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Teaching Mission Regional Conference

Bogus Basin, Idaho



Light Is Revelation

Session with Terry and Marlene Olsen, Julie Drebing, Mary Rogers, Jael Regis, Melissa Wilson, and Rick and Barbara Giles

Saturday, July 3, 1998

Elyon (Jonathan TR): I embrace you today lovingly and warmly, with every attempt to do so for you as Michael does for myself and for you. It is one of the great experiences of life, no matter what your station, to be a recipient of Michael's love, for his gentle hand of guidance, for even his corrective support. You know of the many times in which the apostles received admonition and reprimand. They took it well, for they loved the master in return. And you, I see, are equally diligent in being alert to those factors in your life which stand in need of change. You are also positively focused toward attainment, not just correction but actually reaching for a new level, even if it entails adjustment subsequently.

I am Elyon, and I greet you.

As you make the effort to grow, you will encounter uncertainty. It is a natural part of the process, for it would not be growth with certainty; that would be the expression of prior attainment. In order to proceed through your incomplete grasp to reach another stage in personality attainment, you are applying faith, and your are displacing fear. As you walk this path, it becomes ever more clear to you that what you have grown into before is greatly expediting where you are going to now. It has a momentum effect like a snowball. Michael reached Light and Life at a young age for he was ever diligent in applying himself toward future attainment.

I am willing to take your questions or comments at this time.

Marlene: Thank you for your many lessons in your group. They do filter out to others, as I am sure you know. Our group has so enjoyed these marvelous lessons. Thank you.

* Elyon: You are quite welcome, and I thank you in return, along with my associate Evelyn who has assisted in my mission to carry the word of the Melchizedeks to others.

I would address the comments of Terry and repeat what I shared with my group a few weeks back.

Light is revelation. Life is evolution. You are the meeting of the two. You have correctly discerned that this light is the presence of the Father. This inner spiritual luminosity transmutes into mindal enlightenment. It then becomes that light which so shines it blesses all others. All throughout the universe we are witnessing the creation of matter as it has condensed out of energy. This energy, many of us are still dumbfounded as to how it comes into being. Yet we witness on this stage of matter the development of such a broad spectrum of living beings that it becomes even more baffling how life can manifest itself in such variety. Then there are those higher than both of us who are amazed that we can rise up out of the organismal level of life, out of the biological elements of matter, and perceive the Father and receive the Father and become one with the Father. This is, indeed, a miracle. Then we witness within ourselves the emergence of the Creator of life.  It is often said that, if you simply open your heart and receive him, he will commune with you. This is very true of your Creator Son. However, with the Father, when you open the door to your heart, you are letting Him out. He is already within you; He has already come to dwell. So, there is the divine downreach, but in reality it is an upreach from within you. And for you it is an inreach, more correctly so, than an upreach.

It has been said that heaven is in your mind; I correct this: Heaven is in your spirit. This pilot light illuminates the realities of Paradise as best as it can be transmuted into the mind and soul of an evolutionary creature. The Father has projected life from Paradise, through Havona, out into the stretches of the universe, and we are all reaching back in our lives toward Him. We are creation, in a sense, in reverse. The Father has cast abroad; we are all gathering in return.

Light is and has been and will be always. Life is creation. Life will become the reflection of light. The pure, unadulterated luminosity of the Father becomes animated, orientated, directionalized, refracted through you. This is the Father's will. He desires to experience the spectrum in display of His luminosity, all of which is pure brilliance at His residential abode.

Having said what I have, are there comments?

Terry: Only thank you.

Julie: (During the conference) . .. it's been easy to see light in other people, but at home there have been times when I tried to find their Thought Adjuster, to see if they have one, and I can't. So, I think I don't really need to; if they have one, they have one. But in searching for that connection in these people, is there a tool?

Elyon: My sister, I offer you this comment. You are one who is in a position where you witness a spectrum of humanity which often rebels against light. We have spoken of the inner spirit as the pilot light. The human being is the navigator light. This is a means whereby you may determine the presence of the Thought Adjuster: is that personality navigating? Is that personality charting its course based on the map of the Father's will? If not, then you enter into the uncertain zone of: does this individual know of the reality of the map of the Father's will? Does this individual realize the responsibility of navigating this life vehicle toward the Father? If this individual has rejected this notion, then you must, because of your mortal condition, leave the rest to the Father, for it is His choice to remain or to withdraw. Here also is your opportunity to minister, to in some way either through demonstration or comment attempt to bring into awareness the privilege and opportunity every personality has to navigate their way back to the Father.

I hope this has been helpful.

Julie: Yes, thank you.

Mary: So, there are people on the planet who are Thought Adjuster-less?

* Elyon: This is not in my liberty to say to you. But I would offer the reflection: this is Urantia.

Jael: Elyon, do you have any words for me about working at the school? I'm excited to be going back.

Elyon: We have been working with this idea of pilot and navigator. These young souls who you have the opportunity to minister to can benefit from the vision that life is navigable, that there are radar resources through which they can determine what is out there in life and how they may carry themselves toward their goals. That skill will take them into any field of endeavor and help them to experience success.

Of course, not only is your direction in life important, but your manifestation in this moment is also very important. It will be rather simple for you to reveal this present sense of belonging, of acceptance toward life, joyous anticipation of excited love. You have already done your homework in this arena, so I really have no advice for you.

Barbara: Having heard from Jessona, I would like to know how we can more consciously participate in these divisions of master seraphim.

Elyon: As Jessona has stated, the fields of activity you enlist in, they are your starting points. Then it is good to assess current conditions within any particular field, and to grasp your high values and ideals in relation to any field, and to seek creative methods to infuse these ideals into these fields. When you elect and enact this procedure, the master seraphim are alerted and come to your assistance. So, you will not be as conscious of their hand in your affairs as you will make them keenly aware of your hand in these affairs.

Does this help?

Barbara: Yes, that's true.

Mary: I'm surprised to feel so much emotion this weekend, like feeling the desire to hold my hand to my heart. You know me; do you have any insights into working with all these emotions? They all feel good, just curious and unexpected.

Elyon: Socially these gatherings of yours are quite beneficial in that they recharge your spiritual batteries, pump you up, and prepare you for another stretch of what is apparently a mundane life. However, beyond your ability to effect this other than your election to attend, we take the opportunity to adjust you in the circuits. This isn't often the case on a normal world, but on Urantia the encircuitment of even the adjutants is different than on a world where evolution has proceeded according to a divine plan. The animal nature undergoes alteration. You feel this in those receptive centers of the physical form. But this is only a repercussion of a deeper transformation. So, rejoice in being sensitive to the work.

I would add one more point, that all of you will leave here with this new vibration, and it will reverberate into your surroundings. Others will enjoy your presence; some will not know why. Others will detect and will begin or continue their pursuit of the very things you are attaining now.

Does this provide illumination?

Mary: Yes, thank you.

Elyon: You know that I also underwent a re-keying not too long ago.

Barbara: Is this something similar to that?

Elyon: Within the definition of the Correcting Time, it is. It's compensatory.

Mary: Emotions can really run away with you. You don't want to rein them in too much nor turn fanatical or hysterical. I feel it emotionally and physically.

Elyon: May I make a picture for you?

Mary: Oh, yes.

Elyon: The mind is like the equalizer in your sound system. It functions to heighten or restrict various frequencies. Your emotions are like your volume control. When the mind is equalized, emotions adjusted to the right decibel, then you reflect your soul. As you said, if the volume is too high, or too low, you restrict this, or you become out of control. But the mind and the emotions work together.

I hope this has been helpful, as well.

Mary: Yeah, you are my buddy.

Elyon: You are my sis.

Michael: I likewise greet you this hour. This is Michael. I would share with you that there were many hours that I sat with my original twelve and discussed many things, not unlike the conversation of this hour. How I longed for the Spirit of Truth to be dwelling within them as he does now. My very presence is with you. Rejoice in this, children. You know not how expeditious it is to have me with you always. Although I knew of the spirit and how it was soon to be given to my associates, I also understood how I had to undergo the sense of longing for this presence to be poured out upon you all. I had to experience its absence. Now I too understand what it is like to not understand. So, when you are troubled and uncertain, do know that I am with you always.

Elyon: This is Elyon returning, and I really have nothing else to say following that. If you are content, I will withdraw. I do thank you for your request to hear from me and for your attention.