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Grin from Ear to Ear

February 3, 2002

* Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Evanson.

It is my pleasure to be addressing you and to have the time to express what has become very meaningful to me in my ascension and I trust likewise is of value to you in yours. I would like to take a moment to discuss the Divine Presence. You are aware as you have studied the various spirit entities and spiritual forces that are within you and about you, it is quite admirable to me to see you all functioning with this awareness, knowing of your Father's and Mother's bestowal spirits and to be acting no matter how capable you feel you are upon this knowledge in making it a step by step experience in your day. Let us imagine that you are wrapped in a blanket in order to be kept warm. You know that this blanket that surrounds you does not provide any heat; it merely retains the heat you have generated within you. You know that, should that heat source within you cease, the blanket would be of no value. Well, you do have a powerful source of heat from Paradise, the Father's Presence spiritually radiating from your core at all times sending its vibrations through your being and emanating through you into your environment. Ministry is the continual radiance of the Father's presence as it is transformed into service through your willing cooperation and deliberate actions.

Now, you know that it can become chilly to one who is warm and the environment is needy. So does the exercise of stillness become important. It is as that blanket I have spoken of that encompasses you and retains the heat while you recharge, while you grow hotter spiritually so that you may better warm those who need that force in their lives.

As much as each of you is so inclined to look toward the needs of another to be of service, there are times that you likewise need to be nurtured and to be assisted in re-energizing yourself. The angels, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, all are as a blanket for you that will enfold and embrace you, to tuck you in so that you may receive spiritual rest.

Imagine when you are engaged with another with whom you wish to allow the spirit forces that are resident in you to be felt by another and knowing full well you may not be able to address them with concepts to verbalize your intention, that this blanket you have around you is capable of enclosing you both, that you can perceive in your mind's eye this mutual enfoldment of Michael's presence taking you both in, bringing you into the warmth of your common spirit creator. Just as you are aware of the contact of Thought Adjuster to Thought Adjuster with another and the sensitivity you can create with your own mind and Adjuster contact to what is transpiring on these higher levels, you can also visualize this enfolding blanket of the Spirit of Truth wrapping around you and your associate. This will aid to remove barriers of separation, for two enfolded in one blanket creates a sense of oneness. Also there are times in any human's life when the internal temperature seems low, that the sense of divine contact is weak. Open yourselves to receiving that warmth from another; let yourself be enfolded in their extension of the Spirit of Truth as it blankets you.

I have said all I would like to say today and make room for the teachers waiting to address you.

 * Elyon (Mark): Elyon here, I will take a turn at bat and go where you might think I will go. Let's talk about circuits and yes, indeed, electricity. I call your attention to the fact that your world has been around for a very long time and that all of your ancestors on whose shoulders you stand have grown up, existed, and passed away, many of them not ever having been introduced to even the most basic concept of circuitry, your modern electricity. Indeed, much of the planet on which you now reside still knows very little of these modern circuits which some of you have grown up taking entirely for granted as being simply a part of your reality. Having some familiarity with electrical currents and circuits, you have grown accustomed to their presence. You have only a healthy respect for your electrical currents, not an unreasoned fear of the very same. This has grown out of your experience with the realities of electricity, its currents and circuits. Now you have the beginning of an understanding of true circuitry, your world wrapped in circuits. There are circuits everywhere, circuits of which most on your world are entirely unfamiliar: circuits of transportation, circuits of reflectivity, circuits of healing energy, circuits of light.

I bring this up for your observation so that you may relate to the fact that your ancestors had no direct experience with your modern day electricity until they had some experience with it.

Now you are beginning to taste different circuits on your world. Circuitry is what can connect you to a variety of different aspects of your reality available to you only when you flip a switch, as it were, or make a connection to include yourself in this circuit. The more circuits you are involved in, the more networked you have become, the more information and therefore the more power you have available to you. It is the process of actively connecting yourself to your choice of variety of circuits which dictates how connected you are. I invite you, each one, to reflect on the many different circuits available to you now only largely in your imagination, but I assure you that they are in fact quite real and applicable to even your daily lives. Now let's think about that blanket. As we have just pondered, the blanket has been used as an example of a barrier to keep in a heat source, to keep out the elements of cold. I ask you to now reflect on what happens to that blanket when it becomes incircuited, when it becomes an electric blanket. It now contains the power to generate its own heat, become its own source. It does this by virtue of incircuiting to the main power outside itself and becoming more than it is by virtue of tapping into this. This may be an interesting example for you to ponder as to your appropriateness of plugging into the main circuits, as your willingness to be the dial on your blanket. At what level will you function? Will you plug in at all? Will you be content to serve the grand purpose of protective barrier? Or will you desire to become a source in yourself to generate this heat? I offer this observation to you as a means of showing you that you are involved in a great many opportunities to plug yourselves in, and the more connected you become intentionally the more networked you are and the more the power from the main generator of the Father may access you and flow through you, and the more brilliance you may have. You may also along the way provide jump-starts to those of your fellows who are in need of a temporary charge, always remembering that by returning home and plugging in you are infinitely recharged.

Thank you for engaging in this very circuit at this very hour and hearing these words as a result of your efforts. I take my leave.

 * Michael (Jonathan): Michael here with you. I address you today to confirm and acknowledge your dedicated evening of prayer as a group. It is a joy to me to be one with you as you undertake this communication with our Father for the sake of your fellows in need. I assure you once again that Nebadonia and I, given the will and consent of the Father, will support you in your petitions, will enact the healing, will bring consummation and upliftment of the needs that you express and the goals you long for. I pledge to you a divine circuit of inter-connectivity that I will uphold while you are engaged in this deliberate act of group prayer. I give you my blessing.

 * Lester (Mark): All right, this is Lester. Look where they would have me speak, after Michael, as if I should follow him up. But I will do my best. My message is simple to you today, and that is to be light of heart about your spiritual connectedness, as it was my pleasure and the pleasure of all of ours who witnessed today to see you create in this very room, in this very environment, a new circuit spontaneously generated here and now of your desires to be of service. Nothing is finer to witness than these acts of devotion and selflessness that we see even in this room. So, I invite you to grin from ear to ear with me at what a joyous occasion this is at each occasion, at each circuit, that is made. The universe rings with joyous laughter. While it may seem as though a solemn and sober affair to you, I declare to you that we toast your efforts, that we smile at the rewards to come as fruits of your efforts. We rejoice at each attempt of humans to reach outside their own reality and to approach the Father on others' behalf. It is truly something to witness. I thank each of you, and I would slap each one of you on the back and say, "Well done, comrades".

That is my message today.