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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 10 - Kindness in Engaging Others - Aug 09, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick; Greg's TA
The Lessons of Patrick Part 10
Subject: Kindness as it relates to Engaging with Others.
T/R: Greg Marino
August 9 2014

 TA:  Today's thought is what is a clear definition of kindness, as what's best, for the individual it is directed to.

Patrick speaks:  
Greg and I have an internal dialogue about our lessons presented. We are taking a different approach from some of the others on these two sites to stick to instructional subjects rather that get into time lines for the commencement of the mission and it's manifestations in the physical. We are not comfortable making predictions or whatever you want to call them for this subject leaving it to others to make these transmissions or adjustments as needed as dates come and go.  No offense to the others. We are not comfortable or confident to proceed in that way.

Combination of Patrick and Greg's TA:  Kindness is another one of these somewhat subjective subjects that can be an art or a skill.  Are we on this site all kind people?  Yes , we are, and the purpose of this discussion is to create an even more conscious application as it is directed to the individual applied , not the person applying it.

Applying kindness gives the individual applying such, a feeling of satisfaction.  This can be addictive and the individual can apply said kindness to a sometimes unwilling individual, who might not always need the stated kindness.  The individual applying can get the s on your chest syndrome.  Running around being kind and saving the world at large.  We are all guilty of this from time to time.

We suggest that as we travel the world seeing opportunities to apply kindness that a more focused level of discernment be the goal concerning the application of such.  Individuals can be highly offended when a well meaning, but shortsighted individual doesn't consider the reaction of the targeted individual.  

We repeat an example Greg gave prior to this post,  when he offended a man with no legs who lost his crutches and looked to Greg’s point of view , he would need help.  Greg handed him his crutches and helped him reset himself to continue on his way. The man turned abruptly away without a word leaving Greg confused,( Greg did not need to be thanked),  but also thinking now why would someone seem to be upset with being helped when it appeared to me that he needed it?  

Well, here we are. Did he really need help? Was Greg’s knee jerk reaction accurate in his analysis of the situation?  No. Not even close. Greg deprived the man a chance to be self-sufficient; to maintain his self respect and to put into practice, techniques he had been trained to do. Was this kindness?   No, it was selfishness. Greg, his Thought Adjuster and myself will not forget the lesson learned here in this example.

In conclusion, looking carefully at a given situation before jumping in to "save the day" is as important as the admonition to be kind to all.  Giving respect is one of the highest forms of kindness.  We must refine our ability to discern the degree of kindness applied or to not apply it at all.  Thereby applying a higher degree of kindness by doing nothing at all in that particular case.

Thank you all for your attention to this subject.  As Abraham says to us:  Think, ponder, meditate.  Good night to all.