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Bob Midwayer - Procrastination - Dec 07, 2001 - Gerdean, Spokane, WA

Bob (Midwayer)


Gerdean T/R

December 07, 2001


BOB: Procrastination is a serious problem indeed. It is one suffered by  most everyone at this point in your evolution, but some more so than others.  It has a lot to do with your density. As you opt to rise up out of creature  density, you are made more aware of the prompts to act, but inasmuch as you  are surrounded by density, you can justify your not acting as often as you  might were your environment to be more encouraging. And this is one of the  handicaps of humanity. You have the weight of the world to hold you back,  hold you down, even as you are trying to lift them up and move them forward.   


But there is one in you who can and who works tirelessly with you to help you  overcome those handicaps of your mortal heritage that allow you to  procrastinate, even as your heart yearns to embrace all of everything, as  often as possible, and as much as it can. It's another one of those cases of  being at war with yourself, but when you are doing what you can as well as  you can, given your circumstances, you all-around are in the right place at  the right time and moving from this moment to the next with relative ease and  degrees of happiness.