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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Elyon


Walking Toward God

Walking with God

December 28, 2003

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon.

One time upon your world Michael of Supreme status concluded such an attainment by living in human form in the personality of Jesus. Fulfilling the requirements of sovereignty attainment he now stands forever as a signpost, to all who rise within the Supreme towards God, as one attained, forever proving that each one of you is just as capable of integrating yourself fully and consciously into the trend of the universe: Supreme growth, spiritual expansion beyond self into functioning as a family of personalities and intelligence forever aware of the divine Parent, of the infinite Upholder. This single life of Jesus demonstrated two key elements of any spiritual pilgrimage.

These two elements are evident in your own lives and may be utilized as tools to aid you in developing a deeper spiritual affinity, a connection with God. The first element may be said as "your walk toward God". The second element is "your walk with God".In the life of Christ it is clear the demarcation between these two states. The event of his life which signaled the change was his riverside baptism followed by his retreat into the hills for communion and meditation. Subsequent to this event Jesus walked forever with God. Having fulfilled his requirements for growth as a Creator Son, no longer was Jesus walking toward the Father.

Each one of you undertakes this same progressive unfoldment. However, being of human origin unlike the Creator Son whose origin is in the divine, you will oscillate daily, even hourly, between these two modes.

Each time you are walking toward God you are developing faith and hope. You are encouraging curiosity; you are allowing yourself to hunger and to seek. These and many factors contribute to your growth, contribute to your entering into the presence of God.

When you walk with God you have the opportunity to strengthen trust, to demonstrate to yourself confidence in the divine overcare. You discover patience and tolerance toward all others. You recognize these two modes of behavior, the reach toward God and the residing with God.

When you encounter conflict, when you struggle with a situation or with a personal characteristic or quality that you wish to correct or one which you wish to strengthen, your success will be hastened by the understanding that you will go through both approaches. You will first reach toward God and, having touched His presence, you will proceed with God. The event of the baptism of Jesus and his subsequent retreat may be employed at any one of your difficult circumstances to cause the turn to create the change from one mode to the next. In the ceremony of John the Baptist Jesus demonstrated a relinquishment of self, an acknowledgment of divine power and presence, the emptying of one's own power and the welcoming of divine power. It also, while giving up of self and acknowledging the Creator, honestly recognized true personal attainment.

You cannot walk with God without self respect, without accepting the fact of God's love, of your immense value to the divine Personality in this universe. The symbol of the descending dove is the recognition of your worthiness to receive that purity, that light, that divinity. Therefore, exercise such relinquishment and acceptance.

But this turning point in Michael's life did not conclude with this event. It was followed by his retreat and the subsequent reflections upon the meaning and purpose of his remaining years on Earth. You likewise are encouraged to make this retreat, to spend your time in stillness to reflect upon your meaning and purpose. I have spoken of this sequence of events as a functional exercise for overcoming difficulties, for developing stronger character traits. In a small hourly or daily manner you may repeat this pattern that Jesus underwent as a life changing event, a single event of a lifetime that determined all other activities.

When the sequence of events in your life tends to toss you about that you feel as if you are running to catch up, that you are like the ball player running down the field not with ball in hand but scrambling to get a hold of it and having it ever slip away, that is the time to stop, to relinquish yourself into the hands of God, to retreat into stillness, to convert from walking toward to walking with. If you apply this method to a specific problem, or toward a specific goal, you develop a habit pattern which will apply to other similar situations. This is a continual conversion, a repeated rebirth that you will experience at every step in new growth.

I place no greater or lesser value upon either mode. I emphasize only that you learn to recognize when you are reaching out toward God and when you are going forward with God, and when in any event in your life one or the other mode is functioning, and that you have control through surrender and stillness to change from approach to attainment.

You are coming upon a mark in time where you signal completion of your planet's orbit around your sun, a new year. You have traditions which encourage and inspire a change of approach to your life. I offer this as a method to be used to develop yourself in character, in virtue, and in stature.

In the experience of the feeling of distance from God worship becomes the bridge, the binding link. In the experience of fellowship with God worship is the outburst of appreciation, the exhilaration of the acknowledgment of togetherness, of no separation. Likewise does wisdom function, for as you approach God you develop insights and understanding, even intuition, for you must exercise these three functions in order to comprehend, in order to experience, the Father. In the experience of divine embrace, wisdom functions as a ministry of outreach; it is expressed as seasoned experience, as one who knows. Beforehand wisdom was the keen discernment of need and the process to attain. Subsequently wisdom is the expression, the right way, the sharing of method. No method is as convincing to a seeker than one shared by one who has attained, for it is demonstrated provingly in that very attainment.

I will conclude with one more comment that likewise service functions in both modes. As you seek the Father you have discovered that in serving Him, in doing His will, you draw ever closer in personality association. As you experience the infusion of spirit, the identification with spirit, service follows, not as service for God but as service toward others, for the experience of this communion is an experience every child of God wishes all other human beings to experience. Know when and leverage your powers when you are in need of attainment. Function in that mode; do not deny it falsely assuming you have when you don't. Work towards possession. Likewise recognize when you are fully seated in the lap of God, fully embraced in His arms. Do not deny it. Accept it. You are worthy in His eyes. You can call yourself son or daughter of God. Standing with that confidence will alter your view of your ability to be of worth to your fellows.

Thank you for receiving my dissertation. If you are inclined, I will receive your questions, your comments.

Kirk: Thank you. The lesson has been given to us over and over in many different tones. That was beautiful and a great reminder that that is the importance of life: stillness, making contact with the Father; worship, thanking the Father; and service to our brothers and sisters. Beautifully put, thank you.

* Elyon: You are welcome and I thank you for your compliment and for your feedback.

Evelyn: I read last night the first in a series of lessons on finding your divine purpose. It was couched in so much Christian terminology I wasn't really warming up to it, but I think you are hitting on the same topic. The first assignment was to find ways to remind yourself that that is what you are trying to do, find God's purpose for you. Your lesson ties in well with that, in terminology I find easier to grapple with; I don't need to be quoted Bible verses.

* Elyon: Yes, indeed, many souls have discovered this pattern of truth and have woven within that framework the terminology and viewpoint that each is inclined to possess. You are insightful in recognizing the essence, that truth pattern, in spite of presentation, be it mine or be it the other source that you have perused. Greater understanding between one's fellows is attained by recognizing the two modes I have spoken of and when another is in one or the other, for it brings allowance and tolerance and acceptance, even while one's own self may be in the other mode.

You speak of divine purpose, and it is a subject I could lecture upon at great length. My comment today briefly is that often the human being will seek divine purpose mistakenly looking for one descriptive title for oneself. In reality the divine purpose of all human beings is to learn to keep the spiritual pendulum swinging, to keep movement in your life at a soul level, to work with your doubt and your faith, with your fear and your hopes; to work with your sense of separateness from God and your sense of infusion and oneness with God. These polarities create the possibilities for growth, and that is the underlying divine purpose for everyone. You may choose your career; you may choose your lifestyle; you may choose your ministry opportunities. These purposes are fine, but they are fragile until one understands the underlying purpose that I have spoken of.Peace be with you, my friends. I will return. Farewell.