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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 5 - Patrick; Abraham; Thought Adjuster - Compassion in Developing Spirituality - Jul 27, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teachers: Patrick, Abraham, Greg’s TA

The Lessons of Patrick, Part 5
Subject: Compassion in Developing Spirituality
T/R Greg Marino
July 27, 2014.

Thought Adjuster: Today our discussion is our suggested approach to compassion.  We are honored to have Father Abraham participate in this lesson..

Patrick:  Gratitude for the presence and contribution of Father Abraham in today’s discussion.   To begin,  Compassion is largely misunderstood on Urantia today. It takes the form in many cases of coddling and enablement. Not that there are not many instances of properly applied compassion.  Our definition of compassion, as I have learned it on the mansion worlds,  is one of empowerment.  An example might be a situation where someone has attempted to master a new skill only to find it is temporally beyond their reach.  The person becomes despondent and gives up, because it just didn't happen right away. The negative way would be to say, there you don't need to worry about this at all, I'll take care of it for you. Depriving the individual of a valuable learning process and finally attaining the skill aimed for. Co-dependancy occurs and no one benefits, including the enabler who will answer for this at some future point.

Abraham: This enabler will be cast into darkness for a thousand years. - LOL ;) -  You see , even I have a sense of humor. This would never happen for something like this.  The proper way to handle this is to say, “dear friend,  I see how determined you are to attain this new skill.  I am impressed with your sincere effort and see how very close you have come to your goal.”  (IF this is the case, never lie). What do you feel is your obstacle in achieving your goal? How do you feel about taking a short break from your effort to regroup and adjust your well applied strategy?

Make a suggestion if you can. By no means do it for them! Defuse some of the emotion and encourage a discussion with their adjuster, Michael, myself, Father. Completely take your focus off the subject and return after a new approach has been formulated. If you are proficient in this skill, a brief demonstration may be appropriate. Always be careful to allow your friend the opportunity to achieve and feel the tremendous feeling of accomplishment after a hard won effort bears the fruit of success. Success is many times arrived at by a series of failures. This is our position on the true application of compassion. To allow one to do it themselves is the most loving and compassionate approach you can do. What we want from the reader is to meditate on this subject starting an internal conversation, expanding their understanding of the concept of compassion.  Until the next time.  Good day.

Patrick:  Thank you Father A.  Our next lesson will cover the subject of humor.  Thank you for your attention and the opportunity to serve. Good day.