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NEC #34 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Leadership; Implementation - Nov 17, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #34 – Leadership; Implementation – Nov. 17, 2014
Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek


  1. Leadership
  2. Christ Michael’s Leadership
  3. Beginning Plans for the Correcting Time
  4. The Development and Implementation of the Magisterial Mission
  5. Finding Leaders and Followers
  6. The Role of Channeled Messages
  7. Validation of Channeled Messages
  8. A Foundation of the Three Core Values
  9. Moving Leaders into Implementation
  10. The Tools of Civilizational Evolution
  11. “Coming out of the Spiritual Closet”
  12. Appearance
  13. Messages of “One True God,” and “God Is Good” must Continue
  14. Individual Interpretations of Three Core Values
  15. Definition of “Moral Validation Teams”
  16. Now Is the Time for Implementation by the Leaders That Come Forward
  17. More on the “Conspiracy of Joy”
  18. Frustration with Our Recent Political Election
  19. The Challenge of Planetary Management

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray
November 17, 2014

Invocation:  Heavenly Father, Christ Michael, Nebadonia, we thank you for your love, your mercy, your patience and the opportunity to take part in these Correcting Times.  May we have ears to hear, discern and understand, and the strength of clarity and vision to follow your Will in these discussions, this program and in the times ahead.  Thank you, and Amen.

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince and Planetary Manager.  It is a pleasure to be here with you today and we will continue our discussion, development and unfoldment of the plans of implementation in this New Era.  Last time we spoke about the shingling effect of one era ending and a new era beginning before the ending of the first, and that continues and will do so for quite some time.


Today’s session has to do with leadership.  You recall that I was the Melchizedek who taught Abraham and many others during the decades that I was upon this planet.  That was an era of leadership on my part, to lead a nation or tribe, as you might see, into spiritual development.  That was very primitive in many ways and I was called upon to monitor the political, economic and military advancements of that tribe, but nonetheless, it was leadership that gave a nation of people direction.  My presence there as well was to develop individual leaders, those who would continue the message of the One God after I was gone, to create a spiritual legacy within the context of an earthly, man-made religion.  That message eventually became watered-down and diluted by religious context and rituals, and so on.

My presence now is to tell you that the work of the Correcting Time, the Urantia Book, Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission—all of those missions within the Correcting Time are a process of giving a civilization leadership — to develop nations that are capable of this kind of leadership, the capacity to move forward with some message to implement.  Of course, we have done that within the context of social sustainability, to address the three pillars of society and the social, political/governmental and economic/financial pillars of society.  That message of social sustainability was primarily directed to the whole world in a secular message, in an attempt to make it appealable to all people, regardless of their religion, regardless of their beliefs, but not regardless of the values which are common to all people.

Christ Michael’s leadership

You have seen how plodding, how deliberate, how intentional Christ Michael has been in the development of his local universe, Nebadon.  You have seen how deliberate he has been when he first became aware of the Rebellion, that there were 200,000 years that passed before his appearance on this planet, and the ending of that Rebellion, and the confinement of the rebels and miscreant followers.  This was followed by 2,000 years of incarceration of those individuals, preparing for the adjudication of their actions.  Christ Michael is very deliberate in his actions in what he does.  His actions are such that he does not create mistakes of his own accord, but gives the greatest liberty to mortals to find their way, and know the way from the message he has given them.

Beginning plans for the Correcting Time

So, too, the Correcting Time is most deliberate.  Its beginnings were well organized and defined tens of thousands of years before Christ Michael’s arrival as Jesus.  These have become more finely tuned and honed as the actions of mortals on this planet have become more evident, requiring necessary action on his part to expedite these plans and to develop them in a timely manner.

You may be quite disappointed at how slow progress seems to be underway; yet, the thoroughness with which he thinks and he applies his plans co-creatively with his subordinates is evident.  This Correcting Time program is perhaps the most powerful, most important and significant development since the creation of this local solar system, since the advent of humanity in a sentient species.  Therefore, the progress is slow in mortal terms.

If you review the last several years of transcripts, you will see that we have explored different phases of development of your societies, your philosophies and your values with you, and that we have taken one segment at a time.  Mortals are not fully capable of encompassing and embracing the total program simultaneously; you must be led slowly, carefully, deliberately so that you get the message, so you internalize this, so you become enculturated with it.  We have told you about the purposes of the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission.  Those are different phases, and now we begin a new phase called “Implementation.”  This era of implementation requires mortal leaders.  The Triumvirate has been available to you through the duration of the Correcting Time, with its early initiation in New Zealand in the mid to late 1980’s.  We have led you through the ethical, moral development of thinking and of living.  This aids your sustainability as an ascending and enlightened individual, who will eventually attain Paradise and the embrace with the Creator.

The development and implementation of the Magisterial Mission

We have developed the Magisterial Mission, which existence is to implement those values and morals in your social context—social, political and economic/financial.  We need moral and ethical individuals in the organization of those three pillars of your society.  We have even given several of you thoughts of monetary embellishment to assist you to think about developing programs, organizations, positions, roles and so on.  Those are now fairly well complete in their rudimentary forms.

As we have told you, money is not an issue for us to develop.  There are many sources to provide even multiples of many millions of dollars to the appropriate programs when needed.  That is one of the least of our concerns.  What does concern us are the things that we cannot create.  The most difficult to develop is leaders and leadership.  We have spoken to you many times about the one percent of every society, every community; that one percent are those individuals who are cultural creatives, those who are self-starting initiators, those individuals who see a problem or situation that needs resolution and proceed to do so, to resolve it.  These are most unique individuals.  Yes, we can project their appearance several generations beforehand, and yes, we have promoted in those families situations wherein potential leaders could develop, and many have appeared.  Many of those leaders now realize and ask in their frustration, “Who are they to lead?  What are they to lead them to do?  And, “What are they to lead with?”  We have also recognized that beyond that one percent, there is usually between five and eighteen percent of any population who will become dedicated and committed followers, those individuals who recognize the leader and step forward to follow them, and see the wisdom of their direction and their commitment, and join with that one percent.  These too, are very important.

In one particular T.E.D. presentations there was an individual who was on a grassy hillside with several dozens of other people who were enjoying the view into the distance.  Spontaneously this individual got up and began dancing a dance of his own imagination.  He’s whirling and twirling, hands and arms akimbo and his legs flying here and there, and causing quite a demonstration.  That is the example of a bizarre leader, but nonetheless, a leader.  The wisdom of this T.E.D. session is this:  It is not the leader who is most important, but the second person that joins in.  There are always leaders, people who stand out, those who are exemplary and those who are bizarre—they are individuals, they stand apart from all the rest, but it is the second person who joins in, who represents the social community of the larger group, the majority of all the people sitting in the stands or on the grass.  This first follower represents all of those who are potential.  It is this person who gives permission to everyone else to participate with the leader and themselves.  Soon, according to how leadership develops, individuals see that this is something that is okay, that there is no social recrimination for their participation in this bizarre dance of individuality, and being sharing in the common fun of being like and as children, who are having fun on the lawn.

Finding leaders and followers

What we are saying, dear friends, is that if you are a leader in your church, in your community, in your service group, then you would want to present your message.  You would want to develop a program in which individuals can participate, and would volunteer to participate, to come forward and follow in and join in with what you as a leader are doing.  This, my friends, we cannot create.  Yes, the midwayers and we can be of great influence to give individuals the options in their thinking to follow, to see the advantages of following, and the service that might be rendered to their family, community and to society.  We cannot create followers.  We can give those people in the audience options in their thinking of what they could do, but they have to decide what they will do.  How do we do this?  We cannot — it takes the courage on the part of those bizarre individuals who come forward to lead, and the second person to follow.

The role of channeled messages

Now, consider this juxtaposition of this Correcting Time, which has always been based on the channeled messages of the Urantia Book teachings, the Teaching Mission, or the Magisterial Mission, or this session today.  They are all based on messages from the unseen.  We are the authors of this message.  You are the receivers of this message.  This juxtaposition between this channeled message, the existence of channeling in the existence of the secular society has created a tremendous separation.  You have seen in well-established religions, going back many thousands of years and even today, where every religion has a sect within it of mystics.  These are individuals, who have had a “God-experience,” who have personally experienced the conscious presence of the Creator in their mind and life, and were overawed by this and came away from that experience as changed individuals.  They understand what the mystic experience is about.  They are able to commune with the Source within them.  Many of you do this; it is a wonderful experience; it is one that I and all the celestials and others participate in on a regular basis.  We, too, worship as you worship.  Our worship is in immediate personal conscious contact with our Creator and you can have this experience as well.

What is missing now from your world, from your religions, is the conscious direction of spiritual leadership from myself as I provided to Abraham and the Hebrew tribes.  Once again I am consciously present here through your TR/channels to help guide your societies and civilization.  This time we will lead your world co-creatively.  You now have the means to provide this message to hundreds of millions of individuals.  This will begin as we are today, within the context of a small group of people, who are immediately listening to this message, and to a larger group of people who are reading this message, and one day will listen to it as a recording.  Where do we begin?  We begin with people who believe.

Let me illustrate this more clearly to you how we operate:  Let us say you are selling Gansu knives at your local grocery store, and you have an audience of 20 people who are interested in these super-sharp Gansu knives.  It will slice, dice and peel, and so on, with the greatest of ease.  This is presented for a specific cost, and by the way, you could have some additional implements as well.  Some people within the group turn away and continue doing their grocery shopping.  Three people stay.  Now, with whom will you spend your most energy on?  Will you spend your energy on convincing the seventeen people who are now walking away, or will you spend your time and energy on those three individuals who have steadfastly remained with you, looking at the knives and appealed by the price and its capability?  Of course, you will spend, invest you time with those three people to make a possible sale, and so you do.

Validation of channeled messages

In many ways, the validations of channeled messages are much like a God experience—those people who have experienced and truly know that it is real and valid.  You have classes that have been taught to you on the discernment of angels and beings of light, the characteristics and the messages they bring forward.  In one lesson on the characteristics and traits of beings of light, you have another message that has been provided to you about discernment—how to discern, how to sort, sift, weigh and come to a high degree of assurance that what you are hearing is accurate, to develop a high degree of trust in what is coming through.  If you are not a mystic, if you are not one who speaks with your God presence within you, then you must learn how to discern to the realm of “trust.”  Once you have had a God experience, then you move into the position of “knowing,” and this can never be taken away from you.  So, for those who wish to participate in this program, to become partners in leadership, you must know who [the] beings of light are, how they act, how they behave and the messages they give, and have the capacity and skill to also discern those messages, which ones are of light and those that are not.  With those two skills you can become exemplary followers, to implement what comes forward.

A foundation of the three core values

Secondly, you also have the three core values of social sustainability; they are infallible; they are self-evident; they were given to you bluntly and overtly and deliberately by Sondjah, many years ago.  You can use those three values as the foundation, the backboard against which you can throw all ideas and concepts of social evolution and development against, to prove and discern whether these new plans are correct, workable and contribute to sustainability, or not.  So, you have two ways of discerning:  One is the spiritual and immaterial, the unseen; and on the other hand, you have the material, the social that you can discern.  It actually is our hope that we develop two groups of teams who are committed to that social sustainability:  One that is based on the co-creative social team concept that uses a spiritual being, a Melchizedek, as who fills the Consultant role; and a secular Design Team that does not use an unseen spiritual consultant, but uses a wise mortal who can advise the group and the team of what is ahead and what is true, and what is not; what is valid now, today, and what will be valid thousands of years from now for your societies.

Moving leaders into implementation

We will begin this process of developing leadership among you and with you, and by you and for you.  We cannot provide this leadership “as you”; you must provide that.  As you know from managerial decision-making, you must be able to develop options.  Evaluate those options; discern the best options, and choose, make a choice of those options of which is most effective, and then you must make a decision to implement that or not.  When you decide to implement it, then you take action that develops implementation.  That is where we are right now.  We have gone through the prior steps of managerial decision-making beforehand, through the decades and years prior to this point.  Now, we are at the point of implementation.  To do that, however, we need leaders.  We need leaders who are in contact with their God presence within them, with those spiritual beings who advise them, whether it is the Mentori, or whether it is their Guardian Angel, Celestial Teacher, a Melchizedek or any other being.  We need leaders who have that capacity to check on themselves, to check on their own validity, to discern whether their thinking is on target, or not.  Off-center thinking, off-center decisions, those that are founded on ego and fear, and manifest as authority, power and control, are not sustainable, and will wither and die.  Eventually, those leaders who engage in that will be highly embarrassed by their situation.

The tools of civilizational evolution

We have provided you with all the tools to move forward, to implement with great confidence.  Now is the time to find those individuals who are capable of doing that.  You can trust that we will develop the aspect of channeling as a valid means of civilizational evolution.  That is a “mouth-full,” is it not?  Quite a thought to think about.  Yes, we will do that; it is time to bring about the eventual, long, enduring, long-tested process that will be tested for decades ahead, whether this process of spiritual engagement is a valid means for civilization, societies, nations and cities to base their process of growth and development and evolution.  Yes, it will be highly contested.  Just as you know that there are extraterrestrials, and that many other nations have validated this and published that material, there are some nations which hide in fear thinking that their populous would run about and run amuck, thinking that they were going to be decimated by aliens—this is not the case!  So, too, is channeling seen that way; you have a means of validating the messages now—use it; disqualify those individuals who opt for authority and fear, power and ego, and validate those who are credible leaders, those who are credible to bring through a message.  It has been a long-standing tradition of ours to assist mortals in co-creative endeavors to validate what they are doing, and what they are doing with us.  Yes, we are here; we are not going away.  We are here to help you and we need leaders and highly capable and competent followers, who have the courage to step out with those leaders to assist in this process.

I am open for questions if you have some.

MMc:  The operational program that you talked about beginning in January, has to do with more hands-on, a more pragmatic approach?  Am I correct in that assumption?

“Coming out of the spiritual closet”

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, just as we have “come out of the spiritual closet,” through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, having used the Urantia Book as a foundation/database for spiritual activity on this planet, so too, the new era will be an “outing,” of us, an exposure of us in a more societal way; that is the implementation of this phase.  We are not ready to build a hundred-story edifice in downtown New York yet, with the name of “Christ Michael’s Building” on it, for sure, but we must become more evident to the population of the world as an acceptable, reasonable, rational source of wisdom and guidance for your nations.

MMc:  The information in the published sessions, the last that was unpublished was in January 2013, and in one of those sessions was that something would happen last fall.  Obviously, it looks like it’s been delayed until January 2015.  Am I correct in that assumption?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there was a major “something,” as you alluded to, this last fall—September, October—that was a major juncture for us.  We discerned several means by which we can proceed.  The one that we alluded to in those closed sessions had to do with the development of financial sources to develop organizations and benevolent granting organizations for the development of socially sustainable programs.  That has not changed, but it is not forthcoming at this time as there must be genuine leadership developed among mortals who have the capacity to lead based on the spiritual system of values that we have given you.  This is one of the programs, a segment of human development, which had to be developed separately.  It appeared to you as a “stand alone” program.  We have taken that to the furthest extent, and that is complete in its early development.  Now, we enter a new phase of leadership development that includes the development of mortal leaders through the spiritual leadership of the Triumvirate, and through channeled messages, and so on.  This year what you will see is the two-fold approach of the spiritual and the secular implementation.

MMc:  I see.  So the [New Era] event will not occur in January? appearance

MACHIVENTA:  Yes it will occur in January, but will be very subtle in your estimation.  As you know, This One has been invited and is scheduled for a one hour, television recorded, channeled session on December 4, with  Approximately half of the time will be channeled and half will be an interview with This One.  It is our intention to bring the world’s attention to the fact that your planet is spiritually guided, and that there is a plan for its recovery and its future.  What we need as secondary leaders, those volunteers who stand up and say, “I can do this too; this is good stuff.  Let’s listen to this and step forward.”  So, it is one thing to have a leader, an individual such as This One, to come into social exposure with our message.  It is another thing, as necessary and perhaps even more necessary, that individuals come forward and share this with others.  We, and you will share this session with others and with millions of individuals.  As you know, you can use your social media and hit the “share button” to promote this to other locations.  There are technicalities, which we have taken into consideration at this time, as Gaiam TV has a paid subscribership with the allowance of a certain number of free sessions first.

Messages of “One True God,” and “God is good” must continue

Our next concern is for these television sessions to continue, that there be further dialogs, very similar to what is occurring today, and has occurred every two weeks, or so, for the past several years, that these would be recorded on public television—private television, and public television—and shared with the masses.  It is important that secular individuals, non-believers, also see that social sustainability and the program of developing nations into being socially stable is rational, that these processes can work.

Our intention for “coming out” is to generate a realization in people that spiritual matters are real, that planets with sentient individuals, with sentient races and species, are guided and managed by spiritual entities that work for the hierarchy of light, and that the management of a world is not happenstance, is not irrational, and not whimsical, but intentional and purposeful and has great meaning that can be given to individuals.  It is important that the message of the “One True God” continue, that “God be seen as good,” whether God is seen as Christ Michael of this local universe, or the First Source and Center.  It is important for mortals to be able to discern the tragedies and travesties of life and living that are caused by humans, and “the first cause” as a benevolent act initiated by God.  This simple process of discernment is highly important.  This is the beginning of manifesting and generating more millions of evolved souls who graduate this planet of misery.

Individual interpretations of three core values

MMc:  In the book that I am writing, I’ve run into a bit of a problem, and I wonder if you can help me with that?  If each individual in the world today has his/her own interpretation of the three core values, and uses that interpretation to try to increase the progress of themselves and their loved ones, does it then become the job of the design team to clarify the meaning of each and all of the three core values as they apply to creating the various institutions and laws, governing society, politics and economics?

MACHIVENTA:  Their chore is to assist in that process.  It is fundamental that individuals understand the simplicity of the three core values of social sustainability, and knows how to interpret them for their own personal life.  When we say, “interpret them,” we mean to ask, “how are they applicable to their own individual life?”  If they are true for you, they are true for everyone.  How you interpret them for your individual life is for you to determine.  You may come to interpret some improvement in the quality of life that is erroneous; it might be selfish, it might not consider other people; it might, in fact, cause harm to other people.  In your immaturity, you may make that decision to interpret it that way.  You, through the association with other individuals who are using the three core values correctly for their own lives, may hold you accountable for your interpretation that is erroneous.

The two functions of social sustainability design teams are to generate social programs, social policies that are social, political and economic that are consistent with the three core values.  That work will be ongoing for the next 10,000 years or so, until your planet is well settled into the Days of Light and Life.  You—meaning you as an individual, and your society, and your whole civilization—will be in a transition of at least two centuries to accept these values as valid and authentic, and innate to your species, and self-evident.  There will still exist those individuals at the end of two centuries, such as the “Dedicated Flat-Lander’s Society,” who will still believe that the world is flat. Those people who will be in denial that these three values are valid, authentic, genuine, rational, ageless, timeless, universal to all people, and work!  Why might they do that?  They might do that because they are innately selfish; they may be narcissistic.  They may have a penchant to sustain their ego, and so on.  You can anticipate that there will be groups of individuals who are highly conservative, who are true to the “old religion,” so to speak, who will say that this new religion of the three core values is false, and that it is erroneous; and, they will be fear-mongers.  Do you understand?  They will try to become leaders in their selfishness through fear, and there will be much finger pointing, and so on.  But there will always be those three core values that will provide the backboard, the grounding and centeredness for all rational social thought, and they can be used very effectively to examine and disprove and destroy those arguments of selfishness.  Does this help?

MMc:  Oh, yes it does; very much so.  Thank you.

Definition of “moral validation teams”

I wonder if you would define for us again the work of the “moral validation teams,” please?

MACHIVENTA:  Their work is to validate existing laws and statutes and social policies, whether of government at any level, or of corporations, of foundations, private associations, service organizations, and so on.  They are not the “inquisition;” they are not to operate in this way.  They provide a simple way of vetting existing social organizations, visions, missions, objectives, goals and so on as contributing to social sustainability or not.  Does this help?

MMc:  Yes.  So, basically, they look at… (Machiventa:  Existing social organizations?), …institutions that have not been set up by design teams and morally validate the terms within those laws and institutions?

MACHIVENTA:  Exactly.  It is a means of vetting that which already exists, according to the three core values.  Does this make sense to you?

MMc:  Certainly.  Ladies, are there any other questions?

Now is the time for implementation by the leaders that come forward

Susan:  I don’t know if I can form this into a question; it’s more a need for validation of my understanding of where we’re at right now.  Machiventa, you said that now is the time for implementation, and that it is up to those of us who would take on a role of leadership, I believe, to cultivate those 5-18% who would be, or could be followers, using the tools you’ve given us, tools for thinking, moral, ethical, spiritual thinking, tools for extending and developing ideas in the social context, and the tools you’ve given us the framework for putting together organizational structures that would be sustainable, based on all of these things.  I think I’m getting that.

Now, on the implementing of these ideas, your focus will be in assisting leaders, who are spiritually guided, and then also, there will be another phase of the program that will be opening the minds of others to the ideas that spiritual guidance is real.  I’m checking for my clarity—am I on the right track?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, Dear, you are.  Your greatest difficulty is that you are far ahead of the leading edge of your society.  Our message has been to you, and you have taken this to heart, and you have begun an implementation program already.  You are a natural leader, and you have developed some people who have faith in you and who trust your leadership and your ideas.  We here, in this forum, are also addressing every individual in the world, many of whom will not hear this message for decades.  This message will go out to many hundreds-of thousands of people—and millions eventually—and hopefully sooner than later.  You may express a bit of frustration at the implementation, because you are so ready to begin putting stones on the ground on a foundation, to build this “building” of yours, so to speak, where other people have not even found the site of ground to build their new programs and to provide the leadership.

We understand your difficulty with this, and we ask for your personal patience as we proceed with the rest of the global population.  Yes, you do have this correctly, and you have a very good understanding and grasp of the larger picture of our programs.  We are slowly, methodically, laying down large paving stones on this path of social/spiritual, political/spiritual and economic/financial/spiritual causeway for your world.  This takes time.  You, as an individual, can sit in meditation and receive answers very rapidly.  We must do this in a way in which these lessons will remain in place for decades and centuries, coming forward to assist those individuals who have just recently come into awareness of social sustainability.  We ask for your patience, and we know that you have patience, yet you are eager to move forward.  Thank you!

More on the “conspiracy of joy”

Susan:  Thank you.  I heard, “patience, patience and more patience.”  (Laughter.)  I thank you for your patience with me—I’m very thankful for that!  (Machiventa:  You are most welcome!)  It must be so frustrating for you—and frustration probably is not the right word—but to be eager, to be the horse in the gate, waiting for it to open—is an interesting experience.  The last discussion, you ended with something that was joyful for me:  You talked about the “conspiracy of joy” on our planet, and I wanted to comment on it and ask you to maybe elaborate, because it really struck me.  I think one of the comments was, “you can only create from a happy, combining sort of perspective.”  I get the feeling that those who are creative are those who actually are joyful, who have a worldview that’s joyful.  Did I understand that correctly?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you did, you understood correctly.  You see, as you move into the position of the “creator,” you have great enjoyment, peace and joy; you live in the light of creativity; you live in the light of the Creator.  Yet, as you move more into implementation and the problems of human/mortal implementing physical material, social processes, you move away from that light and it becomes more difficult for you.  The conspiracy of light and the conspiracy of joy are synonymous.  As people live in joy, they are light-hearted; they are coming into enlightenment.  And so, they become more God-like.  It is rare for us to see a person enjoy this kind of joy and peace and creativity, who is not centered somehow, in someway, in their relationship to the universe, whether they believe in God or not.  They realize that there is “something more” than just themselves.

Susan:  I see.  Thank you.  That was very expanding for me, and I’ll yield to you, Roxie.

Frustration with our recent political election

Roxie:  I am sure you are aware that we just had another political election, and in making my choices for voting on the various issues and candidates, I used the three core values to help me decide which way to go. I find it very disappointing that the election went in the opposite direction from where I thought it should go.  Can you give us your opinion on how this may affect the Correcting Time program in the United States?

MACHIVENTA:  I would be glad to.  It will have absolutely no effect on the Correcting Time.  You see what money can do.  You can see how many billions of dollars were used to sway the public in this election.  That is a powerful message there, my friends.  One is that money can make things happen, and further, the authority for this democracy of the United States, and every democracy, rests on the ultimate authority of the public.  The public, citizens, simply have not woken up to their authority and power, because they do not have a means of peacefully expressing their collective disgruntlement.  We, in our attempts of social sustainability plan to affect that also.  There must come into existence a sustainable political process, society and economic/financial process as well.  This is slow work, and, it is essential that this nation continue in its quasi-social stability through the coming era.  It is important that the seeds of social sustainability that have already begun to germinate, begin to grow, and that more and more seeds of social sustainability be scattered throughout the world in all organizations.

Yes, your elections are very dismaying in some ways, as this is one of the most powerful nations in the world and has tremendous affect upon other nations and the course and conduct of their existence.  Many voters see how this nation operates in the world in such a powerful, dynamic way, and yet is so whimsical and superficial in its election process, and the election of individuals who seem to have almost nothing to do with the welfare of the public.  We hope that you see through this election and this process, several things:  One is that the public is the ultimate authority of a democracy; that remains; that is still in place.  Second, we wish you to understand the principles of social sustainability can be applied to your political processes.  You must think creatively; best of all, co-creatively to begin designing democratic processes that empower the public to bring about conscious, rational change that is constructive and progressive.  This, too, is possible, and we have those designs already in mind, and have some of those already published.  I hope these comments give you more faith in what is occurring on the larger scale.

Roxie:  Yes, I seem to have the most problem with having faith in my fellow man when I see the results of the recent election.

MACHIVENTA:  One of the key features of that [lack of] faith in humanity is the selfishness of individuals.  This too, can be used to a positive end that assists us and assists you, and assists your planet to move into social sustainability.  When it becomes so destructive to keep up with business as usual, then individuals will find another way of doing the public’s business.

Roxie:  Thank you.  That’s all the questions I have at this time.

MMc:  Machiventa, do you have anything in closing?

The challenge of planetary management

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, thank you.  We appreciate speaking with you; we sense your frustration at all these beginnings.  We are beginning to begin to begin, to start, to initiate.  (Chuckling.)  There are many places to begin when you are the Manager of a Planet of such a disagreeable species—disagreeable with themselves, and disagreeable with each other.  Yet, this is the wonderful challenge for us as teachers and administrators to begin developing leaders, leaders who understand the larger context of global management and planetary management.  Very, very few, if any, of your national leaders, cultural leaders, religious leaders or economic leaders, think in the terms of planetary management.  This is a new term that must be used in the conversations of people, to see the larger good, the common good, to understand what is fair for you and your community must also be fair for others in their community, no matter how impoverished they are, how uneducated they are, or how socially bereft they are in comparison to your own life and living.

It is a large project.  Christ Michael has bit off quite a bite to chew with this project, but he has ultimate faith in you as a species, no matter how disagreeable you may be with each other, or with yourselves.  He has ultimate faith in who you are, what you are and truly, what you are capable of.  Thank you, and good day.