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Erion - Synchronicity and Entrainment - Aug 20, 2014 - Northern Colorado Mission

Teacher: Erion
Subject: Destiny as Synchronicity and Use of Entrainment to Produce Good Thinking
T/R: Tetrapod
Location: Northern Colorado
August 20, 2014

ERION Speaks:
This is Erion.  I would like to share some information and ideas with you today.  Thank you for making the extra effort today to receive my messages.  Your body and mind are going through some extraordinary changes, and I know it is quite disturbing to you.  These changes are necessary, and are part of the realignment that will ultimately bring you closer to spirit, and better enable transmissions to occur.

I would like to discuss the Magisterial Mission, which is now entering "full-swing".  There are many , many beings participating in this, and do not fear that you will be left out.  You can see by the work of your brothers and sisters on the forum what extraordinary results are already being produced.  They are channeling more wisdom than has ever been produced in so short a time on your planet.
The subject of today's lesson is synchronicity.  The term is bandied about, but few either understand it's meaning or significance.  Synchronicity is the expression of other will within the finite world. When it appears that many disjointed events have conspired to put you in a position of destiny, that is the experience of synchronicity.  It is far different from coincidence, which is an everyday experience.  Synchronicity is destiny's method , and when you experience it, you should take it as a confirmation that you are part of the Father's plan.  As you progress spiritually, you will experience synchronicity to a much greater extent.  It will happen more frequently, and will be more and more difficult to ignore, or chalk-off to coincidence.   Your involvement here with the forum was certainly an example of synchronicity.  So many events had to come together in the right order at the right time to bring you here at this point.  The same is true for most of your brothers and sisters here.

I would next like to speak of entrainment.  Entrainment is the process by which your thoughts are gathered into quantum packets that have much more power and focus than they would have on their own.  There is a connection between entrainment and synchronicity which you will become able to discern.  Namely, one of the key places that synchronicity appears is in the entrainment of your thoughts.  The gathering of energy and context before a thought stream is released.  I suggest you observe these patterns of thought release in order to better understand the roles of synchronicity and entrainment on your spiritual growth, and to better to understand the hand of the divine in your life.  I know you fervently pray to better know and see god.  This provides a cosmic keyhole through which you can observe some of the Father's doings, understand the character of absonity, and have more reason to experience gratitude for the direct "action" of the spirit in your life.

Do not feel despair regarding your recent tribulations of spirit.  This is part of the growth process, and the ebb and flow of experience that will wash your spirit clean of the muck that still clings to you from years of material life.  Know that I and many others are wishing you well, watching you go through this process, and we have no doubt of the results.  You are not the first and will neither be the last to go through this.  It is a natural part of growth.  Finally I want to talk to you about  your ongoing struggle with heart and speech energy.  This is a structural issue with yourself, that is not at all uncommon for males in your society.  It will be overcome by gentle effort.  Give it time.  Do not push it, but continually prod it through gentle effort.  Gradually learn to give more of yourself, but do not expect overnight changes.  This will take time, but know that we are working to make this happen as you so fervently desire.  It would be a mistake to pry open pandora's box with excessive force, and release your pent up emotions onto your friends, family, and associates before your other systems have properly matured.  An apple tree does not mature overnight, and if it bore it's full load of fruit before its trunk and branches were ready, it would collapse under the weight.  Know that you will bear much tasty fruit -- more than you can imagine, but all in its good time.  Watch for synchronicity and entrainment to know you are on the right track, and know we are working at levels that you cannot fathom to make your wildest hopes and dreams come true.  Love and blessings, Erion.