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The Barnard List

Illawarra District, Australia

Teacher Sarah.

Teacher Elyon- Spiritual Progress

Subject: Visit from an Old Friend.

Received by Sandy Montee.

December 13, 2002.

Sarah: "This is your teacher, Sarah."

Student: "Greetings, Sarah. We don't have anything in particular to talk about. Do you?"

Sarah: "Potentially, there are a number of topics that could be up for discussion. However, there is an old friend of Sandy's here this morning, and he would like to say hello."

Elyon: "Hello Sandy. We haven't had a chance to talk for a long time. Not since the days we were together in many group meetings, and in our personal get-togethers. It is so good to see the progress you have made since we first met."

Sandy: "I have some fond memories of your trying to give me lessons, and I resisted a few times. I remember when you said that we mortals were like a class of kindergartners. I felt that I had worked on personal and spiritual growth, plenty, and I considered myself a little more grown up than a five year old.

"We have a saying about parents, that the older we get the smarter our parents become. The teachers had many lessons in store for me, and at least I am teachable, I guess. I take baby steps these days, and I'm not quite so ready to announce that I know it all. I thank you for all those lessons, and the patience you have shown me when I had to keep on trying till I got it right."

Elyon: "As you know, I am still the group teacher for the few in that Idaho spiritual family (Coeur d'Alene), and I love them very much. They are always willing to accept, and digest the new lessons. Many other teachers have enjoyed talking with that group as well, but I still fondly refer to them as "my group".

"As long as I am here this morning, lets talk about spiritual progress. If each person will stop and think back to who, and where, they were in their spiritual life some ten years ago, they will be encouraged to see how far up on the path of ascension they have come. "Each day we have the opportunity to see what God's will is for us, and as we try our best to do His will we are growing spiritually, and by leaps and bounds. And this goes for us teachers, as well as for our mortal students.

"Our students help us to move higher up our spiritual path, because we cannot possibly prepare your lessons without making sure that our facts and
references are correct. In this fashion, we indeed learn and progress right along with you, as we prepare to teach you at the level you will understand. As our students, you constantly make life-changing decisions that are based upon your belief in what we tell you as being truth.

Sandy: "You are the one who taught me to receive, and I felt so totally comfortable with what you said to be "law". That is a heavy load for a teacher to carry. I am not so carefree in my receiving as I was when I was first learning either. I guess since the teaching mission has become as advanced as it has that I have lost the gullibility of not knowing I could get things wrong.

"Now I am always thinking, looking, analyzing, and watching every word, afraid that it is my word instead of the teacher's word. I used to just let it all out, throw caution to the wind, and have fun receiving. It just isn't as much the fun as it was when I first knew you."

Elyon: "And indeed you are brave to share the transmissions in the way that you do. It is a dedication on your part in doing God's will. Let us think for a moment and realize that God does not want you to burden yourself in doing His works. He wishes his children to be happy, joyous and free. Maybe that should be the lesson for today.

"Many receivers will not come to the fore to expose themselves in the way you do. I know you have to take seriously the ability that you have, because that is the kind of person you are. Just go easy on yourself and trust that God smiles down upon you, and all the other folks who allow His words and works to be known.

"I have enjoyed this long-awaited chance to chat with you. This is Elyon."

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