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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Jansel, Evanson, Stephen, Timothy, Elyon, Michael


          Personal Teachers

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          Liaison with Michael;

          Classroom of Preparation,


          Ambassadors of Michael

February 21, 2004

* Jansel (Kirk TR): This is Jansel. My subject is scared to death, but I wanted to just let you know I am present and let him know I am present. Group: Welcome.

* Evanson (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Evanson. I am aware of your comprehension and experience of the family of God, your belonging, the ever-presence of the Spirit of Truth that Michael has bestowed upon you. We who are classed as your personal teachers are pledged to be with you as companions and make every effort to conspire with the divine spirit in bringing forth in your awareness, not only the broad sense of spirit presence, but also the concrete specific sense of individual presence of ones like myself and your guardians. You are becoming aware of the opportunity of clear channel, and while you are very familiar with the technique of transmission reception, I desire to encourage you to not translate transmission reception into clear channel connectivity, for clear channel is an expansion of sensitivity to spirit presence, to truth orientation, that breaks beyond the boundaries of the reception of word and concept. There will be instances wherein you will feel that proximity presence of a celestial without informational transfer. We are excited to be granted permission to approach you in this more direct manner, for we know from our years of being with you that you have matured and are better able to reckon with our increased contractibility.

 You can be told when you experience fear by another that you are able to dismiss that fear, and intellectual reasons are offered to convince the mind that fear is unfounded. Yet nothing displaces fear better than the experience that the fear was unnecessary. However, when alone difficulty is encountered in facing fear. When accompanied by a friend you are far stronger in your feeling that you may face that fear. You may, as example, in a travel find a cave. Curiosity may lead you to wish to explore that cave, but the darkness causes you to hesitate shortly after entering. With a friend you are far more likely to override your fear and pursue it a little more deeply. Spiritual reality to a material creature seems vague and hazy, so ethereal as to appear as background behind and invisible to that concrete, tangible factuality of your material existence. It appears unknown when in reality, to those of us who have moved from your position in life to the position we have as post-human, this spiritual reality is of such a nature that what you consider easier of contact through your senses is only a compilation in temporary form of the truth of spirit realms. All personal teachers pledge to go with you into that dark arena, to accompany you when you are uncertain, to strike up the lantern that will help you see and to help you realize that what seems invisible has been present at all times. A simple shift in perception is all you need to do to make that reality your possession.

* Stephen (Mark): I would step forward to greet you in this format. This is Stephen. In a show of unity and a display of uniformity of purpose, I greet you today as one of the lesser known teachers available. I am here to represent the authenticity of those who are directed by Michael's service. In this familiar setting you may come to expect a hierarchy of qualified individuals, ones clearly elevated over others in your reference frame, but I come to call to mind that all are qualified to represent cosmic principles when in the service of Michael. This extends beyond my level of operations, even to your level of operations. When one finds oneself in the proximity of the service project of the spreading of cosmic truths, then is one empowered to speak of the highest principles they are aware of in service to Michael and all those he appoints to facilitate this mission. There are clearly levels of achievement whereon spiritual realities are quantified, but the reality of this hierarchy extends all the way in linear fashion from top to bottom. When I find myself being called to bat as even now, I step forward in the knowledge that I act in liaison with Michael and therefore act according to his will. Likewise when you find yourselves called to bat in proximity of those who are in need of your service should you function as in liaison with Michael for the fulfillment of his mission. Then you are granted the sense of being in the right place at the right time and having universal truths flow through you as they would from cosmic elders. In this way we are all qualified to speak these truths when we are called upon to do so. That is the message I would leave with you today. Thank you.

Kirk: Stephen, I don't know if this is your first time transmitting today, but did you have feelings of fear or anxiety before you spoke?

* Stephen: Feelings of fear and anxiety are predominately in the realm of our human consorts. We simply await our signal, our moment, to step into the stream of cosmic consciousness and allow it to flow through us. I am this TR's personal teacher for quite some time and have enjoyed very much a backseat role in the development of my skills as an audible teacher. Nevertheless there are many different wavelengths on which we may function. It is not necessary to be made audible to the human ear to have significant impact and positive results. I do recognize from my exposure with the human partner that there does arise an animalistic trepidation, a nervous response, if you will, to the accommodation of this spirit influence within the realms of your humanness. This tension that you feel is diminished over time as repeated contacts with these external presences prove to be non-threatening and, in fact, soothing when the fear is released and the flow is established. You will discover that this avenue is available to you individually to access a stream of peace from on high. Once you are familiar enough to routinely accommodate this it may become quite beneficial in your life journey.

* Timothy (Ginnie): Good morning, this is Timothy. As you can see, teachers are making themselves known at this time so they can further encourage you to continue your willingness to be a conduit for your daily and millennial challenges. The fear and trepidation that has been expressed this morning is a small example of what you will be facing in the future when the full blast appears, excuse my expression. This is exactly an example of what happens to humans of your kind when this kind of energy is experienced. You can practice dealing with these small increments in your awareness as has been demonstrated already in this group. Because of your practice daily of your stillness times, you can gain courage and enlightenment and understanding that this phenomenon is benign and life giving. You will not crash, I assure you.

It is encouraging to me and to all of us who have been working with you for a while now to see you be so brave and firm in your willingness and in your trepidations to continue to believe and offer your services. Each of you can experience this with your own personal teachers who have been assigned to work with you individually with your talents and with your abilities to use them in the best way possible.

In these times of preparation and correction you will increasingly witness more frequent transmissions, new transmitters, and clearer transmissions. This is a result of the higher circuits being open. Take notice in your daily lives of changes around you, changes in attitude, changes in results, changes in your energy, changes in your health. They will be manifesting more frequently and more clearly. You have shown in these past few years that we can indeed trust you. It is a pleasure for me to work with you and with this TR in your preparations for clear reception and undaunted courage and a solid trust that what is occurring is for the good of all. Thank you for your attention, and I hope that you will continue with your steadfastness and your generous contributions to this most astounding event. Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. We have spent many years in the Melchizedek classroom of Preparation 101, and you have exceeded my expectations of your grasp of the lessons given by our team of teachers. We are slowly changing the curriculum into the classroom of propagation. I choose that word because, as you reach to your fellows in the spread of truth and opening eyes to light and hearts to love, that you will not be converting anyone strictly speaking into your orientation to spirit reality. You understand horticulturally that different species of plants have different methods for propagation and that utilizing the right technique makes that plant species benefit and flourish. As you are extending your hand in conjunction with the hand of spirit, we will coordinate our program of training to aid you in broadening your abilities in fostering the growth of diverse personality orientations.

You each cherish your personal relationship with God. It answers many questions of mind and meets and fills the longing of each soul. While it is natural to encourage the same approach in another because it has worked well for you, we are going to increase your abilities to minister in ways in which even you are unfamiliar, for it is the turning of the soul's eyes of the individual to the Father that is our goal, just as you would rotate your house plants that they may receive more sun rather than turn them that they may face more of you. This will expand your abilities at ministry and bless you in untold ways, although it will bring to you some discomfort due to the unfamiliarity of that different approach to spirit. It will, however, reward you, for you will come to appreciate the wide range, the vast expanse, of personality orientation to God. Far too often the easy road is sought wherein the hope falsely applied is projected that if all could see as I or we see our troubles would end and harmony would ensue. This is not true. Real lasting harmony is the recognition of differences and the development of the ability to foster each other's welfare for the sake of that other. As that is shared you are uplifted in your pursuit of God by others, albeit they are on a path dissimilar.

We will continue to offer lessons that will aid and assist you in developing this approach. I encourage you to ever be alert to your daily situations that will provide the testing grounds, or rather the practicing grounds, for you. Your personal assistants are ready and willing to engage, and that dynamic exchange will not be lessons; it will be interaction. Your study and your stillness will strengthen you, and you will perform according to your preparation. Others will be blessed by it, and you will be rewarded as you expand yourself in skill and in a compassionate understanding of another child of God seeking the heavenly Parent. I have finished my comments.

* Michael (Mark): This is your brother Michael. I close this meeting of my faithful siblings in time and space with the imagery that, as you have come to witness, I have appointed and commissioned those who are above you in spiritual stature to be ambassadors to you in bridging the gap between the spiritual and the material. You have enjoyed the company and the direction of more of my faithful children as you grow in understanding spiritual concepts because of their volunteer efforts as they fulfill their commission of duty to you. I would further extend this chain of command and would appoint you, each one, as my ambassadors to those of the material realm, your brothers and sisters, my children. This opportunity for each one of you to join the flow of universal understanding in being present to those around you to operate as a commissioned officer with what you have been trained about in these years we have studied together.

Think not ever that you are unqualified for this task, because I have commissioned you to speak these truths. I have requested that you function in the capacity of ambassador, and you each have volunteered to do so. Therefore you have my full support and the support of all those before you who are ever willing to assist you in the final delivery. I hope that this sense of support that this chain of command offers you emboldens you to be about this task with increased vigor. I pledge my support and look forward to the many positive effects that our partnership will provide. I leave you with my peace today as well as my appreciation for your contribution to this latest undertaking, this mission we share. Thank you.