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Bethera - Share What You Perceive - May 23, 2000 - Susan Kimsey, Half Moon Bay, CA



Share What You Perceive

May 23, 2000



Hi everyone,


This excerpt is from a transmission with my 20 year old daughter, Caitie, and the Teacher, Bethera, who is assigned primarily to the Santa Cruz, CA area, where Caitie now lives. There is no regular TR yet in Santa Cruz, so Bethera visits us frequently. She comes from a planet that is very highly evolved, but not yet in Light and Life.

Love, Susan 05/23/00 Half Moon Bay, CA

Bethera: This is Bethera who comes now to greet you, C, and I am delighted to be in your presence. I sense your excitement and interest in having this opportunity to speak with me, also. And I would hope that you can trust me as one who wishes to also answer your questions. Is there anything that you would propose to me now that I may offer you my council upon?

Ct: Hello Bethera.

Bethera: Hello, Ct.

Ct: I so appreciate your beauty.


Bethera: I feel this as a mutual appreciation, Ct.


Ct: There are definitely times in my life when I think of you. When I'm in nature, and I'm sure that when I think of you, you know my thoughts. You're aware.


Bethera: I am in communication with you quite often, Ct, and I do feel I am coming to know you better all the time. Ct: I feel that you and I share the same exuberance for life and also, in a way, maybe part of the exuberance that I'm feeling for life is maybe an effect from what you have been offering me. Does that make sense?


Bethera: I would say to you, Ct, that if you were a resident on the planet on
which I grew up, you would not be looked at so often as somewhat eccentric. (Ct laughs) You would fit in very well with the crowd and yes, indeed, you are in many ways "simpatico" with much of my energy, much of my way of being in the world, also. And I relish the fact that you are 'so comfortable in your own skin," as it were, that you enjoy yourself, and enjoy sharing the way in which you perceive things with others.


Ct: Thank you.


Bethera: I would encourage you to persist in this despite the fact that you will, indeed, at times, be looked upon askance by others who are not yet as captured by the delight of a butterfly, the fluffy shape of a cloud, the dance of the wind in the trees. They do not yet have the eyes to see these things as easily as you do, Ct. But, I would encourage you to continue to comment upon the fact that this is, indeed, what you notice as you walk through the world.


Ct: It's an amazing planet that we're on right now.


Bethera: And it needs to be cared for, Ct, with so much more love than so many people feel for it. It, indeed, shocks me at times, because of the beauty of my planet, and the way in which we all felt such awe for the power and beauty of our world, to see how people can so unthinkingly tarnish, and dirty, and trash this world. The way in which they can knowingly throw toxins on the ground, unaware that they are immediately killing off the blessed microbiologic life of the soil, that they can spew cancer-causing chemicals into the air, as if they somehow just disappear and are gone, instead of lodging in the lungs of young, vital children. (Bethera is holding back tears as she speaks.)


Ct: This is very understandable.


Bethera: (Bethera is crying as she speaks) The ways in which the waters, the life-giving waters of this world, are so contaminated and destroyed by toxic chemicals and poisonous outpourings. There are so many on the planet who do not understand what they do to this world, and how they are destroying its blessed life. Forgive me my strong emotions, Ct and T, I do not always allow this to show in my communications, but I do feel this to the depth of my being, and I am here as one who is --fully committed-- in redeeming the life energy of this world. I labor for the forests. I labor for the butterflies. I labor for the grassy plains. I labor for the mosaic of wild flowers which pattern the fields. I view all this life --the incredible bio-diversity of the oceans, the precious animals who are resident in the woods and forests--I view all these as my children, as it were. I love the forest life, the ocean life, the earth-life of this world as much as many of the Teachers love the time and space mortals that they now connect with.

Ct: Oh, Bethera....


Bethera: And my greatest hope is that I can impart some sense of my dedication and commitment to this earth-life to those who become my students. I long for the day when many, many on this world feel toward it as I do. And I am ever hopeful that this will be the outcome of what we Teachers now bring to you as our messages of love, and respect, and salvation for the world. Please forgive me for my emotional reaction. I just, I guess, needed, at this opportunity, to share with those of you I already feel close with how strongly I feel bonded now to this planet.

Ct: Bethera, there is no need--I accept. I do forgive. I appreciate it. The fact that you are sharing your truth with me only helps me find my truth more. The fact that the same way that you're feeling--to know that we both have the same feelings, to compliment both of these feelings, to let them be alive. As you know there are many mortals on this planet that feel the same way. And you, I'm sure, have a much more a three hundred and sixty degree view of everything, but.


Bethera: I feel definitely a developing sense of this love for the world among the minds and hearts that I have thus far touched and made connection with, Ct, but I think my focus for the moment was, indeed, upon all those I still see who are not yet connected to the world in this way, who do not, indeed, feel blessed by the caring love of mother earth. Who feel still that this world is something that they have every right and opportunity to exploit and use, and it is not their responsibility to even understand the ways in which this world works. They see their lives as so disconnected from the broad reaches of all others who live, that they do not, indeed, understand the ramifications of their actions. I have great forgiveness in my heart for these children of God because I realize they do not understand the damage that they do; but, I hope, C, that you are one who will work with me in a way to open their minds and hearts to a much more glorious way to be a child of the earth--one who loves their mother, one who blesses this world, one who savors the opportunity to live a life on a beautiful planet such as this, one who understands this picture. (Bethera points to a poster on the wall that shows a satellite picture of the earth, suspended in space, surrounded by stars.) I wish each soul could, indeed, be suspended in space just long enough to be able to see the truth of this poster. That, indeed, their beautiful, blue and white, crystalline, shining planet hangs suspended in space, and swirls in the heavens, and is such a glorious point of creation. And that each soul would be able to sense the joy and honor of living on such a wonderful world, and cherish it in this way. (Smiling) In the meantime, at least we have posters such as this.

Ct: But we can't see the aura.


Bethera: And, indeed, Ct, we can talk to people of the aura. We can let them know that this world not only spins, but shines, as it turns--exudes, expresses a Urantian energy which those of us as celestials are quite able to experience, as much so as you experience the air when you breathe it in. We breathe in, Ct, the aura of this planet, and we wish it to be freed from its defilement! I have taken up quite a bit of time now, and I do not wish to overstay my welcome.


Ct: No, Bethera. I like it. I like it.


Bethera: Is there any further question, then, that you would wish to ask me?


Ct: I love being able to do this, but I will go on. I'm just thankful to be with you.


Bethera: I feel the same way, Ct. I am so honored and cheered in my work to know people who feel care and love for this world. And I am ready to help you with your own personal life, just as much as I wish to help all the little forest creatures. You are just as precious to me as they are, and I wish now to focus on what ever your issues are now. What can I help you with? (End of excerpt)


Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group