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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 4 - Patrick and Thought Adjuster - Calibration - Jul 25, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Mission
Teachers: Patrick and Thought Adjuster
The Lessons of Patrick, Part Four
Subject: Calibration
T/R: Greg Marino
July 25, 2014

Greg’s Adjuster.     Point of information.  My long association with Patrick’s Adjuster(mostly fused), created an opportunity for Patrick to connect to Greg. My only part besides the asociation was his using my circuit to contact Greg. Patrick was persistent and eventually was able to connect to form this partnership. Tonight’s lesson is on calibration.  I withdraw for Patrick.

Patrick speaks:  Once again grateful to continue what I hope is a thought provoking transmission.  I am on Mansion world 6. One of my lessons is to facilitate promising souls on their way to future fusion.  I am a teacher and a student as you all are or will be. Tonight we discuss calibration in relation to T/Ring progress, and the trying course of events that transpire while developing your circuits.  

Aside from the obvious, sleep, water and good food,  the rhythm of the process is often not addressed.  Backing up and slowing down is a necessary interval in this endeavor. The days when you don't have "it,” are not wasted days at all, but opportunities to have the biology and electromagnetic circuits strengthen and grow into a more efficient conveyer of information.

Time in nature , spent with animals or near them, has a tremendously beneficial effect on these circuits. Sunshine and fresh air can decompress anxious individuals who are pushing faster than necessary to advance this process. Take a day off and find yourself refreshed the following day to overcome this version of writers block. Enjoy the journey as much as the ultimate destination.

Fretting about your status when the earth changes come won't do anything to alter their course or stop it from happening.  Greg and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with the dogs in a wooded area and he capped it off with a nap. Actually with his midwayer, seraphim and assorted other beings around there is quite a crowd. Let the calibration process run its necessary course and see the results without the stress. One foot(if I had one) in front of another we say on our side. Not really. Greg likes this saying. ;) Anyway, in conclusion, slowing down might actually speed things up.  We bid you a fond good evening.