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TR: Gerdean

Teacher: Gorman (Midwayer)

Topic: Midwayer Operations

May 25, 1999

[T/R Note:  I found another excerpt from our files you might find interesting, about midwayers. This is from May 25, 1999, and it is Gorman speaking:]

"I'll give you a little insight into our operations. I am able to relate freely with your personal teachers. When you are able to communicate with your personal teachers, you will be more aware of our efforts in your arena. We don't work in your head. We work in your environment. There are others who do the head-crawling and spiritizing. We are glorified grunts, but we do important work. Might I say you also do important work because you are the only ones who can do it. When you are the only one who knows how to do it, you become somebody in the organization -- you might even say your become indispensable -- and you become dependable and trustworthy. When this happens you are entrusted with certain responsibilities which then you are qualified to do and you enjoy doing. When this happens and you become proficient, you begin to do your work relatively effortlessly, but always will you continue to be developing your spirit and learning new methods of teaching and serving. We are just more material about it than some others."