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Light; Gorman; Jonathan; Charles; Serena - Real Truth - Exploring Natural Forces - Integrity - Three Transcriptions - Jan 12, 2014 - North Idaho

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-11-17
Teacher: Light, Gorman, Jonathan
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

[An exercise was proposed for one of our members who was in duress to receive the attention of all on the call to direct light energy in their direction.]

Light: [Cathy] I am indeed waiting for your group to move forward in experimentation with light. Your acceptance of this challenge, selecting a subject to focus the light on, would involve one aspect of living that could expand with the personal focus of a mortal with your abilities. I have no preference. I will enhance all your efforts irrespective of subject or direction. What is needed is action. Lets choose to work on expanding one concept of the function of light. You have been exposed to the idea of light anchors. You have been exposed to the idea of your field of light spreading in increased areas of influence. You have been told of bringing light to areas of darkness. All of these can be further explored. We have given basic information and you have the "ball" so to speak.

Light: [Mark] Good morning my friends, Light here again to acknowledge that this is the type of exercise that I refer to. So it brings great joy to my heart that it has come to the forefront of the consciousness, the offer to be embraced, to be utilized, to be accepted. Truly it does take an effort of faith to move forward in these directions but you are no strangers to efforts of faith. But, it also takes being in awareness and in consciousness that such exercises are available to be undertaken, are at hand to be wielded in such a process.

One of the most challenging aspects of such exercises is to most fervently believe that such exercises are in fact fruitful, do in fact bring results. This both requires faith and builds faith in the process for I can assure you that all such efforts of grace, all such efforts of love do in fact meet with success. This success may be more or less observable on the material-mortal plane but doubt not that success is achieved, even if this success is merely the application of your intention, the focus of your faith, the dredging up and bringing out of yourselves this believing condition, this trust in the universe principle in which you put your faith.

Every time a believer prays they demonstrate that they are a believer, that there is something worth praying about and that it does matter to do so. This connects the prayer in the equation once again to the universal scheme of things to the overall program at hand. Such efforts always have rewards, more of less tangible, but rewards nonetheless as they may be more or less discernible from what other vantage point you may find yourself. Nevertheless, a change is effected, an alteration occurs when you engage in these activities. It may be minute as you have put it, it may be magnificent, but a change does occur as a result of the directed and focused intention applied.

So, once again, it warms my heart to see you pick up the challenge, the opportunity present and to decide to play with light a bit more, once again a different time. All such efforts bring light into the equation, bring love into the circumstance to be embraced or interpreted or appreciated by all those in the circuit. So carry on with your activities whenever you can recall to do so. These activities are the spice of life that you seek, the things which bring you that sense that you are alive, that things are moving forward and that you are a participant and not just an observer. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this group this morning. I now make way for others. I bid you all a good day.

[The following is a continued response to some Lightline [2013-11-14] questions which implied: What is the real truth? How can I use truth to be right all the time, to win arguments? [The transmission was more about an absolute truth, all encompassing, all-knowing, all-correct truth.]

Gorman: [Henry] Then there is personal truth, truths about each one of us personally, truths that many times we go great lengths to disguise or camouflage, because the truth of the situation is that we are attempting to appear like each other. Then there is truth about the nature of reality, which is a much greater truth, though less significant actually than personal truth (because it is the personal truths that the Thought Adjuster continually beckons the personality that the Adjuster is indwelling to come to a greater awareness of personal truth and to deal with some of these truths in the process of the ever evolving personality within the mortal mind).

There are levels of truths which present themselves and then there is the action of truth. While many are quick to pick up the sword of truth to lash out at others that have a lesser truth (this is also a truth), but truth, when it is used more like water, in a nurturing sense, a sustaining sense, is part of the actual nature of truth. What good does it do to use truth as a bomb to destroy rather than use truth for what it was intended, to build upon, to evolve, to sustain, to correct, to adjust, to bring elements into alignment? Each of us is growing in an awareness of truth, both personal truth and a greater truth, greater truths about reality, greater truths about who we are, greater truths about our destiny.

And what are truths if they are not large unto themselves? They are more like guidelines. They are more like indicators, for though truth may be an actuality and an absolute reality, the relationship between the individual and the truth is a relationship with variability, not so much on the part of truth but in reference to the individual, this variableness, this relativity of truth. The interesting characteristic of truth is that to accept a greater truth you are accepting a greater responsibility, both to uphold this truth and to live and to act accordingly to this truth.

Truth in itself is the great variable for in the absoluteness of truth, no one person can define it. It is collective in its nature. All of the variables, all of the variable relationships with truths are collected and create an absolute so that the truth of life sustains you, it shows you a better way to be, a sustainable and workable situation in which all humans can thrive. This is the ultimate goal of truth: to bring everyone to its awareness, to the same awareness, to bring everyone into a working relationship with it together, not to separate everything and fragment as truth does at this moment on your planet where it is fragmented, like pieces of granite that can never be put together or like swords that clash. This is why it must become like water, that collects. One drop of water is the same as another and all these many drops create a large body of water, a wellspring. This is truth.

So, in understanding your personal truths, there are references which you understand are continually growing and like water, they are blending and collecting with other greater truths for at some point you will come to the place where all truth will be revealed because at this level all truth is not revealed. The truths you are to know about are revealed but it is not all of the truth of what is true. Everyone wants to perceive truth as a saying carved in granite like a garden rock, something you can put by your doorstep to remind you.

It was the Master that first alerted mortals to the relationship with living truth -- truth that is not carved in stone but truth that is living, truth that is living within your heart, truth that leaps from words on a paper and becomes experienced within your soul. We honor truth, we honor the truth of ourselves, the truths of supreme reality and the truth of a greater awareness in an ever unfolding and expanding gigantic human race. We await these truths and we pray to go beyond the pettiness of trivial truth, truth that has very little reference and no relationship to us.

I thank you for allowing me to share these words today, it is I, Gorman, thank you.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I take the opportunity provided here this morning to join you and weave a little bit more of this tapestry together, I am Jonathan. I will change tack a little bit this morning and change the pattern previously adhered to slightly in an attempt to spike things up a little as the conversation has invited. Speaking a little further about this whole matter of truth, what truth is, where it is, how you find it, how you perceive it and what of it is real. I would like to share with you this morning something different. I would like to bring, as a member of this group, my own personal tweak if you will, to add, not so much a lesson for you but as a tweak for me that may somehow be useful to others.

My tweak in relationship to truth is the personal orientation towards it because as has been discussed, a truth may be relative, it may be transient, it may be transformative, but the real impact of truth, where the rubber meets the road if you will, is your relationship to it because I will tell you plainly that I have discovered a great tweak of myself and this tweak is that the ability to embrace truth is so very conditioned by the sense that one has found it. By this I mean the old adage about your cup being full to the brim with that which you believe to be truth, so full that it cannot contain the entirety of truth. There is no room to be added unto.

One of the greatest obstacles present is that sense that you think that you've got it, that you do not have need for the addition of any further truth, you are quite content with your level of truth, even possessive of it. Such feelings of having the truth, possessing the truth, grasping the truth as you see it is in fact your most formidable barrier. If you are content with your truth, even possessive of it, then little room is left to introduce even greater aspects of truth. This phenomenon of growing in truth until you are full up and then staying at this level until there is some major transition which expands your consciousness and awareness to allow for your capacity to increase so that you may in fact bring on greater truths and add them to the truths that you have, is this repetitive cycle that happens throughout your ascension career. This was an aha moment to me of course as transitions have furnished me with the opportunity to have a greater capacity to contain more of the total that we consider to be truth.

Looking back, I recognize that there is a danger in having the truth and finding the truth and that is that you fill yourself up with it, you wrap yourself in it and then you are quite content and contained to stay at this place having found such enlightened truth. After all, why should one change, you have finally attained a place that you have strived for in your life. So I bring my tweak to you this day that you may put it as a seed in your consciousness to realize that you are in a process of ever expanding capacities, that you can hold more and more truths. You are not contained and confined as your cup would appear to be because in this process of growth, you are continually exchanging your cup and expanding your vessel and therefore you may include more and more of what life has to bring to your experiences. You are in fact ever expanding in your capacities.

I encourage you to examine yourselves in terms of your capacity to receive. Have you inadvertently shut yourselves off in any way from expansion because you are full up and quite content? Or, is there room left for life and this gigantic enterprise of ascension to bring you more that you may take in. Just a thought that I would share with you today, more of a joining with you in contributing in what has been a profound moment in my evolution. It is a joy to be with you as always and I will treasure forever the opportunity we have in being together in this way. I bid you all a wonderful week ahead. Go in peace and in love and with the idea of increasing your capacity because that is your destiny, that is your ascension career. Thank you, good day.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-01-05
Teacher: Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning to all my friends, it warms my heart so deeply that I am considered and remembered in your discussions. Like you, I enjoy the thrust of the conversation this morning in that it demonstrates yet again the ever constant and present phenomenon of the expansion of awareness that occurs when the spiritual seekers are doing what they do best and seeking for spiritual truths. By this I mean to support the idea that one must be in motion as was said before, and when in motion, if sincerity is present then there is the observable interaction of spirit as it guides in the process of expanding and growing awareness of the seeker.  

This is the true measure, the yardstick that can be used when attempting to discern ones relative position as relating to their former self or in relation to others or as a projection of where one might see themselves down the road. This expanding awareness is notable as you reach certain plateaus and have certain aha moments that let you know that a breakthrough has just occurred and that there may be a subsequent expansion of awareness and likewise of capacity. These expansions of awareness are in fact the new tools that are referred to in your toolbox. They are the next understanding you have of how to apply principles and use basic structures because your awareness now allows you to do so. The structures are in place,  the universe principles exist, the energy flows, the light does permeate. These are conditions that if allowed, will exist naturally and normally but because so many filters are applied in the human process, these natural forces and factors are restrained and constricted if not eliminated.

As your awareness increases, you remove more and more of these filters and allow more of this natural flow to occur, creating the circuit for the natural elements which already are in existence. So, it is not about discovering new principles and new basics, it is about harnessing and developing new methods of application, new levels of awareness of how these principles are applied and a new level of faith which allows you the peace of mind to remove existing pretenses and conditions and filters to allow the natural flow because your level of trust and faith have been so elevated that you are willing to let these energies be expressed unrestricted. The more you can do this, the greater at wielding these natural forces, the more in harmony you will seem to flow.

It is an interesting challenge that the mortal of the realm faces to become clearer and clearer so that the light may pass through you and at the same time bringing to the vessel all that human experience may bring. In this way we color and alter the vessel by what we would choose to bring to it in the human experience. All the while we are attempting to become the pure vessel, the vessel that is settled and clear and focused. These two aspects may be in conflict much of the time but there are opportunities always present to bring these aspects into unification.

I encourage you all to pursue where your hearts may lead you as you explore the use of these natural forces. You can feel that you are on the edge of something quite spectacular and you are sensing another one of these expansions of awareness that, when happen, make things clear, settle things into place and allow you the vessel to accept more. I applaud you all for your efforts at expanding your vessel. I will be happy to join you as we look into what this entails and follow where we may be led. It's easy if you consider it's only one step at a time and after so many steps you realize you've reached a plateau. Not having been aware that there was a plateau in particular to reach, you have arrived simply by placing one foot in front of the next so to speak.

It is a great joy to be considered and thought of in your group this morning. I thank you for this gift. I now step aside and allow this forum an exchange arena for others. I will return, thank you all.    [Group thanks]

Jonathan: I graciously accept your well wishes. Call me anytime.

Light: [Cathy] I wish to enhance your perception of the ability to manipulate light. As you discussed today, you have the capacity to send and amplify light in your daily interactions. You have the skills developed that can be used for these activities. Together we can enhance the power of the light present to be more effective when applied. Your physical vehicles are fully equipped to work with light as it is flowing through and is being applied and is not a fanciful thought of possibility but a real tool that you have the power to use for good. We have prepared you for useful activity with energy and light. You are in a proper frequency for this to be possible. You need only to accept that you have grown in capability and potential. I encourage you to accept this capacity and experiment with its use. I volunteer to help at your request.

Question: I wonder, need that be a verbal request when calling upon Light or Dr. Mendoza or the various agencies to help us in our ministry.

Light: It need not be voiced aloud, it need only to be a firm intention. I have the connection with all in this group.

Jonathan: [Mark] I can't resist. There was discussion earlier about the use of yourselves as vessels, as tools in the process and this is where you are really hitting upon something valuable. As you have discussed before in this group, there is some special combination, that when applied is a key to success and that is easily expressed in the biblical reference of thought, word and deed. The first two aspects of this magical equation may be contingent upon each other, that is, first you must have the thought, then you must organize the thought into a formula. What is it you would do with that thought? How would you express that thought? How would you use the aspects of that thought? And, in so doing, in formulating even in your mind, into words of expression, you are taking words of inspiration and transforming it into an intelligible thought pattern. Even in the sentences in your mind it is causing you to interpret and express and tap into what it is that that thought brought you and when you formulate this into words of expression, internal or exterior, you are channeling what was pure energy into expression. Then you are able to move to the final step in the process, a physical expression, the deed, the act that corresponds with the words which were meant to express the thought. In this way you take divinity, the thought, the feeling of the soul and you express those into terms that are transferrable. Then you are poised to act out that sentiment in life, to make it so and express it. This is the chain of command, if you will, of how this principle works.

So I encourage you to activate it on any level, the interior formation of these word symbols into intelligible sentences which adequately express the intention behind them or whether it is spoken aloud as a prayer at the same intention, it matters not. The fact is, you have taken what were feelings and thoughts and transcribed them into the human realm, the material mortal construct. Now they may be taken up, they may be manipulated, they may be transforming, they may be inspirational to another. In closing today and in an attempt to help you with your questions of what are the next and greater tools to be used in the process, I would leave you with a question. This question is an attempt to define what may be constricting you in the process that you seek and your desire to work with the energies.

When you consider the application of yourselves in this process, I invite you to ask the question of yourself: What is it that you first encounter that would be an obstacle to you? What is your first filter that you encounter in the process of allowing energy to flow from on high through you and out from you? See if there is a visceral internal response to this question. What triggers a fear in the process, a doubt, an uncertainty, a negative conviction? What is it that you stumble across when you wish to run down this path of spirit? What is the first obstacle you come to? That is your next step, that is your next opportunity for growth, to find out what it is that would slow the flow of your energy when you encounter it. This is a process which recurs over and over again as you discover all the aspects of yourself and what it is that's contained within your vessel that may need to have the light purify it or perhaps have your greater self come to a point of reconciliation with it or perhaps simply find forgiveness.

There are many many factors which represent these filters and these obstacles to the free flow of the energy which is being directed for you, at you, towards you for your use and for you to enjoy applying in service to others. All this is yours, is now and will be as your hearts desire it. It is simply a matter of unfolding the expression, of clearing the obstacles so that you may bloom and flower where you are planted. It is a joy to behold and I stand in gratitude to witness the joy and feel the love in motion. Thank you all once again for indulging me.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-01-12
Teacher: Charles, Serena, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I would accept your offer to join the discussion this morning, I am Charles. I would be delighted to talk more on this topic of integrity because there are so many different aspects of it, so many different facts of this word that may be used to explore the different components involved. Lets take the thread offered here this morning of an individuals integrity and when we refer to this, once again, we find ourselves bringing in words like trust, confidence, even having faith in an individual. All these things are in no small part conditioned by your perspective of whatever it is you are considering to have integrity.

If it is another individual and you consider them highly regarded, then your degree of trust and faith in this individual is bolstered and you declare that they have integrity because as far as you can tell, they are in alignment with principles and ideals that you agree with and support. This alignment that you observe is somewhat of a compass heading for this individual, a direction that they are pursuing that puts then in alignment with goals that you as well pursue and approve of. So this level and degree of integrity for you is largely observed and measured and determined by whether or not this individual aligns themselves with the same principles and values that you do.

What is so interesting about this is, all this alignment that you are observing and judging and using word symbols like integrity to describe are all varying levels and degrees of alignment with the First Source and Center, the true North of everyone's compass heading. There are only so slight and varying degrees of fluctuation and yet because there are these differences and there are notable distinctions, there are these judgements to be arrived at as to who has integrity, who demonstrates steadfast adherence to an alignment with truth, beauty and goodness. This becomes observable by the fruits of the spirit in their lives and when so observed, you rightfully deem these individuals to have integrity, to hold integrity, to demonstrate integrity in the process, to adhere to principles of truth, to align themselves with causes of justice, to identify with aspects such as peace and love.

This constitutes the game in play at this point in your ascension career, to work on aligning your compass heading, to paralleling yourselves to the current of truth, beauty and goodness and in so doing, strengthen your integrity throughout the process. The one who has integrity may strengthen it, questioning their own level of sincerity, their own degree of conviction and in this way observe what obstacles they may have in expanding their alignment. Having applied these energies to self improvement and personal growth, then another can observe this and declare that one operates with integrity, they are true if they are genuine, that they are sincere in their search, then they are operating with integrity.

This does not mean that individuals will not err in the process, will not explore other dimensions to ensure that their trail is indeed the right one, will not stray from the compass heading by following distractions, may not fall short of their own desire to uphold their own standards. These are all aspects of honing your direction, of maintaining your course throughout all of these that will happen as a part of the game that you play at this time. Nevertheless, the one with integrity is the one that maintains throughout being buffeted about, being distracted, being knocked off course, falling down in your attempts. All of these are simply steps in the process and provide you the opportunity to once again, rally and demonstrate your integrity.

I hope I have been able to expand the many aspects of this term a little bit more, it is worthy of discussion as are many other fine topics. I will now step down to create space for another contribution, thank you.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to join the group today and comment on the idea of integrity. In interactions between mortals on this world there has been a tendency for some to act with integrity in all their dealings with other persons. In the history of the planet, these persons have stood out as role models and examples of a person who are trustworthy. In a broader sense, integrity refers to the ability to be true to the higher aspects of truth, beauty and love. It is most difficult to live a full life when conflict is existing within the person in relation to these basic principles. While you are building your soul through experience in this life, your actions are needed to be in agreement with your vision of higher truth. Your Inner Guide is the pattern that leads you to the higher truth and the way of action in all situations. What is sometimes referred to as integrity is in reality, ethics. Ethics, while useful, are not at the same spiritual level as the true guidance from your Adjuster. The guidance of Divinity Within is your true example of a path to follow and by adhering to this guidance, you exhibit the external aspects that others would label as your integrity. In these turbulent times, we would encourage your steadfast following, inner guidance. We of course will assist as requested.

Light: [Mark] Hello to my friends, I am Light here this morning and would offer something a little different. There is a famous quote that is resident as part of the human mind structure and is resident in the human mind of my partner in this process that I have access to. The quote I refer to is the definition of good people. It goes: Good people are those who do the best they can, with the sense they've got. I think this quote is most serviceable and useful in this discussion of integrity because it demonstrates that everyone is at their own level of having the sense they have, and if they do the very best with what they are given to work with, then they have integrity in the process.

All people have some level of integrity, all people are true and faithful to something, even religious about things and so it is very true, as the statement says, that good people are the ones simply doing the best they can. However, I would substitute one word in this phrase for you and you will understand. Good people are the ones doing the best that they can with the awareness that they now have. This is where, as you know, your ascension career is constantly in flux and you are constantly observing from new levels of awareness, able to choose from new plateaus of awareness, able to respond to life from ever increasing levels of awareness. Therefore do you constantly have the opportunity to strengthen and demonstrate what you would refer to as a persons integrity in this process, your commitment to truth, your alignment with goodness, your observance of beauty.

So, as I mention, it is not a matter whether or not individuals have some integrity. They most certainly all do, it is their level of integrity as judged by you, as the results of their efforts in their lives to show fruits of the spirit. And so it is that others will observe you and determine in their minds whether you demonstrate aspects of integrity and if so, at what level. So this idea of integrity is a constantly moving target, ever providing opportunities for growth. Thank you all for the opportunity to play around with some wording about integrity. We have but scratched the surface with this word. I bid you all have a good week, farewell.