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NEC # 50 - Machiventa Melchizedek - The Destabilizing World - Jul 06, 2015 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #50 – Destabilizing World; Trust; Government – July 6, 2015
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Our World Is Destabilizing
  2. There Is No Library of Wisdom for Guidance
  3. Financial Instability of Our World
  4. Rules of Celestial Engagement with Mortals
  5. Our Education of Planetary Management
  6. The Role of Music to Heal Mental Illness and Elevate the Soul
  7. The Effect of Violent Video Games on Children
  8. Minds Dominated by Music
  9. The Role of Music in Generating New Thought Patterns
  10. How Important Is it to Remember Your Childhood?
  11. Healing Ceremonies from Other Cultures
  12. Trusting Ourselves
  13. Controlling Our Emotions
  14. Curative Aspect of Social Sustainability on Mental Health
  15. Input from General Public in Government
  16. Defense Mechanisms in Mental Health
  17. Forgotten Children in a Nation
  18. The Topic of “Love”
  19. Machiventa’s Closing Remarks

TR:  Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, M.D., and a Student
July 6, 2015


Our world is destabilizing

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  Your world is changing rapidly and it is much like the world standing on its feet in the surf; as the surf comes in and out it erodes the sand around and under your feet destabilizing your steady presence there on the sand.  This is the condition of your world at this time that the erosion that is occurring through all the negative and hostile events around the world are destabilizing your societies.  You have seen the problem in Greece with their economy.  This was due to erroneous decisions, hazardous decisions made some years ago when there was great prosperity without a thought for the future.  Now they reap those negative rewards.

Similarly, there is the tremendous exodus of people from Africa across the Mediterranean into the countries of Italy, Greece and others.  This is a further destabilizing activity.  This too, is much like the sand around your feet in the surf; it does not seem to amount to much, until you fall over into the surf and have wet your clothes completely.  So it is with these two major problems that they do not seem to be egregious or difficult, but eventually they will be of such concern that they will have a tremendous impact on the stability—social, economic and political stability of all of Europe.

There is no library of wisdom for guidance

These nations have no formulated policy on how to resolve these great problems.  This points to the imminent fact of elements that contribute to the instability of your world, if not the anticipation of the future.  Your nations and societies and institutions were never formed with an underlying intention to become sustainable, so when these events develop they are new and they are difficult.  What is worse (or as bad) that makes it difficult is that there is no library of wisdom of what works and what does not work, to assist political and economic and social decision-makers how to proceed in difficult situations.  This will be seen in the future as a “no brainer,” that there must be a base of wisdom of what works and what does not work to guide the decisions that effect so many people.  There are, in fact, a number of problems in your contemporary societies and their operation that will be seen in the future as silly—not to have thought about that, and to not plan for a future with the variables.

Financial instability of our world

We have spoken before about the financial instability of your world, even though the rules of financial transactions and stability have been known for decades and centuries.  To let the fear and ego of money managers and corporate heads and banking heads manipulate the funds in such a way as to cause instability is unacceptable in a society that has accepted the challenge of moving into social sustainability.  These will be seen as simple problems to remedy, but now they are almost completely out of the awareness, or consciousness of everyone.  It is assumed that these problems are innate and indigenous to the sectors of activity, which is not true.  These are assumed problems.  They must become exposed in the light of the three core values of social sustainability, and the three core value-emotions of social sustainability.  Once those values have been exposed to public awareness and to policy analysts and decision-makers, it will be seen as obvious what to do and what not to do to help your societies become economically and financially stable.

Rules of celestial engagement with mortals

Christ Michael’s Correcting Time continues to expand.  With the augmentation of the number of Midwayers, and with the Celestial Teachers and the many Melchizedeks that are here—and the multiple corps of Angels of Nebadonia, there is tremendous effort in all sectors to bring your world into a stable and steady state—and to do this without the evidence of outside manipulation.  And all of this being done without abrogating a single decision of a single mortal involved in these activities, or who is not even aware of any of these activities.  The rules of engagement that we have for working with your societies have come to their most complete stage of development.  Yes, it has taken us almost 30 years to do this, but it is worthwhile to do it slowly and thoroughly so that individuals, mortals of your world learn from these experiences and gain the wisdoms of what works and what does not work to support a world.

Our education of planetary management

You—you who are reading these words and have for years—have come into a tremendous education of planetary management.  You have been exposed to what appears to be the passive Will of the Planetary Creator, Christ Michael, in the evolution of your world, yet, through patience and love and perseverance and clear vision of what is to become, those plans come about in reality one way or another, for the benefit of everyone.  What I am saying is this:  That when you become Finaliters, you will have the direct experience of a Creator Son’s Correcting Time plan as a formula for assisting other planets in the universe that have similar difficulties.  Because Urantia has had the extreme privilege of being one of the most egregiously misaligned planets in Christ Michael’s universe, or even in all of Orvonton, you have a set of instructions and plans in the Correcting Time that will be of immense assistance to you in almost any place in the Grand Universe in your eternal career as a Finaliter, no matter what activity or role you play.  You have seen the worst, you have participated in the worst, and you have seen it progress and correct itself in time.  Yes, you will have graduated to the Mansion Worlds long before this world comes into the Days of Light and Life, but nonetheless, through the broadcasts that you will receive about the progress of the Correcting Time in the planets that were in quarantine, you will learn a tremendous amount about Christ Michael’s plans for correcting these difficulties, and you will come away with a very complete understanding of how to do that as advisor and counsel in your Finaliter state of existence.

The role of music to heal mental illness and elevate the soul

Roxie:  Thank you, Machiventa.  I have a question based on the last session when we discussed using music to heal mental illness and elevate the soul.  I am concerned that the music that our children and teens listen to does not do either, and in fact, may cause many to rebel from their lyrics and monotonous beat.  Your comments, please, and how do we overturn such a pervasive part of our childrens’ lives?

MACHIVENTA:  What you are seeing in this contemporary music that you refer to definitely does not contribute to the good well-being of these children and growing minds.  These are trends which you personally cannot change; they are societal and they are cultural, and that these too will change with the decades, just as the music that was seen so decadent in the 1920’s, now seems very passive and benign, and in fact quaint.  So too, will the music of this era be seen in the future as quaint, and even primitive in many ways.  Certainly, much of it has been a regression in musicology and music theory.  However, just as there are individuals who are creative in your world who have devised wonderful musical scores, and so on, that are helpful to the mental state of balance and peace of individuals, there will also be other individuals who begin to understand the association of tones and notes that bring about peace as well.

You are already aware that much of the work of Mozart and Beethoven, and so on, are useful, have been useful and proven useful to assist young children, even in the fetal state, to be at peace and calm, which is useful.  If one were to do further scientific research on tonal developments and combinations that are similar in form, they will begin to understand how to attract, or develop greater peace in the mind of individuals who listen to it.  These influences will have a huge and rapid influence on the music that develops in your world.  Who would want to listen to discordant music, when such peaceful music is available?  Only those who willingly choose to be in discord with their societies and with the harmony of their mind would choose to do so, which will of course occur as it does in your societies now.  The influence of positive, healthful tonal combinations will be one of the most popular cultural developments of all time.  It will spread rapidly and dominate your world of music.

The effect of violent video games on children

Roxie:  Thank you.  Another concern that I have is the amount of time our youth spends playing video games that are violent.  Does this cause some of our children to be violent, or at least “hyper” with their need to have their lives filled with fast action and activities?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, as we have spoken about this topic before, it has a negative effect.  However, what is most difficult or concerning of that development is that it takes away the time of the mind to be involved in active, positive, constructive thought processes, and processes of thought maturation in the individual.  It oftentimes delays those maturing thought processes until later years.  This too, will pass, but the generation that participates in this is, as we have said before, in some ways has a positive effect as it keeps those children, those young adults, off the streets and out of group violence against their society.  Individually it has a negative effect in delaying the maturation, and also of implanting negative ideas of hostility.  Fortunately, most individuals are able to separate the fantasy of violence in video games from the reality once they shut off the machine and are required by their parents to clean their room, or do their homework, or go to their part-time job.  This separation of unreality from reality of social obligations is an important distinction to make.  When children and young adults integrate the video games—whatever the genre—into their thinking and perceive this as real, and participate in that reality in their mind, even when they are away from the video station/video game, then you have real problems.

Roxie:  We also discussed the solar minimum.  How long will it last?  Is it part of the eleven-year sun cycle, or something different?

MACHIVENTA:  I suggest you do your homework and research in that, as I am not your encyclopedia of everything.  This is well known by your scientists and fully recorded.  It would be a good self-education process for you to undertake.

Minds dominated by music

Student:  I have a question to do with music, as well.  There are many people around the world whose minds continually are dominated just by music.  Could you talk about that, please?

MACHIVENTA:  To what ends?

Student:  To the ends as to they can’t control it or shut it off.  Is this a deformity in the brain, or a genetic thing?

MACHIVENTA:  It is the mental preoccupation with music seen by us as a positive activity, compared to continuing incessant ideation of violence or sexual activity, or some negative aspect of social existence.  What you are pointing to in general, is the empty mind process that is running on its own time and its own rhythm, without the will-mind being involved in the management of the thought processes of that individual.  As we have discussed before, this is a species-wide problem of lesser and greater extent in individuals.  The process of mind management, thought management, is not new, as it is something that Buddhists—Buddha, and Lao Tzu, and many other masters have taught for many, many centuries and millennia.  The management of your thought stream is vital to your happiness, to your fulfillment and personal accomplishment, and to the peace of mind that you develop in your lifetime.  It brings the individual from blaming others, to managing their own thinking.  Others are not responsible for your difficulties, or your unhappiness, but that your thought responses to external circumstances are what make you happy or sad or otherwise.  When you realize that when you change your mind, you change the world you see outside, and then you have begun to become a responsible manager of your thought stream.  I hope this helps.

Student:   Machiventa, the people who have these dominant thoughts of music, or whatever running through their mind, have they subconsciously created it?

MACHIVENTA:  Your question leads to many avenues of discussion, which are beyond the realm of our discussions and purposes of these NEC sessions.  I will say this that it is sometimes unconscious and sometimes not.

Student:  So therefore, they also have that control to stop it?

MACHIVENTA:  Only when they become aware of what is occurring in their mind.

The role of music in generating new thought patterns

Student:  Another question I have, and it is to do with music, and you have said how music generates new thought patterns.  What else can we use to generate new thought patterns in our minds?

MACHIVENTA:  There are many things that you can do to help generate the new thought patterns.  First of all, it is necessary, it is helpful for you to become aware of your thought patterns, and that you consciously choose to change them.  That is the most vital element of that.  You can then become involved in some hobby, or activity that is repetitious and occupies many realms of your mind in that activity, which is much like a “quasi-quiet mind meditation state,” that this is a useful thing to do.  Oftentimes, people who have become aware of their negative thinking deliberately engage themselves in some hobby or craft, or some work activity, which is repetitious and requires their focus of detail and thoroughness.  This relieves them from a mind that has gone astray, or gone awry.  It is helpful to the management of the thought stream.  Meditation is another form, but this requires much discipline for it to be effective.  I will leave the answer at that; if you wish to have more details, please ask.

Student:  When you are going to consciously create a new thought pattern in your mind, you should be doing it in a way in which it is going to be productive and disciplined and also it’s going to further open up your thinking to different levels?  Am I on the right path?

MACHIVENTA:  You are somewhat on the right path, yes.  I would differ with you about being disciplined.  A child having difficulties or having a tantrum, but who likes to paint—have a paintbrush and watercolors, and so on—can make some type of artwork that may be discordant and may be inharmonious to others, but for themselves, it may be a means of quieting their mind and focusing their attention on the paper or canvas with a brush and the colors, and so on.  I hope that helps.

How important is it to remember your childhood?

Student:  Thank you.  Another question I have is on childhood.  I’m bringing up something we talked about a long time ago, but I would like to ask you, how important is it to remember your childhood?

MACHIVENTA:  Only insofar as it assists you to live your daily life in the future and the present day more productively.  You would not want to repeat in your thinking the errors in your ways in which you were treated harshly by parents or others.  If you did, you would want to come away from that situation of learning the lesson, and if there were several similar lessons then you would want to come away in reflection of those moments with the wisdom to guide you in your present life and in the future to not repeat those lessons again.  Rehashing old painful memories is a subversion of your mind in the present day, in the present time and is just as negative—and in some ways more so—than the hostile music that you referred to earlier.

Healing ceremonies from other cultures

Student:  Now, this is a different question altogether:  I would like you, please, if you would, to discuss the importance of learning about healing ceremonies from other cultures; how it can help us to learn different ways of healing, different thoughts of healing and going in spirit?  Could you please talk about that?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, as you know, the mind is a powerful instrument and it controls all that occurs in your body.  It has been shown that a person under hypnosis can develop blisters for instance.  This is indicative of the connection that the mind has over the body, and of all the elements of the body.  The rituals of healing that you refer to are cultural and cultural activities are learned activities; they are supported by beliefs by that culture and the values that they have that underlie those beliefs.  If you were an outsider, if you are not a part of that culture, then it is most difficult to take on the beliefs and the efficacy of those rituals and ceremonies, so that they affect a healing outcome for you or the individual that the ceremony is dedicated to.  What I am saying is that the belief system is a part of the mind activity.  If the mind does not believe totally that the activities or rituals or ceremonies are efficacious, then the outcome will not be constructive; they will be neutral at best.

Trusting ourselves

Student:  Will you talk about trust; trusting in ourselves?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, I would be glad to, it is a wonderful subject.  Trust in yourself:  We have discussed trust before and you have read about trust in books, and so on.  Trust in yourself:  This is central and core to your completing your life’s maturing processes and cycles.  If you do not trust yourself, then you do not fundamentally feel safe with yourself, meaning that you feel, you believe in the depths of your being that you are fallible and capable of error, and probably, in fact, will make errors, concerning your own welfare and your own life situation, whether in that moment, or concerning issues that would affect you in the decades ahead.  Peace of mind for you, as an individual, will not come until you have come to trust yourself with your life that you know that you are responsible for the outcome of your life in the decisions you make.  If you do not trust your decisions or the beliefs that you have that support your decisions, and you do not feel safe that those decisions that you make will be the right decisions, then you will lead an indecisive and unstable life, at best.

The best you can do is to fool everyone around you that you are doing the best thing for yourself, that you are safe in your decisions, and that others are safe with your decisions as well.  That is, as some philosophies say, “Fake it until you make it.”  So the end result is that in the maturity of your life and living, that you gain the confidence in yourself to make right decisions, to feel safe with your decisions, to feel safe with your conscious thoughts and your unconscious thoughts.  In other words, the basis of trust in your self is an integrated personality of conscious and subconscious mind that is integrated.  This is the best hoped for situation that anyone can hope for themselves.  It is a worthwhile endeavor for your whole life’s activity of all that you do is to, come into peace, to trust yourself to make right decisions for yourself and for others around you.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa.  So when a person learns to trust him/herself completely, they therefore are actually aligning themselves with their Thought Adjuster?  Right?

MACHIVENTA:  This is the eventual end result and wished for result that we would have for you, yes, exactly.

Controlling our emotions

Student:  I have another question and it’s about controlling our emotions to work more with spirit.  Our emotions—we have so many emotions—and what is the best way to control these emotions?

MACHIVENTA:  The best way to control your emotions is to know yourself.  You must remember that your emotions are a response to some cause, whether that cause is a thought that is within yourself, or your thought reaction to something outside yourself.  You can cause yourself to weep for joy simply by remembering some occasion in the past, or you can weep in sadness and anguish over some remembered difficult situation in the past.  The mind interpretation can result in emotional responses.  Again, the integration of your mind, conscious and subconscious thought stream management of your conscious will-mind is the first principle of being in alignment with your Thought Adjuster, by willing to do that.  When you will to do God’s Will, and will to be in alignment with your Thought Adjuster that brings all of the spiritual engagement possible to your life.  It means that the Seven Mind Adjutants will be busy helping you, your Thought Adjuster will be helping you, and your Guardian of Destiny will be assisting you as well.  So you see, that one is an irony, is it not?  That you can control your mind by releasing it to your spiritual advisors, to your Thought Adjuster, to will to do God’s Will, and to repeat that on occasion so that it remains an active element of your subconscious or unconscious thought stream.  You can begin to come into peace when you have the will to do this, as then you can use this as a focus to remain in balance and grounded in the Light of God.

Student:  So when you talk about avatars and people who have control over their emotions, do they not have any emotions at all?

MACHIVENTA:  Most certainly not.  They have the complete spectrum of emotions that you have, or anyone else has.  It is simply that they have come to interpret what is occurring around them and in them in ways that are impersonal; it is part of “the impersonal self,” which is a title of a wonderful small book that would be helpful to most everyone.  For instance, the Master Jesus, saw many situations around him which would cause anyone tremendous grief, but he understood this and interpreted this in ways from the God-self perspective that allowed him to appreciate it in its fullest, without becoming overwhelmed by his mortal, emotional responses.  Avatars and Teachers are the same; what angers one person who is not mature, would not anger an Avatar, as they come to understand who is responsible and what has caused these things.

Student:  Then what I am trying to bring together here then when an Avatar, and when Jesus reached this level, everything was seen then through the eyes of love.  Am I right?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, yes.  Do not be mistaken, however, that Jesus was a full mortal.  Jesus was guided by the same three core values, desiring an improved quality of life.  What does that mean to an ascending individual who is opening into their God-self consciousness?  It means that in an improving quality of life, you would strive to become one with the ultimate source of all reality, the Creator Itself, the First Source and Center of the Universe.  In order to do that, you would grow; you would grow into the fullness of the conscious God-self within; that [as] you grow fully as a spiritual being, you would become one with your Thought Adjuster.  You, as an unfused mortal, you would will to do the Thought Adjuster’s Will for your life course and your life mission to its fullest.  And you would want this for everyone equally as for yourself, and you would strive to assist others to become equally empowered and in connection and one with their God-self within.

One of the secondary value-emotions of mortals is empathy.  Christ Michael as Jesus had immense empathy for his Apostles and for all people around the world.  He fully felt and understood what they were going through.  Much of what they felt and what they were going through in their confusion was their lack of understanding, lack of education, lack of oneness with their Thought Adjuster, to know how to respond to their own thinking and to the actions of others in peaceful and loving ways.  Jesus always reached out in compassion, just as you would, to help another in their difficulty and in their anguish and in their unhappiness, to assist them to grow into their fullness and wholeness.  Jesus as a Son of God was fully aware of others and used his powers to assist others.  He radiated such creative healing that even the woman who touched the hem of his cloak was healed, for her faith made a connection with him and his power and his eminence.  And so, his love for all was the love of humanity and love of each individual.  So, you see how these six core values of human existence and human progress are essential to you as a mortal becoming a Finaliter.  These are not facetious, hollow values that have no purpose.  They are indigenous and innate to your being, have been written by God in your DNA, through the Life Carriers, whose chore is to assist Father, Son and Spirit dominated races to strive to achieve to become greater than they are.  These have been given to you to help you, to assist you when you will to do God’s Will, to do greater things, and to assist yourself and others.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa; I have no more questions.

Curative aspect of social sustainability on mental health

MMc:  I’m wondering if social sustainability, as it becomes operative in the future, will result in some curative aspects of our problems with mental illness?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, most definitely.  When you have a society that is organized and governed by the best values of human existence, it will out-form itself, or in-form itself in the mental processes of the people who are born and live in those societies.  The chaos of your societies has dual causes:  One, the organization of society itself creates an unreality of organization in the minds of individuals, and the minds of individuals have a tremendous discordant effect on the organization of your societies.  When you do not clearly see that ego and fear come to manipulate the supportive aspects of your society then you would not see they also cause aberrations in the thinking of individuals.  It is a process of the “chicken and the egg.”  Which comes first?  In this case, spirit comes first to bring the values of social sustainability to your world, to help you in co-creative efforts to reorganize the functions of your societies, social institutions, and organizations so that they are more coherent and more socially sustainable, organized, integral.  And so, the thinking of individuals will also take these on as assumptions.  The difficult issue, [as you] have seen in individuals and also societies, institutions and organizations, is the result of many erroneous assumptions that they use in their processes of decision-making.  Decision-making is always based on your expectations, beliefs, assumptions and your values.  If the values are unclear and do not dominate the thinking as evident or obvious in your society, then they will be forgotten and washed away in time.  Thank you for your valuable question.

Input from general public in government

MMc:  Thank you.  It occurs to me that there is going to have to be a great deal more input from the general public into government in order to get the wishes of the general public made into laws and legislation, etc.  Can you speak a little bit about that, please?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, gladly.  Yes, you are correct that a sustainable democracy has an integration between the public and their governmental operations.  The function of government is to do that which individuals cannot do alone.  On the other hand, it is not that you would want a direct democracy, which is antithetical.  A direct democracy would destroy itself easily within two generations.  It is necessary to have decision-making buffers built into the decision-making processes.  It is necessary in a sustainable democracy for government, (i.e. public executives, those who are elected and those who are appointed) to be in touch with social change.  When government is out of touch with social change, then it becomes archaic and out of date, and functions for its own existence and its self-maintenance.  It becomes a millstone around the progress of social evolution.  It is not that the individual’s thoughts and wishes of individuals are [not] helpful, but the collective intelligence of society must be gathered and can be useful.  There must underlie an intention in doing so in the intention for the purposes of a democratic government and democratic society and democratic economy to become self- sustaining, to learn how to—not just continue what exists—but how to evolve, how to grow into a self-sustaining process that is self-maintaining.  This cannot be done when government remains entrenched in its archaic formation, which has not changed over the centuries or decades.  Your question is meaningful for the times of your nation and of all democratic nations in the 21st Century on Urantia.  The question you asked is primary to the survival of those nations themselves in the next century.

MMc:  The question is important for the survival for those nations into the next century?


MMc:  That is, if they are not able to open up their ways of doing things to allow greater opportunities for the public to have a forum within their structure, then the nations will probably not survive?  Is that what I’m hearing you say?

MACHIVENTA:  That is correct.

Defense mechanisms in mental health

MMc:  I’ve got a question that has to do with mental health.  When people don’t get what they need out of life, they become frustrated, and in trying to adjust to the situation and protect their ego, they may use defense mechanisms.  Would you please tell us more about defense mechanisms?

MACHIVENTA:  You have this knowledge already.

MMc:  I don’t have any more questions for today, thank you.

Forgotten children in a nation

Roxie:  I thought of one more.  I was listening to a discussion yesterday about the number of children from the Western countries that are being induced to join the ISIS or ISIL group.  Evidently, the children are not getting what they need in their present situation and are looking for it elsewhere.  Could you discuss that, please?

MACHIVENTA:  We have discussed this in many different ways, addressing this problem in myriad ways in the past, and this is an example of an unsustainable society, and example of forgotten children, children who are left to raise themselves.  There are no guiding principles for childrearing in your nation and your society.  It is just assumed and hoped that the parents of those individuals who beget children, have the skills to raise their children to become capable, competent and responsible citizens.  This is simply an assumption, which is vastly erroneous.  The fact that there are children who see no hope, or who are so easily influenced to find hope in violence is not unusual or unanticipated in your society.  What is surprising is the small number who are doing so.  We would anticipate that in a society that has become very dysfunctional in some of its core responsibilities that it does not have more children who are choosing to go to other locations.

Roxie:  Thank you; I have no more questions.

The topic of “love”

Student:  I have a request to ask:  Machiventa, please talk just about the word “love.”

MACHIVENTA:  The word “love.”  We do truly wish that you had an algorithm for finding all of the references to “love,” in all the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and other communications that we have given to you by This One and through many other TR’s.  That would give you a very replete answer to your question.  I would like to assign you this chore, to do a word search for “love” in as many of early sessions from Rayson and other Teachers as you can, and to gather them with the sources of those references for use by other people.  I do not assign you this as busywork, or as a way of diverting your attention from the answers today, but as a means of appreciation of the word “love” that Christ Michael has given to you through his life as Jesus and through his Correcting Time, and through his Teachers.

You will find the answers to your question to be almost overwhelming, and on occasion to bring you to tears as well.  I hope this does not deter you from your patience with this process, but to remain steadfast and an active member in this forum.

You can choose to accept this assignment or not.  It will have no effect upon our decisions, love and concern, care and compassion for you, or our willingness to work with you in the future.  If it is your choice, and it is your desire to do so, that is wonderful.  And if you choose not to, we accept that with the same level of appreciation for your activities in our lives and the lives of your race of people.  Thank you.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa.  I will pursue it wholeheartedly.

Machiventa’s closing remarks

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you.  Are there other questions?  Hearing no further questions, let us bring this session to a close.  We thank you for your attention, and we thank you for the depth of your questions, as you have brought forth some meaningful ways of looking at the work that we have been doing for quite some time.  These are necessary for all to understand the depth of the activities of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time, and how these sessions may be of assistance to your own thought processes, to your own conscious mind, to your own thought stream management processes.  Know that when you love God and love Jesus and Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and their hierarchies of Light, and request the whole hierarchy of Christ Michael’s Light to assist you in becoming more perfect, as God is perfect, in your own lifetime and in your learning processes, know that you have the support of everyone, from the First Creator and Source, through Christ Michael on down to your own Guardian of Destiny to assist you to do this.  You have the power to will this into creation.  When your will is in alignment with Christ Michael’s Will, it is done already.  Thank you and good day.