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Ham; Abraham - Traditions - Jun 06, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT





JUNE 6, 1991


There are many things written in the Bible which are very uplifting, and many passages, whole books which are very down casting. In my day, before the Bible was written or complied, there was very little writing. We relied on verbal messages practically completely. Traditions and new teachings were kept within the mind of the people or person learning.


Each person learned slightly differently from every other, and his personal slant or interpretation on a direct teaching colored it forever. These people, which were taught by Melchizedek, went forward into the world and passed this knowledge on as purely as possible until they died. They were admonished to train at least ten individuals of the younger generation as succinctly as they could - these same teachings, and they each - ten and so forth.


You can see within just a few generations the teachings would spread, but in the process be diluted and become mixed with other beliefs held by people. The main method for seed teaching of “salvation through faith' was practically lost in many parts of the world. The strongest remains are near the center of the Melchizedek bestowal - Palestine, and especially the “one God' concept.


The one God concept has remained strong through Christianity and is generally accepted throughout the world. One God for all peoples is today a basic concept in most religious understanding. We wish now to extend this concept of “one God' for all peoples of the earth to “one God' for all worlds.


The concept of God over the earth is limited and anthropomorphized. The concept of “God for all worlds,” “all space”, “for all time” is infinite and eternal. The concept of the “Infinite” is partial and fragmentary at best in your state of being, but the attempt of understanding of this intense concept is, in itself - emerging. The understanding of a personal Infinite is enlightening, and through many lessons, we wish to enlarge and strengthen your conception of the Eternal Father.


I pray through me His voice speaks to you and His love reaches your hearts. I only pray to serve Him - who is invisible to our eyes, but greatest in reality- in existence. I pray that I may wisely bring forward His word, that I may capture your imagination to enlighten your understanding. I pray that I may serve you well, and in so doing, serve our Father. I pray that as His love grows within you, that it may shine for all to see. I pray to you Father, and to His Son - personified in our Lord Michael. His spirit envelops and nourish each of us and I pray that our work will be acceptable in His sight. Amen.