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Patrick - The Lesson of Patrick, Part 11 - Abraham; Thought Adjuster - Clarity in Transmissions - Aug 12, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick, Greg's TA, Suggestion for topic: Abraham
The Lessons of Patrick Part 11
Subject: Clarity as it relates to Transmission
T/R Greg Marino
August 12, 2014

Greg's TA:  Today’s lesson involves the contemplation of Clarity as it relates to the Transmitting experience.  This was suggested in conference with Abraham ( Patrick and Greg's TA), who is quite insistent on this topic. Greg has doubts about the content of this transmission , but is willing to let it rip.

Patrick speaks:
Clarity, as you might expect , is an important part of the T/R process.  How does one know when clarity has descended upon us as we transmit?  We wonder if you are all experiencing a feeling of clarity in your practice? Are the messages a bit more clear?  Are they informative? What is your process?

Let's start with process and compare notes on technique. ( This is not a competitive moment. Only to help each other in our process)  How do you start your transmission? We'll use Greg as an example.  Quiet, Quiet, Quiet. This isn't always possible, but it sure does help. We(collective of Greg- Greg’s TA, (mostly same thoughts -  myself, Patrick), have one thought.  Light breathing gets him into a meditative state quite quickly.  Close your eyes of course, relax, ask Father for clarity(sure does help), and we connect almost instantly. We think one thought. Oversimplification? Perhaps, but that is Greg's way which developed organically.

Greg M. (Transmitter comments)
Many times when I transmit, I don't start out the day thinking I will be transmitting. I think I am not in the mood. Today for example, I had no thoughts on this and wham. Clarity, clarity, clarity keeps coming into my mind. Now, I know Abraham when he suggests a topic. He is a forceful personality who doesn't appreciate nonsense. In today's world , he'd be known as a straight shooter. So, I had other ideas for this  part 11 of a 12 part series, but his vote trumps mine; so be it. Clarity it is. When I agreed, the pressure to discuss this subject was released.

Apparently, I'm not always conscious of it when a subject is decided upon. I am outvoted and the pressure to get to the computer is applied.  I have not attempted to vocalize as of yet and am in no rush to do so. I enjoy the process of typing the transmission.  I also, don't have a continuous stream of information as it comes to me in sentences, which we edit along the way.  I know Ron (Besser),  does not transmit this way and maybe the rest of you don't as well, but for now this works for me and I'm sticking with the horse I rode in on.

Patrick speaks:  
Different methods come up when the situation calls for it and as Greg has no plans to transmit in front  of anyone for now, we all agree this works and this should be taken to it's continued expansion.   As Greg continues on , if he has no confidence in the content, he stops, returns to meditation, asking what went wrong and may start over.  

Clarity is inversely proportionate to confidence. Read the transmission yourself and ask yourself, would I enjoy reading this?  If the answer is no, scrap it and start over when a subject comes to you and a Celestial makes her or himself known to you through your meditation and proceed.  Greg has not engaged some of the other entities who want to transmit with him as he wants to develop what he has as a foundation. He will expand later. That is one reason why myself (Patrick), and Abraham, come through so clearly as repetition has created . ..  clarity.

In conclusion, meditate on these thoughts if you would as a form of self auditing and check your progress. Sticking with one or two sources may be helpful in your progress.  If nothing else we hope to give you food for thought.   

In the insightful words of Abraham   Think, ponder, meditate  Good day.