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Ham - Lesson on The Thought Adjuster - Jun 24, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT


Group: Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher: HAM


JUNE 24, 1991


On this world we refer to the spirit of God which resides in our minds as "Thought Adjusters.' These spirits are individual to each person. They are of God the Father.


They are an individual fragment of His pure spirit self. They lead and guide individually - each person, on the road of life. They are the Father in a form where He may individually know each of His vast numbers of children so that He, personally, can be with each. Each child, by their will, may choose to identify his or her will with the will of the Father, and by so choosing - in decision after decision throughout life, the child increasingly becomes like the Father, you see, so that "be you perfect even as the Father is perfect" becomes a command to know God, to love Him, and to identify yourself with Him.


The only active means that this becomes a reality is by choosing in our decisions in our daily life. "It is my will that your will be done." In so identifying of the two wills as one, the child and the Father come together increasingly to the point of complete cohesion or fusion. At this point, eternal life is assured, the two become one - completely, there is no separation anymore.


This normally happens in the life beyond this life, but the beginnings of this process occur in this life. If such complete fusion of the Infinite Eternal God with the mortal finite child should occur during mortal life, the child is immediately, or rather, the new person, is immediately translated onto a mansion world and the mortal body is consumed by the energy involved. However, this is very rare on this world at this time.