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Ham - Effort and Endurance - Jan 27, 1992 - Woods Cross, UT

Group: Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher: HAM


JANUARY 27, 1992

Often in life's varied situations we are ready to give less effort than is necessary to achieve our objectives. Easier it is to give lesser effort and blame circumstances for our shortcomings. Easier it is to overcome all desires for a goal than to achieve it. Often we let lesser distractions take precedence over full measure of effort toward goal, and use effort toward lesser distractions, also using them as an excuse not to achieve goals. Busy life is, yes, busy and full of distraction and cares. Be assured of your inner goals, that they are sanctioned from your greater self, who in reality - is your Indwelling Father, who is giving you goals and opportunities one after another.


You may be disappointed today and jubilant tomorrow over these opportunities and goals which are within your grasp. The ups and downs of mortal existence are there for a reason. You are thoroughly tested in all ways and are required to overcome many small obstacles, and even large obstacles, to be sure of your serviceability, reliability, loyalty and faith/trust toward the greatest goal of all existence, the goal of finding, discovering, growing in, and eventually reaching the Eternal Father.


You are all undergoing intensive training/testing for greater responsibilities and goals in the future. Keep your head above water by keeping the goal of your life in focus. It will invariably lead you to higher ground. Keep the attitude of perseverance and steadfastness in your life's reaction patterns. Doubt not the rewards of faith and loyalty, and trust in your inner guidance always.


Effort is required of you to reach your temporal destinations, as well as the eternal destination.' All effort is rewarded. No effort goes unnoticed. You are all treading the path of mortal ascension and are required, therefore, to exert yourselves to put one foot before the other, and walk firmly, steadily, and surely ahead.


I am here to help you in this path of mortality and I am here to teach you of your greater selves and goals. Fear not anymore. Your path is steady, sure and reliable.