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NEC #26 - with Charles, The Assistant to the Triumvirate - Work of The Triumvirate - The Void of Leadership - Jul 18, 2 014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #26 – World’s Evolution; Void of Leadership – Jul. 18, 2014
Teacher:  Charles, Executive Assistant to the Triumvirate

  1. Preparing Backups of Team Members
  2. Work of the Triumvirate
  3. Power Directors Have Over-control of Our Sun
  4. Importance of Meditation to Receive Direct Guidance
  5. Update on Progress of Various Projects
  6. Do Not Rush, but Do Not Procrastinate
  7. Spirits Work with Individuals in a Manner That Can Be Accepted
  8. Daily Postings of Social Sustainability Concepts
  9. Preparing for the Days of Light and Life
  10. The Void of Leadership
  11. Light Workers Connecting the Dots
  12. Defining Light Workers over Decades
  13. A Divided Democracy
  14. The Middle Masses
  15. The Impact of the Three Core Values on Our Civilization
  16. Preparation for World’s Evolution in All Systems
  17. Parting Words

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray
July 18, 2014

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, the rest of the Triumvirate and all of those who join us this morning.  Welcome!  We are here for another session of the New Era Conversations, a co-creative endeavor to help our planet during this Correcting Time.  We are happy to join you this morning and we look forward to joining you again and again.  In our Father’s Name, I offer my thanks and we offer our thanks for your help in this matter.  Amen.

CHARLES:  Good morning, this is Charles.  (Group greetings.)  It is a blessing to be here with you, and you must remember that your lives are a blessing to Christ Michael’s world, to all of Nebadon, and to Orvonton and to the Grand Universe.  You are significant; you are important and you truly are not forgotten—not any one of you—you are all remembered individually.

Preparing backups of team members

You see what has occurred this morning among you: one of you was late to the conference call and so the others thought that perhaps there might have been something amiss in the health of that one, and began to speculate about your situation, as this NEC team.  How would you proceed without this individual?  And so you have begun to realize that many of the assumptions that you have totally forgotten about in your technologies and your society, those normal ways of proceeding, daily and minute-by-minute, would be, could be absent, and where would you be then?  What would you do?  Who would be the contact people that you would need to connect with?  Do you have those names and numbers in hard copy?  Do you have them on your computer somewhere?  Or are they simply a connection where you meet together in a conference call?  These sessions go out to a distribution of well over several hundred, and so if one of the members who does the distribution is absent or gone, how would you make the distribution?  How would you record the calls?  How would you transcribe them?  How would you sort out the topical headlines within the context of the session, and so on, and so on?

Realize that you are very vulnerable, and as the cataclysms that began several years ago, continue to unfold and develop.  You will have more and more of these occasions, for there will be literally lost lines of communication where there are satellites in orbit which will be knocked out due to radiation, or that the land links that provide the up and down links to those satellites may be missing due to weather or hurricanes or tectonic problems.  So, you see that we have these things in mind for you.  This is a little wake-up call without any trauma involved; it is a wake-up call that says, “Pay attention!  Take note!  Think ahead—be prepared in advance.”  It is much like a person who has a notice on their refrigerator, that reads “DNR”— Do Not Resuscitate.  If you are an older person, this is very helpful to the caretakers and emergency workers who come to your house in case of a physical emergency.  And so, having an emergency contact list or having this context would be much more useful to those who could help you quickly—someplace in your household where those numbers would be available for emergency workers, and in this case, you are light workers and would need to be connected and aware of those lists in your own homes for you, so that you can continue the connection.  Thank you.

Work of the Triumvirate

I would like to discuss another aspect of the work of the Triumvirate, the work of the Correcting Time.  The Correcting Time is much like the over-control that is provided by the operators of a Formula One racecar team.  The managers have a software packet that can transmit changes to the body, frame, engine, suspension, and so on, of the car on the road as the driver is driving it at 200 miles an hour.  There are approximately 200-250 parameters that are measurable, and many of which are adjustable by Wi-Fi, online by computer without ever having the car come into the pits for adjustments.  It is very similarly that the Correcting Time programs are adjusted in a similar way.

Power Directors have over-control of our Sun

You have very, very few parameters that you are aware of from your perspective of the work that we do, but our parameters for each program, each sub-program, even small teams as you are monitored through dozens upon dozens of parameters that we can affect positively to change that outcome without violating your self-will.  You are aware of the Power Directors of Nebadon, and they have the over-control of the solar output of suns that are orbited by inhabited planets of sentient and Father infused, Son infused and Spirit infused individuals.  It is important that the solar output of that home star be adjusted to conditions, particularly as the races of people begin to advance into their awareness and their development of their relationship to spirit and their contributions to God the Supreme.

It is important that these early races of people be able to be sustained over tens and hundreds of thousands of years, and for old civilizations that have their origins millions of years ago, who are now in the days of light and life.  You know that eventually when a planet does arrive in the era of days of light and life, that the solar output is stabilized so that its input comes from the universe energy stream, and that it is no longer necessary for it to use itself up in the conversion to the fusion process.  And so it is with your planet, where we have many adjustments that we can make with individuals—very subtlety, of course—so that you are unaware that your options have expanded to think of how you might approach a problem to solve on your own.  And so one day you had three options, and the next day you realize that when you look at this again, that you have eight!  And so it is amazing to you that you have much more latitude in how you approach this problem.

Importance of meditation to receive direct guidance

We have hundreds of teams, from those who work for the Most Highs, down to your own Guardian Angels who coordinate all the events for you.  It is important that you be in meditation so that you can be in touch with this.  We know that many of you are in meditation and you attribute the guidance that you have received in life to your Thought Adjuster.  Some of you have developed highly pragmatic, very practical ongoing, conscious conversations with your Thought Adjusters in the daily life that you have.  Some things that may be seen as mundane to you would come to your attention.  How is it that you have this intuitive awareness that perhaps you need to take your car in to the mechanic and have the front axle and front suspension examined, whereupon the mechanic raises it up on the lift and sees that you are soon to lose the spindle from your car, and that it has begun to crystallize and would shatter on the road causing quite an accident.  We are involved in this.  

Your parameters of awareness are usually limited to when, where and with whom.  When will it finish?  How do we know?  And so on.  You are mostly concerned about the “when” of things.  You worry about the future and have many regrets and guilt about things in the past.  “Now” is the time that counts the most for making decisions.  That is why meditation is so important, because it is totally in the now, this moment, where you can receive information.  Many of the things that are occurring, the adjustments that occur in the various programs, even with individuals in the programs that they have developed are under adjustment.  Sometimes you think, “Why has this been delayed?  What is the advantage?  What are we to do?  What is spirit up to?  Have they forgotten us?  Are they just joking with us, making us anxious for no reason at all?  What is happening?”  That is why faith is so important.

Update on progress of various projects

Once you become God-knowing, and you have experienced the presence of God in your life, and you see the assurance of provision over and over and over again in your life, you have faith that even in these huge programs that they are on course, even though you cannot see the managers and supervisors and attendants working on your programs behind the scenes—literally, morontially behind the scenes where you cannot see anything.  But some of you are aware of what is occurring, so I make these statements to you so that you will not be disappointed.  You should realize that when you do come into a disappointment, you own that; that is your disappointment.  It is not disappointment that is generated from us; there is something within you that you expected to be accomplished, and when it wasn’t, according to when you thought it should be done, and how it should be done, you became disappointed.  This is a true and faithful indicator that you are not in agreement or alignment with spirit; and, that you really, truly do not know all the parameters that we are working on.

Do not rush, but do not procrastinate

I share this today with you so that you will have more patience with yourself, with us, with the programs that develop—and the programs that are being developed by other mortals on behalf of the Correcting Time—those cases where we truly need mortals to develop programs that we can manage, that we can adjust and then move forward.  The days of light and life will not come to your world like the third act on a stage, where the curtain draws up and… voila!  There it is, the days of light and life.  It doesn’t happen that way.  It takes centuries; it takes millennia to bring a civilization, a world and its societies into that era.  This is not easily done, and it is not easily done as a means to provide you as individuals with tremendous soul growth, and it provides tremendous growth and fulfillment for God the Supreme, and for God, the Creator of all, the First Source and Center.  It has tremendous billions upon billions of venues to experience Itself through the lives of individuals and in association with each other.  This is an awakening time where individuals find each other, see each other, and share their lives with each other, and so in this new combination of relationship with two God-knowing people, God, the First Source and Center, gets to experience again that new activity of souls coming together to experience the love and sharing of oneness.  Be patient, my friends; do not be in a rush for this to be accomplished.  Your lives are brief, but you have much to contribute.  You have many decisions to make, and your decisions are important, they are foremost; you form the future, literally form the future by your decisions.  Do not be too rushed in making your decisions.  Nonetheless, do not procrastinate.  There is much work to be done, thoughtfully, carefully, diligently and deliberately, with sound intention.

Between the four of us, I hope that this does not come off as a scolding; it is not meant to be a scolding at all; this is meant to be a wakeup call, an awareness to help you live outside the box of your lives, to think outside of it.  When you think of your relationship to us, you are really thinking about a completely different culture, and the context of that culture, and the intentions of that culture, and so, this is not a scolding at all, but just simply an awareness greeting to you.

MMc:  Charles, something you said within this, I’d like to ask you, I’d like you to help me with this:  Within my conversations with spirit, there are conversations with you and within my conversations in my time when I am talking with my Adjuster, and my other mentors, they are very frank with me about how I am in the world.  And this frankness is not meant to be a scolding; it is simply identifying how I am in the world.  It is not a judgment call; it is simply stating a fact.  Am I making myself clear?  (Charles:  Yes, of course.)  I find that some people who think that spirit should speak to them always in a positive note, are unrealistic, because things are not always positive.  People are not always positive; they have abilities and they have deficits, and to speak of those deficits in a realistic manner with someone during meditation, or during one of these calls is a realistic situation.  Am I correct in thinking that spirit does not wish to cause any harm to that individual, does not wish to browbeat or… I’m looking for a word and now I can’t find it.

Spirits work with individuals in a manner that can be accepted

CHARLES:  Let me fill in the blanks for you.  One shoe does not fit every foot, does it?  So, the approach of spirit to each individual is unique to that individual.  Where you can tolerate or even invite candid conversations about your being, your presentation, your personality and your deficits—what you need to work on—you handled that quite well without being offended by it; but there are many others who are tender hearted and who have not been raised as yourself, a physician, where they need to be, not coddled, but they need to have this candidness presented to them in a way so they can accept it and incorporate it.  You as a physician know that there is no politeness involved in surgery; it is a very pragmatic process, a candid approach to resolving a problem and to bring about healing.  There are others, however, who are not so pragmatically oriented who are offended by even the use of casual candidness in their lives.  These are most difficult to deal with, but it is an art form that we appreciate, to appeal to them in a way that they can grow.  Does this help you explain yourself?

MMc:  Yes, yes it does.  Thank you.

CHARLES:  Did you—or the three of you—have an agenda, a list of questions or something you wanted to discuss today?

Susan:  I have a few questions, Charles.  My questions come from the private session that we had, so I don’t know when it might be appropriate to ask them.

CHARLES:  You are welcome to ask them and you three or four can discern what should be included, and what should not in the public publication.  Please proceed.

Susan:  This is a “when” question, and I feel sort of chagrinned because you said we mostly want to know the “when” of things.  (Laughter from Charles.)  You had stated that when there is devastation, you likened it to the “softening of the beach,” that took place at Normandy, and that metaphor stuck with me. When there is this “softening of the beach,” when it is stirred up, people are going to look to those who are wiser, more knowledgeable, people who are leaders for direction, for hope and for help, and I’m afraid there is going to be a void.  That void can be filled by any number of things which we’ve seen happen in the past, so my “when question” is:  Is this when your light workers will metaphorically lay down their aprons and go into high gear?

CHARLES:  Yes.  You have grasped the situation completely and exceptionally in an adroit way.  The softening of the beaches is:  the weather that you are seeing around the world.  It is affecting the global climate, literally and politically and economically as well.  As for filling the void with capable, competent leaders who are light workers, that process has begun.  We know of thousands of you, solely in this nation and in South America, let alone the rest of the world.  What is missing from the light workers is a plan for the healing and regeneration of their societies in a much more cohesive form that brings about the eventual days of light and life.  For example in the immediate case that you are acquainted with, is that we have developed the conceptually integral foundation of social sustainability with This One, we have guided him to interpret many social issues, in those terms, and we have assisted him to define, to discuss contemporary social issues in terms of social sustainability, whether it is gun control, population management or anything else—there are a number of others.

Daily postings of social sustainability concepts

Those are examples—and that was part of our testing of the waters with This One, and the topical matter as it went out to the audiences, and now we have begun a long-term series of daily postings through This One on the basic concepts of social sustainability.  This is a teaching manual for light workers and for secular leaders who will eventually see that there must be something to fill the gap, where the old hierarchies and linear systems no longer work or are capable of bringing about healing to your world.  Everyone will be quite aware that the old paradigms of governance, politics and social structures, and the financial-economic structures no longer work.  Those have all been seen separately.

Preparing for the days of light and life

It is important when that gap occurs, Dear One, that there be something that we can insert into that void that aids you and aids us and the Planetary Management of your world that eventually brings about the days of light and life.  We have said repeatedly, and we know that you totally understand that social sustainability must and will precede the days of light and life.  As you will soon learn in this series, it is concomitantly required that democracies—democracy as a social institution — evolve, and that it go through an evolutionary stage where it even accepts in its consciousness that the public is acceptable to adapt and evolve a democratic process, so to better assist the self-determination of individuals and groups of people with those three values.  Thank you for your question.  Your question goes to the heart of many of the programs of the Correcting Time.  We would not say “all of them,” but the vast majority of the Correcting Time programs now are involved in filling that void when those people realize….  Let me take this one step further for you: as light workers, you are aware that there will be a void of leadership.

The void of leadership

As light workers, when you have the consciousness, when you have the awareness that this is occurring, then you must raise your hand, stand on a stump, stand on a ladder and tell people that there is a way.  When that happens, you will know the way; you are being given the way now to provide what is needed in the gap.  If light workers do not raise their hand and stand on a ladder, or stand on a stump and make people aware that there is a better way, and it has already been proven, then the Correcting Time will have failed and the healing of your world would be set off by centuries—even millennia.  What is occurring now in your world is the preparation for that void; we know it is coming, just as surely as these cataclysms are occurring around your world—and when we say “cataclysms,” we not only mean geophysical, but we also mean social, economic and political cataclysms will occur and very soon.  When those occur, there will literally be the choice of going forward or creating something new. You as light workers must raise your hand and must say that there is a better way, and that we can create new societies together.  Thank you very much for your question—and please publish this!

Susan:  That’s an incredibly great responsibility.  I’m just making that __?__; thank you for that.

Charles, it seems to me it’s going to be incumbent upon light workers to be able to connect the dots between the many programs and projects that you have referred to, those that go beyond the social sustainability project, or those that compliment them.  There’s going to be a great dissipation of energies if we don’t. I think the question is: are we as a group going to be able to do this?  I think it takes a lack of bias, sort of humbleness towards your own project, to do this. I’d like you to address that.

Light workers connecting the dots

CHARLES:  You have raised at least four items within your statement/question, and if I miss one, please remind me and I will be glad to address it.  First of all, one of the projects that we want to do is to publish this globally on the Internet.  As you know, sustainability is a general term, which is in rapid-fire discussion around the world.  It deals mostly with material sustainability, but nonetheless, when people search on the word “sustainability,” they could come upon these socially sustainable materials.  This is one way in which the dots can connect.  The light workers will be able to recognize each other through this process.

What will make this most difficult is that within some of your groups, even the Magisterial groups and the Teaching Mission groups, there are those within the ranks who have fallen away, who looked askance at those who are coming forward providing solutions and thoughtful discussion about possibilities for the future.  There is an inner mistrust that it is the ego that is dominating or motivating someone to do these programs, and in essence these programs are not necessarily “evil,” but that they are malformed through the ego structure of the individual or individuals.  This is most difficult for us to accept, but nonetheless, we do not get involved in those thoughts or those developments, and do not support their propagation.

You raised an aspect that I have not answered; what would that be, or could you clarify it or simplify it?

Susan:  I think you are clarifying it.  I was just wondering how difficult it was going to be for us light workers to connect the dots between programs and projects so that we are able to see and integrate what other people are doing into what we are doing.  So that things will have a greater momentum, and I think you have addressed that.  I was worried about the human tendency to involve ego, which seems to block the ability to do that, and you answered that as well.

CHARLES:  Let me expound on this briefly.  We anticipate that the three core values will be the validating criteria used for the validation of workable groups and projects and programs, whether they are secular or they are developed and devised co-creatively with us and you, that through this recognition and validation process, you will join each other through the Internet.  Part of the reasons for the funding will be to create—not necessarily a “clearing house”—but a nexus for joining or finding each other, so to speak.  This will be, what you might call a “light worker’s social medium,” so that you can find each other.  There is no sense wasting energies and people power through duplication, but that by joining forces and by seeing and validating what each other are doing, and having a means of validating that, you can join each other and see how others are contributing.  As you know you live in a duplicitous world, that there are many private agendas that people have in mind when they go into business, or when they form associations, whether they are romantic or in business, that they have sub-agendas, unspoken and unshared intentions for what they are doing.  These will become quickly exposed when they are exposed to the validation process of the three core values and the process of the schematic of social sustainability, which inherently requires that the assumptions be exposed and uncovered and see how they are validated or not.  It is important that everyone’s efforts in social sustainability and the programs of the Correcting Time be in alignment, and then to be forthright, honest, authentic and genuine.

Susan:  Thank you.  It’s becoming more and more clearer to me that this project that you and Daniel are working on is the base project in which all else will spring.

Defining light workers over decades

CHARLES:  Yes, this has been co-creative long before he was even aware of the word existing, that we have engaged many of you in your adolescent years, unbeknownst to you.  We have a means of assessing the capability of individuals; we have a means of knowing who your grandparents were, and who your great-great grandchildren will be, and so with fairly good accuracy—except for the accidents of time which would change that prospect.  You have, yourself, been one of those who has participated with us unknowingly—and even unwittingly—through the decades.  There are many of you like this.  It is not necessarily that you are part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny, but you are certainly candidates that could assist our projects.  This One has had a single mindedness and a tenacious persevering tendency to pursue what he thought was right, which was of course, prompted by his Thought Adjuster, and we kept giving him projects to work on.  It is not that he is so special that he is the only one to do this, but out of dozens of candidates who have been possible recipients of this work, many have withered away through attrition, physically, and have made their transitions, or that they have pursued other goals, which would take them into other avenues and venues of life.  It is rare to see the Old Testament dedication of prophets in the life of one in this era.  We have the pleasure of knowing many of you, who have that special status.

A divided democracy

Susan:  Charles, in a previous session, you talked about the fact that there will be much kicking and screaming and resistance to the movement toward a more evolved democracy.  I was thinking about that and I see that our democratic process here is kind of divided, or at least the people that are involved are divided.  There are those who are in power and control, and are motivated more by maintaining that than by social service; and then there are those at the other end of the spectrum who have learned to be helpless and want to be taken care of; and then there is a mass amount of people in the middle. I’m assuming that’s where this movement will take place.  I’m curious as to what the mindset of this middle portion will be that will spur a movement toward a more evolved democracy.

The middle masses

CHARLES:  Yes, you are completely correct.  We are surreptitious enough to outwit those who are steadfast in their positions and their divisiveness and are fighting each other in the media and in the popular polls, and so on.  They are distracting themselves from the true necessities of the future.  Those individuals who choose to be dependent and see government as the “great mother of all,” which cares for everyone great and small, those will not become involved either.  The great mass in the middle, as you say, are the ones who will become the masses of the future who will accept and promote and generate programs and developments that create successes, create positive outcomes.

The main ingredient that they have is “hope.”  Some of them are highly invested in the stock market and in their businesses, and in certain other venues.  Even though they are frequently preoccupied, when life comes to a screeching and shuddering stop—which may take years—they will ask  “What if?  What can we do?”  They are possibility-thinkers.  It is most unfortunate that the middle class entrepreneurial group in your nation is withering in size, because these truly are adventurous individuals.  Not only are they entrepreneurs in business, but they are entrepreneurs in concepts and ideas and inventiveness… and possibilities.  This group is the one who will be most useful to us.  In the main, they accept the fact that there is a God, a Creator of All.  Many of them are confused; we could say most of them are quite confused about this relationship they have with God, but nonetheless they do feel there is a purpose in their life, and a purpose of life, and that there is a meaning that they can scratch out of their lives.

So you are once again asking a pertinent question.  They are not so stuck in fighting each other that they cannot see the possibilities, as are the groups that look to government for assistance for everything.  These are possibility thinkers; these are true growing souls; they are entrepreneurs of another sort, who we respect.  We anticipate that many of them will come over, or be more accepting of the divine participation (not divine intervention) but participation co-creatively in their lives, with them, with a plan in mind for this world.

Susan:  I see this is the group where hope lies and through which much of the work will be done. Thank you, Charles.

MMc:  I have several questions from audience members.  We are told that the three core values have been present within each individual of our species, and have worked to sustain our species throughout its existence.  We are also told that the four pillars of our civilization are the individual/family, the societal system, the economic and governmental systems.  We are told that the three core values only operate in the individual and family, and not in the other systems of our current civilization.  How are the three core values expressed in our civilization?  You spoke earlier of the Arab Spring and the walk upon Wall Street as being instances where people are expressing their need for these values.  Are they also expressed through altruism, humanitarianism and compassion for others?  (Charles:  Yes.  Continue.)  Within my lifetime in the United States there appears to be a movement into more equality.  Is this an expression of the three core values making an impact on our civilization?  (Charles:  Yes.  Continue.)  Other then sustain our species, have the three core values made any impact upon our civilization at all?  Now, do you want to enlarge on any of that?

CHARLES:  I was wondering if you had a question that would lead me to do that.

The impact of the three core values on our civilization

MMc:  I’m hoping that you might tell us how the three core values have impacted our civilization over time, as well as just our species.

CHARLES:  Certainly.  What is unique and even wonderful about the three core values, as they operate in the individual is that they operate in every individual.  Many of you have seen on the beach, or from a skyscraper, or when you are out in the field, a murmur of birds.  A group of birds that has three stages:  One is that the birds seem to be going in all different directions at the same time.  The second is where the group of birds begins to create a torus, where they wheel around in a circle and begin to form "oneness" in themselves.  And then it transforms into a murmur of birds, much as a school of fish, that you have seen many times on National Geographic shows and elsewhere, where they do not just appear to turn simultaneously, but they do turn simultaneously in one direction, and particularly so you find this in animals that have the capacity to operate in three dimensions, such as birds and fish, where they can wheel and dive and turn and twist and create all sorts of wonderful flowing bodies of birds or fish—a murmur of birds or a school of fish.

When you have millions of people, billions of people with similar interest to improve the quality of their life, that is the primary means, the outcome, the drive, the urge and the subordinate values of growth and equality are motivators to help the individual move towards that goal of improving the quality of their life.  When you see many people come together in a tribe, or a nation of tribes, whether that is indigenous groups or literally a geographic nation of people, who are aspiring towards some improvement in the quality of their life, then you see these people working together.  This operates for every person.  You see this in societies simply because you have an organizational pattern through government, through states, provinces, counties, cities and so on, where the people in Helsinki, Finland would have a much different lifestyle than people in Memphis, Tennessee, and that the quality of life would be quite different.  Societies of people can interpret the quality of life in different ways.

For most Americans that means the accumulation of material goods, whether it is big houses and furnishings within houses, or it could mean bank accounts, off shore accounts, investments and so on, where there is no literal reason or rationale for accumulating such vast amounts of finances, money and material goods.  It just goes beyond excess and rationality.  You are seeing in those situations the extreme fulfillment of the three core values.  Now, when you see this as a world of people, and when you have nations that have borders and lines of separation, then you will see differences in quality of life and opportunities for growth and equality, even as individuals within the same nation or across nations.  These three values have surely assisted the development of civilizations.  I do not necessarily say “maturation of civilizations;” Yes, they are older chronologically, but organizationally and as a social organism they are lacking consciousness; they are lacking self-awareness of themselves in the processes of how they acquire a better life and assure that for the future.

What is amazing to us is as conceited and arrogant as many intellectual political scientists are, and social scientists and financial individuals are, they have not the awareness of what they are doing, or how it affects the world.  They are concerned only about their own small, little niche in life, their own small little box that they bump into and move around to gain more territory and turf.  When I say it lacks maturation, I/we truly mean that.  What will jump-start the maturation and movement of your societies and civilization towards the days of light and life is a consciousness that you have control; you have the means to move millions of people into greater quality of life, growth opportunities and equality.  You now are operating so separately as to make this impossible.  Only by crashing the barriers of your lives through these natural cataclysms that will occur and which will manifest in social, political and economic cataclysms as well, will people realize that they have no control over life, and in order to improve their quality of life, they must work together to improve the quality of life of everyone else.

MMc:  Pardon me.  When you say “you,” are you speaking of you as an individual, or are you speaking of you as a collective?

CHARLES:  “You as a collective of humanity.”  Your question is well founded.  It anticipates; it sets a precedent for thoughtfulness in your readers to consider, taking into account their capability.  You—meaning your humanity, your Homo sapien species, almost to a one of you around the world, truly believe that you have no effect upon the whole.  But when you “see” a school of fish or a murmur of birds, and when you also find that parallel in your humanity, you realize that the one has a huge effect upon the whole.  What your world, your societies and nations have failed to do is to live as “one.”  That is not an airy-fairy, philosophical thought of idealism; it is surely not!  It is the only possible way in which your world will move into its maturity.

When there are no public policies that help support social justice to bring about equality of people, and the improvement in their quality of life, then it is competitive and competition creates separation and “Mine,” and “Me first,” sort of mentality.  When social leaders—and I mean every one of you who are reading this—come to the awareness that you are conscious of your life and the impact that you have in your life, then you can become of influence to others and your world.  This is exactly the conscious evolution that Andrew Cohen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, the Dalai Lama and others have spoken about.  We simply put it in pragmatic terms to move your whole world pragmatically ahead into the days of social sustainability, where you have social policies that truly do contribute to social justice.

We want you to know that the connections that we are developing through our programs are deeply connected to the days of light and life, and the evolution of your societies.  This is the only way where people can have lives where they are able to appreciate a spiritual connection.  What you do as light workers must be to share with those people, those individuals that this is brought about by the Managers of your world.  Does that make sense?  (MMc:  Yes it does.)  Your question is very timely.  You may be surprised that we are answering your questions this way, at this time, but there are no coincidences, are there?  You are ready to hear these things and you are ready and prepared to invoke your participation, as you are able to.

Preparation for world’s evolution in all systems

MMc:  I have a final question.  Our civilization currently expresses in overriding worldwide culture or paradigm.  I have expressed to you that it is my feeling that if our world accepts the three core values as the guiding principle behind, the individual/family, the social system, the political and economic systems, and all their institutions and organizations, that would constitute a paradigm shift of 180 degrees.  (Charles:  That is correct.)  Looking back through history, is there any lead-up to this change?

CHARLES:  Yes, of course.  It is the life and times of Jesus.  Christ Michael coming to this world as Jesus was something that was prepared tens of thousands of years prior to his arrival.  And your world would not be prepared for this invocation of the three core values into your world culture without his presence.  Why is it that the Life and Times of Jesus has persevered for over 2,000 years?  That is not a rhetorical question, but a question that deserves a practical answer, and the answer is that through that commitment of Jesus to bring your world into the days of light and life, and he would come to this world again, is your assurance that these three core values have been revealed to you in a timely way; that this is the time when there are crises.

If you recall the times of Jesus, it was that of the Roman Empire; it had almost approached its acme, the apex of its civilizational and organizational development, as far as a social culture, a political system and financial/economic system, and that within a couple of centuries it would begin to decline and eventually collapse and virtually disappear except for the remnants of its culture and people and the edifices of its physical institutions.  Had that occurred, which it did, and the Dark Ages came about, which plunged the world into very hard times, intellectually, spiritually and organizationally.  Through that era, there developed a few geniuses who wrote—St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi and others—who began to think and organize and make contributions.

It is because that was the time after the crash of your western civilizations to begin rebuilding them in a way and through a means that would eventually make it possible to educate contemporary developing societies in the ways of sustainability.  It is not that this is a grand scheme, a malevolent scheme by God to bring about the collapse of your world so that God could heal it—certainly not!  God had no decisions or participation in the collapse of your civilizations, either as individuals, clans and dynasties, or as societies and nations.  This was all part of what mankind devised and implemented.  It is through those times that we are now speaking to you, that I am here with you giving you this information.

Your world will experience a similar dark age in the near future.  However, it will only last one or two decades, compared to several centuries; and, the means to reform, recreate your societies will occur, not as what they were, but as what they will be in the ongoing, sustainable future.  You know as I know that in the times of financial depression is the greatest opportunity for eventual growth.  So, too, is that socially, politically and economically true, and that what your world will experience very soon is something that will give rise to immense opportunity for us to help you connect the dots with other light workers to advance the days of light and life.

You, too, must have a means to do that, whereas after the dark ages, there was a time of enlightenment, scientific discovery, industrial revolution and so on.  Those were the developments that prepared your world for its state now.  Nothing disappears — ideas, inventions, concepts, art, truth, beauty and goodness are always existent.  In the consciousness of your world, all those achievements still remain.  Some of that is part of your DNA, and so what your world has provided now to us is an incredible international, global communication system for sharing ideas under one fairly prevailing language, which is English, though the Chinese and Chinese dialects do dominate in sheer numbers.  This is the time when we, with you, can co-create this new world, this new beginning, this new era of which we speak.  The plans have been made long ago, as we said early on in our discussion, your world is much like a test bed of a formula one racing automobile, where we have scientific measurements in numbers of many, many dozens to measure the progress of your world, socially, politically, economically and spiritually, where we can make minor adjustments to make great improvements.  The end result is not to make a Ferrari out of your civilization, but a turtle and a rabbit that can go on for ages, and ages, and ages, and become sustainable.

Parting words

Thank you for your questions, and thank you for reconvening today.  As you know, there are many of us on hiatus, a holiday away, rejoining our “families,” our “clans” and our “tribes,” and sharing what we have learned on Urantia with those in Edentia, Salvington and elsewhere, and those visitors from other spheres and other local universes and they have all found this interesting.  Now, we are reconvening ourselves, we are regrouping and our ranks are almost completely full.  By the first of September, we will be in full strength and then some, to assist you in these developments.  Light workers unite!  Hold your lights together so you become a beacon that shines throughout the whole universe in Christ Michael’s name.  I thank you for your time today and good day.