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Patrick; Abraham; Thought Adjuster - The Lessons of Patrick Part 12 - Who Am I Transmitting and How to Tell - Aug 15, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick; Abraham; Greg's TA-Greg( From Greg's point of view)
The Lessons of Patrick Part 12
Subject: "Who's on first" Developing the ability to distinguish who you are transmitting
T/R Greg Marino
August 15, 2014

Transmitter's Notes:
Greg's TA- Greg: Today our discussion involves the process of developing the ability to identify whom you are transmitting.  "Who's on first" is a reference to an old Abbott and Costello bit from the 40's involving a humorous exchange between two fans, one confusing the other by a series of confounding explanations of who is on what base. You need to be a certain age to appreciate it, but we used it as an introduction to the point of our lesson.  Which is, who the heck am I talking to and how do I get better at recognizing each individual? No small task indeed.   Again , as we have mentioned before, this is as much an art as a science.  Now this post won't solve that for you. It will hopefully give you suggestions that may help in your efforts.

This particular series is one in which we have learned a great deal. I'm no expert here, but we have developed a routine that works for us who are involved in this series and we will apply aspects of it as we continue our practice in the art of T/Ring.

After an entry into silence. We visualize a scene that has already occurred.  A conference of the parties involved with the lesson of today.  I've learned that so much goes on in the subconscious state and that this is the smallest part of the lesson.( The post)  In today’s lesson, Patrick, Abraham, and Myself- TA sit in a circle discussing the particulars of our project.  Around us are many interested individuals who may or may not offer suggestions as to subject, who will speak, during the lesson.  Now you ask, when do you talk about the actual technique for determining who is who?  I am not sure exactly how , but what happens to me is this.  We recognize a vibration.  Each individual in the cosmos has it's own distinct signature vibration.  We identify the few we have worked with by that distinct vibration.  We( Greg- Greg's TA) are learning this as we go along.  That's how we know who Patrick is, who Abraham is, when my T/A speaks to me exclusively. These three are easy.  I'll have my struggles with others We are not as familiar with. We are absolutely convinced that this is the method that works for us and will continue to expand until recognition is like running into someone in a hallway.


Patrick:  I had trouble at first getting Greg's attention. He was confused by my attempts to connect with him. Abraham was able to facilitate this and the connection was made. Others will be brought into the mix and it is absolutely true that we each have a distinct signature vibration that is our celestial calling card.  Greg must still learn to distinguish the new contributors as they come into the forefront.  He will make mistakes. Everyone gets it who continues to try.

Abraham:  We are now coming into the area where the details of this process are addressed.  Everyone still has much to learn, but that is the nature of our existence.  It will never end. When one ability is mastered others will be presented to you for your next challenge.  Ten thousand (10,000),  Urantian years from now you will look back on this as something so simple and basic it will be like your breathing is now: Involuntary.  Consider "feeling who you are speaking with."  Everyone of you will get it because everyone always gets it. So take some time to figure out "Who's on first"

At this point, we have completed 12 lessons with the four of us. We will soon commence with bringing others into the fold.  Gratitude for your attention.    Think, ponder, meditate.  Good day.