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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 6 - Patrick of Panoptia; Abraham; Thought Adjuster; Midwayer ABC-17 - Humor in Relating to Others - Jul 29, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick of Panoptia; Abraham; Greg’s TA; Midwayer ABC17
The Lessons of Patrick part 6
Subject: Humor in relating to others
T/R Greg Marino
July 29, 2014

TA: Our subject today is the advantage of using humor to connect with others. We again are honored for Abraham to join in this as well as contributions from ABC-17 Greg's personal midwayer. Patrick will begin.

Patrick:  Humor, or sense of it, is absolutely essential to connect with others. On planets like Urantia and Panoptia, humor is blended in with the culture as though part of the language itself.  It does many useful things such as reduces tension between individuals. Reminds us of our similarities. Allows us to feel comfortable in unknown areas of study. We on the Mansion worlds realize that to communicate effectively with those still in physical embodiment, humor is essential if we are to make you feel comfortable with our teachings.  We study 21st century humor on the mansion worlds, because many of us are far removed from our days when we walked similar paths and faced similar challenges. Many others attend these lectures such as angels of different variety, and other Celestials who have never embodied. Midwayers are our closest cousins in the physical and have a built in connection with humor others on our plane only wish we had.

ABC-17:    Greetings to all, I am honored to speak and to contribute to this lesson. I have been with Greg since he first drew breath and do connect with him throughout each day in many of his light hearted moments. I admit, I am in second position to his Adjuster, who I consider a friend and partner in our overall success as part of team Greg.  

My connection with Greg is primarily through humor. Greg is uncomfortable with too strongly applied emotions and does much better if his exchanges are humorous in delivery.  They are stress reducers for him. As he much prefers to use humor in his everyday exchanges with the people he meets in his daily travels. Besides safety (another subject),  this is where I come in.

We will laugh together when seeing the humorous side of an intense situation, processing the event along the way.  This process works well with a large part of the population on Urantia as many of you have been deprived of the proper examples of expressing emotions and this is the path of least resistance for you. How many times have you been in a tough situation only to diffuse it with humor.  It is your default response. Of course emotional balance would be preferred, but there is only so much time in your human life and we do the best we can do. You might have expected jokes or something here , but we want to emphasize that humor is serious business for all of us.

Abraham:  This subject is largely overlooked and am here to say I suggest you please allow your sense of humor to be an integral part of your expression.  In my opinion, humor expresses a sense of kindness to others that brings down defenses. Then allowing you to make your point much easier. You will also learn a thing or two yourself as I have on many occasions.  As Patrick has mentioned before, we study 21st century humor and I myself have attended some of these lectures to my benefit. I am strict but not too strict that I can't appreciate a humorous phrase or reference to lighten the mood and improve communication. We keep it short so as not to lose your attention.  You all have so much going on in your minds we feel it is most effective this way.  I stand in Fathers Light with you and am always watching.  Good day.