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Charles; Angel; Jonathan; Light; Monjoronson; Serena - Sharing in Relationships - January and Mid-February, 2015 - Five Transcriptions - Lightline, North Idaho


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-01-04
Teacher: Charles, Angel of Progress, Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles to take my seat around your circle and to insert my energy into the field. I would echo those fine last words spoken of being in great gratitude for us all being here together. Truly, these gifts of grace that we refer to as our relationships is one of the grandest gifts we will ever experience. This is how we become more than just ourselves. This is how we expand beyond our capacities, this sharing of each others experiences, of each others understanding and awareness. This constitutes a sacred gift. To offer your personal take and experience on life for another's consideration is one of the purest and truest gift one may give and having given such a gift, it then is incumbent upon you to let it go and let the arrow strike where it will on the target.

This sharing of each other in a relationship not only binds us in the process but expands us in the awareness of what it is like from another perspective, the perspective of another Fragment of God interpreting the experience, another portal from which this experience is viewed, another angle to take into account when trying to piece together the entire picture. This is a service that you do for each other to provide some contrast, some substantiation, some support, some difference, some unique angle that has not been presented. Truly your experiences and your willingness to share them constitute your greatest gift, even to the Father who has all things and is so greatly pleased when you offer to share your experience, your unique encounter with creation with Him. Just like the little drummer boy, your real gift is your song, the song you sing, the song unique unto you, your voice, your expression, your echoing the grace of the equation through your being.

You all have been exposed to the truth that relationship is one of the aspects of your being which endures and this is true because it is so filled with grace. It is such a divine encounter that survives and becomes part of your being that it endures past the transition. So I join you here in this hour to toast our relationship, all of us intertwined, woven together in this experience that we share. We will all witness that having each other to share such an experience with makes it deeper, more meaningful, more real for we are experiencing it together, albeit through separate windows, we are nevertheless coming together in pursuit of these experiences and intention is so very significant. Having purpose and intention about relationships is what makes the difference for the results, the outcome, the long term effects, all are a matter of application of intention in time and space. Intention is what begets the process, what begins the entire cycle.

I applaud all of your intentions in the process and pursuit of spirit. Surely this is what counts, this is what matters. We must be willing to accept whatever various forms it may manifest but realize that it is the answer to our prayers, it is a response from the universe to our request to pursue our Divine Parents and to be of service. I feel just as you do, grateful for this spiritual experience, I sense it in my being as you do. I distinguish this as a spirit aspect functioning in spiritual capacity. This is what you are growing to recognize and feel and pursue. This is what feels good to you when you know you are in spirit functioning with your spiritual aspect, operating with your spiritual component.

I love to share these moments with you and infuse my signature into the equation. I drink deeply of this cup of satisfaction as you do and it is my pleasure to simply acknowledge our presence here together. Thank you for saving me a seat around your circle and creating a space for me to occupy. I bid you all have a wonderful week and new year ahead. I assure you, we will not be bored. Be at peace, farewell.  

Angel of Progress: [Cathy] Connection is a process of bringing units of possibility into an alignment that recreates the focus and direction of the parts. The process of connection continues to evolve as the parts are modified by proximity to each other. This is the process that is only recognized by looking backward at the progress of a group or individual. Living the moment in connection is being the pattern of the Creator in action. Each part has a tone that adds to the music that is produced in the process of connection, a glorious symphony of the Creator.

Jonathan: [Mark] Dear friends, I am Jonathan here to join you this morning as well. This discussion of friendship and relationship has my spirit bells ringing and I would join in to offer the perspective from my side of the great elephant. The relationships formed on the levels of the mortal realm are indeed sacred beginnings as are all relationships. They do indeed contain great value and are worth pursuing. Once a relationship is made, it is easy to rekindle it and keep it alive but it certainly requires dedication and ongoing energy. Much as when you form a band and learn the materials, it doesn't take as much to get you all back on the same page but it certainly does require maintenance level energies.

This of course is true of all systems. They all require the application of energies to keep them going. If they do not receive energy they simply wither and pass away. There still may be value contained in the experiences of those involved in relationships but unless they are maintained, they will be limited experiences. If they are maintained they may be eternal experiences. I invite you to consider this deeply when you take stock of the relationships in your lives. They are treasures, gems, each one and they may be fostered and kept alive for an eternal journey or they may be forsaken, forgotten and will cease to survive in the long term.

This is why I come here now. It is my desire to keep this circuit alive, to keep these friendships I have established ongoing, to let you all know that I remember you and perhaps you will remember me. That is all it takes, that is enough energy contribution to maintain and sustain a relationship indefinitely. And so I will apply the energy needed, I will offer the step of reaching out towards those I desire to maintain relationships with and in this way, we will not forget each other, we will not simply allow what we had to cease and wither away.

So it is my friends that I will keep coming around because you keep leaving the door open and it is my desire to be with you. I thank our Divine Parents for this gift of grace that allows this to be. I wish you all a good day and a good week and a good year and a good life and I will maintain relationship with you. No matter what stages we may find ourselves, this desire to be connected transcends all levels, good day.

Light: [Cathy] I also will keep our connection strong. You are my family and I love you all.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-01-18
Teacher: Charles, Light, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings my friends, Charles here to join in your reflection about what it means to have those episodes in your journey where you are indeed on the same page or in the same classroom or reading the same book. There is something special about these groups that you join and share where you are engaged in the similar pursuit. You are trying to study the materials and apply the lessons. Only those who are on the same page with you may truly share with you what it means to be engaged in this episode of your eternal adventure.

All of these are but episodes in your eternal adventure, pages you flip, chapters you observe and then you stop and reflect on the values contained and the meanings inherent in what you have just been presented and then you attempt to do the laboratory part of your learning and go out and perform your experiments and see how effective your procedures may become. This constant learning of one phase so that you may build on it with another is the recurrent theme of your onward adventure. And so it is that I join you on this page, in this classroom, attempting to do this field work with you of experimenting, trying and honing skills that may later be used in this process of spiritual exploration.

We have touched a number of times before on the power inherent in the realization that one does in fact create their own reality. One does in fact build around them the reality that they would have for themselves by minimizing and eliminating aspects which do not align with our principles and by drawing to yourself more and greater and deeper meanings and values as you draw to yourself those things which you strive for, which are desired by your higher self. We can all witness to the fact of this power of creation, thought turned to word, acted upon by deed and accomplished in time and space.

Even more potent are the many accomplishments that may be made in the spirit realm. There are no limitations, only what we bring to the equation and while we demonstrate to ourselves the powers we manifest through co-creative action, we are only scratching the surface of what is potential when the same principles are applied to your universal career, your expansion of spirit. And so it is my great pleasure to join you and be in this great classroom with you, on this plateau of living and learning with you. We should gather in all we can of such an experience. It builds a strong foundation upon which our subsequent experiences may rest.

It's always my pleasure to join you at times that you provide such as this. I feel welcome and a part of this group and for that I remain grateful. I would now make way for others to access this forum which is such a privilege and a pleasure, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello to you all, I am Light. I am drawn by this making into words the thought stream of co-creative potential. This whole idea is close to my heart and I am always drawn to such discussion among such powerful co-creators who are waking up to this truth and are shining examples of the manifestation of this truth, who bring these principles into reality through their actions. These are the children of God, the ones who will accept their place in God's divine family, who will act as if this is so, who will embrace the potentials and who will wield the principles in love, with peace and with grace as their parents would have it.

It has been said, the potentials are unlimited and this is so true. There are no outer limits to what one who is growing in spirit may achieve, may do, may have. All these limits are shattered when one moves into an alternate dimension and functions in the dimension of spirit. When you start seeing yourselves as spirit, observing and involved in a mortal experience, you free yourselves from so many limitations and restrictions. Then you are thinking more outside the box because you have changed your seat of awareness more into your spiritual component and having done so, everything appears different, everything is filtered through new meanings and values and then seen in a different light.

And seeing things in a different light makes so very much difference, you will all agree. I enjoy being here with you now on this same page, sharing this moment together. One good aspect of your spiritual nature is that relationships such as this may endure, that we may in fact, share not only the same page but rather the book before us, perhaps the book after that. This is the unlimited potential of spirit, this is what is possible reaching, even into the here and now, if we will but grasp it.

It is always such a joy to come and join this circle of love and friends and family. I pray peace be upon all of you as you embrace more and more each day, who you are as a spiritual being and observe more and more that aspect of yourself, feeling the bumps easier, going with the nudges in more faith, trusting and resting in the certainty of your spiritual conviction. Let it be so, as it is, as it will be. My peace I leave with you to join yours, farewell.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I join you my friends to reconnect at the spiritual level. Your light shines bright and the increase in our group is a visible increase of light I perceive. I realize that our shared platform has expanded as our experience of stepping out in spirit has increased. The spirit we are drawn to is also increased through the action of both individuals and as a group. I was always searching for new aspects of spirit during my time with you on the planet. Now I am able to continue our connection and growth together. It is truly a gift from our Creator, a miracle as you described earlier. I embrace you as we proceed to new avenues of spirit expression. I join hands with you in our spiritual circle as we have so many times in past celebrations. This is the reality I choose and invite you to join also. Together we have unlimited possibilities ahead, the only limit is within our own perception.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-01-25
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends and thank you for your welcome. I'll pick up this thought thread here and see where it is woven into the tapestry of everything. Let's talk for a moment about this notion that it is an important part of the equation in any individuals growth that they put into thought, into word and into deed their desire to be approached by spirit, to work with spirit, to be open to spirit and therefore to be a part of the spiritual circuitry. This is what is so very important about getting the consent, if you will, of any individual. It gets this individual on the same page.

It is said in your culture that the first step is to realize you have a problem or there is an issue. It is not until you take this first step that you can begin to open the many doors to finding a solution. Much is the same about the positioning of yourselves by humbly coming to your Divine Parents and family and asking to be brought into their fold, thereby opening yourselves and creating the willingness and the openness for any such transaction. It is very true and observable in your own lives and eternal careers that you get out of something what you put into it and when you bring yourself to the equation, the more of yourself you bring, the more you are able to take away from the equation.

Likewise, it is similar in the spiritual realm, in the healing realm, in the realm of growth and aspiration, it is significant that you see yourself as part of the process, that you literally install yourself in the process and the way to open any such door is by humbly approaching your Divine family and asking for help, asking for insight, wisdom, strength, courage, those things which you may feel are lacking as you go about your encounters with daily life. And by asking for such assistance, you position yourself to receive it. You position yourself to gain that which you are requesting, thus the significance of anyone who would be healed, that they be willing to be healed. This is made evident by the affirmations, often of a vocal nature, which are provided, allowing all those who are observing to get on the same page. This is why prayer is so powerful and effective. It aligns you with your highest component, your spiritual self and takes this alignment and seeks to come together with the alignment of all spirit and all divinity. In this way you align yourself so that the process may occur, so that miracles may manifest, so that healing may happen, so that peace may be upon you even though you are in the middle of a storm.

As mortals of the realm, it must be an ongoing challenge to you to have faith that a simple matter such as a prayer is indeed significant and important and to hold fast to your conviction that this is so and true, but I assure you, these are the keys to opening up the doors which are all around you. It is with this key that you will be able to open up and receive that which your soul desires and it all starts with the simple action of being present, being loving, being focused in the moment. It all starts with your intention in the process; there is no substitute on earth or in heaven for your intention, for your desire and willingness to participate, for your awareness that there is a divine circuit for you to participate in and for your willingness and faith to hold fast to these truths. Therefore is your choice so sacred. No one may make it for you and it is required of you to make such choices and to align yourself with such forces before any of this may transpire.

You referenced the inauguration of Light and I will point out to you that these very same principles were in play, the realization of the spiritual component, the desire to put this spiritual component into play, the conviction of faith which allowed that the participants would not only believe but act on this belief, and in the end there were tangible results, real outcomes. And albeit these tangible results may be only experienced with that very part which created them, that spiritual component, they are nonetheless quite real just as your spiritual selves are quite real. It may be said in fact that your spiritual component is the most real aspect of your being. You are here in this life to make that discovery and to act on your awareness of having made it, and the more aware you are that you are a part of this spiritual family the more flexing of your spiritual muscles you do and the more practiced you are, the more reliant and comfortable you are when activating these principles.

So, in closing here today, I would encourage you all to once again bolster your faith with the conviction that you are correct in your assertion that it is necessary to offer yourselves, even in words in addition to thought when it comes to your spiritual family. It is not good enough that you gave your consent and expressed your willingness yesterday or even an hour ago; as a spiritual being you are who you are in this moment. In this moment do you choose again spirit? Will you affirm one more time your desire to be aligned with spirit? Is it still your conviction today, in this hour, to function in that capacity?

This is what is sacred because we are in new moments, new days. You are not the same person you were yesterday and this new person that you are in this moment may once again choose to consent to work with spirit and act in spirit and this consent, this affirmation that you provide of your own accord, is what opens the door each time you visit spirit. Those who are well practiced at this may never even close the door but rather simply step in and out of this spiritual arena at will. It becomes easier and easier for those who are practiced to cross this threshold and return again.

You will never be done praying, you will never be finished petitioning your Divine Parents, there will never be an end time when you can say 'I got this.' So get comfortable with returning to the well by means of putting yourself there, aligning yourself with the process, providing your permission - even your request to be involved and then let your spirit self fly and all those around you may be of assistance to you because you have made your desire to operate in spirit evident and plain to all. You have granted permission, you have requested assistance and the universe will stop at nothing for those sincere seekers and believers. Be one of those but never take it for granted. Always check your attitude: Are you present and loving and focused in this moment? Is it your desire to approach spirit now? The first step is to realize you have a challenge, the next is to embrace it.

As always, it is a joy to participate with you and offer my contribution to your discussion. I am in deep gratitude for this opportunity that you provide. I thank you all and bid you a good week ahead, farewell.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Jonathan here to access the airwaves this morning. Let's go fishing. It is said, there is a common expression that no man can step in the same river twice for he is not the same man and it is not the same river. So picture if you will this analogy, where every time we would like to go fishing and step into the river we must anew commit ourself to the process, the fishing of the moment and of the day, not how it went yesterday, not what we hope for tomorrow, but what do we do when we step in the river today.

The river is different and we have changed, we are not as we were yesterday when we went fishing. It will not suffice that we rest on our laurels about how we cast our line yesterday. No, we must step in and try again. It does not matter how successful we were yesterday or to what degree we were committed to the process. We find ourselves in a new hour with a new river and new opportunities. We must once again, recommit to the act that we would see done, we must take the steps in this moment, at this time necessary, we must re-commit to the process anew and fresh. We cannot simply rely on the bounties of what we did before to carry us through. We must have spiritual nourishment regularly and ongoing, we must show up at the proper place and submit ourselves to the proper stance and commit once again to the arduous task of getting the job done and if that job is a spiritual pursuit we must act appropriately, have the proper attitude and be ready to go, to open up our hearts to the process and commit ourselves genuinely and with authenticity.

This is how you fish in the hour, this is how you approach spirit in the moment, suit yourself up, psych yourself up, commit yourself again in this hour, in this moment with focus. That is how you are most successful in the process. If you are only partially committed, only temporarily committed, then you find your results waning whereas when you commit yourselves wholeheartedly to the process you find an entirely different set of results. So if life is a river flowing by, every waking moment is different as it passes by you and you have changed since last you slept, last you spoke, last you fished and now it is time to try again with the benefit of all that you are aware of, try again. I call you all to witness that when you try, you succeed. Every true effort meets with success.

I enjoy standing by the river with you and contemplating the significance of life flowing by and us flowing by in life, changing who we are with each day, changing how we see the river and more and more desiring to be at one with the river, to be part of the flow of life, integral, combined and focused in the process. From my perspective, I will share with you that small rivers flow into greater and greater rivers. It is all a flow towards the great ocean of spirit and the smaller rivers that I contemplated in my previous incarnation merely flowed into greater and greater ones in which the vessel may change, the mode may be different but a component of showing up prepared, willing and committed does not change. This is what you have to look forward to to gain your sea legs about how all this works and understand that it's your connection, it's your attitude that makes so very much difference in your experience of navigating this river.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with all of you. I have a deep affection for all of you and I find comfort with my association with you. I am grateful for this. I leave you with my peace to add to yours and this combined peace that we feel when we share it together in this process. So be it, good day to you all.

Monjoronson: [Cathy] I join you this morning by request from the earlier discussion. The structure for my mission was created by request with the intention that information be available to be accessed by all interested parties. I am served well in this activity. As all participants are unique, it is necessary for each to follow the leadings of spirit. The Spirit of Truth is also involved. As these transmissions are processed through a human element the most effective reading is also by your unique human experience as you know it. Request spirit guidance and help will be available in interpreting the messages. As individual growth increases, so will insight and understanding modify and grow. In this process, start where you are and as you are and growth will bring you an enlarged view and a scene of greater action. As I approach the time of action, it will happen when those on the planet have the capacity to receive. The challenge for now is for each to increase capacity for understanding and spirit action. The challenge is to bring mercy and compassion with you in each moment by request. You are the key to the plan for advancement. I await your participation.


Lightline Teleconference  2015-02-05
Teacher: Charles, Michael, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Thank you for this opportunity Divine Parents to come together and circle up again in pursuit of you, our divine family, our divine loved ones. We understand that we are a part of your family and wish to come and be close to you at times like this, when we venture out in spirit. When we reach out in the darkness we reach for you, we take comfort when we find you. Let it be so even now as we reach out once again in faith as we stretch out our spirit self a little further knowing that we will bump up against you, we will feel your touch, we will come in contact with you as a result of our desire to do so. Let it be so, even now, thank you.

Charles: Greetings to you all my friends, this is Charles. Once again it is my pleasure to accept the invitation you provide by creating this forum, this opportunity that may be chosen and selected. I choose it with you and activate it and together we create it and it is so.

I will have a few words to offer the conversation about how often times it appears as though there is an outbreak of opposition to anything which is introduced into the current paradigm of humanity. It is simply observable phenomenon that every new idea, every new movement forward is accompanied by a certain degree of resistance and opposition. This has been true throughout time and may be true for a great deal more of your human history. This is a normal and natural reaction of the individual to the prospect of change. This notion of change and having to adapt and adopt new ways of thought, ideas, principles and understanding can be very unsettling to one; after all, one wears a pretty significant groove and is in a pretty deep rut about much of their thought patterns. So when they are confronted with the prospect of having to switch, change and forcefully exit from the status quo and the existenting pattern, there is fear, there is trepidation, there is uncertainty and therefore there is doubt.

All these are triggered by the subtlest notion that ones paradigm may not be complete, may not be accurate, may not be correct, may not be the best possibility. It takes a person with much spiritual faith and conviction to honestly confront these opportunities for change and sidestep the automatic response of doubt and fear and re-channel the pattern to one of optimism and anticipation. You see the residual thought pattern which is so engrained in the human condition is a fear that something different will somehow be worse. The new thought pattern that needs introduced into the human thought stream is that change represents something which will be good and positive, advantageous, even righteous. Change is when you can choose those things, change is the momentum you use to get to those things, change is when those things are possible and potential.

So change represents the vehicle, the opportunity to move and choose and be and do. It should not be seen as the harbinger of difficulties or adversity in any way. The only adversity is when you struggle against it. When you position yourself in opposition to change you are positioning yourself for stress. Rather would it be beneficial to see change as the wave that rises up and position yourselves to catch the wave to take it and ride it, to use the energy inherent in this universal principle and have it propel you, have it provide your momentum.

If there was one thing I could help people with in their thought patterns, it would be this notion of apprehension around the notion of change being transformed into hope and expectation and excitement over the prospect of change. That is where the growth is, those are the times which quanatify your experience. There will always be those in opposition, but to those who have great faith such as are gathered here, such only provides more impetus to follow yourselves, all of your spirit leadings. See where they will take you. Be true to these spiritual pursuits, true unto yourself, true to your spiritual counterpart, your onboard partner, true to your relationship to your divine family. The truth of something is not determined by the judgement of others. The truth of anything will bear itself out. So keep this in mind as you contemplate that you are not necessarily on the same page with all of humanity about everything. There are distinct differences to be observed but they are merely that, distinctions and differences, they are far smaller than the similarities.

Thank you for the opportunity to use this forum in this manner. I appreciate the partnership this provides. I now step down to allow an open forum, thank you.

Michael: My dear ones, it is my desire to come among you now, I am Michael. I desire to fellowship with you and bring you my peace into your circle of friends for you have heard, wherever two or more are gathered, I am there too. I am made welcome in such a circle as this and I am grateful for the welcome that I feel.

I would come among you tonight once again, to ask of you my dear ones, if you would help me facilitate my desire, my desire to be among you in your lives, to be present with your sphere of influence as you will represent me, as you will speak for me, smile for me, bring words of peace and comfort for me, that you and I might do this together to touch all of those whose lives yours touch. With my presence, with my sense of peace I would leave with them. I ask for your assistance in doing this because you are in place, you are in position. It is your hands that might be used, it is your voice that can express the Father's love for us. It is your eyes which may portray your understanding of the Father's peace. It is your kindness which is divinity manifest.

You see, when I walked this earth, I had the opportunity to ask directly of those around me: Will you follow me? Now, I have the opportunity to come to each and every one of you in spirit and ask this same question. Will you follow me and even more I would bring you a second question: May I follow you? May I be with you throughout your day? May your ministry become our ministry? Will you allow me to join you as I have already welcomed you to join me? This is a partnership and I tell you plainly what my desire is. You will make known to me your desire. Know that I cherish your relationship, our relationship, the  relationship between us, each one and everyone.

Thank you Father for these relationships, for the gift of grace that relationship is. Be with me as we watch over each of these, our beloved children. Join me as I attempt to guide and infuse my spirit into their journeys. Thank you Father for this gift of grace and for the love this represents. Now take my peace, be my peace, demonstrate our peace, own this peace, manifest this peace, play with this peace and know that I am there with you, involved as you will so allow. I leave you now in word only. I am never far and always do I hear your voice. Be in peace and love, farewell.

Jonathan: Hello to you all, I am Jonathan basking in the glow as you all are of blessings from on high. It will never get old, this humbling yourself to divinity and each time it is refreshing and peaceful and lovely. I just wanted to let you know I was enjoying this with you and let you know that I sympathize with some of the feelings expressed about perhaps not being understood and I will simply remind all those involved that every great artist, musician, writer, poet, visionary, leader of any kind has had to strike out and maintain a vision, something that came to them in partnership with spirit and they've had to stay fast to this vision even though there may have been an uphill struggle to do so.

But there will be no other way about it with those who are intent in being spiritually sincere. They will stop at nothing to paint their painting, create their artwork, have their meditation, do what it is that is needful for them to do to express this truth that they hold in their vision. So whatever your truth is, you can do no wrong when you stick to it steadfastly. Your loyalty is seen as a spiritual devotion and it may come to pass that this spiritual devotion bears much fruit that is not evident in a current view of the circumstance. But you have enough faith, you realize that all will be right in the end, that as long as you are pursuing spirit then you are headed in the right direction.

And so it is, fear not so that you may err too badly when you position yourselves alongside your eternal aspect of self, that divine part of your being. When you align yourselves with that, your direction cannot be too erroneous. Be at peace with this knowledge, this conviction that you will be guided and steered. You will make adjustments to your heading but all the time you are approaching spirit, you are navigating the realm of spirit. Practice makes perfect and that is what your mortal experience provides ample opportunity for, practice.

Thank all the participants for joining here this evening, bringing your open hearts, your willingness, creating the arena wherein spirit may function. Now take one last deep breath of awareness about this arena, what it feels like. Recognize the spirit sensation and then you may return at will to this forum, to this arena, this sanctuary of spirit. Thank you all for your participation, good day to you all.

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-02-15
Teacher:  Charles, Light, Serena, Jonathan
T/R:  Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you my friends, it is my pleasure once again to join you among you. Charles here reporting for duty alongside all of you who are also showing up and reporting for duty to invest your spiritual energies and co-mingle them with others. I will borrow a bunch of imagery and string it together. Imagine that we are all construction workers showing up for the labors of the day. We have our tool belts and our gloves on and we have arrived to report for duty to work further on a service project at hand. Before there may be the big gathering there must be a creating of the space, the building of the arena, the fashioning of the ark. So in advance of its existence, we who have heard the call, show up in preparation to work on building the foundations and then the structure upon it. Guided by this calling we repeatedly arrive and donate our energies to the cause, circle up from our frames as we might be and projecting upward and outward while simultaneously a funnel or cone from on high is fashioned or constructed so that the two efforts, like spanning of the bridge, may come to meet.

We gather here today to invest our energies collectively for this process of coming together, of fashioning another means to connect. And so it is that we will work away and forge this project together, being concerned with our individual contributions being right and correct but unconcerned as to the scope of the plan and the details overseen by others. Rather will we be content to make our spiritual donation in our own fashion and to our own degree of awareness, all the while trusting that our work is a contribution to the whole just as all the others in the council are contributing. And by making this willing contribution of our energies, we then have the capacity to spread out our nets and invite all other associated energies to join with us.

And so it is that we consciously make invitation to our different groups, to all the different circuits that our lives touch in this process and in this way we truly are a formidable workforce and we are on schedule to get much done in this process. It is a pleasure to roll up my sleeves and get to work with you. I will steadfastly apply my energies in my zone of jurisdiction and you in yours and together our contributions will be woven in by the great overseer into the fabric of what we construct together. It is always a pleasure to make my presence known and to weave my energy signature into the fabric once again. Thank you, I now step aside.

Light: [Mark] This is Light reporting in for duty as well and when I say duty, I refer to a joyful one, to come together in spirit with loved ones and friends and offer up our desire to be of service. Truly that is a joy to be a part of. It is always an uplifting experience to simply go with the feeling of service, to offer yourselves up in service and see where that may take you, see where that may lead you, what direction it may point you in and to ever be ready to receive the gift of grace that results when you put  yourself in service. There is always the filling of your own cup when you assist in filling others. There is always a passing through of grace on its way as it passes through you. There is always a lifting up and an edification because your vehicle has been employed in service of divinity.

Be sure you acknowledge and receive that the servant of the Lord must be upheld, that those in service must be taken care of as well and use this effort to take in the light as much as you would desire that it be projected for others. So drink this cup of goodness as it passes by you and through you, to be in gratitude for receiving as well as for the gift of the opportunity of giving. It is not all a one way street and your Divine Parents desire your safety, welfare and security as they value your efforts to help them in securing that for others.

So you will come to embrace more and more, that as you get into the flow of these service projects, part of what happens is for your benefit as well. But then I daresay, all of you could witness the truth of this in your own lives. So I join you at this time in recognition of the grace of the opportunity to serve and humbly as well to be nourished by the configuration, by the coming together of this relationship, by the shared efforts, by the common experience. All of these are the ramifications of having put ourselves in motion. I am grateful for them all and for you all in this process and look forward to continued gifts from on high and gifts of association and relationship with you all.  Thank you once again, my love stays with you always, farewell.

Serena: [Cathy] I step forward from the circle to comment on the idea of relationship. In our current stage of the correcting time, the relationship becomes a pivotal point where the action of spirit moves this world as a whole towards the alignment with the Father's original plan. Part of the disfunction of the rebellion was distortion of relationship and the obscuring of our vision of brotherhood. The idea was brought forth of individual as supreme in the place of the universe ideal of brotherhood and connection. By acting with spirit in an enlarging circle of connection, we are bringing forth the brotherhood of man as desired by our Father. This is prerequisite for the coming mission of mercy and compassion of the Magisterial Son. As liaison I am most encouraged with the connections that are being formed and the steps you all are taking to enhance the ability to connect. Your choice to move forward in faith is much appreciated by our team. It is our intention to combine with you in this activity as you allow. Together we can bring this creation to the Father.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello friends, Jonathan here also responding to this notion of relationship; indeed, relationship is the single greatest factor in my ability to be with you in this process. It is what opens the door and makes it possible and I stand in gratitude of this universal gift of grace that we share. And, I point out, that we are subsequently building more and more relationship experience upon which we can rest and cherish. These become our cherished gifts that we take with us, the fond memories of relationship never leave us and so I appreciate the opportunity to build relationship with you here now as we grow deeper relationships and greater relationships between all of us, especially under the common inspiration to come together in service.

This certainly bonds any group together and so it is with great pleasure that I throw my contribution in with yours. There is nothing like the feeling of having a tribe, of finding your tribe, of being a member of a tribe, a group of individauls that you feel akin to. Once again, one of the greatest gifts of life on an expanded relationship, a relationship with a group as well as with the individuals, all of these just make life richer and richer the more of them you have. I appreciate being another one of your relationships and you being another one of mine. I appreciate it for the gift of grace that it is and will look forward to building it as we move forward. Thank you all, good day.