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Conference - IC08 Los Angeles, CA - Michael; Eve; Machiventa; Monjoronson - Jul 04, 2008 - IC08 Los Angeles, CA


Urantia Fellowship IC08 Conference Transcription - Michael; Eve; Machiventa; Monjoronson - Jul 04, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Teacher: Michael, Eve, Machiventa, Monjoronson

TR’s: Donna D’Ingillo, Deborah Goaldman


  •     Michael’s invitation for repatterning
  •     Eve on DNA upliftment
  •     Machiventa on Urantia Book outreach
  •     Monjoronson on planetary upliftment

July 4, 2008

Michael: Good evening, my children! This is Michael. It pleases me to welcome you to this gathering of truth-seekers. This time on Urantia is unprecendented in your planet’s history. In the plans of correction that your Mother and I have mandated many wonderful endowments of Spirit are indeed being made available to you to compensate you and your brethren for the various and innumerable ways in which you have been deprived of our presence. There is an upliftment soon to occur on Urantia that will spur on new attitudes of spiritual consciousness. You are already seeing some signs of this in your culture as a planetary collective, and yet this is just the beginning of a glorious age that is soon to be birthed on this world.

You, as truth-seekers, are among the heralds and restorers of the light on Urantia. There are many presences around you that uplift you and support you throughout your day. It is our desire to help you make more conscious contact with these helpers. This will alleviate the burdens that you bear as you see your world changing in very drastic ways. This is a time of separation of truth from the error that has grown out of the legacy of the rebellion and subsequent Adamic default. This world is unique in my universe for the many reason enumerated in your Urantia text. From a personal standpoint, many of you have felt isolated or abandoned, or felt unworthy to be children of the Father, my children, your Mother’s children. We are here to help you reclaim your divine inheritance and to restore your dignity.

Some of you have made great strides in coming to understand who you truly are. Many and most of my children still slumber in spiritual darkness. It is our request and our invitation for you to increasingly open yourselves up to the light of truth that resonates and illuminates your heart. It is my desire that you would receive more of my presence this evening that you may carry this light within you and have it shine more brightly from within your being to radiate outwardly and attract those who are hungry to hear your words of truth, to feel your comforting embrace around them.

My children, will you receive me now as you open your hearts and center yourself in the presence your Mother, whose breath of life nourishes you and supports you on this world? Sit back in your chairs and relax. Bring your attention down to your heart—that sacred place within you—where my Spirit of Truth can resonate and open you to a greater awareness of my love for you. Receive this now, my children. (Pause)

There is a foundation of peace within your being that you grow each time you come to me and ask for my presence to fill you. Stabilize yourself in me, my children. I am your anchor, your bastion of safety and security when it appears that the material world around you is crumbling and falling away. You have read in your Urantia text that "what does it matter to the kingdom believer if all things earthly crumble?" Yet, they are around you. There are so many changes to come to Urantia that many of you will see in your lifetime. We are here to prepare you for these times of change and help you become more firmly established in that living reality of truth and goodness and peace and forgiveness that you may carry these divine attributes deeply in your body and become the living vessels of love to share this with your brothers and sisters who are not yet ready to respond to the call of Spirit within yet are so hungry, so searching. You are the ones who will plant these seeds of Spirit within them. You must be full. You must be ready to respond to those who come before you who seek this spiritual nourishment.

There has been a great deal of instruction given to you over the course of these years of celestial guidance. Now it is time to be in your mindedness where faith is predominant. You have been raised in a culture that prizes intellectual achievement. This is well and good; you establish and develop this ability to conceptualize, analyze, and use the information to build a better culture around you. But yet, these mind sets, so predominant within, you have fostered a false foundation within you and has taken you away from the very simple, basic foundation of faith that is the center of my relationship with you, and the relationship that you share with your Indwelling Father Fragments. This relationship of trust wherein you respond as a little child and trust that you will receive what you need to handle the vicissitudes of daily living on such a stressful planet. What do you need? You need peace. You need security. You need comfort. You have all reached physical adulthood, but in so many ways and so many levels of your being, you are still so very, very young.

You are my children, and it is perfectly acceptable to come to me as a small child, to come to your Mother and me as babes to let us love you and to establish a firmer foundation of parental love within you so that you may feel this love and become so full of it that you are easily able to demonstrate this love to your brothers and sisters. You also have access to me as your elder brother Jesus and to use my mindedness to help you within any situation where your own mind fails you. Let your mind expand, let your Mother breathe through you and expand you to help you align more in that mindedness of my presence to stabilize you as you go throughout your day to day activities. Again, center your awareness in your heart, and your Mother and I will move in you now, my children. (Pause)

Change is all around you. This is time of change. While there are many facets within you that resist change, that seek comfort and stability, know that there is a place within you where you will find this: that is within me. I appeal to you, to encourage you to embrace the changes that you see around you—to welcome then and to know that a better way of living will be birthed as these changes continue to manifest upon Urantia. Let yourself be stabilized as these changes move around you.

There are others who wish to speak to you tonight, to share their words of comfort and wisdom, inspiration and hope. Know that your Mother and I continue to build you in that presence of Godliness that you require. Be in my peace, my children, and grow in my love. Good evening.

Nebadonia: (apologies….transmitter’s voice was unable to be picked up; Mother’s message was one of encouragement and trust in Michael.)

Eve: Good evening, beautiful children! This is Eve. As was mentioned earlier this evening, your Father Adam and I are indeed returned to Urantia in the morontia form and conducting a wide variety of methods in which you are able to receive that which was always yours to have as your inheritance. Think not that this is a small undertaking as the human genetic coding and patterning has undergone many derivations and diminishment of that which we have as our nature to share with you. This is somewhat of an experiment, you might call it, to provide to you with a complemental strand of divinity to interject within your DNA that will replicate itself over time of those attributes of physical vitality to enable you to remain on the planet in service to Michael during this time of planetary correction and change.

There are those of you who have stepped up to be about the Father’s business and to serve in this time of upliftment for extended periods of service. Those who have made this decision are given many endowments to help you live longer and healthier lives. We do not yet know what the effects of this will be as this is in the very early stages, yet we anticipate that you will respond very well and enjoy a greater receptivity of your Adjusters being able to react within your physical mechanisms and to give you those attributes of peace, compassion, courage, faithfulness that are so humanly prized and valued.

As your biological mother in terms of the planet, there are many endowments that I can share with you. If you are willing to open yourselves up to receive this, your Father Adam and I will help you incorporate this into your being. It is unfortunate that you did not receive all of what was originally planned. Now there is a massive reinstatement of our genetic coding that you have access to. As our Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia have said this evening, it is your time to receive this re-parenting in a very physical sense. There are many celestial workers who are able to take these threads of our DNA and insert them into your being to begin the replication process.

If you are ready to receive this, simply say "yes" within your mind and heart, and let us share with you what was always your gift to receive. You all deserve this. Let us share in the delight as we bring this into your beings now. Breathe deeply. Breathe mindfully. Breathe with the full intention as each breath moves you deeper and deeper into peace, into awareness. (Pause)

I know for many of you that this may seem strange, quite unusual. Yet if you are trusting as much as possible in the idea of your being children, you have every right to receive this. Some of you may ask, "am I truly worthy?" The answer is "yes!" Had you received the full complement of our nature, you would take these things for granted. Yet you have all been so diminished in your human dignity because of the rebellion and the ways in which it fostered those feelings of unworthiness. You are worthy. You are so worthy, so important, and so valuable.

As Adam and I move in you through the agencies of the celestial helpers, allow yourselves to be as little babies being spun in this web of golden light so that which is of the higher violet hues can gently impress themselves upon your physical cells. Your bodies are hungry for this, my children. Absorb this as if you were sponges, letting your bodies swell with light, peace, harmony, and the resonance of the universe that is your home in Mother. (Pause)

Some of you may have questions about the implications of this for your life. I will address them in a few moments. It is my desire that you become more comfortable with receiving what your Father Adam and I wish to share with you. These are particles of light. While in your Urantia text there is information about who we are and our mission on this planet, there is scant mention of how this functions in your being. As much as we can share with you this evening, we will entertain your questions to help you accept more fully and readily so you may use this for your benefit and to share it with others who may be ready to receive this news in a receptive way.

Student: I’m honored to be in your presence. I have two questions: one’s personal and one’s more general. If others are interested in accepting what it is you offer, what is the process by which I or others can introduce to them—that’s question #1. Second question has to do with a session some weeks ago when I was informed that Adam had downloaded information having to do with farming; I’m curious if that can be confirmed. Also, what’s the purpose?

Eve: It will be very important for you to exercise discretion and discernment with those people [who provide] you this information. Some people will reject this because it seems too far-fetched, or what you might term "out there," in terms of what is possible. So always be guided by the Spirit of Truth within. If you have a question if this individual is ready to receive, you simply need to ask for a fraternization of your Father Fragments to ask that question, "may I share this?" and wait until you perceive your answer or prompting or nudge within you that says "yes", this is a good time or the appropriate moment.

As these endowments grow within you, they function to expand your capacity for superconsciousness. Most humans are still reacting from such primal fear-based realities that the superconscious mind has little influence, yet this is all designed to foster the development of the higher mindedness that keeps you more attuned to the voice of your Indwelling Monitors and to keep you more attuned to when you resonate with that person you are speaking with and how to interact with them in a way that is compatible with where they are in their beliefs and feelings. Does this answer your question? (Yes, it does; thank you!)

As to your second concern: the information implanted in you by your Father is, you might call it, being woven into your various levels of consciousness. There is a time coming when you will become more consciously aware of this information. You will seem to be gravitating towards certain areas of study or interest. It is not so important to try to force the growth of these seeds through your intellectualization of trying to figure things out, but to allow the environment within your being to become so love filled that these seeds have a healthy soil in which to grow their roots in various ways in which you understand your reality, so that over time you begin to develop this interest and awareness in a very natural and easy manner. Does this also answer your question?

Student: It does, and I’m so grateful for the endowments that you have provided.

Eve: It is our joy to share ourselves with you. Thank you for opening yourself up to receive this.

Student: Greetings, Eve! My question this evening concerns the complementary strand of DNA that was spoken about that we will be receiving. I understand that this new race of indigo children on the planet actually have a third strand of DNA. Is this strand being spoken of—this spiritual strand of complementary DNA—is this similar to what these indigo children have? Could you speak on that?

Eve: The strands of DNA are encoded with attributes and qualities that make you more receptive to the spiritual energies that pour forth from the center of Paradise. Your science is still in the early stages of understanding the genetic coding. They see it in terms of a material physical form. Yet within the genome is something of morontia value or substance. This is still not perceived by your scientists, yet within these children, this exists. I am conveying this through this transmitter who is unfamiliar with this concept, and it is challenging for me to convey the complete picturization of what this entails.

May I summarize it by saying that it has a higher value of morontia material or information within it that these children are using or have within them. This is one of reasons you see them being able to perform these feats of telekinesis and other forms of what you might consider to be extra-sensory phenomenon. Does this answer your question somewhat?

Student: Yes, it gives me better insight. As I understand it this complementary DNA that you speak of that you are uplifting in us… I’m not sure if you are saying that this already exists that is being activated or if this is a morontia form that is being implanted in us that cannot be studied or visible at this time by our present science.

Eve: There are various levels of what is being endowed within you and within the children who are being born on the planet. Many times in your understanding it is difficult to lump things together in one basket without being able to look at the different components. It is important to appreciate that there are various levels and various functions at these different levels. It will take some time for your scientists to appreciate that these more morontized levels are indeed real, because you do not have the levels of detection that you need to be able to understand these in an enlarged perspective. Is this a little more clear?

(Transmitter’s note: In receiving this information from Eve, I saw the DNA strands and also a light form around the strands that looked like the morontia levels as it impacted the DNA. The energy forms around the physical strands of DNA had many patterns, vibration, colors and information that seem to hold the integrity of the physical DNA together.)

Student: Yes, thank you for taking the time to answer this.

Student: I’m from South Korea. I’d like your comments or advice on the Urantia movement in Korea.

Eve: I will defer this question to others who are in a better position to answer this question. My focus is on the upliftment of your genetic coding as opposed to the Urantia movement in your country. Would this be acceptable to you? (Yes). One moment.

Machiventa: My brother, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. You have a question regarding bringing heightened awareness to your country. Is that correct? (Yes) You would like to have some direction on how to do this? (Yes) There have been many in your position of feeling alone and having to carry the torch by themselves. Know that you are not alone and we will support you in all your efforts.

First, we want you to learn the book well. We want you to study it diligently. Always, always make time to nurture your soul through prayer and studies for you find the strength and courage to be this deliverer for your country. You must be fed within, tapping into your own divine source. Here is where you will find all the answers you need. There will be times when you feel that you cannot hear us. That is why it is so important for you to cultivate that connection with your Indwelling Spirit, and with your Mother and your Father of Nebadon.

Build a network of friends in the movement that are here and that you can communicate with. They can share with you their own experiences and it will give you a feeling of belonging, even when you feel it not. My son and my friend, there are others in your country who are ready to find you. Find ways to make yourself visible. Use the media that is available to you. You are so fortunate that you have these resources. There are people here at this conference who can help you know how to get started if you need that assistance. Just speak out! You will be amazed at who comes to you when you call. Does this help you? (Yes) Do I need explain any further?

Student: Thank you for your answer.

Machiventa. You are most graciously welcome. We thank you for stepping up to this role. It will enrich your life in ways beyond your understanding right now. Forge on and carry that torch! That is all for now.

Eve: Please continue with your questions. There are many celestials present to address your various questions. You may ask anything you wish regarding the DNA upliftment or any other thing on your mind. There are many who will help you to come to a greater understanding.

Student: I have a question I’d like to address to anyone. Michael spoke earlier of a spiritual upliftment of sorts. I’d like to ask for more information about this. Would this be a sudden upliftment that all on the planet will experience simultaneously or will this be a gradual upliftment like we are experiencing now?

Monjoronson: Greetings to all, this is Monjoronson. It is rather challenging to address this idea of the upliftment as for some it will seem quite gradual and for others it will seem quite sudden. Much of it will be that which you perceive in your own heart, within your own mind. As you know, there are many who have received the promptings of the Midwayers through the 1111 phenomenon and many are waking up suddenly to respond to the longings of their heart as their awareness opens to a much greater reality. As others awaken and become more enlivened with the spirit within, it will seem as if more people are suddenly waking up and they will be mobilized into action.

From your human perspective this may seem to be quite sudden indeed. And yet it will happen in a way that is seemingly gradual. This may be paradoxical to you!

It is also a time in which you will witness performing great acts of love, unselfish service and devotion to the plight of others less fortunate who are suffering devastating losses. As the benign virus of love across Urantia some hearts will respond quite easily and readily.

I would ask you a question to expand a little in your own thinking in what you mean by suddenly? Do you feel you will witness people all over the globe changing their hearts, changing their actions, their thinking in the blink of an eye? Is that what you are referring to in this short period of time, within a few days or weeks? What is your definition of suddenly?

Student: My definition would be an event that would take place in a moment of time where there would be a sudden intense consciousness of reality of spirit. I guess this is a childish perception that I developed in the past. When Michael said that about the upliftment, I remembered that notion and wondered if this type of event was in the near future. As I see it this is a gradual upliftment one by one awakening to the spiritual energy you’ve been applying on the planet. I was wondering if there was something else to take place over and above what I see happening now.

Student: May I interject, Monjoronson, to address would it be something similar to the reception of the Spirit of Truth for those minds that are already open and willing to receive; would be perhaps be sudden to them. Then, those not ready might not notice it all?

Monjoronson: Yes, this is what we anticipate to be more of the case. That which your Father Michael was referring to is an embrace of the planet wherein the circuits are fully restored and the restoration of the full spiritual circuitry of Urantia bringing it back into the universe from which it was so heavily quarantined over the course of your planet’s evolution now coming to an end, and so as this embrace, as you might call it—this restoration of the circuits will allow more of Michael’s peace and love and mercy to encircuit the globe. For those people who are hungry and on the cusp of awakening will respond more suddenly. For those whose minds are still mired in fear will respond a little bit less so.

We understand your questions of curiosity, and we will always endeavor to answer them to the best of your understanding, yet we also ask you to deepen your acceptance of allowing the mystery to unfold before you. Human curiosity is such that you want immediate answers for so many situations. This cannot be given to you for a variety of reasons. One is because you must experience these things in your own life fully so they become a living reality within you. As we have said to you before on many occasions we do not wish to spoil the surprises: to delight you and to see that which you have so earnestly asked for in your hearts to manifest. Would this not ruin some of the anticipation?

Think about your children who come to you with their Christmas lists. If they were to present you with their wish list and you were to tell them exactly what you were going to give them, how excited or delighted would they be on Christmas Day? This is the same for you. Invite the embrace of Michael for this planet. Pray for it. Pray for your brothers and sisters to also desire this. This will help to increase the spiritual receptivity and help the circuits become more fully enlivened within the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you for your patience with my curiosity.

Monjoronson: You are most welcome. D, does this answer your question? (Yes, it does, thank you.) Thank you!

Student: Another curiosity question now. I would like to know about a phenomenon I experienced years ago in which I literally heard the voice of one of my teachers. I was informed within the group I was in that this was something that people were being prepared for receiving these reflected messages. Is this still real, intended? Am I still functional that way? Is it going to be used? For what purpose?

Monjoronson: As circuits are fully implemented, you will have access to those endowments of reflectivity that function throughout the universe. The messages given to you earlier were to plant the seeds and set the stage for this time when Urantia is fully able [to] receive the communication and become a living viable member of the universal family. That is all I wish to share with you about this at this time. You know the validity within your heart, and this would be something to also commune in stillness with your Father Fragment to ascertain a deeper awareness and appreciation of what you have access to as the Correcting Time progresses and the circuits open fully upon Urantia. Will this satisfy you for now, my sister?

Student: It will have to! Thank you.

Monjoronson: Again, we do not wish to convey too much information that would spoil the delight. You must appreciate that this is a part of the achievement and attainment that is yours to enjoy and to relish as you grow into a deeper appreciation of the mysteries of the creation of Michael and Nebadonia. You have a wonderful universe to explore and many things to learn, to understand. It is very crucial at this time in your development to try not to anticipate too many things, but instead to be patient and know that in good time that which you need to know will indeed be revealed to you when it is the appropriate moment.

Student: That’s something I already knew!

Monjoronson: That is something worth repeating! You are always trying to get more information in this wiggle room. We understand this. We appreciate how patient you have been and how much your hearts desire these changes. You must also understand the evolutionary nature of the universe, and that Michael’s plan, while being implemented in an accelerating time frame, must still follow the natural laws of evolution. As you well know, your Father did not circumvent the natural order of things when he was on Urantia. Let that be a clue to you that this is how he wishes to unfold this Correcting Time throughout the system of Satania for those worlds of the rebellion.

Student: Jesus always stands as our example!

Monjoronson: Precisely! (Thank you.) Be in his peace.

Student: Words to faint to catch…essence had to do with spreading the Urantia teachings.

Machiventa: My brother, I have a question for you. This is Machiventa again. Which would you prefer to see? The Urantia Book spread around the world in the minds of all or the love of our beloved Mother and Father spread around the world in the hearts of all? (The second.) Then that’s [the] way you should pursue this. Seed their hearts. If they desire their minds to know about the book, then they may ask you those questions that will lead you to respond in a way to reveal that such a book exists.

Most people yearn to have their hearts fed. Jesus fed their hearts. There are sections in the Urantia Book that show you his techniques and how he reached out to people even when they were withdrawing timidly from him. Study his methods. Feed their hearts. Will this help you understand?

Student’s comments too faint.

Machiventa: I think the world needs that most. You indicate that you agree. Good! Then proceed.

No further questions or transmissions.