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Thuroc; Orion; Ophelius; Planetary Supreme; Beloved One; Unknown; Damascus Scribe; Samuel of Panoptia; Aaron; Thought Adjuster; ABC-22 Bzutu - Twelve Transcriptions - Illawarra, AU

Index of Transmissions This Document

  • Transcript 1  - Illawarra District, Australia, August 10, 2013.- Thuroc the Entertainer. - Subject: “Eternally Optimistic.”
  • Transcript 2  - Chicago, US of A, August 2, 2013.- Teacher: Life Carrier Orion. - Subject: “Eugenic Procreation.”
  • Transcript 3  - Michigan, US of A, August 11, 2013. - Teacher Ophelius. - Subject: “Understanding the Connection to your Higher Self (Part two).”
  • Transcript 4  - Alabama, US of A, March 23, 2011. - The Planetary Supreme, Urantia (Gaia). - Subject: “There is so much I can give you.”
  • Transcript 5  - Urantia, December 25, 2012. - Teacher: The Beloved One. - Subject: “Spiritual Disconnect.”
  • Transcript 6  - Chicago, US of A, August 26, 2013. - Unknown Teacher. - Subject: “Life, Personality and Spiritual Life.”
  • Transcript 7  - Illawarra District, Australia, September 6, 2013. - The Damascus Scribe. - Subject: “World Dominance.”
  • Transcript 8  - Michigan, US of A, September 15, 2013. - Teacher Ophelius.- Subject: “Relationships are the Reflection of the Divine.”
  • Transcript 9  - Illawarra District, Australia, September 9, 2013.- Samuel of Panoptia. - Aaron of Urantia. - Subject: “Frequent Liaison and Permanent Prayer.”
  • Transcript 10- Alabama, US of A, March 31, 2011. - Teacher: Thought Adjuster. - Subject: “The Only Gift You Can Offer the Creator.
  • Transcript 11- Urantia, December 10, 2012. - The Beloved One. - Subject: “The Dawning.”
  • Transcript 12- Illawarra District, Australia, September 15, 2013.- Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22). - Subject: “War No More and Prayers from the Heart” (shortened).

Transcript 1
Illawarra District, Australia, August 10, 2013.
Thuroc the Entertainer.
Subject: “Eternally Optimistic.”

Received by George Barnard.

Thuroc: “Greetings precious ones from both me, myself and I and my dear consort, Rihte. It is I, Thuroc the Entertainer. I come from halfway across the world to be with you. Cautiously I have first thrown my hat into the ring to see you pick it up and shelve it. What is that you say? This is not a hat, but a dunce cap? Admittedly I am the odd card in the pack, the black sheep of a family of lilly-whites and ever so pleasant woolly ones that bring you sweet messages.

“Not always from me do you hear the lovey-dovey words of, ‘yes, you are doing well, my dear human brothers and sisters’, and ‘a bright golden-paved road stretches out before you’. Is it not true that so very like what constitutes your species behaviour, you will live as much as you can the hard way, almost each of you to a man, or woman? For the entertainment I provide, especially that for my Midwayer colleagues and others, I study your politicians… yes, closely.

“And could it be that due to my rather manic personality that I, at times unexpectedly, begin to suddenly feel somewhat depressed about some of these leaders of men deciding that their countries’ resources are buried in other nations’ lands? That human rights must be upheld in only the weakest of nations? That integrity must be expected from those in far-off lands, but wicked lies be acclaimed and truth be despised at home? I don’t consider such to be legitimate!

“Today there are classes of people that are greatly more equal than are others… supposedly… and here I speak on behalf of all of the 1984 (Secondary Midwayers), to tell you that for now you are still free to think. Soon, however, nothing may be yours except a few cubic centimetres inside your skull. Did the 1984 know George Orwell? You might ask. Of course, we all knew him, and he certainly knew some of us to be by his side as he projected mankind’s future.”

“Well now, here you have a clearer picture of the two sides of Thuroc the Entertainer, perhaps a better idea of your western civilization now lacking any true form of democracy, anywhere. Soon you will awaken to the sad knowledge that your children’s children will be held in involuntary servitude to those who call themselves the elite, but who will hardly refrain from theft and torture, and whose minds do not conceive of fair living for the common masses of this world.

“I know that in the end the indomitable force which is mankind’s drive for fairness and equality will win out, never to be repressed again. I am eternally optimistic in this Correcting Time. I am Thuroc the Entertainer, and I say good day, my white-bearded old friend.”

George: “Thank you for being straight with us, my ever-young-looking joker.”

Note: Thuroc here quoted George Orwell more than once, and also suggested there to have been an association between the famed writer and the Urantia Midwayers. Other Midwayers some years ago also made claims of such an association.

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Transcript 2
Chicago, US of A, August 2, 2013.
Teacher: Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Eugenic Procreation.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Orion: “Procreation is highly thought of in human society, and motherhood on Urantia is ‘by all means’ sacred. The reason for this is the mystery by which the reproduction process long appeared enshrouded to the mind of primitive man. Giving birth was seen as a miracle – a deed by the Gods. As a result, reproduction is generally held in high regard by all peoples of Urantia, whilst in fact, reproduction is a biological event present in all living beings on your world, and there is nothing supernatural about its purpose, per se. Simply put, to serve the evolutionary process this is how life was conceived on Urantia. In time, as civilization and its culture evolve on your world, reproduction will mostly be seen as a procreative function of the human species, rather than an extra-ordinary process, and it will have less of an emotional meaning attached to it. Indeed, procreation will always be valued, but in the future it will mostly be seen as a means to improve your best human strains for the betterment of the human race as a whole, through the increasing knowledge you are now acquiring about genetic manipulation.

“The embryonic form of this realization is already present in the most advanced societies on Urantia, as many already understand that procreation and parenthood are, in fact two different things. Adoption and alternative fertilization has given many people the opportunity to be parents without being the conceivers/reproducers. Today’s procreation process has already been manipulated to provide the otherwise impossibility of parenthood. In your future, it will be manipulated to improve the racial human stocks, as already postulated by your budding eugenics of today. It is not an easy road to travel, and you will live with the increasing impoverishment of your good strains for some time yet, before they can begin to be improved by science. Even a possible second racial uplifting from stocks outside-Urantia may be possible.

“As your knowledge of the fifth revelation records will increasingly be taken seriously by opinion-shapers on your world, the more you can learn from insights therein on how to preserve and improve your best human strains by simply controlling reproduction of classified stocks. There you can also find specific intimations that Science can greatly increase the physical, the senses of vision, and hearing. Genetics, although crudely so, is already modifying your crops. One day, when better understood, it will safely improve your generations to come. All this will certainly meet with resistance of some anti-science religionists, but increasingly scientific progress on your world will drag such old-fashioned-thinkers towards a future in which they will remain a forlorn minority.

“In your advanced societies you have increasingly enjoyed longer lifetimes, through the adoption of preventive measures against diseases, global vaccinations, sanitation of the environment and advances in medicine. These improvements are the signs of ‘the golden age’ announced in your olden records of a world in which someone who dies at 100 years of age will be considered to still be young. Progress will become easier if your religionists especially allow themselves to be more open to the achievements of true science. Science and Religion deal with different dimensions of reality, the former with its physical laws, and the latter with its spiritual laws. Both must keep their independence, so they can benefit civilization as a whole. I am a Life-Carrier, therefore largely more interested in the progress of both your biological and cultural evolution. Hopefully you will not destroy yourselves with your endless wars. Peace be with you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 3
Michigan, US of A, August 11, 2013.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Understanding the Connection to your Higher Self (Part two).”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “In continuation of our message last week, it is important to practice bringing your awareness to your Higher Self. Just as it is healthy to exercise the body to have good blood flow and muscle tone, so too is it important to sit in the silence and connect with the Heavenly Father through the Thought Adjuster, the Higher Self. Since this Fragment of God is personal and uniquely ‘tuned’ to your soul, you have direct and immediate access and can communicate any thought, prayer, or desire at any time, night or day. To make this Presence of the Father more real and personal to you, you may name this pre-personal entity that lives within your mind and give Him or Her (you decide) any name you like. Bring Her in close and personal to you.

“Since your Higher Self is the Master Operator and is personally assigned to your soul, She is closer to you than any, and is dutifully committed to spiritizing your mind and setting you on a course toward spiritual unity with the Universal Father on Paradise. You may begin to hear Her subtle voice as you begin to integrate your thoughts with the higher thoughts promoted by Her. A way to do this is to bring your awareness to Her in any given moment. This may sound difficult, yet there is a way to achieve this kind of connection.

“There are three steps to developing a closer relationship with your Higher Self:

1.) “Schedule time for stillness meditation. This is a very important part of establishing your willingness to communicate and your desire to have conscious two-way communication. This is where your spiritual circuit to the Father is ‘thickened’ – more can be given as the conduit is upgraded for greater spiritual input. This is the ‘God Level’ of your relationship with the Higher Self.

2.) “Bring your awareness to your Higher Self in any idle moment whenever you are not distracted by material life. Simply acknowledge your awareness that She is there with you. To do this also means you may have to eliminate unnecessary distractions like media overload, watching TV, news, and entertainment that constantly fills the mind with chatter. Develop a more peaceful thought life and begin to converse with Her while driving, relaxing at home, or any place where you are not communicating with others. Begin to actively share experiences while you hold your awareness of the Higher Self. This is the ‘Self Level’ of your relationship with the Higher Self.

3.) “Begin to refer and confer your thoughts with your Higher Self as you are actively engaged in service to others. As you are listening to a friend with a problem or need, bring your awareness to your Adjuster and ask for loving guidance in your questions and answers to that person or actively pray for their highest good as if you have split your attention between your friend and God. Be aware that both you and your friend have Thought Adjusters and that they can and do communicate with each other. Picture this connection while you service your friend’s needs. This is the ‘Service Level’ of your relationship with the Higher self.

“The two most important things to hold in your mind when strengthening your connection to your Higher Self, is INTENTION and AWARENESS. Start today, my friends, and tap into the latent abilities that you were gifted with.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 4
Alabama, US of A, March 23, 2011.
The Planetary Supreme, Urantia (Gaia).
Subject: “There is so much I can give you.”

Received by Oscar.

Urantia: “There is no better place to feel the pulse of your Mother Earth than in the beating of your own heart. I am present in all life in this world, because you all live in me as I live in all. I am Urantia, the Planetary Supreme.

“I am always available to commune with any of my children and it is in fact a part of ‘my task’ to answer the call of those who live in my bosom. As you recently have reached the level of maturity and understanding that allows you to make contact with Me, I have also been going through a growing phase. However, for aeons of time I have waited for the opportunity to talk and it is a great joy to see how many of my little ones have awoken to a higher reality and have opened themselves up to listening.

“How does this work? I am a Deity. I am part of the circuit of the Supreme Being. Within my kingdom I am everywhere and I can know everything. I know each and every creature that lives within me and I feel what they feel. Your negative thoughts affect me, and it saddens me how little regard you show for your planetary home from which you derive your very own lives.

“However, in these Correcting Times I have seen how you are progressively awakening, and I clearly foresee better times in the future. What happened in the past will remain there and a new age will establish itself. My love for you has never changed and I know that the suffering of today are just the growing pains that will make you stronger by tomorrow.

“Continue living your lives with joy and with the intent of learning more about the spiritual realities, since it is there where the source and origin of all reality lies. Search within your heart the voice of the One who loves you without condition and who has bestowed Himself upon you to be at your service. It is there where you will discover your true purpose and this Voice will lead you towards a future of light and life.

“Your experiences, your spiritual realizations, and your growing understanding of the eternal reality are your gifts to Me. Similarly I posses many things that you need and are yours for the asking. We are both growing – evolving – together and we need one another. Come to Me often and let us begin a relationship that will elevate us to a new age in the future. I am Urantia, your Mother Earth, always listening and waiting for your invitation to converse, because there is so much I can give you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Urantia, December 25, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Spiritual Disconnect.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “I shall endeavor to explain that I am not only called the Beloved One who indwells you, but that we ‘Indwellers’ also go by other names. This is important in case someone less informed might chance to read our message and have difficulty visualizing just who we are. We are God Fragments and we indwell all ‘normal minded’ humans on this planet. First of all we are volunteer Thought Adjusters, later during adult human life we might become Thought Controllers. This depends on the recognition a human partner affords the Thought Adjuster, and it depends on the spiritual development of that human partner. Also the term Mystery Monitor is often used as well as Light of Lights. Simply, we are Sparks of Almighty God, so we hail from the Source of Light.

“After this short introduction I desire to speak on the seeming spiritual disconnect which threatens to engulf this planet, even though many of the humans here pay lip-service to God in their temples of worship. It is in your own private temples, your physical bodies, where the Mystery Monitors hold court in the hope that the inhabitants of these physical bodies may realize sooner, rather than later, that they have a Spark from God living inside them. I know that we have alluded to this momentous fact in most of your messages. However, child, the fact remains that there are still far too many humans who are suffering from spiritual disconnect, not knowing that it is possible for each one to open the door of their inner chamber and start listening. In doing so they would absolutely become more aware about the value of life and how to live it more thoughtfully.

“There would be a noticeable improvement, and a feeling within, that no matter how lonely one could be, a special connection with the God of their being would always be there at their beckoned call. We are always functioning in the background, waiving our arms so to speak to get the attention of our human hosts.

“You see, child, with all life’s routine distractions the spiritual life gets very little attention. I can however say that whenever anyone would prioritize some of their time, so some precious while would be allotted to their on-board Partner, a deep rest and well-being shall dwell in the soul of that human. Life would be much easier to live, as the Mystery Monitor is aware of all the comings and goings of the human partner – including his or her thoughts, as nothing is hidden from the Creator God – and would be able to give some valuable insights as to how to live. Think about this: If God seems far away, who moved? It is the spiritual disconnect on this planet which is in need of an overhaul so individual connections can be established for all time and eternity.

“Today is the day when some commemorate the humble birth of the Ruler of this universe, laid in a manger in a simple stall because there was no room at the inn. Please make room in your hearts for Him as He too hails from the Source of Light.

“Thank you for taking the time to listen.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 6
Chicago, US of A, August 26, 2013.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Life, Personality and Spiritual Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Unknown Teacher: “Life is the greatest adventure in the Universe of Universes, and life appears in many forms. On Urantia your human life is characterized by the divine endowment of Personality. Personality in association with Mind is the source of autonomous will and causes the emergence of the Self (identity). However, Personality, although coming from the Father, does not in itself represent life. As humans, you are capable of experiencing two kinds of life: Material and spiritual. Your material life originated in the living spark that marked the beginning to the evolution of life on Urantia, which is in line with the Nebadon patterns of life, established by Christ Michael Himself.

“Material life is basically an energy system to which the Holy Spirit, your universe Mother Spirit, progressively bestows Mind, affording the Father’s bestowal of Personality, after which the Adjutant Spirit of Worship makes contact with one of the superior species of the realm. In this way, each of these units of energy systems becomes a being with a specific personal life, which is called an individual or a person. Material life multiplies itself on a planet by procreation, also called reproduction or birth. Spiritual life, however, although sheltered by organic life, originates in humans by a different process.

“Spiritual life in humans depends on the birth of the morontia soul in the individual, through cooperation between the material Self (personal will) and the Spirit Within – your Thought Adjuster. In other words, when the individual, through his or her personal will, decides to follow the spiritual leadings of the Adjuster, this brings into existence the morontia self, his or her spiritual self, or commonly called the soul. Humans can have spiritual insights by themselves through the ministry of the adjutant spirits of wisdom and worship, which usually produces a religious life, but genuine spiritual life is only possible by the presence and ministry of a Fragment of the Father – your individual Thought Adjuster – inhabiting the human mind.

“Soul growth depends on your continued following the leadings of the Spirit Within, which always entices believers to support the values of goodness, truth and beauty in their lives. The morontia soul is essential to the acquisition of a spiritual nature, or to becoming a spiritual being. This is a process that may start on the evolving planets for those who become indwelled by a Thought Adjuster or on the Mansion Worlds for those who are not, but are to be indwelled by a Fragment of the Eternal Son or a Fragment of the Third Source and Center. For these, the Adjutant Spirit of Worship will have fostered spiritual faith in their material lives.

“Hence, my friends, your biological life in this world differs from all the other creatures’ lives because you have Personality and are indwelled by a Father Fragment that can, with your cooperation, potentially give birth to your spiritual life. This second life is called the ‘new birth’, an event essential to your existence if you are to ‘see the kingdom of God’, as Jesus taught you. After Pentecost, due to the presence of the Spirit of Truth in your world, Thought Adjusters have descended from the Father to inhabit ‘all flesh’, making humans bona-fide candidates for this new birth of spiritual life.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 7
Illawarra District, Australia, September 6, 2013.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “World Dominance.”

Received by George Barnard.

The Damascus Scribe: “Before we begin, allow me to voice a well-meant review of your need to overly think about our communication. I would favor for you to approach me whenever you feel the need to hear my voice or gauge my feelings. You have been ‘shedding your tears’ for Damascus, for Syria, for the children of that realm. So now you want to find out about how we, both Michael and I, feel about the deaths and devastation there.

“In any way I now express my feelings, rest assured they would account for the Master’s feelings as well. It was in Damascus where your local universe Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon reached the absolute zenith of His ability to read my mind, to know my thoughts, to respond to my input, and do this with flair and brilliance. It was in Damascus where your Master Jesus soon found Himself capable of translating and conveying His feelings most profoundly.

“Yes, with my help you may here opine. It was therefore that I chose to long ago introduce myself as the Scribe of Damascus. Those four months of most diligent work on behalf of our trader and employer, as well as the uneducated citizens in need of written referrals, were to be seen as the peaking of progress in our cooperation, communication, and understanding of each other. There in a well-run society, the Master and I excelled in our morning till night teamwork.

“How do I now feel about the goings on in Damascus and the wider Syrian world? I lament the demise of some great structures now in ruin. I deeply mourn the deaths of thousands upon thousands, and especially the pre-Adjuster indwelled. I abhor millions vanquished from their homes and lands, for together with the gift of personality, deemed to have been deserved, I additionally received all human-like emotions, not greatly different to those you feel.

“You must understand right now that a one-world government can not come about when based on greed – confiscation of the wealth of the masses to pay for the gambling debts of the financiers. You must grasp right now that you cannot unite the races, nations and religions through force. It will take a belief in equality and a celebration of the differences. It will take a common religion of the Father being in charge, with individual spiritual beliefs being allowed to differ.

“The present forces bent on world domination will not be those to see in the times of Light and Life. This world will still long experience these, the birthing pangs of the Correcting Time. There is little that you can do, other than what you do well, so stay with the task. The Gods will ‘dry their tears’ and try again, Urantia. I am the Damascus Scribe, already now looking forward to our next meeting. Adieu.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 8
Michigan, US of A, September 15, 2013.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Relationships are the Reflection of the Divine.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, dear one, we would like to talk about relationships and how important they are in the journey of the soul. There are many types of relationships and these are the very things that prepare us for unification with the I AM, and so it is that these relationships become the survivable part of the human experience – that highly prized gift you share with the Creator as you live, and move, and have your being. Beneath all your striving, your pursuits, your successes, your love of others, there is but one Real Relationship, and that is to know the One Truth and to find and experience the greatest, most pure, and absolute unconditional love there is in all of creation – to experience the final embrace of God.

“All of you humans on the earth are in various stages of spiritual development and each of you has a greater or lesser degree of personal experience and relationship with deity. Simply acknowledging the sovereignty of God as creator of all constitutes a relationship. When you are born into the world, the Creator puts in place a ‘tension’ between you and Himself that draws you back to Him like a magnet. We call this drawing power ‘Spiritual Gravity’. God knows that because you are new souls starting out at the beginning of life that you must learn very quickly many things and develop relationships with others to prepare you for your journey back home, and so you naturally seek out those experiences and relationships on earth that emit the greatest spiritual gravity.

“Many are drawn to this spirit gravity in the compliment of being – a lover, for it is said that ‘to behold the eyes of love is to see the face of God.’ This is why so many seek for the elusive ‘soul-mate’, because to them, this relationship would signify the greatest degree of ‘reflection’ or unconditional love, which emits the greatest degree of spiritual gravity – the closest thing to unity with the creator while living in a state of imperfection. All relationships – friends, lovers, parents, and children will exhibit varying degrees of this spiritual gravity and so you experience varying degrees of love from each relationship, which in reality is a reflection of the divine countenance, but conditioned by imperfection. This is why your most valuable relationships are those that love you with ‘less-condition’.

“Some seek this spiritual gravity through indirect relationships as in the creation of art or music. A musician channels the expression of the soul in his or her music; the artist, through his or her painting or sculpture. The ‘feed-back’ or appreciation or joy that others get from experiencing the artist’s work provides the spiritual gravity and the reflection of the divine through this indirect relationship.

“It therefore becomes evident that those things that survive and become a part the soul are in ‘relationship’ with the three divine attributes: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Each relationship that embodies Truth, Beauty, or Goodness, teaches us something that we can use to transform our imperfect self into something that will bring us closer into unity with Source.

“To freely give love without expectation is to mimic the divine pattern, and so as you do this, you shall receive even greater love in return because by giving, you move closer to unity, therefore do you ‘feel’ the greater effect of spirit gravity – Unconditional Love.

“Peace to You,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 9
Illawarra District, Australia, September 9, 2013.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Aaron of Urantia.
Subject: “Frequent Liaison and Permanent Prayer.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “I studied the people on your beloved planet for a little more than five decades prior to the (1992) announcement that I would be your Teacher among other Teachers of Midwayer ‘persuasion’. During that period of some 7 decades I noted a slow shift from a generally religious and spiritual outlook to one with – let us face it – rather scant interest in God. Your inventiveness, creativity, and technological progress may well be the reason.

“Chiefly, your many varied ways of communicating with each other, and with wide audiences, has absorbed much of your daily hours, whilst with countless individuals their communication is almost their very reason for being! To the minds of many created Celestials, and even to us, formal humans, this is quite astonishing. There is no thought for the future, the present, or even the past in relation to Deity, which created you, and even nurtures you continuously.

“Please be ever aware of the obvious fact that the Creator – in the real presence of your Thought Adjuster – requires your love, your respect, frequent thought and liaison. Even the evolving Supreme, your Mother Spirit, recently indicated Her wishes to hear from you, by saying, ‘In time, countless of your brothers and sisters will commune with me, but for now there are few, so think of me often, speak to me, and feel my embrace.’ Here is our brother Aaron.

Aaron: “I wish to add a few words about prayer. It is not the kind of prayer that goes, ‘dear Lord, please give me a pony, or let me win the lottery.’ Not at all, no! My kind of prayer deals with dedication. When you set out to begin or complete a task, consider that the Creator of all is with you ‘in the reality of your Thought Adjuster’, who indwells you. As you think about commencing the task, likely your Adjuster can input a more efficient way.

“Even today, my dear human friend, I carry with me a morontia facsimile of the papyrus scroll that accompanied me from Egypt to Palestine. On it was inked much of the wisdom of those times, a reminder of original thought, and revelation. Of great importance to me were the logic of total allegiance to the Creator Father, and the dedication of each venture to His Name. You too can live your life in this fashion of eternal commitment and permanent prayer.

“Your lives today, and for too many of you, are about sportsmen and women you mistakenly class as heroes. Likewise many of your movie stars are almost venerated. Little thought goes to the Father Creator who shared out with abandon such gifts and beauty in the first place. Not the support of your kings, presidents, political parties and countries, right or wrong, make you a ‘Urantia Patriot’ or Universe Citizen; your allegiance to the Father does.

“Pray daily in the way we suggest and live a life free of many concerns. Samuel and I wish you good day.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 10
Alabama, US of A, March 31, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Only Gift You Can Offer the Creator.

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Coming to Me on a daily basis is what will help you most during the adventure of life. The original plan for mortal creatures is that they acquire experience in the material world so they can enhance this life and later use the experiences. It is part of the plan for human beings to take advantage of their ‘resources’, which have been placed in their paths, and the main resource is the presence of God within the human mind. Hence your frequently coming to Me is doing the Will of the Father. Do not have doubts about searching what is freely available to you, and taking advantage of all the wisdom that is already part of you. It is your birthright, and the birthright of all who are indwelled by His divine presence.

“For the Father, one of the greatest satisfactions is the personal contact with His creatures. When you come to Me, you are not only procuring a benefit for yourself, but you are also giving a gift to your Father. Let me repeat that getting closer to the Father is doing His Will and this is the only gift a creature can offer the Creator, so thank you. Your gesture is greatly appreciated.

“I am the only one who can be everything to everybody. I can be a young one, who bravely experiences life with you. I can be an elder wise man or woman, who advises you on which path to follow. I am your Father who is always looking for what is best for you and expects great things from you, because I fully know your potential. I am your Brother because I have walked – and I still walk – this earth with you, and I know about your sufferings, your confusion and your doubts. I am you, because I dwell in you, and our destiny is to forever become one in an eternal life of light, peace, truth, beauty and goodness, lovingly at the service of the creatures of an infinite universe.

“This is the truth. This is the reward for all the human beings who venture to look towards God and ask what they should do to follow Him in starting on the road that will lead them to becoming one with Deity, while enjoying the benefits of that exalted union.

“You have been created for a purpose. In your world it is normal to consider that someone may have a talent or two, and that in all other areas of life the performance of this person would never reach the same level of success it could reach if this person would discover and take advantage of his or her talents. Similarly, your lives in the universe – your purpose – are based on the potentials that have been placed by the Father inside each one of you. Throughout your careers in eternity you will be able to explore your true potentials to the maximum. However, in contrast to what you may find in your world, in eternity you will discover that you have been gifted to do a million or a billion things that only you can do in a unique and personal fashion, determined by the plan the Father had for your existence.

“All life is indispensable, unique and original. All of you have been created to be a fundamental piece in the mosaic of the universe. Don’t let your limited material vision and the appearances of this world leave you doubting your value. Your existence represents a purpose defined by the One Who can see the end from the beginning – your Father who has loved you and has known you even since before this universe came into existence. Such is the value and the importance of the lives of human beings.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 11
Urantia, December 10, 2012.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Dawning.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Together we will engage in a little visualization as you mentally hold the globe of the world in your hands. See now in your mind’s eye the dawning of a new day. The sun really is on the horizon right now. One period ends and another begins. There has been much speculative thought and talk about this coming change of an age and the dawning of a new age. This coming event has spawned many a superstition and some hold to the belief that this precious world is going to end. However, the world is simply in a flux of change because the Time of Correction is in its beginning stages.

“In reality this world is the bestowal planet of your Creator-Father-Brother Michael, better known to most as Jesus. His birth of some 2000 years ago will soon be celebrated again on this planet. This most important event was the foreshadowed promise and the dawning of a new and glorious age to come. Looking back over these last 2000 years, darkness has threatened to overshadow the Light that was set in motion. Michael’s loving message has been sadly misunderstood, and it has gone through many interpretations, which has brought no end of misery to the planet. The fallacy that He had to die for the sins of humanity! This grossly erroneous idea is even now accepted as fact by a great deal of people in this modern age.

“Humanity needs to wake up to the fact that each is responsible for their sins of commission and omission due to their free will decisions and actions. I here mention the fact of the shameful treatment of the female half of your species, which are and ever will be meant to be complements to the male half of humanity with equal rights and equal opportunities.

“As we continue to visualize the world, we see a new era dawning over the entire planet with spiritual Light forming the word CHANGE. Please continue to watch and see added to this the word RIGHT MINDEDNESS, followed by RIGHT THINKING.

“These three words have spiritual power, of which I desire you to become more aware and embed them into your heart, soul and mind, as these words will open a most important portal for they herald the impending arrival of another Son of God. This coming Son is of the Magisterial Order of Sons, as Michael is of the Creator Order of the Sons of God.

“Know also that you are living in a most wondrous, orderly and lovingly administered creation, with ‘for-you-uncountable’ descending Mighty Sons and Daughters, as you are the ascending sons and daughters of time in space, a miniscule part of all creation.

“Therefore this glorious dawning of a more spiritual age will not only begin and benefit this beautiful planet but hopefully will also bring change in each individual heart, soul and mind of every man, woman and child, who engages in right-mindedness and right-minded thinking, so the true flourishing of humanity can unfold as it has been foreseen before this world was. So the golden rule of doing unto others as you, yourself would like to be treated, with love and respect, may finally flourish as it was intended since the beginning of creation and the command: ‘Be ye perfect even as I Am perfect’ may become alive in each thinking heart. This will truly be the dawning of the new age.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 12
Illawarra District, Australia, September 15, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “War No More and Prayers from the Heart” (shortened).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “My views are well understood by, and they are also very welcome among, my kin. Additionally, I’m perfectly happy to share them with you, because these, my opinions, are based upon 35 millennia of observation of the Urantia human creature to whom we are so closely related. Only because we are of the Progress contingent is it obvious that we are most interested in politics, your wayfaring tendencies and your economies … such as they are.

“Right now my advice to you is to pray – pray hard, pray long, pray from the heart and from the soul. Pray for sanity to return in the dealings between west and east. One day, as you well know, there will be a world government, neither based on religion, nor based on the vanquishing of religions. However, the way you are going about it by impoverishing your people, by enslaving them by threatening and killing them is not the way. Stop it!

“One day, as I have told you long ago, you will recognize that all of you, not a single soul left out, truly are each other at your Spiritual Root Source.

“Pray now, as those whom you have promoted to positions of great trust are planning to confront you with yet another needless war. Pray now, for those of whom you believed to be caring of all will envy you your food rations. Pray now, for those whom you saw as forward looking are plagued by their holding onto false enmities of nations of men, and women and children including their innocent newly born. So pray as you have never prayed before. You will need to.

“With an overview of the goings on on this, our planet, I give you my heart-felt appraisal: Your empathy for these sufferers is like an old, worn-out and rotten dingy, adrift on a choppy sea, leaking and taking on more water, now slowly sinking below the waves, gone, out of sight, no longer existent. This represents the hardness of your hearts, but as thousands upon thousands of your siblings are so vacuumed off of this world, carry on with your play, and pay them no mind?

“Knowing the daily tally of your dead and injured in your perpetual wars, I denounce these actions of wholesale slaughter that have already surpassed both the count of victims and the brutality of the Kahn Mongol hordes. Turn this around by stopping it! Tell your leaders to war no more, and pray. Pray as you have never prayed before from your heart and from your soul, for each time you do, one of us will be by your side to pray with you.

“This is ABC-22. You called it, there you have it, for what we set out to do, we complete. Adieu.”

George: “Amen!”

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