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Group: North Idaho, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Teacher(s): Gabriel, Michael, Elyon







March 28, 2004

Gabriel: Welcome, I ask you to join us in the celebration of our conjoint citizenship, our association, yes our fraternity as brothers and sisters of this magnificent creation of Nebadon. Though it is but a small time interval to your human eyes, though it is a snapshot in your framework, you are presently within a broader cycle of transition wherein this community has been transformed. No longer are we classified as developing. We are deemed to be a universe that is attained. We have attained a requisite status wherein we are capable of employing all creative power toward the manifestation of divine light and love.

This transition in your human years spans more than centuries, but for us in Nebadon it is but a short blink of an eye. The training phase is over. The execution of our abilities is now. Urantia and its sister worlds torn by rebellion are rising in recognition as the gems of our collective universe growth experience. Just as you experienced in your youth the pains of growing up, so has Nebadon encountered the same perplexities, disturbances and confusion, and yet now with sovereignty status, our developmental experiences are proving to us that we are capable as a community to attain light and life, to uniquely reveal supremacy in our neighborhood.

It is a joyful time. The implications and the impact, is descending upon each creature as you are unfolding in universe encircuitment. You are beginning to comprehend this transition attainment. I am aware of the element of impatience that many who have tasted the beauty of community, harmony, and of love, the desire to see it manifested in all avenues of your terrestrial life. The lessons every citizen of Nebadon receives, is anchored in the understanding that every complex, interassociated transaction, between peoples and between planets is divinely linked to this one goal of attaining light and life. Singleness of direction in creature viewpoint, makes possible the recognition of harmony, gives birth to the willingness to cooperate. The turmoil on Urantia is only an indication of your struggle to reach this single purpose.

When once realized, you will witness the stepping up in the velocity of spiritual unity. There will burst forth from the hearts and souls of mankind, a new trust and a new willingness. Those of us who have more years, understand well the divine wisdom of growing from uncertainty as to the ability of all citizens of Nebadon to attain our current status. This uncertainty has only contributed to our new boldness in assurance. Pivotal to this change of perspective in our citizenship, is our sovereign Michael’s attainment as Master Son. Two thousand years in your time is but a second in my view.

Please be joyful, celebrate. Life is abundant. Love is all around. You are showered upon in floodtides of this, Michaels' grace. Enjoy... enjoy the moment that you are in, for it is a unique episode in this local universe. To you who have spent many years working upon the enlightenment of your mind, the unfoldment of your soul, have grown in the appreciation of the value of contacting others that they may be elevated into spiritual certainty, and are motivated to serve and to touch another’s heart, I ask you to stop periodically and simply enjoy, relish this moment. Take in the beauty. Let yourself be breath taken in wonder. Yes, there is much work to do, but there is also ample time to simply rest, to absorb, and to praise. I Gabriel greet you.

Michael: I also delight in joining your circle at this time. While I am your brother and your parent, I also desire the relationship of being your associate, even your comrade as we enjoy this experience laid out before us, together. It is my desire to come here, even now, once again, to reinforce to you the reality of my desire to commune with you each one, individually, privately, and intimately, on your terms and at your beck and call. I desire to speak plainly that these times between us are desired by me, that I am in fact your liaison between your temporal situation and your cosmic destiny, and I desire to have an open dialogue with you.

Indeed, there is nowhere where I am not available to you, and as you grow to understand this connection that we share, you will come to realize that I am always in the background awaiting your nod that I might approach you and engage you. Many of your brothers and sisters on our world have developed the notion that I am very distant and remote to their proximity and therefore unreachable and unattainable, certainly in this one short span of a life. It is my desire to restructure the thinking of this world to accommodate the concept, that while I may be remote to you in physical proximity, that there is no appreciable distance between us when we function in spirit. Spirit is where you will find me, is where we meet together, is where we counsel, is where we share, is where we simply enjoy each others presence, much as the company of a good friend. This is my desire, to enhance our relationship, yours and mine, to be one of an intimate, personal friend.

I welcome you to accept my invitation to approach me when you are uncertain, to approach me when you are certain, to approach me for greater understanding, to approach me to share an experience that is valid in your lives. Approach me with your concerns, with your doubts, and with your joy and your peace. I will never turn you away. I will never turn my back on you with whatever you wish to bring and share with me, as it is my desire to have a complete experience with you. All of you here have made the choice to follow me. I simply, like the good Shepard, call you once more that you may hear my voice, that you may come closer to me, that we may have a deeper relationship. This process of deepening the relationship may go on indefinitely, but in this life is where we develop the habits of approach and therefore I will never tire in coming to you and requesting of you, this, my desire, that we share, together.

Certainly whenever you gather as this, I am there. Whenever you are singly in doubt, I am there. Whenever you perceive goodness, there I am. There is no place you can go where I am not, and yet, you still may feel distant from me. Drink in this experience, even now, where as a mortal of the realm, you may feel isolated from your parent, from your creator, this only lasts a short time and is part of the experience offered to you in your journey. Soon, in your ascension career, there will be no room left for uncertainty or doubt about our relationship, but for now I must keep calling as the good Shepard calls, and you must keep answering the call as the faithful ones you are. And through this process we build the foundation of our relationship. I welcome you all at whatever stage or level you perceive yourselves to be at, to apply the next layer of the foundation, the next level of your heavenly mansion that you may get more familiar with spirit, that you may come closer to me, and we the closer to the Father. I rejoice with you on this day and on every day, that we have such a glorious opportunity before us. That together we will go hand in hand forward and see the Fathers' glory manifest, even in such a remote location such as this.

It gives me great joy to be with you at this time as you are the ones who have chosen to follow me. It is upon you I will place the responsibility of the enactment of this next stage and I am certain of each one of you, that you provide me this willingly and freely of your own accord. Therefore do we work together at this labor. Therefore will we rejoice together when we gather the fruits of the spirit as they become manifest on this world. I just wanted you to feel my presence one more time, as the loving parent strokes the child’s head and assures them of their sonship and spreads love throughout. I send you on your way today to be about this spreading of love as you feel it from myself and from the others who so tirelessly work on your behalf. You are overwhelmed with the desire to share this that you have felt and that is good. Be about this task with great joy as I intend to be about it with you, side by side, my hand on your shoulder whispering in your ear from time to time. Listen for my contact, feel my presence, walk with me, together as I know you will my faithful ones. Share my peace and my love with those around you and let it fill to overflowing the vessel of your being as well. I love you each one. Peace be upon you.

Elyon: This is Elyon. At risk of rattling Jonathan’s' peace I make my contact merely to express my pride in you, my students. I have witnessed your travails and your triumphs. Michael and Mother Spirit do love you and you know it, but as one who is of human origin myself, it never hurts to hear that again. My dear friends, I thank you for our association, and not to leave you without the opportunity, I will entertain questions.

Harold: I wonder if you could comment on what we experience as fear here. Do you have some equivalent to that?

Elyon: No, not equivalent. I can associate with fear, our experience of uncertainty, a recognition of lack of understanding, a sense of urgent requirement, a need to respond appropriately and without deliberation, but I assure you there is no danger, and fear is associated more with danger than unknowing. I hope this helps.

Q: So it's a totally physical phenomena?

Elyon: Yes.

Q: Does it also apply to regret . .. kind of equate with fear?

Elyon: Regret is a reaction of hindsight when comprehension is attained and it may happen regardless of fear, but can happen as a consequence of fear, it can happen as a consequence of hatred. Fear will trigger many things, such as judgement and prejudice. These subsequential reactions are the attempt of the mind to rationalize fear, to feel in control of such a reaction because fear often scares the one who fears. That chemical surge brings a sense to a growing soul of loss of control. The power of will desires to be the initiator of all responses and reactions, and fear appears to rob the will of that power and therefore reactions therefrom occur to give reasonability to that response of fear.

Q: One of the focal points of a lot of people on the material realm is that fear is a malevolent force that can act in concert with them and I have never heard what the role of Caligastia and the rebel midwayers is...whether they have been limited in ability here at this time?

Elyon: Indeed this is so. We would not be so prevalent among you if the forces you describe remained with power. Much of the curtailment occurred long ago. Greater curtailment has transpired since Michael came here to your world , and now we are advancing. There is no contention with the celestial agencies of that mind set, but your human race is as yet immature and uneducated and holds traditions. Through these contingencies, there remains potential pitfalls, reactions and behaviors that give rise to negativity, malevolence, but I assure you these are short lived energies, small gusts of wind. No longer are the trade winds of celestial malevolence present on this planet.

Mary: I find it a little hard to converse people who are operating in this fear mode, and who are afraid of Satan and who profess to believe in Satan because of their personal experiences with evil spirits. I assume that you've witnessed some of our attempts to interface and minister with some people who are experiencing this. Do you have any comment on effective approaches? I always assume that you teachers are with us trying to help us with insight, but while I've got you here verbally I would appreciate any advice or insight.

Elyon: When you in youth, believed in Santa Claus, there were emotional experiences that were real, anticipation, a sense that some benevolent being cared for you and would grace you. These are real experiences but the entity was not. Yours was the desire to alleviate one from the clutch of worry and fear of a malevolent being out to disrupt ones spiritual well being will not succeed in rational explanation. To release one from such an orientation, you will succeed to them in your emotional response and reactions to events in your life, that being trust and love. Acceptance of Fathers' guidance above and beyond all other influences it is the most powerful. Structures that support evil presence are not broken down through the weight of logic. Structures that support divine presence solely, are revealed in your composure. It may be summed up in that simple phrase of that man of long ago who said "behold the man" when he stood in the prescense of Jesus. It will not be a convincing of mind, it will be a transformation of the heart, and it has to be desired, and it will only be desired when it is foretasted through your emanation of this relationship of daughter to God.

Q: Thank you for that distinction between the mind and the heart approach.

Elyon: I will release Jonathan, thank you very much my friends.

Group thanks