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Conference  - IC92 - Ham - Announcing Correcting Time and Teaching Mission -  Feb 01, 1992 - IC92 - Los Angeles, CA

Fellowship Meeting Los Angeles, CA


Ham To The Fellowship General Council

February 01, 1992



On Feb. 1, 1992... Rebecca transmitted this session to those in attendance from the Fellowship General Council and the new participants of "Teaching Mission." There were skeptics and outspoken critics in attendance. It was announced the following week in our regular Woods Cross meeting, that this "Announcement" was a great success. All thanks to our Father for this announcement and much thanks to the brave pioneers who were forging the new frontiers of this great Urantia Teaching Mission/Correcting Time.

In loving service,

Calvin Mckee

Woods Cross, Utah.

Editor's Note:  Since this transmission represents the first public announcement of the Teaching Mission program outside of the Teaching Mission groups, much additional focus was placed on finding out what teacher Will thought of the exercise.  Therefore at the bottom of this announcement (there is a much longer transcript containing the session at IC92 with all of the Q&A also available), the Editor has placed an excerpt of the transmissions that followed this date in Tallahassee, Florida, where teacher Will has provided her views of the event and importance of the announcement.


February 1, 1992

Meeting in Los Angeles, Calif.



The Light of God surrounds us.

The Love of God enfolds us.

The Power of God protects us.

The Presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, He is.


My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham, I have been commissioned to bring the light of our Father to Urantia. I am one of many Teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many Teachers among you. One moment. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. One moment. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves, no, indeed. Rather are we in service of Michael. This day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia - an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day. Blessed in the sight of our Lord. Gracious listeners, I bid you WELCOME TO CHANGE. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day. Questions are welcome. Indeed I am happy to serve you.


Bob: Ham, I am Bob. Would you please comment on the purpose and the scope and if possible, some time table information on your mission - activity - program? Which of these three terms would be best?

Ham: Mission is best. Yes, plans at present are as follows:


1) Initiation and expansion of the Teaching Corps. Many of you will desire to receive personal instruction. At present we are preparing a group of Teachers who are in the First phase of our Teaching Mission. The mortals brought under their teaching and guidance are in our corps of elite, who in the future will become teachers themselves, as themselves, not in an intermediary position as is Rebecca tonight. Spiritual enlightenment and individual, group, national, and planetary progress is anticipated.


2) Also, along with the spiritual uplifting, we are anticipating and desiring cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well. Chiefly... economic, political, social, environmental and technical changes. Of course we are anticipating many years duration of this initial phase of our mission.


3) I am commissioned to announce also the third aspect of our Teaching Ministry Mission, and that is... as preparatory for an even greater Teacher. Michael has prepared the way. We are expanding the way. A Teacher Son will complete the way toward Light and Life on Urantia. Time, I cannot adequately and accurately foresee an increment upon.


[CM: There were several questions and responses. I would be glad to post in full at another time.]


Duane: Ham, my human name is Duane. You asked me to provide you with an opportunity to address the members of the General Council. I wonder if you have any particular message that you would like to make to the General Council per say? I will stop with that question.


Ham: No Andrew, there is nothing further or special, for it is only by their reception of this announcement, in which one is counted on for this particular event. All of our proceedings have been monitored and watched. It is of a greater and more far reaching importance than you now realize. Thank you all for coming. I am pleased with the results. I hope to be in your presence again in the future and am so very happy to be chosen to make this announcement to you. My greetings, my love, my hope--all go with you this evening. Thank you Rebecca for this service. You are well loved also. I am preparing now for leaving. Farewell.





Teacher Will: Critique of Ham's announcement at IC92 to the Fellowship Attendees




02/03/92 Monday p.m., message from Will, upon Soldette's request for a response to the Brotherhood meeting in Los Angeles:


Good Evening, my friend. I welcome your contact; I am your teacher, Will.


     Your friends seek my opinion on the Brotherhood meeting events, about which you know nothing. The appearance of Ham was poorly received, because it was generally unconvincing. Abraham did not address those gathered, and the whole thing degenerated into a test of faith -- or so it seems. From your point of view -- the human participators -- this is another reversal, and ground for doubt to spring up, like late-season weeds.


     It seems there has been a policy shift, with a prejudice against works. Nevertheless, the members of the Utah group volunteered to carry through a scaled-back exhibition, because affirmations had been offered regarding Ham's address to the convocation. In quality, though, the general feeling was similar to the disappointment at the failure of Gabriel to appear in Thern's basement.


     I say that it "seems" a policy shift has occurred because, although I am intimately connected with the Utah instruction effort, my shared knowledge extends only to reportage of progress and not decisions contemplated regarding experimental or novel efforts. Perhaps "works" have been assessed as still-too- provocative for your people, and tending to dangerously induce reliance, with the event itself overshadowing the lesson of ministry that was the original intent.


[balance of communication broken off, due to fatigue]





IC92 Fellowship Announcement Critique


Tallahassee, florida, The WILL Group, speaking Machiventa Melchizedek

02/04/92 Tuesday a.m., Melchizedek's message and comments on question from Desmond, the Los Angeles meeting of the Brotherhood, and Bryant Copeland's reaction to the hand-delivered message of last week.


Good morning. I have words to say on two topics, by request of members of your spirit growth family. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I send you my greetings from afar.


. . . .


     The events of the Brotherhood meeting almost fell to the level of a waste of time. The minds of the participants barely rose above the level of material expectation. I see more reverence displayed at any deer hunter's tree stand than displayed in Los Angeles. You people feel and express disappointment because your expectations were not fulfilled, but I say to you that the failing is among your people. The least intimation that we offer causes the minds of the people to abandon all personal responsibility for their own values. They immediately demand bread; they demand works; they demand visions. It is as if I were back among the tribes, who slaughtered and burnt in the name of the fear god, and called the smoke holy.

     Little do you realize how tenuous these connections are. Our commitment is strong, powerful, true, and unfailing. But we will not play the music that the people desire to hear. They will turn aside from the Kingdom, as they have before. From within and without, whether the camps of Israel or the camp of Urantia Book readers, many are present only for meat and fire and companionship. And when the word of the Father rings out, they will disappear by ones and twos, back to the night sands. It is difficult even for the steadfast to stand firm. You, Ron and Cathy, and the Utah visitors, know now how the Father felt, watching the people melt away from the least flicker of His flame. It is discouraging. We, above, have difficulty even maintaining communication with our devoted human partners under these circumstances.


     It is all right. These things have all been seen before. We will ask you to try to elevate your perspective. We move forward in some areas, hold the line in others. Stand fast, that is loyal service, while all are fleeing around you. That is the stuff from which Mighty Messengers are made.


     Not so many groups meet under guidance at this time, and of the experimental aspects under observation and measurement, we are most pleased, most pleased with the growing family relationship of your study group. Particularly with the recent tensions over a method of introducing or inducting new members, a real sense of family adjudication is developing. Once again, it is the process, and not the result, that is most interesting to us.


     I will not express approval of any proposal under consideration at this time, but will say that there are no unsound ideas tendered. How to deal with disputes is a skill that will serve you through the material career. In the afterlife, things are more harmonious, although differences of opinion certainly arise. We watch your group closely; we have learned many good lessons from your willingness to entertain our presence and participation. We thank you all.


. . . .