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Prepare to Get Busy,

Positive and Negative,

Michael Visits

T/R Note: Preface: During our discussion before interfacing with the teachers Sarah told us about a transmission she received from Machiventa about positivity and negativity in the world. I am including that ahead of our weekly session as the topic is further addressed at our weekly meeting. - Jonathan

Individual transcript:

Machiventa (Sarah):

Currents are the living energy. Currents are negative darkness. Currents are positive light. Ascension is the order of both.

The darkness calls to the person, exclaiming life would be so easy, happy, and carefree. Once pulled into the darkness of the evil, the soul begins a downward descent. It replaces the light and blinds the soul into a great chasm in which the energy flows and ego is without consciousness. Devious behavior is constantly in the works.

This negative energy is threatening the very life of any purpose on Urantia. We must take a stand to eradicate darkness by the light stepping in and interrupting the foul current.

How can one person alone even begin to achieve such a large problem? The only way possible is, for every one person, to shine. Blocking out the darkness bringing into the light the constant love of goodness. Do not allow your heart to assume that anything less than all positive thoughts and deeds to prevail in your very own actions.

The purpose of life is to unconditionally love. Live love, take with you the happiness that you deserve. Claim for yourself the benefits that follow the life of giving love.

You are a child of God that makes possible the perfection of bringing those fellows of darkness into the loving arms of their Father.

Weekly Transcript: February 21, 1999

Elyon (Sarah TR): Hello, this is Elyon. Welcome to our group, Valerie. I am sure that you will gain much wisdom here.

I think the order of the day could be, my dear students, all students no more. Now you are teachers. Machiventa's school is springing up, and you just need to be aware. A good motto for me is, "Don't sit and wonder what God's will is, just get out there and do God's will." Your willingness is a key, and as a group I intend to teach you to be brave and strong.

Nothing could be against us more than the negative currents. These currents are alive through energy, and the world's people have come a long ways from the one purpose of life, which you know is love. You are here to learn the lesson of love. After all the trials are finished, sit down and think what was the purpose of what you have been through and what you thought, and I am sure you will end up saying it was for love.

You are my family, and I have been your teacher for quite a long time. Let's look back on some of the transcripts from days gone by, weeks gone by, and in most of them you will find that love is the lesson. So many ways to go about.... Our ideas will come to us as fast we can put them to you. There are many angels to help you. God is the teacher of wisdom. Turn to Him. Turn to your inner self, your intuition, your third eye, and the way you have of corresponding with other people. When you get in a pinch, ask for an angel, ask for one of us. We are always there.

If words can't explain how you feel, ask me to help fill in with you. I can hone in exactly on what you want to do or say, if it is positive. If it's negative, you get no help from me! Well, maybe a little bit. Now is the time to rise above your defects of character and build on that soul. It will be easy if you are just aware and willing and trustful.

Machiventa has started lessons with you, and they will be doing things versus thinking things. Action must be taken where the words on paper don't do much good. As you have spiritually grown and feel much better about yourself, you must make a difference by being spiritually strong to all you come in contact with. So, my dears, prepare to get busy.

I'm out of here. Elyon.

Machiventa (Mark): I would come among you today. This is Machiventa, and I would participate with you today as one in service to our Creator and in service to each of you, as well. You have discussed some points of a previous lesson, and I would take this opportunity to elaborate on your discussion.

You all are aware of the negative effects of fear and doubt, hatred. These elicit physical and emotional responses from your being which are quite evident to you when they occur. The results of your efforts to come from the polar opposite, the positive, are less tangible to you now in this state. When you come from a place of love, of gratitude, of acceptance, of peace, the electro-chemical and physical responses you experience are much different and in some cases far less tangible to you now. I would enlarge your perspective of this to tell you that the positive effect you have from choosing to come from love, to reside in goodness, is evident far beyond your realm here and now. It is as if you are on this world surrounded by a heavy cloud cover which prohibits you from seeing the great, positive bands of energy that come to you. But when you choose to activate these potentials of goodness, beauty, love, you originate your own light here. This light is seen by us from afar through what is your cloud cover. They penetrate piercingly through the negativism which may surround your sphere as a laser beam shoots up into the heavens. From our perspective, this is all we see emanating from your world, this light that you generate, that your consciously manifest in your life. The negative cloud cover surrounding your world does not shine into the heavens, but your light does. The light of your positive actions has a far-reaching effect which you cannot see at this time. When you shine a bright flashlight outward, you are the point of origin of this beam of light. You cannot, at that time, from that perspective, see how far that beam of light may, in fact, go. We can. We see from the other end of the light. We see beacons shining into the heavens. This is how we know you are about the Father's will. Your prayers and your actions strengthen these luminescent beams, and as a group you are able to concentrate and focus your beams to illuminate large areas.

Trust that in taking these actions, in consciously manifesting this light, you are having these positive effects, even though it may be difficult for you to see. Your patience and your diligence in these classrooms have brightened your lights, have strengthened your beams so that you now may use your light to direct others through the darkness, as well. This is the goal of the Melchizedek schools, and this you are accomplishing.

I thank you, each one, for your willingness, for your participation in these classrooms. Without students classrooms are useless. You have been excellent students up to this time. Now it is time for you to take your beams of light and to help others through the darkness, to reach back for those who are fumbling in the cloud cover and to go forward with your spiritual compass and with your beams of light in the direction you know is right. The others will follow. They seek the direction that you pursue.

I thank you for your time today. I care deeply for each of you. Know that we will have a long term relationship together. Thank you.

Sarah: I have a question for Elyon. A few weeks ago in a transcript I read that we are like babies learning to crawl, toddlers trying to walk. I don't quite understand this. Personally I have worked on this for years. I still don't walk? When are we going to be like college students? I realize this life is only a teeny bit of energy for us, but I don't understand how I can't be considered to have more wisdom than a person who has never even tried? Can you answer that?

Elyon (Jonathan): I certainly can and am delighted that you inquire into this comment, for it brings the opportunity to address your growth in a twofold manner.

First, my comments of that time were in the scope of your long ascent to Paradise. That perspective places every individual on this planet, sage, saint, or sinner, in the toddler realm. I grant you the confirmation of great growth and progress in your sojourn on this planet as you prepare for the future. Within every level there are gradations. We have acknowledged that you are qualified as teachers. We remind you continually that you are not simply our students but our comrades and our equals in bringing the gospel of Michael and the teachings of the melchizedeks to others resident here. In this context you have gone beyond crawling and toddling, beyond walking, even running, into the more complex movements of dance. You have learned to orchestrate your selfhood in congruency with the cosmos. . ..there is a rhythm, there is a dynamic that has effect upon all personalities. As a personality grows in awareness, it not only learns to harmonize with this vibration, in also learns to contribute to the strength of this vibration through sympathetic and creative input, itself.

This Correcting Time is, by stages, set forth to consciously collect all who are capable of contributing to further harmonizing this dynamic vibration, then to transfer this knowledge and experience to others through sharing ministry, with the goal of bringing about total transformation and thereby bringing an end to the discordant, disruptive, contrary actions of will creatures who are mis-trained and uninformed about how the family of this planet, and of families of planets in the system, live together.

I hope this addresses your concern and alleviates the sense that I may have been demoting you to a level that you have long since passed through and beyond.

Sarah: Yes, you have answered my question. Thank you, Elyon.

Michael (Mark): [Mark stands, and as he speaks, he walks around the circle, laying his hand on each person's head]

My children, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, I desire to come among you today once again so that we may become more familiar. I desire that you know my presence. I desire that you feel personally, each and every one, the touch of my spirit. I trust that you will bear with me in this exercise. It is my desire to experience a more personal relationship with each of you. Please take this gift I give to you this day as my sincere love and desire. Please recognize my energy and my love as I bestow it upon you so freely. I am so very pleased in each of you that I simply desire another avenue to touch you, to bestow my appreciation on you, each one, for I know that each one of you loves me as well. I know it is the desire of your hearts to be with me, and I send you this day my confirmation that it is so; even now it is so.

But as you grow so will this bond between us, so will this love we share together. Feel me in your hearts. Know that I am with you and that when you act in love that you are with me. When you reside in peace you reside with me. And this day I bring you this confirmation as a gift. Please take it in your hearts and then give it away, my friends. Give it to those around you as our gift to them. Bring them to me through you, each one. This is our work together. Thank you, my friends, I love you, each one.

Michael (Mary): I ask you each to accept my invitation to the dance. Come dance with me; I will be your partner. We will make a difference. We will have fun making a difference. We will share love. We will share time. We will share experiences. We will dance throughout the many mansions in my Father's house. The joy I feel in each of you as my brothers and sisters, as my children, is almost inexpressible. You will experience my joy throughout your experience in time.

After we finish this dance in time we will move even beyond this realm into such incredible experiences of light and joy that our Father has gifted us with in our future. Dance with me.

Thank you.

Michael (Sarah): Let us hold hands and feel the energy, the complete peace and endless energy. I love you all so much. The angels are in the room with you, and you have made them happy. We have a chorus of cheers. We love you all as you love each other. Take this feeling and image with you throughout this week. Thank you.