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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group

Teachers: Elyon and Lantarnek

You Are Doing Well/Father Is like a Magnet

June 7, 1998

Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, once again, my fellow ascenders. This is one in service to you, your friend Elyon. I come forward in this group today to take notice and to draw attention to the synergy involved in this group and to declare to all individuals that I have witnessed and do confirm the marked changes that each of you has undergone in this period of spiritual pursuit. As fellows to each other, it is important to pass this perspective on from one to another that these changes in your demeanor, in your approach, in the attributes that you express, the characteristics which you show to those around you, these elements have undergone rather significant changes in the time that we have spent together in this project. Indeed, when I commence the process of coming to our regularly scheduled Sunday morning group, I am infused with the great success which I feel we have enjoyed in this group. If we serve no other purpose but the spiritual growth I have seen in the individuals present in this room to date, that would be sufficient for my efforts and the efforts of many others involved behind the scenes. We are thoroughly impressed with your efforts to pursue our teachings, to internalize our teachings, to become what you perceive to be the higher ways and the higher teachings you are exposed to. If you could but see the interest shown by the celestial intelligences over your reaction to our mission, you might very well be overwhelmed. You are the crucible in which we observe the transformation from theory into reality in your lives.

As teachers, as associates with you, we have accepted the challenge and the privilege to come among you to expose you to higher teachings and different perspectives. We have no more control after that aspect of our job is done. The rest resides with you, with your interpretations and with your actions. You have far exceeded any expectations we have ever dared to dream as to your acceptance and willingness to work with us. To step forward with what tools we have helped you gain to realize, to make real, these higher truths and realities which, when we introduced them, were only theories in your minds. They were not even able to be understood by your minds. Through repeated exposure and through different presentations many of you have come around to, not only understand the lessons, but to take that extra step which requires your faith and to act upon these lessons. No greater satisfaction could be had by a teacher than to see students so eager and willing as yourselves.

I point this out to you today as a means of bringing into full realization the progression of your efforts, the fruits of your labor. You have put effort into this path. You have, therefore, experienced directly the fruits of this effort. But I would point out that I as an observer and, as we observe your progress, we are thoroughly impressed and even humbled at your ability to make such advances in the face of such apparent darkness. You must attribute this in large part to the faith each one of you has, that you can take an idea, an ideal, and decide it is worthwhile for you to engage this to make it part of your life.

Most of what you are in engaged in at this time through this mission is not introduced to beings of your order until later exposure on the mansion worlds. You are now proving to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not only willing but you are, as well, able. What you do in our time spent together has marked impact on our approach as teachers to those who will come after you. You are, in a sense, our contact commission, as are those other groups we are involved with at this time. You are the ones who allow us to gauge the reception of our teachings, the effectiveness of our approach. We learn from you equally as you learn from us in how best to proceed with our job at hand.

I thank you for your participation in this process, for your willingness to reach out in faith, as you do this very moment. It is the link which makes it possible for us to proceed with the mission, as we have our mandate at this time.

I am sure that among yourselves it is easy for you to look at other members in this group you have been involved with for an extended time, and if you think even briefly about it, I am sure you are able to discern even with your senses that there have been changes in the demeanor and attitude and overall approach of your fellows, that you may see in them changes over the years you have been working together. These need to be recognized from time to time; growth needs to be acknowledged from stage to stage. That is what I offer you today. I affirm and acknowledge that I have witnessed as an associate of yours for these years we have been together that you have grown and changed. It fills my heart with joy; it is a beautiful sight to behold. It is what the whole process is all about in a nutshell. If I were to walk away right now, my mission would have been successful, but it is too good to stop at this point. We must work together to make a good thing even better. We must pursue hand-in-hand our mandate, which you have accepted in your hearts as your mandate, as well, the upliftment of your world towards the eventual conclusion we know is imminent. I have no doubt; I contain no skepticism that this will not happen. I am fully prepared, as you are, to move forward in our progression together.

There will be other times like this when it may be appropriate to stop for a moment, breathe deeply, realize the growth you have undergone as individuals, as a group, and as a corps who has been assembled for this task, to put in perspective that this is what we are and this is what we are doing and that it is working as is evident by the growth witnessed in all of you.

The Melchizedeks whose program we all follow have been very instructive to us as to effective ways to be about this mandate. They, too, share this sense I have expressed of being amazed at our willingness to work with them, at our enthusiasm, at our drive to pursue this avenue. As time moves forward we will be more directly concerned with the melchizedek lessons, although individual teachers such as myself are granted great latitude to put our own spin on it, as you might imagine. Nevertheless, we follow the outline presented to us by the melchizedeks who are so close to you in their existence. They affirm that the lesson plans and the schooling they have initialized is progressing at a very pleasing rate. They look forward to increasing the level of activity from one grade to the next very shortly.

I have no lesson plan to deliver today, as I feel in your insightful and impressive discussion around the circle this morning you were to each other as the teachers are often to you. You have provided stimulating thought patterns. You have evoked responses in your sharing with each other. You have presented common ground which you can each identify with. These are the effective measures we strive for in our lessons with you. I will point out that you are now becoming every bit as effective as we are from the outside. We notified you that this would occur. I am here to say that it is occurring. It is very pleasing to see this latest phase come into attainment for you all. You all are equally qualified to speak from your hearts, from your experience, from your souls and be effective to those around you, sometimes even more effective than an outsider would be. I give you praise for these efforts to extend yourselves beyond your comfort zones, and I encourage you to keep up the good work, to exemplify, as was stated earlier, the master's example in your everyday lives as you are coming to do more each day. Well done in your attempts and pursue with vigor our future endeavors together. I can assure you we will meet with success together. Thank you for this time.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): I would speak to you today as well; I am Lantarnek. I will share some thoughts on personality and its incircuitment.

If we view the inner spirit of the Father as like a magnet, we can then consider your life experiences as iron filings which are being arrayed by this divine spirit into the patterns of your soul. This drawing power of the spirit of God is the integrator of the potential for your passion to become like Him, although your true desire must spring from your own free will. All personality resides within this circuit and leads to the human cravings for relationship, for association. It is the cause of your desire to share and your urge to serve. You need never fear isolation, for you reside within the magnetic field of the Father's personality embrace. Each of you in your own life creation is replicating in miniature how the Father has revealed Himself in the great cosmos. If you could but step back far enough from your involvement in life, you would witness the magnetic patterns of all personalities in the array of the Supreme. The pattern is emerging all because you and many like yourselves are willing to dredge up iron in your life such that you may attract those experiences which bring about a threefold revelation. Most immediate is the revelation of your own personal reality, the beauty and the truth and the goodness you can and have attained and will continue to attain; indicating once again the miraculous bestowal gifts of the Father, both of His presence within and of your own personality.

The second revelation is the accumulated portrayal of beauty and goodness and truth in the personality of the emerging Supreme.

As important as this is to all of us in this age, long after the attainment of this revelation, the fulfillment of the Father's plan to time and space, beyond the ages that will follow, eventually, ultimately, there will be revealed for all the Father as fully and completely as can possibly be revealed. We all have only an inkling of the magnitude of His being, of the splendor of His character.

Each of you endeavors in your days to replicate His character. Though you all assess yourselves as falling short, you nonetheless ever strive for this attainment.

When in conflict over needs of self and your motivations toward brotherly service, alleviate the struggle, the dichotomy, with that third element, the presence of the Father. Know that He flows equally through you as through others. Through association, through camaraderie, through sharing in relationship, you both bring together the two hands of the Father in mutual embrace. This grasp of brotherhood further demonstrates the active presence of the Father in everyone's life.

In the infinite stretch of time the pursuit of the Father is endless. You have experienced and are continually witnessing that He is as present to you and real to you now as He will be at that distant point when we all will realize more fully the magnanimity of His being.

I have finished. I express to you my love. Thank you.