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North. Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Mirrors - Reflecting God

Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Raquel

 September 15, 2002

 * Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. Just to let you know, in case you don’t, I am always happy to be with you, to draw together and experience our common association with Father.

 Everyone we have a chance to meet is a deep discovery, as time unfolds for each one of us, of the beauty and infinity of the Father’s creative abilities. So it becomes an eternal intrigue to not only meet more of our Father’s children but to learn more deeply each one.

Today I am going to use mirrors as a focus for my lesson. If we begin with the first fact that God is, that all things proceed from God, and that no thing before Him exists; it must be that all things are in some way God. Yet it is observable that the universe of reality is not a precise replica of all that is God. It may be a fairly good reflection of deity’s projection. It may be an extension of the divine presence, but it ! cannot be all that is while yet reflecting much of Him. This is where my picture of a mirror comes in, for you know when you stand before a reflective surface that you receive feedback of your likeness. However, try as you might you are not able to see the back of your head in that reflection. And you see your reflection in reverse. This is how the universe accurately and inaccurately represents God. And I speak not of only stars and planets; I speak of life forms of all sorts, personalities and minds and souls.

 In our universe age we are forming a mirror, and this is the Supreme. In a prior age that mirror simply is, was, and reflects accurately the perfect Havona realm. We are improving our resolution as we attain Light and Life throughout our seven superuniverses.

 Today we each experience what is like your “House of Mirrors” in a carnival. Not all plates of glass are flat. Not all reflective surfaces are shiny and bright. Each one of us presents a reflection of God with some distortion. Not to bring undue concern over our reflect-ability, note the laughter that ensues when you enter your House of Mirrors and perceive these distorted reflections. The Father is not concerned authoritatively. He is pleasurably engaged in watching and participating in your mirror development. Also, when it comes to your desire to be of service to another individual and your feelings of inadequacy, remind yourself that the individual who is receiving from you your reflection of spirit is also a reflector. Your inadequacy, which in a sense could be likened to the reversal of the image in the mirror, is reversed again when received by another, that your position creates the feeling that you are not accurate enough. But as you pass your reflection the other receiver reverses and rights the image! . That is the end of the ministry reach, and it is in its appropriate form. Therefore you best serve by leaving yourself out, reflecting.

 You best serve by engaging in your times of worship and communion, for this straightens your mirror, polishes your surface. Because we each are at some grade level of universe ascendancy our reflectivity will be variable. But the Father is all and the source of all that is seen as other. It is the will of the Father that you be who you are.

 One more addition to my lesson is that our universe is like your dance hall ball of mirrors, and occasionally one little mirror falls off. Such was the case in this system when rebellion began. This mirror has been restored, though in its tumble it received markings which we are engaged in cleaning and resurfacing so that the reflection would be restored, so that this system could reflect the will and nature of its Creator.

 I conclude my lesson. I am with you; others are with me.

 Evelyn: Earlier we were talking about the benefits from including a cross section of people of different talents in settings like classrooms or bands versus eliminating those who are less talented. Would you like to comment?

 * Elyon: This is a process of personality development and group interassociability that will continue to be part of your training program even to my level of constellation attainment.

You know that the angels attempt to draw together those who work well together and must often settle for some degree short of the desired goal. You know that the Father desires that no one be lost, that He will leave the ninety nine to seek the one soul who has fallen. Both the principle of sorting for compatibility and for reaching to the extremes to draw into fellowship, to save one in spiritual danger, will and must play back and forth throughout your ascension. It is the will of the Father that all reach Paradise and attain Him equally. Every one of you at that point in time will be of the same rank as I who am not there even yet. We will be finaliters. Our differences will be in experience! . Our status identical.

Today we are at great distances or variables. In a sense we are like a model that is only in the box and in parts. As time and space began the box was opened and the parts spilled out across the table. In order to efficiently assemble a model it is helpful to sort parts by kind, to discern relationships: what fastens? what is to be fastened? what decorates? and what is structure? This is what you spoke upon today, noting the role and application and ability and differences of people. Eventually the model will be assembled and the time/space experience complete. Everyone will be a critical, Father-willed contribution to the assembly and to the result. In the meantime all of us will have enriched ourselves. Each one of us will have discovered dimensions of personality through others that would not have been found in ourselves alone or in those too similar to ourselves.

I hope this has supplemented your discussion.

Harold: I’m interested in the Church of Latter-day Saints who look for the possible advancement of spiritual growth of this planet by focusing on genealogy. Is there a future application of this study? Is it something we should also be pursuing?

* Elyon: This attention given to genealogy has admirable aspects, for it is a science of discovery of what has occurred and the relationships between the family lines that is on par with other studies such as history or geology, for these endeavors uncover patterns, reveal events of ages past that present to you at the present time further means for deepening your insight into the nature of reality and what the future may present. However, this subject of study like the others is only a tool to be applied for growth and is not itself an end, and as could be the case with even the study of theology, could become a distraction away from true spiritual development.

One advantage buried within this attention to genealogy is that, as the data base of family lines increases, it becomes further apparent through a statistical form that the spiritual truth that all are children of the Father is real. Sooner or la! ter this study may contribute to breaking the barriers that separate humankind. This is its benefit, and as long as it doesn’t contribute to creating clans or special people it will provide insights into the nature of mankind and its historical development and the truth of our common origin. The master left you with a ceremony as he was preparing to leave this world. He encouraged the partaking of a common meal, that when his disciples assemble they do something, that they at least share a meal. And this is the case too with this church body, they are congregating and doing something. This social engagement weighted with the sense of great worth is itself beneficial to all personalities involved.

Has this helped?

Harold: Yes, very much. Thank you.

* Machiventa (Mark): This is Machiventa, and I would continue with the analogy of polishing your surfaces.

As you know we have been engaged now for some time in collectively polishing this surface of your world. We have openly enlisted your help in this effort, and you have graciously offered your efforts and your time toward rubbing out some of the blemishes on your world’s collective glass. This mission is seen as being well underway with many workers caring for each spot on the glass. I would encourage you as the diligent students that you are also to look with fresh eyes at your own individual reflective surfaces and to look for spots on your surfaces which are cloudy, spots which have been covered over with the elements of time, to be dusty and have lost a good deal of their reflective capacity, and utilizing these visualizing techniques of seeing yourselves as a reflective surface seek to be about ! your own tasks of highly polishing to an ever finer shine the collective and reflective surfaces that are you.

As you know, the highly polished surface may be used to collect imagery from even great distances and, through the use of this same device, to reflect these images where you may view them. In this way only the highest caliber of reflective surface is able to pick up the most subtle of images far distant and bring them into your spheres of awareness. So as we polish our collective surfaces we also polish our individual surfaces that we may be of the caliber necessary to not only receive these subtle signals sent from great distances but to focus the images so as to make them not only recognizable but serviceable and useful in your own dimension.

Now let us view also the potential. On your world you have a phrase to see the future in the looking glass. I would use this to create the imagery that as you have polished your surfaces, fine tuned your reflective capabilities and collective abilities, that you may become comfortable enough with this scenario that you can then look to your future images in your polished surfaces. This is the process whereby you envision yourself in your highest mode of reflectivity and capability and see the reflection of yourself in this new and enhanced reality, to put yourself as it were into your future and see your future in your looking glass. What surrounds you in this image? What obstructs you in this image? What do you have command over and control over? What controls you in this reality? You can learn very much about your motivations, about your talents and about how you view yourself when you attempt to project your imagery beyond what simply stares back at you to what you see yourself as becoming, what you would like to implement in your lives, the level to which you aspire to grow. When you can see yourself as you would be many of the steps in the interim become clear. In this way this imagery can become serviceable as you attempt to see the next step before you to actualizing the way you would be, the way you could be, the way in fact you will be.

Just another way to view in the looking glass and another perspective to hold which may aid you in interpreting the many visions that you will be provided as you spend this time in preparing your surfaces to be immaculate. Those are my words today. Thank you.

Harold: This polishing, is it our efforts to become less of an impedance to the light? Is it our willingness to let the light come through more what you are talking about?

* Machiventa: It is in a sense the elimination of obstructions to what otherwise would occur. The fine surface is in fact there with you present. It is your duty in this life to simply uncover it, to dust it off, to perhaps dig it out, to remove the obstacles in front of it that you may use it as a tool. There is in each one of you under years of accumulation this perfect surface, and it may well take you much more than this one lifetime to realize that you have in your possession both an excellent receiver for picking up these signals from on high as well as an excellent transmitter for reflecting these signals and your understanding of them back out to all, as well as the aspect I have just mentioned of being able to use your surface to construct your future, to see yourself in different circumstances under more ideal conditions and see what that reality would be like for you. It is therefore in a sense y! our work during this life to not only discover that you have this tool present with you from the beginning but to actively pull it out, uncover it, and spend a great deal of time in removing the grime and buildup of your time/space existence and uncover the perfectness that is resident there throughout. Does this clarify?

Harold: Yes. I try to envision that process as a relinquishing of control, allowing the spiritual side to activate rather than my human side. Is that accurate?

* Machiventa: Picture if you will finding a perfect mirror surface as we speak of in a cave located deep in the mountains. Perhaps the difference might be in your perspective allowing spirit to work would not be able to interact with this mirrored surface unless and until that mirrored surface has been discovered and removed from the cave and then even polished to make it shiny again. On the one hand it is the effort of your very material self that is required to unearth and uncover and shine your tool, while on the other hand it is as important to then allow spirit to access this tool which you have prepared. Spirit alone may not penetrate the obstructions in front of your mirror until you have cleared the way, so to speak. This is your very physical, very mortal, task before you which is impressive in the magnitude of the decision that you make here and now to be about this task of polishing your mirror with the future ideal and the faith in place that by doing so your spiritual self will prosper. The two working hand in hand are required. One cannot simply turn the whole process over to spirit. One must as well prepare the way for spirit to be functional. Can you see the correlation?


Harold: Yes, thank you.

Barbara W.: So, we need to do the details for presentation?

* Machiventa: It is that you need to do all of the details in all things. It is the decisions you make along the way, it is the effort you put into the preparation, your soul preparation, to make spirit able to function in your lives. This is a key element. All of you have experience in this regard. I applaud many efforts you make as I witness from my side decisions you make which allow spirit to function in your world. It is simply an act of deciding that you will occupy your time and energy in preparation for spirit to function; that is faith in action. That is what turns the whole ball, and all else rests on your action and your decisions to allow this to happen, to put the effort into polishing the surfaces so that spirit may be absorbed and reflected properly. If you do not put your physical, mortal, energies into preparation, if you do not practice stillness, if you do not engage your thought patterns with adequate fertile information, then you fog your glass. You allow the mists of time to settle on it, the dusts of eternity to fall on it, and it becomes more difficult for spirit to function. When you polish your surfaces you are signaling to yourself in the action and to the universe at large that you are engaged in this process to the end that you will make spirit prosper.

And you all do well at this in your lives. I point this out that you may see where things that you have done have prepared the way for spirit to enter, the kind words to a friend, for loving times spent together, for help to other individuals, even the slightest infusion of spirit, all these activities occur because of your preparation and your willingness for this to be so. The mirror analogies are simply a more concentrated example of this focus. For you I believe this is appropriate.

What a joy it is to witness your thought patterns and your actions regarding spirit. It is truly motivating even to ones of my order to be involved with individuals who are literally down on your hands and knees polishing your surface day in and day out even though you may not give yourself credit at times. This is the desire of your heart, and the universe sees this in you and I thank you.

* Raquel (Jonathan): This is Raquel, or as you may call me Rachel. I am here with Machiventa on training. I am enjoying this opportunity to continue my internship as a teacher in this correcting time. I have enjoyed watching and learning as you engage with the teachers assigned to you. I am going to speak about selfhood, selflessness, and selfishness, and use these fine teachers’ example of a mirror to make my point.

You know that those who aspire to the favor of Father seek to do His will, to devote life energy to the outworking of Father’s plan. So, when it is your will to do Father’s will, you are directing your mirror to His image that it be reflected in you.

Error is the neglect of cleanliness in your being as has been spoken of, the spotting or dusting or inaccurate pointing of your mirror to the image you wish to reflect, that being the Father. Sin is the further neglect of your mirror and runs the danger of permanent damage, a scratch, a scratch of the foil surface, that allowance of oxidation. These can be rectified but are more difficult. Iniquity is the removal of the foil surface entirely such that you are unable to reflect the image of God.

The Father is able to project His presence everywhere and can pass through any clear glass. You do have on your world philosophies that support the emptiness of self, the transparency that allows the divine luminosity clear passage. This is noble. However, the self is important, for the Father has foiled these glass panes for reflectivity. You are His children. When iniquity overtakes the will of a being not only is that foil removed but a picture image is placed there instead, that of the glorification of the human self or any other being’s selfhood. Then, not only are you unable to reflect the image of the Father, you are also unable to clearly, translucently, allow the image to pass through you as a clear pane of glass. This is the ultimate danger of one who seeks the iniquitous path. The self is important for it is the Father’s child. These lessons given to you today are extremely helpful toward your maintenance and well-being, those who can and do reflect the image of the Father.

I take my leave.