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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group


Elyon, Daniel, Aaron, Malvantra, Jessona







More on Names

November 22, 1998

*          Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you today with joy. This is Elyon, and I bring you the verbal confirmation of Michael's love, his presence among you. I simply make audible his expression that he gives to you in your soul.

We teachers are here to share with you in the same manner and by the same technique by which the apostles likewise ministered and cared for people throughout the region and the various cities of the times that they lived in, only our region is Nebadon and our cities are the rebellion planets. In all our work it is likewise our charge to minister to the soul and to the physical and mental afflictions of those that we contact. We hear your petitions, and they are relayed to those who have the wherewithal to effect the will of the Father in the lives of your beloved.

There are several of my associates here today, and I will allow them to speak, as you are quite familiar with my teachings. I would hope for their time to be enriching for you today.

Gloria: I would like to introduce Bonnie to the teachers.

*          Elyon: We greet you warmly.

*          Malvantra: I am Malvantra, and I would like to speak with you. I will use the imagery of the sun and clouds in the sky to convey my message.

When the day is clear and the sun is strong and the shadows are strikingly distinct, you, in a spiritual sense, feel uplifted. You can clearly see the distinction between good and evil. You know the difference between happiness and sadness. You are better able to discern actions that are right and those that are wrong. But on a cloudy day when the shadows are weak and the distinctions are confusing to you, there is often experienced in you that sense of loss of direction, of focus, for the diffusion leaves one without an aim. I would simply encourage you all to realize that these obscuring clouds are diffusing of the light. The light emanates more from all directions in its scattering. Your own luminosity, that which reveals your attainment at this time in your life, is radiating; it is present; it is simply not in a focus you can perceive, but it is none the less present. During these times you are most benefitted by a deep reliance upon your faith and upon your legacy of training and accomplishment, all the many difficult lessons and hours you have spent grasping spiritual truth and significance in your life. Never does a day dawn when it is entirely dark. Therefore trust even the diffuse light of a gloomy day for your guidance.

I am finished.

Gloria: Do you have any words for me, my friends?

 *          Daniel: Greetings to you, Gloria. I make my entrance this way. this is Daniel. I convey to you that we are greatly assured of your reliability as one who, being fully dedicated to the will of the Father, will rise to any occasion granted in your life experiences which will be of great benefit to another. You have marked another year of time in personal growth, and we have been able to check several things off our list that relates to your growth. Having been with you for a long time, I am assured of your continued diligence in pursuing higher levels of awareness and the subsequent attainment that comes from awareness, that you will continue to translate the enlightenment of mind into the status of being.

Gloria: Thank you, old friend. It's good to hear from you. I've made a drastic shift in my way of thinking and doing lately, and I feel I am on the right track. Thank you for your kind words. You know how much I love you.

Daniel: And I love you equally in return.

Growth is like exercise, for it necessitates struggle, pain, soreness, as you flex your muscles, as you agitate your skeletal structure. The shakedown results in pain; the recuperation can bring a sense of lethargy, yet in the end results strength, vitality, and the ability to vigorously exert yourself in the next cycle. Though we are among you as your coaches, we will never do your exercises for you. Our efforts are not to dictate which exercises you need but rather to show you the best way to undertake that exercise, how to push the pedal, to grip the handle, to turn that somersault. One thing we are very pleased of with all of you in this mission is that you do continually dress in sweats and show up for workout. Whether you do so on the court with your fellows or alone in the weight room on your own, you all are quite faithful in making the effort.

There are times when you each feel the doubt. Is there a need to pursue beyond a given strength or ability level? Is there a need to have more spiritual acquirements in a life on Urantia, a world that is so torn with fear and doubt? Even a minimal amount of attainment is a blessing to many around you. But I ask you to put that doubt away, for many times your training here, though often it has great implications toward service to your fellows, you are in training for projects and purposes on the mansions soon to come.

Michael lived his life first awakening to his being a human and subsequently to his being the creator. Following this awareness he functioned in a dual sense, for he made decisions and took action which benefited his associates on earth, but often times those actions were deliberately designed to benefit the universe and to minister to even the most wayward in the system. He, being our creator, knew what he was doing. I simply express to you today that though you may not perceive the larger perspective, you are likewise involved in a similar undertaking. So, I do desire to impress upon you to continue to make your efforts toward higher standing, towards greater soul growth, for, as seemingly unnecessary as it may appear in your daily life, it is preparatory to great adventures that lie ahead.

Aaron (Simeon): Good morning, friends. I am Aaron, and I am present and attending. It is a pleasure to see your fine faces turned toward the light. I do not have any particular presentation this morning, rather do I enjoy the attendance. I certainly am present and would interact with you if you have any questions. It is good to see you again.

Jonathan: Last week we discussed names, also today before our session. From our introduction to you, we know you were called various names. What is your reflection on this "misnaming" if it can be called that? I don't expect to hear the authoritative correction on what is your actual name, but some reflection on that.

*          Aaron: Greetings, Jonathan. Thank you for your inquiry.

The discernment of actual names has been difficult for not only Simeon but for many throughout this mission. I do concur with Elyon that the names designate more of a title for function.

In my early attempts to connect with Simeon and members of this larger grouping, it was not so important that there be accuracy as that there would be attempts to discern. Therefore, I promoted more settling upon a name than getting caught up in the struggle, and foregoing the spiritual discourses and interaction. Aaron is a function title for myself as a group teacher. My earlier function was not as an "Aaron", so to speak. Affectionately Pearson, Harrison, Airson, these names were attempts to perceive Aaron. But I accepted personally the title of Pearson as my role with Simeon as a personal guide. My student offered me the title, and therefore I accepted it.

These names do have some beneficial purpose; they are not simply meaningless exercises, for if we would have simply wanted to give spiritual insight alone we could have done this and never divulged or attempted to apply appellations. But we are in relationship to you. The opening of the circuits and the ending of the isolation that is underway requires the awareness of mortals that they are not alone in the universe and that there is a family of benevolent beings in service to the cosmic scheme of progression. Your awareness of our personality over and above the insight itself does a great degree of good for bringing into the world these realizations that there are many beings present who are not simply one personality, one spirit.

I know this is a long answer to your question, but I hope this has aided your insight.

Jonathan: It has. I reflect on how, in my twenties, I did woodworking, carpentry in particular, but I never called myself a carpenter. I didn't want to define myself, and, being a novice, my skills were minimal. Now I have no hesitation to call myself a woodworker. I feel good about the skill and training behind me. For years I called myself a Urantia Book reader. I liked the detachment of not saying I'm a Christian or a Muslim or something. Now I am more willing to call myself a citizen of Nebadon or a minister for the celestials, things that sound presumptuous but it's because there has been some growth. I fit the name better than I did in the past. When you say you will settle upon a name it is a milestone for the work that lies beyond.

*          Aaron: Yes, indeed I do appreciate your awareness. The effort is more important than what it is called. Therefore the ability to settle upon what it is you are doing and to move beyond in your function provides the opportunity for increased enlightenment and further development.

Gloria: I asked Abraham about this insight that some of these new diseases, chronic fatigue type syndromes, have something to with the opening of the circuits, that it was a disease of the soul. Could you comment on that? He said that future generations won't have the diseases we are putting up with now because the circuits will be open. What can we do now so we don't have to suffer so much? Could you possibly comment on connecting the disease of the soul with these we are inflicted with now.

*          Aaron: Hello, Gloria. I recognize your desire for understanding and would take this opportunity to expand on this. The disease that effects you physically is never induced by spiritual awakening. Disharmony, however, can make the system more susceptible to ailment. Many diseases are stress induced, tension related. Recognize that many of these things that you face in the world today are also the result of toxins that have been introduced into your environment, seen and unseen. The opening of the circuits has no direct relation to disease. I believe in my understanding that it is possible for those with a sense of disharmony within to be influenced by the energies in such a manner that their disharmony can produce tension or stress which can produce an environment where disease is more likely.

Gloria: I was getting that with the opening of the circuits there would be an awakening within ourselves to want to grow spiritually. The inner turmoil would come from the physical part of us not wanting to awaken, which would create disharmony within our bodies.

*          Aaron: Yes, this is possible and let me say that many of these mysterious diseases or afflictions that have no common root but cause a loss of focus and a loss of energy can be as a result of this disharmony. When the body exhausts energy endlessly on a consistent basis of breakdown of an eternal circuitry, even muscular functioning, can occur. Therefore is it in our estimation important to come to a place where your treatment of one another in medical fields takes into account more the healing of the spirit which produces a relaxation of all other systems therefore providing a means whereby restoration can occur to some degree. This is beginning to occur somewhat, although you may be assured that this will be a lengthy process as it comes into more social acceptance. But personally I would encourage you toward the continued amplification of your personality in alignment with your Indweller and for a holistic view of you in relation to the universe. This assurance of participation, belonging, and acceptance, these are means whereby you can greatly improve the conditions for the most beneficial healing of your systems spiritually but as well mentally and physically.

Does this aid you, my friend?

Gloria: Yes, it's not the answer I was seeking but that's okay. With all the toxins to have a healthy body to combat them is about all we can do. When we are under duress our immune systems get lower. With the opening of the circuits a lot of people will go crazy because of the newness. It would be stressful for people who what to grow but don't know how. It would create chronic fatigue. I want to be a part of healing this.

I love you a lot, Aaron. It's good to have you around.

*          Aaron: Thank you, Gloria. Your insight is good. The realization further that the circuitry opening will merely amplify what is already within, therefore, if disturbance or mental dysfunction is present and dormant, the stimulation of circuitry may, indeed, cause these dysfunctions to be more prevalently seen, even as the dormant soul seeking spiritual reality will blossom by the awareness of this circuitry opening. For all negative consequences there will be far more beneficial realizations due to this occurring. I hope as well that you can see this, and the emphasis we provide is to look to strengthening your spiritual reservoirs, for these will be greatly supported by the spiritual awakening that increasingly will occur.

*          Elyon: This is Elyon and I would also like to comment.

You may liken this increased circuitry to the function of a string on an instrument that is being pulled taut to the pitch that is sought for, that it may ring in tune. The tension itself causes great stress on that filament. Even when the string is brought to pitch, it will slacken as it stretches and will appear out of tune and will be re-tuned. The process will continue until stabilization is reached. This appears as disease when in reality it is adjustment to the goal. When a string is taut, it can be put to use as you function being rubbed across the frets of life -- and I mean that as a pun -- you experience some discomfort in the execution of the desired tonality to be expressed.

Some of your strings on your instruments are wound around the center filament. This may fray in use, but you human beings are not simply a single filament; you are presently threefold. You are perhaps more accurately like a braided rope with a physical, mental, and spiritual content all woven together. Because your physical filaments have not been properly prepared as was the plan for this world, there is some inherent weakness when tension is placed upon this rope. As Aaron has pointed out, the tension was never directly intended to inflict. It is more the result of other effects and causes which have not properly prepared this aspect of yourself to undertake the strain.

I hope this has added to the heap of help.

Gloria: Yes, thank you.

Tom: Could Jessona make some comment on this subject?

*          Jessona: This is Jessona. Being one who is involved in the ministry of health on this planet, you could, to follow Elyon's analogy, liken me to one who tempers steel, to work towards improving the biologic structure of the races on this world. We are somewhat handicapped in our work only in the sense that our ministry stems from the conditions due to lack of ordinary administrative procedures here. So we provide the fire for the tempering, but we look to your physicians, to your healing ministers, to be those who wield the hammer that apply the anvil and temper and tune your vehicles for greater function.

In the interests of time I will hold my remarks until we return home.