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Charles; Michael; Light; Jonathan - Your Body Is A Temple -  Easter Message - Apr 20, 2014 - Lightline North Idaho

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2014-04-10
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: We all have the thought in our mind and consciousness to come here tonight and we follow that projection out to come here. We bring ourselves and position ourselves in place for this to happen. We carve out within ourselves a space of acceptance, of openness, of peace and we at this time would like to invite spirit to come and join us in this space. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace, this love we feel when we open up ourselves to your divine grace and your peace. Thank you for your emissaries of light who so tirelessly work on our behalf and are always there for us when we call. So it is we come to you now to call out in spirit, to reach towards you with that part of us which is spirit and meet you in a place of spirit, even now in this hour, in this moment. Let it be so, thank you.

Charles: Greetings to you all, it is my pleasure to join you tonight, I am Charles. I join you in this place that you have constructed, this cathedral of spirit where we both may come and co-mingle in this space. Make no mistake that this temple that you provide for spirit is of your own construction, that you have by your own efforts created this temple where we meet even now and where you may host a variety of spiritual associates.

It is said on your world that your body is a temple, and that within the confines of your construct you house elements of divinity and this is true. In a certain interpretation, your vehicle, your body, then is the temple for your spirit component, your part of yourself which is divine, your component of self which is eternal. And so it is that your vehicle can be considered to be the dwelling place where these things come and combine, but I tell you that the real temple that you have begun construction on in this first life experience is an eternal temple of spirit. It will not be reliant upon your physical vehicle whatsoever which will pass with time and in space; rather this temple that you work on constructing will be with you throughout eternity. This will be the sacred place that you offer, the temple in which you provide the sacred space. And so what you begin here in these mortal times of your experience, you continue on throughout your eternal career, providing more and more space, more and more of an elaborate area for you to engage in spirit, be spirit, enjoy spirit and exchange in the spirit realm.

So that being the case, it is everlastingly joyous to witness the foundations that you build at this time in your career when you are so very illiterate of your true standing in your eternal aspects. Still you work on construction of a place for you to go to meet spirit. Even when it can be said that you are farthest away from it, still you envision it, still it calls you, it beckons you to put the effort in to build the space, to create the environment. And all this effort which you begin now, these foundations which are so hand hewn and of your experience, are so foundational and basic to who you are and these foundations are hewn by virtue of your efforts, your experiences. That's why they are so honored and treasured a possession for you to build upon. They are the results of your having earned them, having fashioned each part of your foundation to fit together. Indeed these foundations that you build are sacred throughout all the universe. They are comprised of your elements of being and are completely unique in all time and space.

Thank you for allowing me to express my sentiments about what it is to observe you in the very act of cementing together your foundations and building these places where you will entertain your spiritual aspect. I understand that there are questions on the floor and I will certainly endeavor to shine a little more light, perhaps from another angle of perception. One question refers to what it is to be mindful or have mindfulness in the process.

To this I would say that to be mindful as a mortal of the realm is to choose among the myriads of options which you could entertain with your valuable computer you call your mind. It is up to you, the user, perhaps even the observer, to pick and choose among the many many options before you, to let play much as the program in the computer may be turned on or off to function. When it is turned on it will routinely play through its standard process, over and over again faithfully repeating its cycle. Likewise, your mind has become programmed and there are programs in place within your mind which, if activated, will proceed apace and will repeat themselves faithfully, over and over again. What has been installed into the computer, now plays back to you.

Being mindful refers to the awareness of this underlying process and the overriding of any random triggering of programs in favor of selective choosing of patterns you wish to play. Rather than letting your mind choose where it goes and the direction in which it runs off, the tangent in which it proceeds down, mindfulness refers to the state of awareness of how the mind functions in this way and the overriding of random signals in favor of a chosen pattern. Mindfulness is using the computer for an intended purpose, seizing control, becoming the driver, not simply becoming the observer.

Mindfulness refers to all of these components, taking charge, controlling the direction of the energy and the flow, inserting into the equation the patterns you wish to play and replay. Mindfulness is using the mind rather than letting the mind use you. Who is in charge? Is it the thoughts that you think or are you behind the curtain somewhere in charge of the thoughts that you think? I invite you all to consider that you are not your mind. Your mind is a circuit established for your benefit. You are attached to the circuit. You have a powerful computer on board which helps you access the circuit, that is your mind and it craves activity. If you don't give it activity, it will find its own and run its own programs.

You have been counseled in your process that stillness is a desirable state of being. This refers to the mindfulness of the activities of the mind and how to guide it, slow it, pause it or override it. So that said, you are not the mind, you are the observer behind the mind, you are the ones in charge of the application of mind, the one at the control panel. This is good for you all to consider: The state of mindfulness and who is in charge, the random thoughts generated and the patterns explored by the mind, or your overall intention projected onto the mind and in control of the mind. There perhaps are some new dimensions to consider about mindfulness.

I would address another question and that being: What can be done to be prepared for any upcoming events in time and space? The answer to this one is remarkably simple. The very same thing that you would do to ready yourselves for spiritual ascension are the very same things needed by all manner of heavenly hosts who may guide you through certain aspects of your ascension career and of the ascension career of your planet and your world. You see, you are most valuable when you have worked on yourself and become the best player a team could ever desire. The good players are the ones who make sure that their part, their piece of the puzzle is ready, that they are as in shape and in tune as they can be.

You see, this, no one else can do. This only you can offer. Have you built your temple of spirit with plenty of space to accommodate your spiritual dimension? Have you provided the groundwork necessary? Built the foundation? Are you working on your own spiritual relationship to the whole? Because this is what is needed. This is what only you can do. So when you ask, what could be done to facilitate, to help, to be useful in whatever upcoming process may be before you, I say go work on yourself; make sure you are ready; make sure your piece of the puzzle is secure, is sound, is whole, is strong. That is what you can do so that when the time is right and the energy is flowing, you will be strong and able to work it, to be part of it.

This will remain the universally most significant thing that you as an individual are capable of offering not only to yourself but to the whole. You see, all of these pieces of the puzzle are necessary, all of the parts of the whole must be brought together and in this process, it is very helpful if these pieces of the whole are active and engaged and trying to become that part of the whole. So, surprisingly enough, as you help yourself you help your Divine Parents, you help the overall eternal plan, you help the First Source and Center. You help the entire project move forward and I know it may not seem that working on your piece may be that significant at times, after all you are but one and separate in the process, but I tell you it won't be long in your ascension career before you realize the folly of that idea.

You are anything but alone, you are anything but fragmented, you are part of the whole. It is only your experience to feel fragmented and separate and this is by design so that you can feel what it is to be the self, the individual. This is what your Indwelling Spirit prays about you. This experience of isolation and fragmentation and separation, it is only had through this remote material mortal experience, otherwise, all of your other spirit incarnations will preclude you from feeling so isolated. But in this one, it is possible for you to sense a distinction as if you are all alone. So even this is a sacred experience, one for you to have and to hold and treasure throughout as you realize in each of your future incarnations how much a part of the whole you really are.

I hope this has given you thought for consideration. Overall, I wish you all a sense of peace, a sense of well being. You are all undergoing these efforts of constructing this place within and that is all that is significant. You have chosen a direction to grow in spirit and now it is just for your paths to unfold, for your destinies to be manifested. I join with you all in prayer that these journeys be full and rich and joyous and contain a vast array of experiences to delight us.

I sense that the dialog has gone on for a while and the transcribing can loom large. So, I would make a motion to conclude tonights meeting unless there would be any interjection from the other participants.

Caller: Are feelings ever wrong?

Charles: Thank you for your question. That question is difficult of a short answer. The feelings that an individual has are indeed valid feelings to that individual. I think what you might be asking is, just because they are valid feelings, are they true or good or right or wrong? And, that implies an assessment, a judgement, a point of reference, a vantage point of view and there are no two individuals who can view the same phenomenon from the exact same vantage point. Therefore there are no absolute ground zero truths about what is right-wrong-good or bad and to what degree.

I will say that one of your greatest mortal gifts are your feelings. They are the reaction of your being manifesting through your emotional capacities. They are the true indicator of your position and your relationship to the issue under consideration. I invite you all to consider that when you take into consideration any particular issue, there immediately wells up within you a feeling. This feeling is your relationship to this issue, your position in relationship to this issue. If it makes you uncomfortable or feel bad, then I would to the best of my degree, follow these intuitions, these feelings. They are your mortal and material reflection of your emotional connection to the issue at hand and they are without deliberation. They are instantaneous, that's how you know that they come directly from your innermost being, your feeling towards things are immediately portrayed by your emotional context. This then translates to your physical state, the pit in your stomach, the tension that you may feel grip you, the sense of peace which may overcome you, the sense of joy and love when in consideration of a loved one.

These senses are instantaneous and undeniable. They are your barometer of whether something is good for you or perhaps not so much. Does this make them right or wrong? They are as signposts, indicators, turn signals which may pop on for you without your consideration, they just arrive. This lets you know that are straight from the heart, that they are not filtered by components of the mind but rather emanate from your inner being and trigger a response, a literal physical response, a sensation which washes over you. This is a gift of mortal life. This is one of the components of who you are. You have this emotional tie to this material component of self.

So I would avail myself of this sense and to the degree that it is possible, I would want to follow what direction this sense would lead me into, towards those things which brought me peace, contentment, love, joy, all of those. Go with your heart and you can seldom do wrong. Is it a strict right or wrong? The choice is yours and any choice you make could be used to the good.

Caller: Thank you so very much.

Charles: Thank you for your question. Very well then, I think there will be quite a bit to type up tonight. So, if there are no further contributions or questions then I would make a motion to call this meeting to a conclusion. Thank you all for joining tonight.


Transcript 2
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-04-20
Teacher: Michael, Light, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: How magnificent it is that Michael is always there when we call. There is no time we can witness where we feel abandoned, left alone unto ourselves in the universe. What a magnificent gift that is He gives us all. I'm sure we all share  eternal gratitude for this gift.

Michael: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, you know who I am. It is my distinct pleasure, and I do emphasize the word pleasure, to join you and so many others this morning on this day where there is cause to pause and reflect over my time  of service on our world so many years ago. I would draw your attention to this idea of the pleasure that I get at this point in joining you in this fashion because so much of what is remembered about my experience on this world at this time has to do with my suffering and my sorrow; but I tell you plainly, these were but as small pieces to the larger puzzle. They represent the black dots on the white background and not the overriding hews which I use to remember my experience or to color that experience for others.

Rather what I remember about this anniversary of my time spent in the mortal condition was the great opportunities, the great chances for expressing love, for choosing service, for deciding to represent the will of our Father to our brothers and sisters. This was a time of great expectations, of great choices that I was graced with in my experience and while I understand that as a result of the way things turned out, so far as mortals were able to see, it appeared as though all this greatness, these great plans and dreams and opportunities perished with me, with one man. But I assure you, they did not perish, they live on, they live on in you. I observe some of these very same opportunities and choices that are present in your experiences that rise up before you to be chosen, selected, endorsed or rejected and this pattern, this plan that's in place that was there for me in my time and now is here for you in yours, is a gift of grace for which I am eternally grateful.

You see, while there are difficult steps to be taken, hard roads to be traveled, unpleasant times to be endured as a simple matter of course throughout human life and existence, there also, side by side with all these is the chance of eternal salvation, of a spiritual career spanning eternity. When seen in this context, seen in this truth, such small episodes of discomfort, disharmony, unpleasantness or sadness soon become eclipsed in the grandeur of the greater experience of the spiritual eternal career.

As was mentioned earlier in the discussion about my experience, it was required of me that I experience all aspects of mortal life from the jubilation of believers who have been inspired by my teachings, to the rejection and unjust treatment by those who did not. It was only in this way that I could gain the complete and vast depth of experience in one short mortal encounter. And so it can be said that I have seen the best and I have seen the worst and that most of my experience while on earth was somewhere in between.

Likewise, your journey here on this planet takes you down many roads, some of which you will count as among your worst and most trying difficult experiences and some will lead you in the direction of joy and peace and happiness. It is through drawing the distinction, through making the contrast evident, that you are able to appreciate the diversity of the experience provided you, of the grace bestowed upon you. Without this diversity, one might think all things were so orchestrated for you as to deprive you of the gamut of experience available.

Those who are born into other orders of beings such as your guardian angels, do not have an opportunity to understand the magnitude of experience that you have had the chance to experience. Their order of beings is not challenged with darkness, doubt, uncertainty and fear as you encounter in your lives. And even so, having encountered these things, you still would choose to move in the direction of divinity, in the direction of your divine Inner Guide, in the direction of your Divine Parents.

This represents a supreme choice, and one that it could be said you could not have made accurately and fairly without some contrast, some difference of choice before you, some options to choose from which include those which direct you away from divinity and take you further and further away from truth, beauty and goodness. In order for you to choose otherwise and forsake those options, they must all be present. So while it appears as though at times you may be in a maze of uncertainty, still, to those who are believers and have their faith with them, there is a certainty of outcome, there is a certainty of finding your way through these obstacles and making it past these challenges that rise up before you because you believe, because you are willing to act on that belief, because this faith is so strong within you that you trust and believe in the greater good, even though the smaller doubts and fears may rise up and be in your face.

And so my service to your world has succeeded. And so, my exercise which was so very difficult at the time, has been turned to good just as all of your exercises which may appear fruitless or without tangible results. I assure you likewise, they are all turned to the good as well. Any genuine effort is sacred and will be used for the benefit of all. This is why I come to you this morning with joyous appreciation and gratitude. You all represent the fruits of what I began. You all demonstrate to universes upon universes that the plan of divinity will rule out in the end, the pattern of divinity will be so deeply entrenched that all choices will work towards the good. Even when they may appear to be at their darkest, there is an element in there which may be brought forward and utilized for the best possible outcome.

You who have heard my call to follow me grace me with this gift on this day and I am grateful to the Father above for the circumstance that brings me your gifts, for the opportunity we both have shared to be a mortal on this world and the splendor of the plan which I see unfolding of which I am a part and you are as well. On this day and on all days, I praise the Father for the glory of His plan and my opportunity to participate with Him in it and I suspect you share my prayer. Let us go out together and write into our program, the best, highest, most noble that we can consider of what we have been informed of and let us represent this to the best of our capacity and seek always for greater understanding of even higher and better ways and ideas and purposes. If this is our groove that we wear, then let us wear it together.

I pray you feel my embrace, this day and always. As you recall me, so I am there, as you call to me, so I will respond. Father I am so grateful for these who would follow me and through me, follow You. Let us do this in your name and in your honor and let all that we do be pleasing in your sight. That is all we ask, thank You.

Michael: [Cathy] I am most gratified by your perception about the end of my time as a mortal. I am with you in "real time" as it is known. I attempted to portray the love of the Father to the people of that time. Many were able to accept the new idea that I brought but many others rejected my offering of a new way to approach our Creator. I brought the vision of God to man, a loving Father. In my life as a man I hoped to serve the Father to be the best of man. In my constant connection with my Adjuster and the spirit circuit provided by our Father, I sought always to show the way for you my children. It is a connection that remains vibrantly available for your use. My Spirit of Truth bestowed to be a guide also to this connection, that you were able to see the error of the doctrine of atonement and discard a notion that no longer fits my portrayal of a loving Father shows your growth into a new way of being in perception. I am always available to aid you in your daily challenges of building a new basis for your thinking and a new way of being in your world. Together we will move into this new stage of my Correcting Time, a stage of love, compassion and forgiveness. This is the true message I bring you from the time on the cross. This is just the beginning of compassion and brotherhood for this world. Thank you all for remembering my mission.

Light: [Mark] Good morning friends, Light here. I would step into this sacred sphere you've created this morning to pick up on a theme so prevalent this morning and add my contribution to it and that being one of gratitude. All over today, people will gather in gratitude for the service of our Creator Son. And while we join them in this gratitude, we who are spirit led, know that there is so much more to be grateful for that the manifestation of Michael as Jesus was simply one in a long series of chapters of grace that have been bestowed upon this world. And while we are focused on that chapter today, those who are spirit led see the pattern behind that chapter, see the truth and reality that goes well beyond one simple time and one grand act.

So while we are indeed grateful for this gesture made for this heroic act of kindness, we are as well deeply grateful for the many heroic acts of kindness and of love and of truth and of beauty that have been shown to us throughout that we feel in our own experiences that cause us to embrace spirit with complete certainty. These are all gifts of grace and all emanate from the same source and it is that source which we feel such deep gratitude for. So I join you all this morning in your appreciation for the grace which pervades our experiences on so many levels. It is a joy to be with you to celebrate these graces and to experience the joy together. This is fellowship, this is the reward for being brothers and sisters, sojourners on this spiritual path and it is my pleasure to be among you on this journey.

So let us celebrate this day, not only the accomplishments of the Master, but the laying down of the groundwork wherein the Master could offer this gift of grace, this same plan which supports you and I throughout our journey. We are all grateful to be a part of this same plan, to be together while this plan unfolds, to enjoy each others fellowship and company throughout the journey. Indeed, gratitude is the underlying foundation and I join you all today in expressing this from our deepest center. Let this gratitude shape our experience, our opportunities at service, our perspective on the journey itself. It is likewise a joy to be with you this morning. Thank you for this opportunity. I bid you all have a great week.

Light: [Cathy] This is Light, together we can send light to the darkness that remains on this world. Continue to bring the light into yourselves and experiment with this tool we have created. I will be with you in all your attempts. I will intensify the light with you.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I am joining you in sending healing energy to Charley. From my view it appears as a river of light flooding his body and space. Together we are adding an element to the scenario. Together we are sending a gift of love.