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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Michael



The Spiritual Waters,


March 2, 2003

* Evanson (Jonathan TR): It was said by the master that you are the salt of the earth, and he spoke at a time when this ingredient held great value even beyond its culinary use. To possess it was as important as the consumption of it, even over the value it added to that which it was included in. So, does it apply to you. While this particular compound holds less import in your current civilization, the principle of its enrichment applies today as it did then. The question was asked, if salt looses its flavor, how shall it be salty?, and this splendid question halts the mind with a perplexity: how does salt become salty if it no longer is? You know from your pursuit of spiritual truths and the application of these truths in your lives, that enrichment is from spirit, that, as in the case of salt, sodium and chloride can combine and be a molecule. But it is in its tasting that saltiness is observed, experienced. You study, you worship, you serve. These elements combine in your life and this combination, this whole quality of your being, is that spiritual flavor that others detect: how you conduct the affairs of your life, how you tend to your physical temple, how you train your mind, how you guide your emotions, how you pray. Sometimes the salt is good. Sometimes it stings in a wound.

You have experienced over your years the benefits of being enriched by the master, by Father, by Mother. You have witnessed the benefits of such nourishment: the expansion of your soul, in general good well-being, as well as the ability to wrestle with the complications of life and to do so positively, to maintain your connection even midst aggravation. This experience of being enriched has impacted your lives to the point that you desire to be enriching to others. Again, the master’s phrase of salt becomes a description of the movement of connection to God, appreciation of the reception of His nourishing grace, and your willingness to be the salt upon the food of the hungry souls in your lives.

If this salt sits within its container it lies there in potential but is of no service until it is dispensed. That is why you are encouraged to reach out, to be bold, to allow that potential that has built within you to become nourishing, to enhance spiritual flavor in the lives of your fellows.

I am aware that you can -- and often do -- survey your inner being and notice impurities amongst your salt. These can be eliminated from your life. While they may appear as a hindrance to you, do know that the hungry soul of another will not taste your impurities, for it seeks salt, and that it will recognize. The ministry of grace through you by Father is what the soul of another seeks to taste. Be an enrichment, be an enhancer. As for sensitivity to that which you perceive as fault within yourself, let us imagine for the time being these impurities to be simply a few grains of sand amongst the salt.

Again the master said he is the water of life. Let that water that he is fill your container of salt. Merge with the presence of Michael. The salt recognizes the water, dissolves, and is suspended within it as you are in the embrace of worship. All the grains of sand fall to the bottom. They do not merge into solution as does the salt. Seek that still time. Be absorbed in the presence of God. Become enriched. Let your impurities and your faults and flaws fall, and you will be radiant for others’ uplifting.

This is Evanson. Thank you.

* Elyon (Mark): Indeed the water from our Father lifts us up. It provides the buoyancy. When we allow it to flood into our beings we are lifted and raised as the cork floats on the liquid. We are cleansed as the water washes over us and sweeps away our impurities. We are refreshed in body and in spirit by the introduction of these soothing waters. In all these ways the water from our divine Parents flows through and around us and provides us the pool in which we are indeed in contact with all those around us, even all those of our world. This is a pool large enough to include all who exist and, when seen as the mode of operation and transportation, this liquid may be used to help us transport ourselves to where we would be, to straighten our sails and set our sights to use the action of this liquid to propel ourselves with the help from the breath of the universe, our Mother Spirit.

Water has long since on your world been used to symbolize many cleansing and ritualistic acts which provide your fellows with an experience which is meant to signify an internal experience and provides for the outward show of this experience. Every child has a curiosity with water and, if not monitored closely, is in danger of their curiosity being their demise around water. As a small child that curiosity turns to fear when they are exposed to a medium in which they do not have control over their buoyancy. As a child grows and learns to understand the properties of the new environment he becomes excited at the challenge of learning to swim. As an adult one may become interested and excited at the prospect of mastering crafts on the open waters, even crossing large bodies of water with the skills attained from the growth as an adult individual of the realm. All the while the liquid, the water, the properties of liquid did not change from the infant to the small child to the swimmer to the sailor. It was simply a matter of educational standing of the medium and therefore mastery over its properties. This is analogous to your spiritual career. At first the waters may be intriguing as a small infant, then as a youth may be intimidating as you realize you do not have mastery over this environment. As a mature individual one may choose to take swimming lessons and to gain the experience of diving in headfirst and meeting the challenge and overcoming the obstacles, even accepting the challenge to embark on a great journey over this great liquid and setting out on this journey in the knowledge, comfort, and strength that you have mastery over the skills necessary to traverse such a distance. This cycle is repeated over and over in your spiritual careers: Introduction, fear, curiosity, accomplishment, and success. As you see this pattern crop up in your spiritual lives, you begin to understand the mechanism and begin to see this process as intriguing, even exciting.

All of us here floating in this spiritual medium are treading water. We have all gathered as a group of swimmers in this environment, and you look to me and my associates to show you the subtleties of floating and using the properties of this water to gain propulsion and make your journey smoother. As sailors on deck these are the skills you learn when you sign on to the voyage and take orders from the captain and gain your life experience. Soon this cycle will be complete and you will captain your own ships out upon the high seas and give your own orders that your vessel be shipshape and be directed toward the farthest shore with ultimate confidence in your success of arrival.

Thank you for hearing my words today. I remain in attendance. This is Elyon.

* Michael (Jonathan): Teachers, students, I address you today. This is Michael. You at this point in the development of Urantia have exposure to many undertakings. Through the reports of your human broadcast systems you are in touch with much that goes on on this planet. I do note that it is often burdening to your hearts. When I dwelt upon this world I would seek centers of exchange wherein I might hear of reports from afar. I longed to know what all my brethren, my children, were doing, seeking, and longing for. But my task was simple and it was local. While there were many in far away places whom I would have longed to have taught, to have touched, there were a few in the towns I did visit that I was able to do much for their welfare, for their spiritual salvation. These few dedicated disciples have impacted this world to a great extent. I have commissioned you all to follow in their footsteps. You likewise long to minister to and uplift the hurting peoples everywhere. You do a wonderful job at focusing within your neighborhood, within the few towns where you live. When I arrived on this world few knew of the implications of my bestowal. When I left not many more understood what I came to do. Centuries later far more understand. This impact repeats itself in all of your lives. Trust your motives; trust your actions, for while you may come and go as I came and went, many remain on this world to carry on the work that has been handed generation after generation from one of my seeking children to another.

I give you all my blessings, each one of you singly and upon all of you collectively. Peace.