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May 12, 2002

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. It is facilitating to me to follow your lesson plan as you outline it through your discussions. As you are considering in depth various ramifications to prayer and healing, I am likewise desirous of giving you my thoughts as a contribution to our ongoing instruction.

Today I am going to approach this topic with "teamwork" as the context for understanding better how the energy circuits work in relation to prayer. If we use a football team for illustration we might discover a few mechanisms that will help you to apply your group efforts more pointedly and concertedly. First let's take a look at the huddle before a play, where the team members collect to discuss strategy, to receive the orders of the quarterback, the field leader. This is much like your efforts in group prayer to seek your leader's advice and guidance and to provide your input as to the best play that may be undertaken to advance the goal. When you huddle you gain tangible support from all your members. You are emotionally charged. The closeness encourages each individual such that when you break and assume your positions you know, even though you cannot look into the faces of your fellows, they are with you and for you and you likewise for them, and that because you shared in your prayer your needs, your vision, that each one will work to aid in the outworking of the desired hope, longing.

The football is the energy source of the entire game, perhaps more correctly, the focus. As you have studied of late, the energy circuit is your focus for affecting your healing ministry or any other form of outreach to your fellows. Who receives this energy first but your field leader, the quarterback. Therefore who do we address our prayers and send our energy to first but Michael?

Then he will pass that energy to the player who has been selected to carry that energy toward the desired goal. That receiver is no more special than anyone else on the team. Each of you is contributing to the passing of that energy whether you stand firm against rebellion, whether you draw attention such that energy may pass unimpeded, whether you open up potentials such that the energy may flow. It may not be, for instance, your friend in your prayer circle who is receiving the energy ball at one point in the game. That ball may pass through one of your team players to reach its goal of infusing one of your fellow human beings with healing, and you have helped. The next play, your next prayer, that energy is passed your way to your friend with your fellow pray-ers helping to bring about the action.

Sometimes through prayer when the desire is expressed for an outcome, it becomes confusing understanding why it appears that your Creator has chosen another route through which to effect a goal. You may have prayed for an end run, but he chose to go up the center. You may have asked for a lateral pass, but he threw a long bomb. Because all of you, everyone, is part of a large interconnected complex that is comparable to the sum total of all plays of any game, it is hard to understand at any one skirmish what the outcome will be in its entirety. And here enters faith and trust in Michael to know how to call the game, to judge best which action to take each time to bring the outcome. I applaud your effort in group prayer whether you do so in physical proximity to one another or do so in absence -- though I must insert here that from my perspective you are never very far apart from one another. Wait until you have traversed a few constellations for you to determine that you are far apart. -- This is your huddle. This is where you come to understand the next play that effects the overall game. When you are about your work of the day you are on the line; you are ready. When the ball of energy is hiked and Michael sets the play into action, you are able to respond. You are the healing transmitters. You bring about the energy required that that particular concentration that is the ball makes its desired aim.

You are also part of the energy even if the ball never lands in your hands, for you have peripheral impact upon the transfer. Some will carry it directly; others will be supportive. But without that teamwork the effect is not reached.

A skilled quarterback never plays the game alone, rarely runs the ball himself. Always does Michael pass on to you the opportunity for service to be the conduit for healing, for upliftment, for education, for spirit contact that another may witness his presence through your actions.

I wish to spend some time conversing with you if you have questions.

Evelyn: We don't always know when we are passing the energy. I understand being supportive, blocking interference, wanting to be helpful. I imagine there are times when we are passing the energy when we aren't aware that is what we are doing. We probably would be more effective if we did know.

* Elyon: Here is where the trust that teamwork is effective where you may not be able to discern, and this illustration of football certainly falls short of describing the spiritual mechanisms at play. But I may use it again to show how healing forces may be sent by you. Let us look at the center, and let us now call the ball your prayer. You first hike it to the quarterback who is Michael. He hands it over to the Melchizedeks, who then pass it to a teacher, who then affects the desired transfer of energy to your intended recipient of your prayer. It may pass many hands, but first it is given to Michael, and that is the effectiveness of prayer, to go through central headquarters wherein the greatest redirection of energy may be effected.

Yes, you may feel powerless as a healer. You may wonder if you can transfer the energy. You may be one who will run with the ball, but do know, no matter what, you can give to Michael first your hope, and he will know where to place it for the best yardage gain.

Evelyn: If he does choose to pass it through one of us, it's not like he made a mistake. We can trust that he wouldn't ask us to pass something that we couldn't.

* Elyon: Correct. And should you fumble he will not hold it against you. Again this illustration of football falls short, for I have deliberately avoided describing the other team, the opposing force, for a fumble brings the threat of losing control of the ball. In this case let us dispense with that consideration and consider that fumble a return to where you were, and a new play begins. You have not lost ground if you have dropped the ball. You have merely learned where you can gain skill in next time receiving that energy, retaining it, and placing it where it is needed to go.

Evelyn: And not get distracted by cheerleaders.

* Elyon: There is where Lester comes in.

Tom: When the team isn't there the procedure is basically the same, isn't it, for this energy manipulation?

* Elyon: Yes. Let us now take another angle. Say you are "on your own" (in quotes for, as I say, you are never really very alone). You receive the energy, and there is no one you will be passing it to, and you must punt. You can direct the energy singly, though I must point out that others do help to clear an arena wherein you are free to enact the required procedures that set the energy in motion. That may be your angelic attendants; it may be your teachers. It may not be your human associates. But it is true you can still direct the energy as if on your own.

My friends, if you are content this day, I will dismiss class, as it is half-time, the day is young, and there is much to enjoy. I will be with you again.