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Conference - Association of Light and Life Kansas City 2007 - Jun 07, 2007 - Missouri




Kansas City Unity Village ALL Conference
Newsletter blurb
Unity Village conference slated for June 7-10
Eugenia Bryan, along with support by the team of Judy Langston, Bob Devine, and Dolores Nice, is spearheading conference plans for Unity Village near Kansas City. This is slated to be a cooperative event hosted by members of ALL to incorporate the service efforts of the various groups and to focus on the networking and relationship we have as brothers and sisters, as children of our Spiritual Parents rather than through particular belief systems.  Registration form is included elsewhere in this newsletter.



Transcription from the June 9th session, partial quote.  For the full transcription of the session, go to:



Sondjah – Working Team Demo, All Conference – June 9, 2007



Transcript taken from Video of proceedings June 9, 2007.

Note: Streaming Video of this meeting will be available on demand in the near future on

Sondjah – Working Team Demo, All Conference – June 9, 2007
Association for Light and Life Conference - 2007
Unity Village, MO
Working Team Process Demonstration
June 9, 2007

Celestial Consultants:

Sondjah Melchizedek

Introductory Facilitator: Daniel Raphael
Panel Members: (From left to right)
Deborah Goaldman, Richard Voss,
Meredith Tenney, & Sherille Clayden
Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael

Daniel: Today’s session is an educational piece on the Co-Creative Working Team process. It is experimental and developmental where several mortals work through a channel for advisement and consultations with a celestial teacher—angel, or Melchizedek, or whomever—a person without skin. (Laughter.)

I was pleasantly reminded of the wonderful successes last year, 2006, at the Association of Light and Life Conference in Santa Barbara, California, where several working group sessions were in place, doing virtually this identical work. It gave me confidence that what I had been receiving was well founded and not extraneous to the Teaching Mission or to the Magisterial Mission. In June of last year, [2006] Monjoronson began a series of twelve presentations/transmissions, which ended January 1, 2007. As usual for myself as the TR, material comes through me, Roxanne transcribes the recorded session, we edit it, she sends it to archives, and I never read them again.

In December 2006, Spirit nudged me to read the transcripts, to date, which I did. I was very amazed to find a definite connection between them, as though they were a complete syllabus. Being pragmatic I asked, "So what? What’s that got to do with me?"

Well ask a question; get an answer, "We want you to put it into a manuscript format."

Okay, I can do that. So, over the next few months I edited and adapted it so it would become readable, and this [holding up the manuscript to the audience] is the document that has come forward. It’s available in hard copy from me for a cost; it is available in PDF form—all you have to do is email me at [] and I will send you a copy. I was fortunate to have Barbara Marx Hubbard’s supportive comments for the cover.

If you read within the pages of the manuscript, you’ll see that the working team concept is mentioned—a cooperative, more intimate, conscious proposal for working with mortals to create solutions for our issues of sustainability. This manuscript [says] that we can anticipate some major problems on the planet, and when they occur we should be prepared for that and move into an era of light, rather than another "dark ages." Therefore, we’ve been called to participate in uplifting our civilization beginning before those events occur. Whether the cataclysms occur or not, this sounds like an awfully good idea.

Today, we have a panel that will ask questions oriented toward the working team process. Sondjah is here and will act as the spiritual facilitator/consultant. I will be the TR, and Sondjah will come through me. Also standing in is Shahdnah, who is the Presiding Officer of the Most Highs. He came into my awareness about eleven years ago, and occasionally visits when events develop here that are of concern to the Most Highs. He presents a very, very large, huge, perspective. He comes from Edentia, and with the Most Highs is involved in the affairs of humanity. [End of Excerpt]

. . . .


Sondjah – Working Team Demo, All Conference – June 9, 2007