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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 7 - Discernment As An Art - Aug 01, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Teacher: Patrick of Panoptia, Greg's TA
The lessons of Patrick Part 7
Subject: Discernment As An Art
T/R Greg Marino
August 1, 2014

TA: Today’s subject is the most difficult art of discernment. As before , we hope for our readers to meditate on this subject for expanded clarity.

Greg thinks this is a good time to discuss this most trying ability to discern.  Oh my, this one makes us crazy.  One day it's spot on , the next, who knows.  What do we mean?  Well the human condition precludes perfection.  No getting around that.  We like to think we are very advanced when in embodiment, but the truth is , we're just beginners.  I went through this myself on your sister planet Panoptia a few thousand years back. This is an art as much as it is a skill. It is linked to our communication with our dear Adjusters. Intuition and discernment are first cousins and inversely proportionate to each other. The information we get is sometimes clouded by our emotions and maturity level. We don't always trust our ability to discern because we don't trust our own judgement. Mistakes are also intentionally put in our way(by our adjusters) to stretch and try our minds as we attempt to discern. Father tests us when we least expect it that lovable rascal.  Mistakes are teaching moments and are many times resolved by time and meditation.  The more we trust ourselves, the better we get at this. We will never be perfect on this plane. Period.

Discernment is a key component of the T/R process. Both are enhanced by practice and patience.  The realization that this will take longer than our lack of experience would acknowledge is always important to remember. Let's all remember there are no S's on our chests, to use your Superman reference(or superwoman). Give yourself a break and realize your skills although much more developed, still have a long way to go.  Enjoy the journey and don't concern yourself with the destination. Good day my friends.