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A Young Adult’s Prayer to the Father


May 23, 2000





Hi everyone,



This is a prayer that Bethera and Olfana gave to Caitie a few weeks ago.  Perhaps there is a young adult that you can share it with.



Love, Susan




A Young Adult's Prayer to the Father

I am Your Child, Father,
And I start now on my path through the world
As a young adult who is ready to join the world
As one who wishes to serve the Father.

I start out on this path with many hopes and expectations
Of ways in which I can be of service, Father.
I start this path with a full heart, and a ready willingness
To join with others who wish to walk with me.

I start this path filled with the faith
That, indeed, I am beloved of Christ Michael,
And I am one who can sense this love,
And speak of it to others.

I start this path now,
Filled with the sense of excitement and joyful anticipation
In all the treasures of life that I will come to discover
As I step forward in faith, in hope,
With a sense of charity and love in my heart,
And a full trust in the Benevolence of God,
Who looks down upon me with All Power and Grace. Amen.