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Universe Broadcast Number One of The Urantia Series Number 217457 (June 2, 2014).pdf



Of The Urantia Series Number 217457


June 02, 2014








Fifth Epochal






I speak now as the Magisterial Son of Urantia, about to undertake one of the worst rebellion episodes I have ever been privileged to right again.   Now it appears that the last information written here is to be my first official statement of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  I will read it to you as you type it, Scribe.


"I, Monjoronson, being of sound mind and heart for Urantia, do declare the Magisterial Mission OPEN (my emphasis - Scribe), and that the dispensation so long promised on Urantia will open within the next two weeks, and all will know of it, I assure you.


“I will reside in the United States from now until about June 4th in spirit for a fortnight before appearing before all of Urantia in a televised broadcast that will be most memorable


"I declare Urantia insolvent and ready for the receivership of the Melchizedeks already named to take their place in the circle of sovereignty located at the north polar regions of this planet.  The planet shall remain insolvent until Michael of Nebadon declares this dispensation, the fifth of epochal significance, to be open to all races, creeds, and to all men and women of Urantia regardless of religion or cult in about one fortnight from this announcement.”



Archangel Michael:


You are now enclosing a message from the Universal Father which I dictate to you as follows:





Universal Father:


"I am well pleased with my Son, Michael of Nebadon.  I speak only of his valor and destiny to rule Urantia as the Planetary Prince of the sovereignty of Nebadon, in order to purchase all the holdings of Urantia in its place as a planet of unusual destiny in the firmament of the Universe of Nebadon.


"In our work for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, it is to be understood that nothing in the best of plans always works out for everyone concerned.


"In our work for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, I am the presiding Archangel of Record for closing the Fourth Dispensation and opening the Fifth Epochal Dispensation, and when I declare the Dispensation open, the Archangel of Record will smooth the transition of many of you to your new jobs with Monjoronson.


"In our work for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia, I declare these first minutes of these proceedings closed and ready for the record.


"I am Archangel Michael, and I bid you goodnight!"



Nebadonia, the Divine Minister of Nebadon, The Holy Spirit


I declare these proceedings over unless there is reason to hold them open as we proceed.  I am aware of pending news and it will be released as we speak if necessary.



Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon


I am the Creator Son of record as the arriving Planetary Prince of Urantia, and I declare all of these proceedings finished for this day of 02 June, in the year of our Lord, 2014.





In this work before you, I am delighted to hear that all is put to bed as it should be.  Your work, all of you who love God and who wish to work for Monjoronson and those who follow him into incarnation, will see the light of a new day before the month of June is over.  I stand speedy good faith to everyone of you who has God in his heart, and I stand ready to prepare all that is necessary for Urantia to come to its senses immediately, when the world will take notice,  because all transmissions on Urantia by media will be cut around noon the [censored and removed upon request of the Archangel of Michael].  I also declare these proceedings to be over and the announcement speedily sent out over all distributions lists available to this Scribe.







Michael #1 of Paradise


Serial Number 1 of 105135 of my time on the Havona Circuits whereof I bestowed myself on behalf of the Eternal Son.



My heart grieves for you my Son, Michael of Nebadon, as I know it pains you greatly to learn that the Planetary Prince of Urantia now goes to me, the Eternal Son’s First Born.  I hold you well and I hold you dear,  but I can not prepare you for yet another duty from which you must assign more time out of an already depleted schedule.  It takes me about four minutes of Urantia time to type what took me an hour to compose, but I wish to make it available to all who can read these passages for now.


"In my pleasure before you, I ask that Michael of Nebadon, take a leave of absence from his work for a fortnight and then leave me and the Eternal Son and the mission specialist called Monjoronson, that they come together in a meeting place on Paradise.  There I will fill both of you in on the duties as I see them for Urantia


In my meeting with you Michael, I wish to close the issue of the Planetary Prince duties by assigning to you that which we ask for in private, and that all I have to say to you is that this meeting will be adjourned on high when I can hear it seriously stated just what I wish to hear from Michael of Nebadon and Monjoronson.






The Father Melchizedek:


I am Father Melchizedek.


My heart is rendered excited at these times because the message is so stupendous.  Our work goes on in spite of the work of Urantia, and that the work of the Magisterial Sons on all of the apostate planets is going on even as we speak. 

I am the Father Melchizedek and I welcome all of Urantia to this last message, as I am now receiving the end of Urantia as an apostate planet.


The Archangel circuit is reporting that the Father has countermanded the Order from the Divine Son, Number 611121, the Creator Son of Nebadon, and that Urantia will receive its twelve Receivers as planned, but is not longer required to sever the circuitry that allows these transmissions to be brought forth as the first Universe Broadcast of the Urantia Series.  This is Universe Broadcast Number ONE.  Thank you.