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Ham - Truth - Jun 24, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT



Group: Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher: Ham

Topic: Truth

JUNE 24, 1991

Truth is ever abiding, that is, it is eternal. We may know truth in fragments, in partial shadow, in lines that fade and grow dark. The truth I speak of today is the truth of the one eternal Father. His truth passes not away, nor is it true for a time. His truth is ever abiding and true for all time.


Of this truth, we may see but as a pinpoint of light - the blazing glory of which is His truth, yet that pinpoint of light is our guidance, is our hope, is the source of our destiny and the goal of the ages.


For truth is an experience of the soul; it is that knowing sense of identification with reality; it is that shock of affirmation; it is that quiet glow of wisdom. Truth is light. Truth is spiritual light which forever banishes darkness. I repeat: Truth is light which forever banishes darkness. There is no shadow of uncertainty in the truth. Truth is that light which forever banishes darkness.