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Char Midwayer - A Working Vacation - Jul 27, 2003 - Illawarra, Progress Grp, AU

The Barnard List, Australia

Teacher: Midwayer Char (Not of this Planet)

Topic: A Recent Arrival - A Working Vacation

T/R: Sandy Montee

July 27, 2003



This is Sandy Montee in Idaho.


Midwayer Char, as I wrote in "Machiventa Talks – Merely The Footings" is still with me each day. I’m learning a whole lot from her.


On June 22 I wrote: "Char" (919, or 9:19) is only a recent midwayer arrival – not a native of this planet. Char’s much appreciated expertise is in the area of health, diet, medicine, and day-to-day organization. The term "charwoman" comes to mind.


At the time, the name – Char, possibly a derivation of the term, "charwoman" – seemed a really good description for what my new friend was all about, but in the last few weeks I occasionally sensed a masculine "aura", rather then the previous, distinctly feminine presence. It prompted me to inquire, "Are you male or female?"


The answer was, "I am both." Surprise! Here below, Char talks to George.

- - - -


Char: "Hello brother George, this is Midwayer Char.


"Sandy tells me that you wish to know a little more about who I am, and what I am doing on this beautiful planet, Urantia.


"I asked to be allowed to be with Sandy for a time, because she is ‘in store for’ a next round of spirit watchcare. She has been looking for the answers to some happenings in her life – happenings that appear to have no bearing on what she would like to see as being productive of a fruitful understanding of those great many lessons.


"She has arrived at a point in her life where she is demanding to know the real meanings and truths surrounding a number of her experiences.


"The physical exertions of many long and tough years have taken their toll, and I am with her to help her regain some of the strength she is going to need. I have been talking with her about her diet, vitamins, medicines and her exercise program. Although this is to do with her personal decisions, I have come to be both, a trainer, and a companion to her.


"Mostly, I want to share my love and friendship with her, and give her someone to talk to, out loud, whereas prior to my arrival she just talked to herself.


(She’s joking here about me talking to myself! Good one!)


"I find it a delight to be around her, and I will learn much about emotions, feelings, life's ups and downs, as she tries hard to become a more spiritual individual, whilst living a down-to-earth human existence.


"I hail from a world not altogether dissimilar to Urantia, although it is now more advanced toward light and life. I have lived through many ages of evolution and creation on my home planet, and still, I constantly desire to further my education in arriving at a greater understanding of the human character.


"I will be spending only a relatively tiny amount of time on Urantia, and I wish to mostly remain grounded at the one place, and be with the one person. However, from time to time I will go about your world to study the successes and trials of my Midwayer siblings. This will be a working vacation for me.


Thank you, George, for your interest in my personal endeavors, and for your ongoing support for your Midwayers’ causes.


Additional Note: We wouldn’t know enough about Midwayers from other planets to know if Char was a Primary, Secondary, or perhaps even a Tertiary Midwayer. After all, Urantia is the odd planet out, far from standard.