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Discussion About Healing

March 08, 1998

Elyon (Jonathan TR): With the hearty support of Michael I greet you again today. I am Elyon. I am here to be of service, as always, and of great importance to be your friend. I have been successful in attaining a new rank and will be for a short while away from Urantia to undergo my graduation procedures and will be enjoying the company of my fellow associates. I will make an effort to convey to you over the next several of our teaching intervals while I am absent, but if by chance I am having too much fun, I will rely on the support of the great staff that is . .. Melchizedek region.

Now for my lesson. There are two items of great value to you, as yet physically embodied humans. They are gems and pearls. I would take this opportunity to indicate some similarities and differences that may be helpful in perceiving the spiritual quality that parallels these two items of material value. A gem in the rough appears ordinary, yet it comes complete with all that is revealed as beautiful subsequent to its skillful cutting. The Father comes to indwell you with all that is needed for your polish and honing that will result in your finality attainment. The gem is much like grace in your life, for it is given to you with its entire value resident. All that remains is the sequence of events to bring about its revelation. On the other hand, a pearl is an acquirement. As you are well aware, it is the result of irritants, irritants that are transformed into an object of beauty. This is what your physical life with all its human interactions and the necessities demanded both by the environment and your culture provide. You are evolving the pearl soul just as the Father is faceting the gem that is your personality. Whether you discover gifts that have been bestowed upon you since the personality projection from the Father that is you, or whether you develop that shimmering beauty, that priceless goodness that is the pearl of your experience in life, the result is increased value.

I would address Ann. Imagine yourself as a lamp with a lamp shade which is your physical form. This lamp houses the luminous presence of the Father. You have encountered a blemish upon your lamp shade which is able to be removed. You can bleach this blemish with the brilliance of the Father's presence emerging from your core and with a blinding intensity can correct the malfunction. This is an enormous project in faith. I do want to emphasize to you that as every lamp can change its shade, so can you. The Father's greatest importance invested in you is the lamp itself, that which you are and will be throughout all eternity. This that you are is the socket that receives the light bulb of the Father. In unison you become that illuminated personality of the divine. So while the marks and smudges may affect your lamp shade, you are in the embrace of the Father continuously. Rely on this presence, and the course of action best suited for you will unfold itself according to the will of the Father.

I will now open the floor to your comments.

Ann: Thank you, Elyon, that was beautiful. I appreciate your words. Could you give me some guidance in the area of protecting my organs? I want to follow the Father's will.

Elyon: I am, under mandate of the Melchizedeks, not permitted to provide healing, for I am not given that privilege as a teacher in the mission. As an individual I can undertake what my faith urges me to perform. But I would steer you to those beings who are skillful in this area and are directly assigned to such activities. I would point out, as your instructor, that the power exists to selectively preserve as well as selectively curtail both the healthful and the debilitating elements within your vehicle. I would offer as a form from which to grasp this by faith in the midwayers' story of the instantaneous flash decomposition of Jesus's form in the tomb, leaving the burial robes untouched. The midwayers are highly skilled in these endeavors along with powerful extraplanetary doctors.

Tom: Could Jessona, who is involved in healing arts, shed some light on our situation?

Jessona: I do greet you, Philip. This is Jessona. I am touched you asked for me. I would express that the greatest undertaking you as a group can do is to continually enlarge your communication with each other, for all burdens are best borne in the company of others. Fellowship is one of the central features in healing. Much is given through the power of faith, but much must likewise be granted to the power of fellowship. My simplest advice to you is this undertaking of communication, of care, of mutual regard, in essence, of brotherly love.

Ann: Elyon, concerning midwayers, do you have specific instructions?  Should I, in meditation, talk to a midwayer, ask for their help?

Elyon: Healing procedures are a difficult issue for many beings, for like yourselves, there is the need to come to terms with whether or not one's desire is in line with the will of the Father or whether the events deemed disruptive to your life are in reality of great value and must not be thwarted. However, there is much more freedom in action when you give permission. This is best accomplished through prayer to the Father. When it is reported that your permission has been granted, by your angels to the many hovering about you, it is clear what is permissible in the plan of the Father. Since you all are only beginning to grasp the multitude of personalities that are present and the complexities of the undertakings we are engaged in, you can more simply deal with this overwhelming ministry by addressing your needs to Him who lives within. Know full well the skills of Divinington are resident and are quite capable of directing the needed tasks and assignment to these creatures who are around you.

 I would add to this that fellowship does extend into the morontial realm. You may draw close in your mind and heart to these helpers. When in areas of discernment, rest assured that focus upon the Father will accomplish all else in relation to your situation.

Ann: That's beautiful, thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome. Always it is my pleasure to be with you and to share.

Ann: Will we experience the morontia state in this physical body?

Elyon: Your closest approach to morontia realities at this point in your ascension is your own soul. I emphasize; your soul is the closest morontia reality here, for it is you. We, your teacher friends, are also of this state of being, but I am hampered in my morontia expression, for I must relay to you in human, physical mechanisms and the mind circuitry of your planet. What appears to you is reconfigured and downstepped out of morontia sensibilities.

The ascension of every creature in awareness and in enlightenment, in love, and in faith are all valid human accomplishments. Some of your attainments, all of you, that are perceived morontia in nature, are human in nature, bearing a character that is reflective of morontia form. I say this because I wish to emphasize to you that these are attainable while you are yet resident on Urantia. Consider your soul as the umbilical cord to the morontia realm wherein you receive the nourishment of this reality. I assure you, having been here for some time, it is quite nutritious.

Ann: Is this something we can focus on so that we can experience it in our physical frame?

Elyon: It is good to focus upon it, for it is a propellant in your ascension to do so. In this focus you will leave behind you a trail of attainment that is reflective of morontia states but exemplary of humanly attainable qualities. This is the foundation rock upon which you will build the morontia temple. Yes, it is good to see the morontia blueprint in order that you may establish the human foundation. The moment you are fully aware of your morontia attainment will be the day you are ready to permanently enter the embrace of the Father in fusion. As yet you all have much ahead of you. Do not worry, for even if in your valiant efforts to grow you are unsuccessful in fusion here, you will be transported to the worlds of morontia nature. In that environment your growth will be greatly accelerated. Then you will at first be nearly human, not truly morontian. But the coupling with the Father will so transform you that you will stand as a bona fide morontia being, a true blending of creator and creature, of the divine and of the human.

Does this help?

Ann: Yes. Very powerful. Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome. I would postscript with the comment that the morontia realities that you seek and most long for are best found seeking within, first with your soul, for in your external environment there is little here on this world that can be called morontia, although there is much that is morontia-like.

Ann: I received these words from within for a number of years: "Come away, my beloved, into the secret chambers of your soul. There I wait for you."

Elyon: You have succinctly summed up my comments for this day. I would ask you to hold tight to this understanding, for it will be of great comfort ahead.

Kirk: We want to wish you well on your journey.

Elyon: Thank you. It is one I anticipate, for it is a reunion with many of my friends who are not assigned here on Urantia. It is always gratifying to accomplish the curriculum that I have undertaken. It is, however, an ordinary procedure. Though I look forward to the event, I must say in all honesty that being here with you on this planet with its conditions is very intriguing.

Mary: Congratulations. While you are away I'm sure we will have fun with the other teachers who have been longing to speak with us.

Elyon: No doubt the lessons are planned and ready for portrayal.    I would close our meeting this morning by leaving you with the thought of greatest importance, that being the presence of God within you. Make this the foremost of your thoughts. It will bring clarity. Make it highest of your heart, for it will bring belonging. Make Him highest of your will and with a certainty you will behold embrace. Farewell.