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Ham - Understanding Between Men and Women - Dec 02, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT

Group:  Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher:  Ham


DECEMBER 2, 1991


Understanding grows when minds are sympathetic.


There may be not complete understanding, but harmonious relationships are certainly attainable. Sympathetic, mutual, and non-judgmental attitudes are essential in this love growth. The strength of man is logic, and the logical thought pattern is somewhat inimical to the strength of women, which is intuition.


She in many ways finds it easier to follow God for His communication is often in that intuitive realm. This is a great and noble strength which should be respected in this world, although, it is largely unrecognized.


These two complementary, yet different, mind sets are wonderfully expressive in union of the Father and His creation. In union there is tremendous and entire nobility of expression between both men and women together. This union is sublime and stronger and more beautiful than either one separate. It is meant to be so.