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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 8 - Aggression in Relation to Spirituality - Aug 03, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick, Greg's TA, Abraham
The Lessons of Patrick Part 8
Subject: Aggression in relation to Spirituality.
T/R: Greg Marino
August 3, 2014

 TA:  We meet again to discuss and contemplate the level of aggression in the psychology of the individual, as it is positively applied in our daily experiences. We acknowledge the esteemed presence of our Teacher Abraham.

Let's start by saying that aggression has an important role to play in our pursuit of our spiritual development.   How could that be?

Aggression is a no-no in our way to Father. People who employ aggression are meanies.  That's not us, as we are beyond that. We're nice people. Well, here's the deal. ( I've been studying 21st century Urantian speech patterns and couldn't wait to use that line)  

Without some level of aggressiveness we're useless. The Celestials are not really interested in shrinking violets ( how about that one). We need people who can express aggression in the proper way. The ability to counter the disruptive crap that comes from non-believers, in a non confrontational way, without punching someone in the face.  

Urantia is filled with barbarians. Weak individuals will be chewed up and spit out without some backbone. It is unlikely the Celestials will rush to our defense when confronted with a challenge.  This is our job to diffuse as best we can. This is where aggression properly applied comes in.

This subject caught my interest as soon as Greg( TA) came up with it. The aggression in the personality is something to be tamed using the wild horse metaphor.  Bring it down into the level of useful conscious application and here is a tool one can use.

Suppose someone challenges you by saying you are absurd. What you say about God cannot be true. You just want attention. I've seen your type before. What you say is laughable.  What you say and 2 bucks gets you a cheap cup of coffee. Well, do you turn and run, crying to the Celestials, they are mean to me. I'm going home.   

Or,  and this is where a bit of applied aggression comes in.  You stand your ground, stare into their eyes and say,  I believe we differ my friend, in my opinion, I stand by my statements. If you don't like what you hear, you're free to leave. This may work and it may not. You may never get through to this knothead.  The real effect is the reaction that those will have who have been listening to you.

Your level of confidence comes from an applied measure of aggression applied in a positive way. We all remember the story of Van. He stood his ground refusing to change his mind and submit to the lies of Caligastia and his minions.

Now practically speaking, we know many of you have different personality traits.  This is understood.  It also can be an acquired ability to stand in this way.  We also don't expect all of you to stand as Van did.  His actions were exceptional.  I repeat, this may not always work, but many will say, that man or woman stood for what they believe, in a courageous and graceful way. Your demeanor may be what someone remembers years later. They might think:  I will endeavor to stand as he or she did. With confidence, dignity and grace. There must be something to what they say............            

 Enough.  Think, ponder, meditate.  Good day.