amount of His rainfall. Even I am not fully qualified to withhold any amount of rain to any particular area of the field. I am dedicated to ensuring that all who desire the rain receive it.

My time spent on this planet was also an excellent experience in my own education. I was sent so that others may learn. Upon meeting my friend Abraham, I dared not ask, who is this individual that he may receive such spiritual insight.' Who is he that he may know of my presence and lea n of the One God concept.' No, I dared not even consider what are Abraham's qualifications that he may be worthy to accept this divine light.' I was commissioned by my superiors to perform certain tasks and I did so without consideration of my personal opinions. I was willing to be led by the Spirit, and therefore I saw with the eyes of the Spirit.

To observe with the eyes of the Spirit is to be free from temptation to judge, to understand that Father is present amidst the inner working of the field. To observe with the eyes of the Spirit requires that you are to be led by the Spirit. Do you see, that to be led by the Spirit requires you to trust in the Spirit, to hold faithfully to our Father's ideals, to have full confidence in your status as a son and daughter of His Kingdom, and to know that Father IS.

11."Your hour has come."

I well remember at Michael's birthday celebration in Pocatello, Idaho, wherein the following message was transmitted

Jesus' Birth Celebration, Pocatello, Idaho

Abraham "Your Hour Has Come"

August 25, 1996

"I am ABRAHAM. I am in gratitude for you acceptance and cooperation to promote the growth of friendship between we teachers and you our students. We thank you. I wish to express my gratitude to my co-workers in the spirit. They have indeed assisted me in my faith and dedication. I am made glad by not only our positive working relationship, I am always deeply touched by my

fellows personal concern for me. As well, they are certain of my continued love and service for them. You my friends, in this Teaching Mission are showing this day to also be dedicated to one another and to love without the promise of reward or compensation. You have gathered for the good of one another and for the upliftment of the whole of Michael's universe of Nebadon.

Our Mission is likened to the life of Jesus. Michael was born a human infant of the Earthly realm just as any other infant before and after Him. As He grew, He learned and was educated socially, intellectually and spiritually . When His hour had come He set forth to share the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.

New Zealand was the birth of our Teaching Mission. Woods Cross was the period of adolescence, time to learn and grow, time to clear the fog of expectations. Our Mission has grown. Your hour has come. It is time to set forth and share the good news... OUR UNIVERSAL FATHER IS A KIND AND LOVING FATHER AND THE CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD ARE INDEED HIS CHILDREN.

You who have had Mission participation, have indeed faced many struggles, and as Daniel spoke of today, you have retained your faith. You have not laid down before your struggles. You have maintained you unshakable stance and abided in the Master's word. The apostles of long ago had once sat forlorn due to the removal of their Master, the one loving guiding light that graced

their lives. During this time of doubt, confusion and despair... the memory of the Master, His life and His example in how He lived it courageously, seemed to be lost to them now.

I am aware this is a reality in which some will face, but I say, even upon the Master's resurrection, the apostles were still within the darkness of despair. But a worker for the Kingdom stood out declaring to the forlorn apostles, one David Zebadee said, "The Master said He would rise and I believe Him." David was not a close personal apostle of the Master, yet, he showed his unwavering faith and dedication to come forth and bravely proclaim, "T he Master said He would rise and I believe Him."

You my friends, are like this David. You have not sat in despair asking, "Where is our Master? Where is our proof?" You have stood unwavering proclaiming the Correcting Time has begun and I shall serve according to the plan of my Brother/Father, Michael.

I say with certainty, your group inter-association has assisted you in your unwavering stance to go forth with this Mission calling. Your accepting attitude of one another is rare in this day of seemingly troubled times. Your dedication to the doing of Father's will is apparent when you are willing to go through the waters of adversity with your fellows. Your persistent effort to utilize your spiritual vision to view one another and your world, is a step further toward Light and Life.

I say, it is with great love that you are indeed making a difference on this world of Michael's birth wherein He experienced, to gain His sovereignty over Nebadon.

I say, we are indeed all humbled to be in the presence of our Creator/Brother/Father. We would ask, "make us increasingly like You." I would extend my hand to each of you, my fellow students, co-workers and friends, in love and appreciation. Shalom."

12. The MASTER addresses us with his Love.

CHRIST MICHAEL "A Message of Love and Hope"

December 9, 1997

Woods Cross Group

MICHAEL: You, my children, are in the company of one who loves you so deep. I am filled with compassion for your daily trials, and I understand your deepest pain. I can say that there is not one thing you could explain to me that I would not understand. I would always make it my priority to help those see king children.

I have experienced self-forgetfulness while in the flesh. My greatest help, I must say, was love for my divine Father, and love for my human associates. This love had led me to feel the Father's hands to reach into my hands to help where help was needed. This love had allowed Father's words to come from my mouth where it would beneficial. This love had allowed me to see what our Father's sees. Yes, it sounds simple, but I can verify that to truly know our Father, His presence and His divine love, leads us to a greater knowledge of love wherein you can love your fellows without condition.

I have experienced that supreme all consuming love from our Father on High while I dwelt in the flesh. I can tell you, you will also experience this, and know it when it is upon you. I would ask you to be open to me, and my Spirit, as I move through your daily lives and minister to you as a Brother\Father would. I am even now overflowing with such gratitude to our Father, who is in

Heaven, for He has loved us and loved us well.

I would have you know that your world moves on a correct course. You will soon see, my children, that my Spirit will be regarded as common in your personal lives, in your politics, society, education, anywhere there is a need for the flame of divine truth to burn. As I have done in ages past, I will do again. You will feel my Spirit upon you with such a Brotherly affection and a source of spiritual strength.

I would like to deliver a message of hope, and have you also take this message and give it where you will. Forget not how I know you each as I know myself. Forget not that I have gone before you and paved the road with love for our Father, and His mortal children, to shed light on the gift of self -forgetfulness. You are my cause for continuous rejoicing, and always does my heart remain filled with the love I have for you. Carry on. Farewell.