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Conference - Snowbird Salt Lake City 2001 - Elyon and Welmek - Jul 07, 2001 - Snowbird 2001, SLC, UT

Snowbird Conference, July 5 thru 8

Theme: Embrace Spiritual Reality With Practical Arms. See end notes in document for sponsor information

(Elyon and Welmek)

July 7th, 2001

Snowbird Conference (Sat. Morning session)

Salt Lake City


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, terrestrial hosts. I step forward from among the celestials gathered with you. I am Elyon. I regard you all as my friends. It is a pleasure to be in association.

Let me present to you a manner by which you may perhaps develop a deeper dynamic connection with Father of Paradise and Mother Supreme. You have begun on this world the fall quarter of your first semester in the Melchizedek Universities.

For those who have been off to college, perhaps you remember the time when you brought your parents to visit your new home. You delighted in showing them the grounds, your dorm, the planetarium, the library. You are the tour guide. Here on Urantia, likewise, being indwelt with the Father, enfolded in the Supreme, you are the tour guide again. They delight in being shown through your eyes, being taken by the hand. They want to discover your joy in your new home, your first home.

You all know and realize the Father's omniscience, and you understand that Mother Supreme, though providing all of us opportunity for experience, also is in need of our contribution through experience. Your two Parents want to experience your life.

We ascending mortals are very keen upon reaching Paradise. Our mortal ascension is driven by the desire to become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. It is all consuming to the devoted, to the sincere and the consecrated, but as you ascend remember you are also showing the Father and Mother Supreme around. You are taking them on a great universe journey. Doubt not the choices you make, that the Father freely allows you to choose. All of us who have ascended from the biological spheres, rising up from ignorance, do wish to know the true way.

Unfortunately at times we desire it to be listed as rules that we can just simply adhere to. This is not the Father's will. There is true and genuine righteousness in the universe, but the Father asks you to discover. There is no order form that can be delivered to you that spells out step by step what the will of the Father is.

Yes, He will make known directly when it is of great importance that His will be done, but, in the context of the Supreme, there will be times when you must choose, because that is His will. Your experience requires that you branch out from the security of being told. Is this not like when you left your parents and went to college and suddenly found a new freedom? You could stay out as late as you wanted. You could turn the music up as loud as you wanted. The breadth of your freedom to choose taught you lessons that were not capable of being owned under a rulership.

Our sovereign on earth here said, "Blessed are the pure at heart." I wish to take each letter and spell them out. A pure heart is one who personally understands righteous expression; an individual who knows the context of reality, that which is truth, beauty, and goodness and lives accordingly. Purity is untainted by falsehood and willful disruption of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Righteousness has been a word much maligned due to ostentatious behavior. The master also said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit." As I look upon all of you in this room I see rich spirits, abundant with the blessing of revelation and the love of fellowship. Poor, that is a private ownership of religion. It is not the accumulation of vast doctrine. It is not the acquirement of throngs of devotees. It is not the establishment of grand temples. There is only one object necessary, and that is your direct involvement with God, the one dollar in your wallet.

The master said, "Blessed are the meek." Modest expression of everyday kindness. It's simple. That is true righteousness.

Apply these three and you will become an expert tour guide for Father and Mother Supreme.

Enjoy your first year at this campus of the melchizedeks. There are many lectures to attend, lab classes to be involved in, field trips to enjoy. I was once mortal, and I know that the graduation is not far in the future for you. Be not concerned with your transition to the mansonia experience; it is a small transfer. Look with delight to the eternal embrace of the Father who dwells within. There is the true ceremony. That is what you are working for. There is where the passion arises to bless your fellows with the understanding and to kindle within them the desire to attain it.

My friends, I love you. All standing beside me in a dimension beyond your senses love you. I step back. Thank you. July 7th, 2001 Snowbird Conference (Saturday morning session) Salt Lake City, Ut.

* Welmek (Donna): Greetings, brothers and sisters, this is your friend and teacher Wilmek. I am overjoyed to be here with you this morning, to see the love, the fellowship, ablaze in your eyes and hearts. It fills us, all of the unseen friends who watch over you, with such pride in our younger brothers and sisters who have valiantly struggled these long years without the benefit of the physical vision and yet with these open, trusting hearts to be led down the path to feeling the Father's presence, to trusting in the Father's grace and the Father's guidance in the unfoldment of your true personality gifts. This morning I would like to offer a lesson on the idea of leadership, for indeed each one of you is a leader in whatever way you desire to serve Michael in this mission of reclamation of our planetary triumph of goodness over darkness.

Each of you has a particular talent and a particular ability to inspire and instill within your fellows the confidence and the courage to be who our Father created you to be. So, I ask you today, how is it that you wish to serve? How is it you wish to display one aspect of leadership?

As we have watched these long years the evolution of Urantia, we have seen that there are so few true leaders. The leaders of your world hold to a standard of power, of coercion, of force, of might. But I say to you this is not true power; this is illusory.

True power comes in the guise of service, of that meek surrender of the will of the Father Fragment within that leads you in the expression of peace, beauty, goodness, compassion, love. These are the true hallmarks of leadership, and the degree to which you show these fruits forth in your daily life in interactions with others, you show true leadership, for it takes courage to step out and return good for unkindness, to forgive when others have hurt you unthinkingly, unfeelingly. This is when you show true leadership. I ask you now, I invite you now, to take a moment of stillness to go within and just ask the Father, "How may I best serve You? What are the hidden talents I have within me that I may not even be consciously aware of? Help me to feel them, to understand them. Guide me into the realization of them in my daily life." Just take a moment to do this now.

You see, my friends, you have more power and support than you are already aware of, but it is growing. Each day as you walk in faith, each day as you return to stillness and ask the Father to grow your personality gifts, you grow in confidence and assurance that with the Father all things are possible, that you can work miracles and wonders in His name. You can reveal the majesty and the power and the glory of His love to all whose paths cross in front of you.

As I look into each of you this morning I see such potential. It fills my heart with gladness, for each of you has these many beautiful seeds to sow. The more you enfold yourselves, the more you give of yourselves, the more you receive and in turn the more you can share with others.

I encourage you to spend time reconnecting with the spring of life to water those seeds within your soul so that you can bear rich, bountiful fruit in the harvest and make this kingdom that we are growing into the most vibrant feast to tantalize and tempt your brothers and sisters to join in the table, in the harvest, in the kingdom. This is a joyful duty, and it is one that you will begin to more fully appreciate and relish the more you spend time communing with your Father. So, serve joyfully, lead gladly.

You do not have to always see where it is that you are heading, for only the Father knows the path that is best for you. The more you allow yourself to trust, the more you can reveal the goodness that is in your hearts and the more you can reveal the Father's love to your brothers and sisters. As I take my leave of you this morning I want you all to fully appreciate the bounty and the joy that live within each of you and to lead, be brave. Take that leap, that first step of faith, into the role of leadership and transform this beautiful planet into the beautiful jewel it was always meant to be. Good day.



July 06, 2001


2001 Snowbird TeaM Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

Teacher:  Gorman

TR: Gerdean

Topic:  Down To Earth Spiritual Reality

--Friday Morning--First Session--3rd message.



Thank you, Michael, for your good tidings and Divine Minister for the Spirit that pervades our atmosphere in this mountainous bowl of infinite celebration in the initial resounding effects of how many centuries of effort. I am a Secondary Midwayer. I have been working for a long time, as have many, many others in service to the divine plan that is beginning to be revealed in your faces as you light up the environment with your beautiful souls.

The essences of effort and desire to do the will of the Father in Heaven and in devotion to Michael, our Master Son, we are among the army of workers, the elemental grunt workers along with you in the trenches and in the fields. I am truly honored today to be given this space on the podium to express my appreciation and gratitude for those of you who have been able and willing to follow the guidance and the direction we have injected into your paths. We have helped you go left when you wanted to go right. We have directed you in subtle paths and obvious. We have stubbed your toe and thrown things in order to get your attention--and having gotten your attention, it is my privilege to honor Prince Machiventa for his untiring efforts and his unspeakably patient and loving Teacher Corps, who have invested their entire beings into the work at hand, the reclamation of our pretty little world on the outer rim of Nebadon.

I am small and lowly in the hierarchy of Spirit ascension and dissension, but I am happy to be in this phase. I have such regard for my superiors and they have devotion to my growth and yours. It is an ideal you have yet to perceive in fullness, for you cannot see quite beyond the veil of material perception, and yet I encourage you to look, to attempt to see, to realign your eyes, exchange your vision such that you are able to incorporate the celestial reality as your primary reality. These few days ahead will give us that opportunity. We can practice the greater family reality.

There is no separation in Creation. We are an inter-species alliance of the material, morontial and spiritual, just as we have the Son, the Father and the Grandfather over all, an unspeakably wondrous experience. I now embark with you on a continuation of this unspeakably wondrous experience in these incredibly beautiful environs with some really cute creatures. Thank you mortals and celestial alike for helping bridge the gap, and yes, you are welcome. We are also invaluable in the process and are happy to serve, happy to rejoice in the work at hand. The Kingdom is upon us. Rejoice and be glad.



Snowmass [Snowbird] Conference


July 9, 2001

Group Present: Faye, Nina, Calvin, Cory, Miriam, Mary Huggins, Anthony, Dirk, Claireesa, Rita, Henry Brunkhorst, Sandy, Mark, John Blackburn and wife Niki Harrison

(Unchecked with tape)

Welcome to Phase 2
TR: Nina

I am Abraham, Greetings. I so enjoyed your discussion this evening. It was nice to hear you discuss something else besides the conference.  (Roar)

This everyday living reality is what we have spoken about so many times before. Our mission is about finding those reserves from to draw a spiritual account in a practical way. A way that suits the human and the divine.

I breathe a sigh of relief for we have put our best foot forward and now we leave the results in Father’s hands. I can say every individual received exactly what they put into the conference gathering. I trust that most will have those spiritual reserves on hand for some time to come.

I have been assigned the somewhat controversial task of reiterating the basis from which this Teaching Mission stems. I am speaking about the Urantia Book. This book is our compass in the sea of everything.

Many ideas will come and go and you can always measure these ideas with the book. The book is a solid directional guide, even though it may contain some material that seems farfetched. Nevertheless it is a lighthouse that leads us to the shores of balance. Next to this book we have our beloved Father fragments providing for us ever new and updated information. In the days ahead we would do well to ponder the closeness to the ever-indwelling Father fragment who is ever showing us a new and better way.

The communication with our Fragments is becoming more simple to understand since the planet has re-encircuited into the fold of Nebadon. Do not make the mistake of putting these Father Fragments on a mystical pedestal, because this leads to over-indulgence in self-aggrandizement. Become used to thinking of them as the better part of yourself. Your higher mind; Your revelatory provider. These Mystery Monitors are the gatekeepers to all that holds meanings and values. Allow them to work and notice your new sense of balance and confidence to be at home in the world. Those wonderful Fragments are a safety measure to weed out non-reality, while correlating information that will serve you well.

And last I would say a few words on living revelation.

Down through the ages you can see how the basic goodness of all religions have taken hold. They have not gone away. Those things that are really true will be lasting. There is always a great deal of excitement created around certain theories, but when they loose the momentum of the people’s faith, they go by the wayside.

As you mature in spirit, you find you need not give faith energy over to just anything. You can always count on your indwelling Fragments to keep  you up to date with universe happenings. You can know their ministries more  mentally than emotionally. In the course of choosing from the banquet table,=    they, the Adjusters can certainly lead you to those dishes of nutrition and what  might not always look appetizing to you may be with more spiritual sustenance, according to the Indweller.

You can measure the living revelation with your understanding of becoming more selfless. What feels good and true may be food for the ego, not necessarily for the soul. Have confidence, my friends; your indwelling Father goes before you. He has sampled everything and is a helpmate, not one who is awaiting for you to make a mistake so He can chastise you.

Ponder these things this week, my friends, for we are at the beginning of Phase 2 of the mission. Let us rally our faith. Filter out the falsities, and check our foundation for cracks.

This phase will be the building. I would not receive questions this evening, but would love to leave you with some heightened energy reserves by praying for you.

Our Father, our Son, our Mother, I humbly come before you on behalf of my mission fellows. There has been a great expense of energy as of late and I, in my love for them, beseech you to rain down upon them your ever-lasting love and comfort. Aid them in their integration of all they have learned this weekend. Bring balance to imbalance. Bring clarity to cloudiness. You know, as I do, that their underlying motivation was out of love for you.

We know that. We know that you know their expense in Spirit was great and we ask you for that Spirit energy that only you can provide. I speak on their behalf, that if there was ever need again for such energy expense, my friends here would not hesitate to once again do all they could for you. We thank you my Father, the Father of all Fathers. We thank you, Michael, for they could not want for a closer Brother/Friend. I thank you Mother for your grace and example of service without need for glory. Know that our thoughts, our love, our complete being is in you. We gratefully accept your energy, guidance and love in return. Amen. Shalom



The conference this year was sponsored by the Woods Cross, UT group known for its transmissions from Abraham and Ham.  The following was posted on line for information concerning the conference in 2001


2001 National Teaching Mission Conference Registration Snowbird, Utah - July

“Down to Earth Spiritual Reality”
Centered on the theme:
"Embrace Spiritual Reality With Practical Arms."
(Michael's words from the Oklahoma conference)

International Teaching Mission Conference~
10 Year Anniversary--Snowbird, UT

We invite and welcome all! Especially welcome, those who may not feel a part
of the Teaching Mission. July 5-8, 2001 (Thurs. through Sun.)

Registration Costs:
$35 before April 1st
$45 after April 1st *15 years old and under: FREE registration.

Youth attendance:
We hope participants can bring their children. We would like the children to
be included in the adult activities. SOME youth activities and/or workshops
will be scheduled, depending on registrants.