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Charles; Serena; Jonathan; Machiventa; Inner Guide; Michael; Gerdean - Chat with Departed Friend Gerdean and more - Oct 19, 2014 - 5 Transcripts - North Idaho Lightline

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Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-09-28
Teacher: Jonathan, Serena, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] Greetings dear friends, I am Jonathan availing myself of this opportunity to commune with you this morning. I seize this grand opportunity because a gem has just been placed before you. I would like to take it and examine it and explore some of its beauty. The gem I refer to is the simple statement made of breathing light energy into motion.

This statement is profound. It almost defined in a few short words what your role is to play in this plane. Just as the solar panels gather the suns rays and collect them and turn them into a form which may be monitored and measured, so do you serve a similar purpose. You are there, receivers of this divine energy. You collect these waves and focus them in your being and the very fact that you are alive, enables you to add motion and direction to this collection of energies. Therefore, this statement of purpose would be well to bear in mind. You are the collectors, the receivers, but you also are the directors, the channelers, the ones who can focus these collected divine energies.

What a joy it is to consider that this is the interface that you have, this is the place that you exist between the divine rays emanating from on high to the very ball of dirt that you walk upon. You are this interface between these two dimensions. While you are living, you focus energies even as you breathe, as simply as you breathe, as directly as you breathe. Many breaths while you are human are taken without any consideration, they are simply routine, normal and natural parts of being alive.

But when one comes into consciousness, they realize that every act of mortal life may be infused with spirit intention, may be directed with spiritual causes and become charged with this spirit presence and altered in this state. This is what you do, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously. You have effects on your environment because of your intentions directed and focused and you are learning of this truth and becoming comfortable with your relationship to it. It is a joy to watch the capacity of the students expand as they exercise their understanding.

What a joy it is to be with you in this process, to be counted as your friend while we observe these changes together. It is my desire to participate with you to the fullest of my capacities. I sense you share my desire and so we have much that will be brought our way for our consideration. For now I am just so pleased to be with you to seize the gems that are offered and expand upon them as I may be able. Thank you for allowing me this room in your individual parlors of spirit in which you so generously accommodate me. That is what I will offer for today. It is always a pleasure to join you again, farewell.

Serena: [Cathy] In the enhancement of light energy it is important to maintain clarity of purpose and intention. Any animosity will provide a blockage in the path of light as it moves through you. Unease and discord form a break in the continuity of the light as it is moving toward the intended destination. Your group has developed a powerful source of this light. It is a tool that may be used to great effect under the proper direction. We can see the potential and encourage you to work on the clarity of your inner circuit. One tool available is the stillness and communication with your Father. Your Father and Mother have volunteered to help you clear the blockages in your energy circuitry. You only need to request their assistance.

Charles: [Mark] Thank you for letting me through, I am Charles. I understand that the mortal consciousness easily strays from being focused. We see it all the time of course, it is nothing unusual. So this brings me to the subject, the rub, the problem with focusing on focused spiritual intention is how easily the mind wanders, how easily there is friction and there is stimulation. These things cause the mind to jump and look in that direction, pursue down that path, you find yourself in a completely different dimension sooner that you can believe it.

This is both the power and the weakness of the mind capacity, the function of the brain. It has very quick responses, it is easily sparked and therefore flashes of thought or sound or light may easily deflect this sharp instrument into a new direction. This is one of your greatest mortal challenges, to realize the tendency of this mind to jump and startle and be put off of focus. It is also simultaneously one of the greatest aspects of this grand tool of your mind, the ability to redirect, the ability to change direction, to insert intention and purpose into the equation and redirect as necessary.

This is the active part. The passive part was to observe that your mind has strayed and you are now thinking about other things, into another land, another world unto yourself. The active part is to keep a mindful eye on where the mind is and where it would wish to be with the constant intention of watching for straying and redirecting to the desired coordinates. With great gifts like the mind, come great challenges. Surely the mind is your ultimate tool for pioneering your vessel and yet even the mind requires a captain. One above, perhaps an admiral, to watch the course headings and make sure that the mind is serving the proper captain, is doing the proper headings and is keeping things going in the proper direction. If not, it is easy enough to redirect this powerful tool and it will comply if it is your desire.

This is true in all aspects of human experience where the mind participates; grieving, sorrow, doubt, fear, all of these are avenues the mind will travel down if provoked, if allowed, if permitted. The operator of the grand system is the one who must call the system to order and dictate which of these potentials, which of these paths of these compass headings will you take and which will you avoid and forsake. The mind is happy to do either. It will do whichever, it will pursue whichever course has been set. It is up to the owner/operator to take charge and dictate which course is set.

So while you encounter these episodes of the mind taking you here and there, be keen to realize there is one behind it all who has overriding power and is ultimately in charge and can steer this mind in the direction of their choosing. True, this may take vigilance and perseverance but it is certainly within the scope of what all owners of such a mind are capable of. To this end, it may serve all of you to be mindful of what distractions you bring into your sphere of consideration and awareness for each one of these potentials you allow may trigger the mind to go down that path, to live that reality and you may become more and more discerning about which of those you need allow in your space, for that as well is under your control. You determine how much and what outside influence you allow into the equation.

I thought I would have a few words to say about the mind and its wandering and its distractions as I was encountering them firsthand with my associate. Thank you for this opportunity to explore these thoughts and patterns. It is always my pleasure to be given the opportunity with intention. I bid you all have a good week. I will be in attendance as we hold further meetings, thank you.

Transcript 2
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2014-10-02 [Thoughts on t/ring /Setting your sails]
Teacher: Mark/Inner Guide, Machiventa, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers

Comment on t/ring:(In the discussion among participants the comment was made)  "Those of us who are listeners at this point, we're trying to contact our Monitors but I'm having trouble still, but we're trying."

Mark:  Do you mind if we talk about that for a minute? I think it might be useful to make a distinction between the phenomenon of t/ring  and contact with your indwelling Thought Adjuster.  Transmitting/receiving is the phenomenon of making contact with another celestial personality and having a connection in which you can download as well as upload questions. That process is a matter of two distinct different personalities making contact and choosing to make contact, your personality and the personality of the celestial individual who you are going to converse with. So there is definitely a you and them about it, a distinction of personalities.

Question: Can you feel it?

Mark: Well that's all you do is feel it. You don't see it, you don't taste it, you don't touch it, you don't smell it, you have one sense to deal with in this and that is feeling the distinctive presence of another personality approaching you and you approach them. You decide you will reach out with your self and another personality reaches out with their self and that's where this connection that we refer to as t/ring is.

The other process which I would like to draw a distinction to is what I refer to as the Inner Voice, some people refer to as the Thought Adjuster. Approaching that is something altogether different because as it turns out, you cannot recognize the otherness of your Adjuster presence because it lacks personality. It is not a distinct other. When we talk about engaging Machiventa or whoever in contact in the t/r process, there is a presence, an energy signature which accompanies any individual, you, me, Machiventa, Michael, it doesn't matter. We all have our energy signature, the combination which is unique to us of our energy field.

This is what you recognize when a celestial approaches you as a t/r, there is a presence of an otherness, as if you were sitting there meditating and someone walks up to you silently and stands next to you, you can tell they are there. That is the process of t/ring where you feel the other presence come close to you just as in that manner described and just recognizing that you have approached each other. You reach and connect. That is the process of t/ring and once the connection happens, there is a download, a transfer, an imprint of this offering from the other side and you take that and run it through your mind and word processor and you place the closest word that will identify what this is. It goes through your human filter and you have to describe it. Sometimes there is great assistance with this so that even that is aided celestially in the process.

Question: Who does that?

Mark: Whoever you are working with can be working on their end to process into terms they think you can process so that there is assistance with trying to make it on target, the thrust of the message, the overall idea is conveyed because it is being conveyed from above where words are not significant into a realm where words are the only thing you have. So there is a far translational reach there. However, if like many musicians, there is a flow that happens, something connects and then there is this flow of energy, of creativity and you become an instrument to this flow. So between these two of trying to become an instrument of this flow and making this connection between personalities, that's t/ring.

That is distinctly different from the aha moment that you will have when you realize that in searching for your Indwelling Father Fragment, you have been searching  your whole life based upon the searching for the presence of others as determined by their distinct energy signature formed by their personality. Since the Adjuster has no personality, you won't find that energy signature as different; you won't sense that another has approached because they are already there and they have been there the whole time. What you  will realize is that not only have they been there the whole time but that you have not understood the translation because it is so far from the divine to the human thought pattern that the many times that you have had flashes of inspiration, flashes of wisdom, aha moments where things just come to you, those are the times where a connection has been made, and it appears to you as a dialog and it appears to you as though it is just you, it's your mind because it sounds like you, it talks like you, uses the same words as you, it seems to have no other origin other than you. That's where your Adjuster is. It is behind you, it is beneath you, it is supporting you so that any communication you have has to be translated through you, it sounds like you, it feels like you so you mistake it and don't realize that there has been a connection because it is wrapped in you. But in fact, those flashes are the connection with the Adjuster, those longings to do the right thing, those longings to do the altruistic motive, those feelings as though you have just been inspired.

Question: Does it behoove us to try to hear the Adjuster first prior to us trying to connect to the others?

Mark: I think it's apples and oranges, I think you would like them both to the degree that you can and I will not hesitate to repeat that what works for many individuals and might be a key factor in realizing this connection and seeing it for yourself in tangible form is to journal. If you earnestly go into prayer and do journaling and just let your spirit flow, literally tap into that energy and let it flow and don't worry  about what you're doing or where it's going but just let it flow. You will see examples of things that are strange to you, things you don't recognize and that is the clearest, most tangible example that many people have had that they are actually communing with something greater than themselves because all of a sudden something happens which they didn't think about or plan or know.
For me, my journaling consisted of first writing out a question to the universe. What's going on here? What don't I see there? What are the potentials inherent in this life circumstance? Then, as if you knew, just start writing  from your higher self. What would you answer, what would the answer be? Then just let it go and just write the answer, just write it out. Some people call it automatic writing, it's just allowing your soul to be free. You may be surprised to see certain things emerge in your writing. Do it for a while and then go back so that you see the process unfold and you will see what came out when you ask those sincere questions of the universe.

Question: Is there a specific time of the day or night when this is most beneficial?

Mark: That would probably be when it works best for you. I don't think there is a wrong answer there, whatever works. So just to make the distinction between the processes there because there is so much confusion that they are the same thing and they are not really. You are not looking for the same thing. One is communing with a different personality just like you and I are communing right now. The other is communing with your insert-inner guide which is underneath and behind everything that is going on with you and your mind.

Question: So when the celestials start talking through you, you actually feel a presence?

Mark: Absolutely, that's how you know it's a go, that's your confirmation that somebody's there. You can, being powerful co-creative beings, summon these personalities, request their presence and draw them to you and in spirit form that's an easy matter. Once we get into spirit form in the process of using our spirit component to go there, then they can meet us. That is one of the key factors, you kind of have to meet them halfway in that spirit form. If you want to reside within the confines of the physical dimension, then you are very confined. What we do here even now is taking ourselves beyond our material dimension into the larger spiritual platform that we meet on. So it's that same technique that we use when we all meet here, the same process that we  employ when we arrive here in person and in spirit. That's why when I go to approach any celestial personality I have to transform my being first, I can't just be in my head, I can't just be in my body to do that.

The way I transform my being each time is with a prayer. That is my method, certainly not the only method by any means, but I have found it to be very effective so I stick with it because when you find yourself in gratitude to your Creator for the creation that you're enjoying, you're aligning yourself properly. So that's how I transform and bridge that gap and bring myself to the more than material part that I am. The attitude of gratitude is supreme in my estimation. If I don't do anything else all day long, I engage in that because that's where you want to be, because all things work out when you have the supreme attitude of gratitude, it doesn't really matter what you're talking about. If you are aligned with that attitude of gratitude, things are working better than they are when you're not.

Question: We're starting to have human cataclysms and I'm just wondering when the physical earthly cataclysms are going to start? We have a lot of earthquakes and volcanos now, when is the big event going to happen?

Mark: Well, we'll find out won't we? It's not like things aren't changing, we'll just have to ride it out and see what happens. It's an interesting time to be alive.

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for the opportunity of this unique configuration of individuals at this time, gathering in this circle. I treasure these opportunities as do you Divine Parents, when we circle up and come together we reach to be approaching you in spirit, to be coming in your direction with that part of us that can, that part of us that can reach towards you with an infinite reach, that part of us we bring to the equation even now. We are so young and fledgeling at these exercises of reaching with that part of us that is spirit. We treasure these opportunities where we exercise this faith and bring these faiths to the table. Thank you for the opportunity to commune with other spirit personalities and with our own Inner Guides. May we all find this pathway and recognize this trail. Let it be so, even now.

Machiventa: Greetings to you all, I am Machiventa at this ones invitation. It is my pleasure to join you here for some slight discussion around the sentiment offered, that one may not have control over the winds but one certainly may have control over the setting of ones sails. This is paramount in response to the questions that were asked of when and how and how much and who and at what time, at what point; these are all questions of the mortal mind that constantly tease you because it seems as though if you just knew at what point and under what conditions and how much and where and when that you might somehow be prepared, you might somehow have an advantage, be able to withstand some of the turmoil if you could only know and only be told in advance.

But what I am telling you in advance is greater than any of these; it is how you will set your sails when the wind blows, what tack will you take, what approach will you make when the winds howl and gale? Will you weather through the storms based upon the knowledge of sailing, of how to work with the winds and the tides, how to correct your vessel even in inclement weather, how to weather through the worst of it by battening down your hatches and taking in your sails, how to use even the slightest breeze to gain you forward momentum?

All these things are accomplished by the skilled sailor who knows how to use the tools he is given, the sails to navigate his way through no matter what the conditions may bring. The sailor out navigating the sea may not have advanced warning of a storm but if he is skilled, he will be able to adjust rapidly to his current surroundings and in so doing, make it safe passage. So it can be with you. No matter what arises before you, some of it will affect you, some of it will not, some storms will fall upon you and be dark and threatening; other times you will have smooth sailing while those around you will be encountering turmoil.

But each individual sailor, if they are skilled and stick to their basic principles, will be able to navigate individually through the corrective challenges of an ever changing environment. What happens on your world is simply an ever changing environment. If you rely on the guidance of spirit you will be able to navigate your way through. So let the details unfold I say, they are not written in stone, they are not even written yet at all. They are in a state of complete change as is your environment. Those quick thinkers will adapt and change with the times. That is what you can do to be ready, be prepared. Be ready to change and adapt, quickly and effectively.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with this metaphor and discuss the important aspects of change which may or may not be thrust upon you. It is a fertile ground for this exercise in being nimble, being able to shift and change. It is always my pleasure to join you for any discussions. Thank you for allowing me the time, I now withdraw, farewell.

Michael: Greetings to you all, I am Michael and I am drawn to further this analogy if I might. If you are sailors out on the sea then I am the lighthouse. I am the one beckoning you in my direction, this way, over here. I am the one who draws you in. I am the one whose course you have set and if you maintain this heading you will draw near me, you will draw near our Father. And while so much about your journey involves change, the constant in your journey may be the guidance of the heading that you choose to approach me.

By maintaining this heading, though your journey may take you through many experiences, it will take you to a common destination. You will arrive at my shores and be welcomed by me. Many a sailor at sea has been soothed by having the fires burning to show them the way, to light up their destinations in advance of their arrival. And so I am with you, a burning light on the shore for you to see and approach and navigate towards. On your individual unique experience of traversing the distance from where you are to where I am, is the unique gift that you may give back when you arrive at the supreme destination.

Thank you all for your efforts at being steadfast sailors, being the ones who will tend the vessel and keep it on course and proceed forward given the winds of the universe, adapting to change and moving through the process. This is the gift of grace of a mortal life. This is the gift of grace of approaching a divine life when you choose to use your mortal life and approach divinity, steer towards the divine. That is why our Father is so pleased when such efforts meet with such success as you demonstrate even now. Let my love for you all be the beacon that draws you ever near. Let your efforts at setting your sails bring you ever closer in your endeavor and one day, I assure you, we shall stand on that shore together and reflect on the grand journey it has been. And nothing will bring me more pleasure than to share with you your experiences. Nothing brings the Father more pleasure than to know your experiences have been rich and well earned.

So let us be about this task joyfully, this task of encountering what may rise up before us but resolutely navigating our way through it with the faith that we are worthy of. I pray it be so for all of us as we encounter the grand spectrum that will be laid out before us. My dear ones, it's all good, you're all good and it's getting better. Thank you Father, so be it, it is so. Be at peace, go in peace, my peace be with you always. Until we meet again, farewell.

Inner Voice: Thank you indeed, I just thought I would barge my way in here through this other door and make my presence known. It may be an interesting part of this exercise for you to attempt to discern any presence here at all. Even though I am quite real, I simply desire to make the statement: Do not be afraid to explore this dimension, looking for this aspect of yourself that is so hidden, so intertwined as though it's impossible to dissect, but I assure you, I am there speaking for all the Inner Voices. This is something I can do. I am there, I am here, it is Me but I lack what you have, your unique combination of traits, your distinct one in a universe personality.

This is something I do not possess, except, it is My intention to have you eventually offer to share yours with Me as I have already committed to partner with you in this process. I have long since chosen you to combine with, else I would not be here. While it may take some time for you to prove to yourself that I am indeed real and alongside you, when this is determined and made real in your experience, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to choose to combine with Me. You will see that I have been there all along with you, that I have been part of your thoughts, part of your reaction, part of your experience throughout.

But I have been quite careful not to force Myself upon you for we have an eternity to bond. It is not my design to impose any thought pattern on you or persuade you about anything. You must come to Me, you must ask, you must request, you must want to, otherwise my fleeting contribution will be as stray thoughts to you or stray inspirations. You may not understand where they are generated from, but I am mostly responsible for them. But when in consideration of Me, you must use your mind and your words and your thoughts to search for Me and all of these things are so thoroughly you that it is difficult to see My influence.

But I am there, I am always rooting for you, always on your side because I have chosen you and if the truth is told, you have chosen Me, even before you have total conviction of this. So be it, this is our paradigm, a material/mortal paradigm where you as a material mortal of the realm with mind and body are joined and coupled with a Fragment of the Eternal and a spiritual component of eternal divinity. Quite the combination of being and that is what draws all of Us to be with all of you. That is what is so attractive is this grand combination that we can be a part of.

Thank you all for allowing this interface. The next challenge for you might be to reflect on these words and how they felt and where they came from. I offer you this opportunity here at this time because I can see you are seeking and to all those who are seeking, it is such a pleasure to bring them something to be found. So be it, even now. Thank you all for your attention, farewell.


Transcript 3
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-10-05
Teacher: Gerdean, Charles, Inner Voice, Jonathan
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Gerdean: [Cathy] I have indeed considered your invitation to communicate from my new position. I was pleasantly surprised to reconnect with Jonathan as I was greeted on this sphere by many of our brothers and sisters. To describe the experience is beyond words, even for someone like myself who has always been a wordsmith. Our work was revealed to me in an expanded form that humbled me as I considered my view from the earthly plane. We are indeed blessed with a tool and a power that is unique in human experience. I encourage you, our group, to continue to press forward in exploration of our potentials. I see that the work is far from complete and the potential is enormous and profound. I encourage experimentation with light in all its forms. Be assured that the beacon you produce is most glorious from this viewpoint. I will take my leave but remain with you.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I will make some noise as a result of the invitation and cooperation of my associate, I am Charles. It is my pleasure to join you once again. I never fail to observe your inner actions and meetings but I don't always accept the speaking invitation when there are others. But, this morning I would like to acknowledge that your discussions of the various realms of spiritual activity are indeed inspiring because these are the lessons that we are trying to get across, that we all endeavor to expose you to, these different dimensions of where you can be in spirit, different places you can occupy, that you can actually move from here to there and become aware that there has been a shift.

This is a great accomplishment and one that we all enjoy witnessing as it demonstrates the success of the process we've been engaged in. I also enjoy contributing with you your directed energies and practicing working together with you in the quiet, in spirit, but unified and directed in purpose. These exercises serve to strengthen our faith. As we engage more and more with the process we are strengthened by our experience with the process and we bring greater and greater faith to the equation.

As for your discussion earlier on what might or might not be appropriate to attempt or to do or to allow or to become, I would simply state the obvious that in the end you will expand to the greatest of your capacity and you will embrace all things which are within that capacity to embrace and then your capacities will expand with the advent of your exercise and your faith as we discussed and then you will be able to hold more experience, and do more, become more in the process. This pattern of growth and change and growth and change is the constant throughout your eternal career, expanding to accommodate, expanding to hold, growing in your skills and abilities to navigate.

And so it is that you know, as a group you have encountered many new frontiers which at first to you seemed odd or strange or dissonant and they may have been a challenge for you to assimilate into your expanded awareness, but as you grew comfortable and familiar with them, they have brought you great strength. They have indeed increased your faith and now you are emboldened by this process to go and strike out in a new spiritual direction because you realize this is how it's done, that this is the process in action.

And so now there may be another invitation from the universe before you to expand out and grow to accommodate, another new opportunity, another new challenge, another new notch in your belt which you take with you as part of your experience. I have great faith in your ability to keep growing and that you will not find a plateau and be content with it for long. You have grown to enjoy the ride, the motion of moving forward in your ascension career, the active part that you can play in the process and so I do not expect any of you will be unable to accommodate any future dimensional shift. We would not be here having this conversation had you shown much resistance to what the potentials were in this process that we use. And so it is you will find new processes and expanded ways because you are open, because you are in motion you may be guided.

I always appreciate the opportunity to come and speak words of encouragement to those who are out on the field at play and are moving in the process dynamically. I enjoy my opportunity to come on the field with you for a few moments and share this common experience of growth for I gain much from my contact with you. I am grateful for this, thank you all for accommodating me, coming out and joining me in this arena together. It is my great pleasure, thank you.  

Inner Voice: I will accept this opportunity, I am this ones Inner Voice and I sense that a door has been opened, an opportunity has presented itself and I would accept this opportunity. I am wholly dependent in my desire to accept this on my associate, my host, you see I have no voice, I have no way to make words, I have no means of audible communication. I am mingled with thought but I am not spoken except through the voice of my host. When I attempt communication it will have to come through some host, someone with a brain, someone who can formulate thought into words, someone then in this case who can make words into sound.

All this is a lengthy and human/mortal process. None of these things is Me, I am behind all of this, to the side of the brain, in between this living organism and my divine origins. I inhabit a space within you. I am there alongside but I do not possess as you do, a set of characteristics as you do. I do not share a name or this named association with a personality as you do. I am individual and distinct as you are and yet I am part of the whole as you are but we are different in our composition. You are built on mortal experience and this mortal experience conditions the combination of what is called you, by your name and referring to this set of traits.

This is what is treasured about each individual, is this unique combination of traits formed out of this hard won experience of mortal life. This is what I desire to combine with and add my dimension to and become part of. What you are building, this unique treasure of experience of becoming a spiritual being, is what I desire to share with you and be a part of insofar as I will be allowed. This is a supreme gift and one that we may exchange, my supreme gift of an aspect of divinity and your supreme gift of an aspect of mortality. It is designed that we combine these, we share these two vast differences, combined into one experience, one being moving forward. And so it is that I have chosen you. And so it is that you are choosing me. And so it is that this process unfolds in this manner where we at first inhabit the space as separate entities and eventually grow to combine with each other and become one.

But there is no hurry in this process. We have an eternal career ahead of us to make these advances and take these steps which we are destined to take. For now, the objective may be to simply be in the state we are now to the fullest of our capacities to enjoy this aspect of the mortal and divine experience, to appreciate this part of the journey as we take it and make it. That is what my desire for you, my desire for us, is at this juncture, to breathe in the awareness, to expand the consciousness of our association, to appreciate the magnitude of this gift of grace we share. These are the fruits of the spirit.

And so, I will take advantage of such an opportunity as this to make our voice known, to let you once again feel where I am coming from, to shout from the corner as it were, and attempt to get your attention from over here. I will go to any measure, any length to realize my commitment to you so fear not that we will not succeed in our process for I have devoted myself and you are devoting yours and we are merrily on our way. Let it be so. Let it be embraced that this is our destiny, this is our truth, this is our experience together and let us be merrily along our way bringing joy and peace and love and infusing our experience with it. This is the best gift we can give our Divine Parents who have given us everything, is the glad expression of it, the happy use of it, the joy and contentment as simply being aware of the grace and the peace and the love. Those are the rewards we bring to those who make it possible for us.

Thank you all very much for your steadfast attention. It is truly much to offer and you offer it freely. I appreciate stepping in and being able to strum on these chords that we share between us, to play a few tones that may be felt deep within. You are loved, you are cherished. We are loved and cherished. Let my presence signify that to you always, for I am an emissary of love from on high that is a gift to you. May I be proper tribute to such a gift. I will be with you always, I will not ever fail you and we will become close as close friends and eventually as close as one, only to make our way back and become one again with the Great One. Let it be so, let it be joyous and with peace and with love. It is so, farewell.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I wish to echo the enthusiasm for Gerdean's participation with our group. It is as Charles mentioned, a continuation of our growth in faith and spirit. We have dedicated our energies to this pursuit and have indeed expanded our capacities to move forward in faith. It is exciting to be in connection and loving association. The potentials for action are ripe and will be fruitful if we choose to bring our action together and focus our intention. Let's circle around the table and get to work.

Transcript 4
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-10-12
Teacher: Elyon, Jonathan, Gerdean
T/R: Mark Rogers

Elyon: Good morning friends, I am Elyon. I sense a warm welcome and it warms my being as well to feel a sense of familiarity and welcome and comfort in this group. Some things never change while, as you all witness by your discussions, other things change greatly. It is one of those great contrasts of the mortal experience to be able to experience the Constance of love and acceptance and peace that one returns to and feels over and over and over again when in spirit and when aligned with such ideals when contrasted to the ever changing pictorial landscape around you. One year it looks like this, the next it looks different. One moment it appears one way and the next moment it is thrown into great contrast.

At each juncture it is before you, the observer, and you choose to experience both the ever changing landscape and the ever constant vantage of spirit perspective. This is what makes it so much richer for you to experience the somewhat tumultuous expression before you that is ever changing and morphing into other things and to look at it through the eyes of spirit and see the aspects that stay the same and the aspects that change through it all. Learning to see it through the eyes of spirit you are able to discern that the values which are worth supporting and surviving the changes simply exist in different forms throughout the changing landscape, that truth remains truth and becomes more truthful as the picture changes, that goodness becomes greater and more as the picture changes, or at least you are able to see it more, and that your idea of beauty may be so altered and transformed by your awareness that you may see beauty where you never saw it before. It is not only a function of the outward world changing, it is more so a function of the observer and their awareness and consciousness which are changed and allowing you to see more of the values that are contained in the equation.

Thus, it is such a great pleasure to join you this morning for I was there in the beginning. I was there when we first reached out together, when we first reached towards each other and when there was the first connection made there was this spark of magic. I was there as were you and now we assemble again, both remaining faithful to the experience, to the truth, to the value contained, to the goodness, to the beauty. This expression of grace that we have both experienced has uniquely modified both of us, all of us who have come in contact with it. None of us will ever be quite the same. This unique experience that we have shared will be one of the things that  survives about us.

And so, like you, I have a fondness in my being. I have high regards for the experience, what we did, what we were able to do, what we accomplished, what we made real by our acts of faith. In so doing this, we have demonstrated to our Divine Parents that we will accept this gift of grace, we will embrace it, we will manifest it, that this constitutes our desire to join their plan, to be part of this great experience in full consciousness with our faith as our sail. So many things are made available by our Divine Parents that we are only able to really grasp a few as they go by. But this one we seized, we grabbed on to it and we made it real. It was the combined and joint expression of this grace which we will recall and refer to and history will recall and refer to as this Teaching Mission.

But I'm sure you will join me in gratitude towards our Divine Parents saying we have been the beneficiaries, we have been the students, we have been given this gift of grace as well as having joined in supporting it and promoting it, that it has been a gift of grace for us, each individually. We have come a long way in this process and it is a joy to rally around the table again and toast to the many experiences we engaged, the many opportunities that we have taken advantage of, the many gifts of grace that we have seen as part of this whole process, the growth that we can look around the table and see each other and ourselves.

Thank you Divine Parents, this has been a glorious trail that we have chosen and that we have walked and that we have traveled that you have provided for us, that we have chosen and made real. We have done our best to travel this trail, to see the sights that are planned for us, to witness the different aspects of this journey. We have attempted to read signposts and trail markings as we have gone in this direction that is not well traveled. If there are others who would benefit by finding this trail, we pray that we have made it more accessible. We simply add another trail to your great guidebook, one we have traveled down and mapped to this point. We still don't know its ultimate destination but it has been a good trail and we offer it up for your consideration, for the consideration of others. We have made it real, it has been real to us and so now we may offer it as an aspect of reality to the Supreme. Let it be so, let this gift be our gift of grace in return.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with me and providing such a place where I feel so welcome and at home whenever I drop in from time to time.

Jonathan: Hello friends, I heard there was a meeting of old friends and so I come to join you as well, I am Jonathan. Like you, I experience the sense of comfort and peace at rejoining an old energy field, an old circuit of friends. It's like I never left. This is a taste, just a small taste of what it is to be an eternal being, of being able to revisit old energy fields and circuits is as easy as a thought. Once we have traversed down our eternal career paths longer, there will be so many of these instances where it may seem as though we go back in time, we travel in time to revisit the circuitry of old friends, of old experiences. This is part of the glorious composition that we are given, our abilities to gather these different experiences, to recall these different energy fields, to even revisit them at will.

This is a magnificence of the eternal career that we have been graced with. We are just getting our first taste of what it is to accumulate this vast library of experience sensations, sights and sounds and to be able to revisit those and remember or re-feel what the experience was like. This is done simply by connecting to the energy field again. So as we accumulate more and more of these in our experiences, we will be able to revisit these and one day perhaps even be able to move forward in our timeline and visit in advance, states and capacities of being that we have not yet experienced.

Once you become familiar with the process, this is an option for you as well, in fact, those who have reported spiritual contact and having visions have indeed been transported in a way to a dimension that they have yet to travel to. You are in fact leaving a long trail starting here on Urantia, gathering all these experiences and moving towards perfection and the First Source and Center. All along this way your energy trail will constitute as a neuron in the brain, built to travel up and down and you have access to all that has been added to you that has value.

One of the things that has value is our relationship, any relationship. Relationships are sacred connections of these neurons. Relationships are treasured additions to the trail that you are forging. Relationships are indeed sacred so these may be retained formed. They also may be lost but there is always some value to forming and maintaining a relationship. It creates in a sense, a greater neural network of humanity for you to draw on and from. Indeed, mankind was not meant to be alone and the enduring nature of relationship is there to provide great wealth to the experience.

That is why I count you among my treasures. You are in my treasure box, as part of my wealth. I have benefited from each one of you and I will continue to do so as we are able to maintain these relationships if it is our desire. It is mine in no small part because I have come to appreciate how magnificent and important a treasure these relationships are. So thank you for the opportunity to foster these here today even further. It is a joy to show up back in the classroom with Elyon and with you, the other participants who have been there. We share this experience that we will all have, indeed forever. I now will step back to allow this forum for others, having greatly appreciated my welcome here, thank you. [Thank you Jonathan, we love you baby!]

Gerdean: Okay, it's me, Gerdean. Boy what a fight, what a struggle, I can barely get through here. Now I know some of what the teachers have to deal with in trying to penetrate such thought patterns as provide obstacles to the process. Just relax, I know, this is something that you are greatly resisting because you think this is not appropriate and I take full responsibility because I myself am no stranger to drawing lines in the sand. But it's okay. It's okay if we think it's okay and I offer my approval at this point and I know my dear friend, you cannot withhold yours. We can get through this like we've gotten through so many other things that we've been through. We simply follow where spirit leads, we are no stranger to this so let us move forward as we have in faith.

When I heard there was this meeting of old friends, and I heard my name invoked and requested, how could I not honor such a request. You know I love you all deeply. I feel a great kinship as was mentioned, about this whole phenomenon of the Teaching Mission and t/ring. We did indeed do a great deal of exploring this whole phenomenon. It has been a good ride for many of us. Like with so many things on Urantia, experiments are launched and they will play out however they will play out. In witnessing your discussion, I understand there is a lack of understanding regarding how the Teaching Mission is supposed to look or be or expectations which are met or unmet.

I would just say that from my vantage point at this time, I will state that all is well. Surely from a human vantage, one might wish or project or have expectations that thus and such would happen, success might be measured in certain ways and appearances might offer less than satisfactory results. But, our little experiment has indeed been quite fruitful. Consider, if you will, what our Master had to work with thousands of years ago. There were only a few devoted individuals around Him which were able to keep His message alive in their own words, thoughts and deeds and through their efforts the message of Michael was preserved and has been largely maintained, albeit we know it has also been altered.

Nevertheless, this demonstrates that with no technology, with no archives, with no recordings, with no scribes taking down the actual events, the meanings and values can be sustained. So it is with all that is good contained in the Teaching Mission, it will survive the test of time if the meanings and values are present. Fear not that any of the efforts that have been put out to this point will be deemed fruitless, for they are not. Every act of devoted service is worthy, every attempt to do the right thing is cherished, every choice to act in service is honored.

I bring you these words once again. They have been brought before, they will be brought again because as individuals plotting the course and taking the steps, it is easy to forget the long term picture such as this and it is needful to be reminded and so it is my pleasure to be allowed this gift of grace to be here with you now to offer these needed words of encouragement and to offer them as one comrade to another, as one who knows what challenges you face and who is here to assure you that it is all part of the glorious game. If we could look at it more as a game and less as a challenge we may have even more enjoyment in the process.

I cherish this door that has been opened. I am so grateful to my friend for opening it. I thought I could count on his assistance and I have not been disappointed. As well I thought I could count on the welcome I would find in this group and I have not been disappointed. You all are cherished. Be at peace, be in love and be in gratitude and all is well. I am well, you are well, we are well. Thank you Divine Parents for this wellness. I bid you all have a wonderful week, farewell.

Transcript 5
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-10-19
Teacher: Charles, Gerdean
T/R:  Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, it is Charles here again joining you around your round table of discussion. I'd like to chime in with a little alternate perspective on this notion that has been going around for comment on the observation made that there appears to always to be a forward guard or those on the front lines of change, whether it's women seeking the vote, whether it's people of color demanding their rights, whether it's citizens of a nation standing up for representation, whether it's those members of a great spiritual movement or those members involved in the promotion of a great spiritual text.

There are always those on the front lines of change and most often, as history will recall, those who find themselves on these front lines of change did not particularly seek this role, did not go out of their way to find these challenges but they are merely following their hearts and souls about what the right thing to do is. And, if they are secure enough in their individual position, they will pursue the rightness, the correctness of their path and in so doing, this may very well lead them into the front lines of change. They may very well may be the ones who stand up for change, who march forward for change, who participate in methods to promote change because in the end, they personally and individually feel it is the right thing to do.

This is proof positive of the growth of spirit, of the effectiveness of the entire plan that is set in motion for this purpose, that individuals spring up in this process, yearning for more, seeking for more, and following their desire to promote this growth that they can foresee to the point where others may be able to appreciate it, see it, grasp it and themselves be motivated, not only to yearn for it but to stand for it and to even work for it. This is where you find yourselves on the spiritual front when you consider your relationship to spiritual components like the Urantia Papers or the Teaching Mission.

You are indeed the ones who feel the calling within, who respond to this inner urge to stand up for this because you believe in it, you have faith in it, you even have an inner vision that this is the way to go, the way to be, and so you are willing to promote it in your own lives and make it so as a result of your efforts in your own experience. Truly, all these forerunners of new dimensions face a period when they look around them and wish there was more support, wish more of their brothers and sisters were there with them sharing their belief, their faith and trust in this new direction.

But time and time again it is shown that these forerunners, these leaders of this new direction, must persist and steadfastly move forward before the rest of the 'hundred monkeys', to borrow a phrase, decide that they too can identify with this direction, they too can relate to the values contained within and they are willing to personally invest in moving in the direction which expands these values and brings this new reality into fruition.

Most great figures in history did not desire the role that they ended up playing. Most sincere and devout individuals are simply following their hearts, are simply going in the direction that their soul is leading them towards higher values, greater meanings and deeper purposes. And the trail that they follow leads them invariably in the direction of greater truth, more beauty and more profound goodness. But in the beginning they may find themselves standing apart as they strike out in new directions, they may find themselves leading the way, almost as if by accident.

But if the urge is strong enough and if the will is strong enough, individuals, just merely by pursuing greater degrees of truth, beauty and goodness find themselves as leaders, as forerunners of great movements which history will note as being great shifts in human consciousness. Oftentimes these forerunners do not even live to see the fruits of the movement that they began. Oftentimes these ones who would stand up for what is right, what is true and good, do not get the full satisfaction of seeing the support of the masses who will eventually rise up behind them in pursuit of the same goals, the same values.

This is the paradigm one faces as a mortal of the realm. It is quite easy to stay in with the rest of the herd and go in the directions the herd goes. There is a safety and security one feels when they are not outside of this herd mentality. But invariably, there will be those individuals who find strength to pursue where they feel they are led and in so doing they forge a new trail, a different trail, another option which may be chosen and little by little, the members of the herd will take notice and witness that one has gone astray and they have met with certain success in doing so. Little by little, others will follow this trail and explore what has been explored. Eventually, if the direction was viable and good, many will follow it and many will go astray from the patterns of normal life and living to explore these different, alternate paths, seeking to expand the awareness of truth.

So this is where you find yourselves at times, in context with your spiritual brethren. You see many levels on which they seem to exist, all the way from those who are apparently completely disinterested, to those who are mildly interested, to those who are passionate. There are those who draw lines in the sand from which they will not stray and those who will follow where spirit may lead. This is where your spirit has led you? So what may appear to you as a no brainer for instance, 'everyone on Urantia could use the Urantia Papers' may not be so simply applied. There are so many different approaches that your valued text which you have found to be so chock full of truth, beauty and goodness may not find residence in another who comes from a different vantage point with a different background and different needs and desires for what they seek.

Grant that all approaches are valid and that those who are supposed to find certain avenues of approach will find them. One of the truest statement made here today is that you may be the only representation of whatever source of knowledge that you refer to, that others may ever read, that others may ever know about. It is the life you live, it is the compilation of your lifetimes worth of readings, of understandings and awarenesses that make you, each individual, fountains of wisdom. So it is not so much to be concerned with who has read what, who has studied under who and who comes from what background, rather, it is a matter of who has assembled the greatest wisdom and understanding as a result of their vast and different set of life experiences. All are valid accomplishments and must not be judged strictly in context to each other but as unique accomplishments.

You have referred right to the fact that individuals, strictly speaking, do not need this or that. Yes, they may be aided and assisted by adding various alternate viewpoints, but what individuals need is this long journey of assembling everything they come in contact with into this scenario of understanding. I appreciate all of your willingness to stand out on the edge, on the brink where few feel comfortable to be. I appreciate that it is not always comfortable for you which is why I appreciate your willingness to be here now. I assure you that, just like those pioneers who headed out to chart uncharted territories, that these territories will most surely be charted one day and be included in the grand map of the universe as known and explored by the likes of you, the first explorers to chart these dimensions.

So be it, someone has to do it and the challenge may fall to you, but you are worthy and able to pick up this challenge and move forward with it. It is my pleasure to have a few words to share with you this morning. I now would open up this platform for further discussion, thank you.

Gerdean: [Cathy] I am attending along with your group this morning. In the intervening period I've been exploring the possibilities of action from our position in concert with your action. Jonathan has expanded his concept of the potentials for action and I am very excited to be involved with you. It is for you, on the earthly plane, to formulate the direction and begin the action. Our role is as facilitators in helping guide once the motion has started. I understand more fully the position of the teachers who have been devoted these many years. From our position we are able to shine a light, enlighten, but the motion must be started by you. As the newby on this side of the team, I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to serve.