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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: The Analogy of a Transmission

Teachers; Elyon

December 16, 2001

Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Elyon, always happy to be with you.

It is a wonderful experience being associated with you, to gain knowledge of my human brethren. Those from Urantia are unique, for they carry much in experience that is the result of the history of this world. You are unable to notice this demarcation, for you have yet to experience life on other worlds. Though I am likewise of human origin, we are quite unlike each other. Our humanness is the same but our native planets were so dissimilar. You give to me much that I cannot express in words, at least not without being lengthy.

Today I would discuss some mechanisms that the universe functions under. I will take the opportunity to use the analogy of a transmission.

First I will describe the transmission. It has, for simplicity, three parts: a sturdy, immovable case, a collection of gears and shafts and levers and meshing surfaces, and it is filled with a lubricant. All three ingredients make a transmission function. Without the lubricant it would rapidly degenerate, freeze up, and be useless. Without the gears it is merely a container full of fluid. Without the case all other parts would fly apart. The purpose of a transmission is to change one force into another as it passes through. The universe has mechanisms much like a transmission all throughout it.

To ascending mortals who are naturally inclined towards increase, the desire is to shift gears such that you speed up, that you accelerate your growth. To a high being from the central universe who is approaching creatures like ourselves from time and space, they must downshift in order to come into the proper frequency or vibration or velocity of movement of us ascenders.

Each one of us can be considered a transmission. How we arrange the meanings and values of our lives is comparable to the orientation of gears and shafts in a transmission, for your personal values and meanings are what give you the ratios by which spirit will manifest. When spirit engages you, when the forces of love, of light, of goodness, pour into you the gears of meanings and value will translate, transform, and alter these incoming energies and will be revealed through you as they exit into the environment of your daily life.

We spoke last week of gain. This can be applied to today's discussion, for it is in your gear-shifting that you can amplify your incoming spiritual forces such that they may be workable, noticeable, and effective in your external life.

Also, when involved in ministry, you may have to take the approach of the descending citizens of the universe who downshift in order to make the powerful forces of spirit from Paradise approachable by creatures who hail from the worlds of evolution. Here enters wisdom, for it is wisdom that functions when choosing what gear ratio to put your transmission into. You will encounter souls in your life who are able to assimilate rapidly your ministry, and you can shift into high gear and let spirit pour through you quickly. With others you will need to increase your ratio so that you can crawl along revealing the spirit power as is fit to be received. You have not weakened the spirit forces; you have merely transmuted them into a useful form for the work at hand. You are not withholding spirit by changing the ratio. The force of spirit has moved through you and is transferred into a force of application that is appropriate to the receptive individual.

I began today by comparing my origins to yours and noting our difference. You could liken that to this analogy in that we are, as the case of the transmission, bestowed with certain unalterable factors of our being, that which makes me human and you human. Though we have begun our lives at vastly different times in universe unfoldment and in entirely different worlds, this still makes us like one another. But what has happened on Urantia and what has happened on the world I began my life, play into the orientation of the gearing, the gear ratios, of each of us. Some will have been born on a Light and Life world, and you might say they have race car transmissions. The environment has allowed them to speedily make progress in their ascensions while having not even experienced the event of mortal death. Others come from worlds where you must work in low gear at all times to work through the inertia present, the confusion, or the darkness of rebellion where much force must be applied in order to make progress,and it requires determination.

To wrap up my discussion I must draw attention to the lubricant. No transmission lasts long without a lubricant. In this sense being filled with the spirit, to take your time for stillness, brings into you that spiritual lubrication which keeps you from burning up, from fatigue, from the dryness of spiritual isolation.

I hope this will give you the opportunity to wrest new meanings from my presentation today. I do enjoy how you massage our lessons for new insights. This is a delight to witness, for I do not ever wish to lecture at great length to present all to you that could be expressed, for that will not impart to you meaning with any greater success, for that matter less success, than for me to offer you a tidbit and for you to then amplify through your own application and your own insight the lesson. It is then a group process, and it also illustrates why I can consider myself a student and you my teachers as much as you consider me your teacher and you my students.

I spoke of turning up the volume last week, of working with the talents you have already acquired, making them more noticeable. You can do likewise by shifting gears. The same spiritual forces are upon you; the same love pours into you; the same spiritual luminosity floods you. All you need to do is to choose the proper gear ratio to transmit that energy, that reality, into a useful form, a workable form in your daily activities.

I would now like to hear your responses.

Evelyn: I like what you are saying and I think I understand. Changing gears has less of a sense of valuing one gear over another. When we use the analogy of talking to a child, it suggests the other's immaturity; then ego can slip in. Thinking in terms of gears has less of a sense that one is superior to another. One is more appropriate than another.

I'm having a harder time to envisioning that in personal interactions except in extreme instances.

Elyon: You have pointed out an element of this analogy which is quite useful in the elimination of judgment, for it is true that each gear is a right gear and a wrong gear depending on its application. No one would attempt to scale a steep hill in high gear when the low gear would do a better job. It is not so clear how to shift gears in your opportunities of ministry, for it requires on the spot observation. You in your own experience have noted when it is important to even shift into neutral so as to not overload another with more information than is necessary. We could stretch this some and imagine that both people in a relationship are transmitting. When the two mesh together there are even more ratios to be considered in the interaction of the two. Naturally, if one is in reverse and one is in forward, there is going to be much grinding.

Your most effective message to give to another is to acknowledge, validate, and support the reality of this transmission mechanism of themselves. You may demonstrate the function of shifting gears, of transmuting spiritual energy into the appropriate form of manifestation for them to witness and for them to gain faith and trust in the functioning of their own abilities, the inpouring of spirit power, the transmuting into appropriate, applicable, forms and its expression through them. There are souls who do need the filling in with spirit lubrication. Again, it may not be that you minister through your own gearbox but that you tend to the lack within the gearbox of another through fellowship. A hungry soul can discern divine communion. The love exchanged among fellows brings witness to the love present from the Divine Parent to the hungry child.

Kirk: If someone is coming at you in first gear and you're ready to hit them with second gear, they're not going to have any idea where you are. You have to listen, decide what gear they are in, before you can mesh.

Elyon: Excellent observation. This is quite true. In a sense it is a form of spiritual clutching, of synchro-meshing, for you to align to their rotational speed such that you could make a smooth shift into another gear that may be helpful to them. It is true you must note their position prior to offering any sort of upliftment. We teachers spent much time in training for this very reason. I have not been in human form for thousands upon thousands of years. You are only familiar with this form. I have forgotten much of what it was like and so needed to appropriately shift to be compatible with you all and spent much time in your company unbeknownst to you prior to the revelation to this world that the mission was underway.

Kirk: A nice message is that you listen to us and determine what gear we are in. Part of the message is to listen to the other person; they are transmitting to you, too. They have a message to give also. It may just be to shift down to first gear to be with it. The sharing I think is the message.

Elyon: Yes. This is what makes smooth running. The operations involved in relationship are better undertaken when there is adjustment to meet one another. Michael was inclined to tend to a child with as keen an interest as he tended to the questions of the Pharisees, for he understood that each soul was in a gear of its own, and he could meet them to further reveal the Father at the speed they were functioning in. And he did note the times when certain ones were misusing their transmissions, using the wrong gear for the wrong purpose. Being able to discern this can be helpful to another to right the wrong use. It can also help you to alleviate unnecessary waste of time or confrontation by seeking to mesh your gear selection with theirs when the selected gear is inappropriate for the work you desire be done. This is when it is best to shift gears and stand as an example for another to receive rather than be offering measures of a corrective nature for them to adapt, adopt.

Harmony is the language of Havona. Imagine the sounds of billions of transmissions all purring together.

Tom: I see the stillness that we practice is the lubrication, and the lessons you give us are the gears, and the transmission case is our human experiences. That's like the microcosm. The motor is God's will. To be effective, if we are in the proper gear then we add our conduit to millions of others. What goes in comes out without being changed too much.

Elyon: Well said. The Father's will that enters you, you being the transmission conduit, does emerge from you in many forms. You could shift into healing; you could shift into many forms of service. The feeding of a hungry mind, the support of a hurting soul, and it is all the Father's will as it enters you and takes on manifold forms of expression depending on your configuration internally, and our lessons do help. Your understanding of the Urantia text helps.

Let us play a little more. As you have used the motor to be the Father's will that drives the transmission, your will is the stick shift, and you can shift such that you mesh with the Father's force as it enters you, and the two of you emerge with a combined spiritual power. The Father's will bears upon you with a broadness. Your will aligned with the Father's will selects specificity for the manifestation of the Father's will in your life. This little metaphor should ease, could ease, the mind of many who want to know what the Father's will is for their lives. The Father bestows great spiritual forces upon each of us but relishes the experience in partnership with you as you choose your gear selections and apply those forces to the life experiences you are undergoing.

Tom: I think of shifting gears on this plane as beginning attempts. Perhaps as we increase our awareness of the lessons and magnify our stillness our transmissions will become more like an automatic transmission which shifts when required, like an automatic spiritual response, which translates back to where the rubber meets the road. It's not so much our job to worry about the Father's will or what happens after but for us to hone our skills on becoming more automatic in our responses.

Elyon: I'm afraid I might have to leave this discussion before I'm one-upped in metaphors! This is very insightful, the use of manual and automatic transmissions to transform one from one who seeks to do the Father's will to one who does the Father's will. When your stillness practice develops to the point where you are engaged continually in the Father's presence, you do shift gears as is appropriate to the work that needs to be undertaken without thought as to which gear to select. It becomes habitual, an automatic reflex. I am proud of you, my student, for observing this.

I have enjoyed our discussion. I am going to record these comments of yours to apply to this lesson, for I do have other students that I do tend to and will expand my presentation to include your input, for it will contribute better human contribution, as I will have had this opportunity to hone the lesson to mesh more with the human mind. Until next time, keep an even and steady speed.